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At the @MASScoalition D2 Candidate Forum.

@thehoffather got here in a Dodge yada yada Hemi yada yada.
@TammyMoralesSEA drove a car, as did Phyllis Porter drove as did Mark Solomon (w his wife). Tahir Garrett took #transit.
Tahir Garrett is not a talker but ironically gets called on time twice in one question.
Porter: Make developers build more housing. Low income exisitng residents should get automatically rolled into redevelopment w/o having to apply again
Solomon wants to ensure upzones don't impact SFHowners. Make sure low income residents are not displaced.
@TammyMoralesSEA wants permanent affordable housing using land trusts. City land should be developed for low income housing. Protect existing low income housing even if city has to pay owners market rate.
Barriers to traditional affordable housing. What strategies would you employ to ensure these people have access to housing.
@thehoffather says we are giving homeless people everything and enabling them. Wants to explore social workers living in houses w formerly homeless people providing services.
Tahir Garrett says he has lived in downtown homeless shelters. Equates Chinatown with China. Wants us to vote for @TammyMoralesSEA and not @bruceharrell
Porter: Pioneer Human Services helps w wraparound services, mental health, employment and more - work with #waleg. She says we have #BanTheBox (do we? I thought it failed.)
Oh wait, I confused #BanTheBox w #BlockTheBox, Yes, we have #BanTheBox to not require people to say if they have a record.
Solomon: Work to prevent people from becoming homeless.
@TammyMoralesSEA - helping people is not "giving them everything". Expand the LEAD pgm and get rid of Navigation Team which is a waste of money. Prioritize prolific offenders for housing.
Peguero - Housing is a human right. Support NGO's who are building low income housing. Harm reduction, supports safe injection sites. Look at housing thru RSJ lens.
No #ALEGRA route from SE Seattle to downtown.
Tahir-Garrett has 4 bicycles. Likes bikes cause they're quiet. In Ghana, a bike is like a car in terms of value. Move away from cars toward bicycles. Says Link LR is a bus and takes out cyclists w the tracks.
Porter: Mentions founding @RVGreenways. Been working on it for a long time. Talk to community and get answers from community. Take that input we already have and get solutions implemented. No more meetings. It's time for shovels and action, Snaps from audience.
Solomon agrees w Porter. At some point Council needs to act and not do more studies. We need more protected bike infra. Bring folks to the table and work to solutions to make it happen.
@TammyMoralesSEA agrees w Porter. We've talked for years. We need at least 1 commuter route. We need to build the network incl E-W so people can get to work, school, pick up kids. It's time to stop wasting time w community meetings and build the thing we've said we need for yrs.
Peguero: Yes, but cost. References bullshit @seattletimes article that said $13M per mile. A candidate should at least be able to talk about the reasons why that was BS. Need access for more than white males. Need access for everyone.
Trucker @thehoffather says people are only recreational bicyclers and nobody bikes in the winter. Bike lanes are dangerous.

Basically he was talking out of his ass and the audience knew it.
Land use...
Porter: As African American woman she looks at it as equity issue. At transpo meetings she's usually only the only African American person there. How do people get bicycles? We need to address all the problems of transpo, not just building bike lanes.
@TammyMoralesSEA The system is not working for PoC. We are just tokenizing racial equity because @MayorJenny who is in charge of the budget (I think that's false) is not interested in racial equity.
Peguero: For past 10 yrs part of RSJ Core Team. Bring together communities that have the potential for harm to ensure what we do is benefitting everyone. Views in line w what @TammyMoralesSEA said.
@thehoffather again asks to repeat the question cause it wasn't about driving trucks.

Everyone should be equal. Says he's seeing anti-semitism - accuses all other candidates of not talking about it.
Tahir-Garrett apologies for being 70 and knowing more than the youngsters and for teaching school. The ideas we are getting from the young people - we've already solved those problems.

Japan/EU/Africa - all the rich people are good. But not here.
Lightning round. Red for no, green for yes.
TRent Controil: @TammyMoralesSEA Pegruaro yes, Ari no.
ADU's - all say yes,
Congestion pricing - Peguero says yes, all else no,
Scooter share>? all saty tyes.
Safe parking lot for peopole living in cars. Ari says no, all else no,.
Sae parking lot in D2, Ari no, all else yes,
What bus routes will you prioritize?
Need more E-W routes.
@TammyMoralesSEA E-W routes. Lots of students who go to South Sea College in Delridge and it takes > 1hr to get there by buys. Georgetown is frustrated.
Peguero - #7 bus is widely used, make it a RapidRide. Likes Via to connect to Light Rail, need more to incl Georgetown and S Park. Make sure all have access.
@thehoffather - #7 but because it's dangerous cause all the brown and poor people.

Need more #parking in city light rail stns.

Ari's a fucking idiot.
Tahir-Garrett - proud of @kcmetrobus. Rides bus to Bellevue Art Museum and back for $1. mentions police stopping black/brown people driving cars. One of reasons he takes bus.

Porter: Start w #7, maintain it, make it consistent, make sure D2 people can get to where they need to go. Also E-W connections are needed.
Single Family Zoning
@TammyMoralesSEA: Upzoning. We already have a lot of different types of housing in SFZ's. Making that legal everywhere will bring gentle density.
Peguero: Public housing in D2. Increase of MFZ w/in 75% of the city that is SFZ. Be aware of history of racial segregation.
@thehoffather - upzoning is gentrification. Look at underdeveloped locations by which he means the brown and black neighborhoods.

Basically Ari is in D2 to make everyone more confident about the fact that nobody will vote for this ass.
Tahir- Garrett - apologizes for living in Europe where they have vast amounts of public housing. London and Paris have been gentrified for > 100yrs. Nobody there is getting a yard unless they're rich and white. Birds can build a home everywhere, but here govt controls use of land
Porter: Start w TOD around light rail. Build up those communities. Upzoning can be OK but make those building publicly funded or they will be very expensive.
Regressive taxes
Peguero - Interested in state capital gains tax.
@thehoffather is against tax increases until he knows it is not going to brown black or poor people.

Ari's basically campaigning to himself and everyone exactly like him.
Tahir-Garrett: If billion $ corps don't pay taxes, the workers should not pay tax. Big corporations control the legislature so they pay no tax.
Porter: Capital gains tax. Head tax, not happy cause needed more info from businesses. Corps do need to pay but not as much as before. Doesn't want corps to move away.
Solomon: City needs to be responsible w funds it already has. Examine how we're spending current money. Agrees our tax system is regressive. Work with #waleg to bring in income tax along w reduction in property tax.
@TammyMoralesSEA: Seattle not dying despite what Ari says. Know who's not paying for our libraries & infrastructure? Businesses. We're wasting money on police overtime. Why can we dream big for waterfront park but not for ending homelessness. Payroll tax for all biz, sliding scal
Most frustrating commute chokepoint
@thehoffather - I-5 where goes from 4 lanes to 2. Fix signs. Can't close hwy lanes.

Also: Ari's generally anti-#transit so... Yes, he's an ass and has no defensible platform.
Tahir-Garrett: Bezos has $150B and white people living in tents.
Porter: Choke points are on sidewalks. She's tripped and injured head and lost memory
Solomon: No choke pts on his commute, but recognizes some communities have no sidewalks. That's what we need to fix.
@TammyMoralesSEA Rides bike and commute is in D2 so has no choke points.
Peguero: Likes light rail but wishes it were bigger. No ideas for how or if that could happen.
Lightning round.
Automated camera enforcement? All no but Porter.
Speed limit reductions. Ariand Tamir-Garrett no.
Ban right on red. @TammyMoralesSEA Peguero Porter say yes.
Lyft/Uber have wheelchair accessible cars? all yes
Support taking out parking so people not in cars have access to streets. Ari and Solomon no.
Is city doing enough for #VisionZero? All say no
Complete Center City Connector? Ari says no. All else yes.
What is your long term vision for @RainierAveS
Tamir-Garrett: Don't reduce car lanes like they did on 23rd.
Tamir-Garrett clearly has no knowledge of transpo, He didn't understand most of the questions.
Porter: Too many deaths! Phase 2 #VisionZero moves forward. No more waiting. It;s her #1 project. Make sure people on bike, walking, car can get up and down Rainier.
Solomon: Vision is safety for all, even buildings. Reduce speeds and congestion (wait... whut...?)
@TammyMoralesSEA Agrees to move Phase 2 foreward. People need to feel safe biking. Said no to cameras but wants a Barnes Dance on Rainier. Make sure safety is "a priority" (not "the priority").
Peguero: Safety. More crosswalks. Prioritize SRTS and other safe routes. Slow down traffic and do a road diet.
@thehoffather thinks @RainierAveS Phase 1 failed. It's unique. Need tech to fix everything w/o taking any space away from moving or stored cars.

Again, Ari has no clue.
Top 3 priorities to make Seattle carbon neutral
Do things at home. Recycle, not eat meat. Get cars off road and get people walking/biking. Seattle fleet should be EV, continue to invest in that.
Solomon: Greening fleet of vehicles. Phase out petroleum cars "as much as we can". Do more green retrofits of buildings.
@TammyMoralesSEA 50% of emissions come from vehicles but we still prioritize cars in all decisions city makes. That impacts communities of color. Invest in #CompleteStreets and #transit. Invest in green buildings and just transition for workers in extractive economies.
Peguero: EV charging but make it equitable. Tech is great but if it's a mass market like car makers... how can we influece? Ride share. Freight electification.
@thehoffather who drove a Dodge HEMI yada yada wants to distract from the question and talks about garbage in homeless camps.
Tamir-Garrett: Calls out Ari who said "free market" and talks about slave market. The 7 sisters (big oil cos).

He's not answering question except oil is bad.
What makes D2 unique and what makes you the right person to rep D2?
Also we are in E African comm but not one person here from that comm.
Solomon: Diversity and vibrancy makes D2 unique. The cultures the languages. Born and raised here. He can rep cause it's his home. Been serving comm for 30 yrs.
@TammyMoralesSEA: Diversity in language cultures religions. She's been organizing in all those comm's for 25 years. The people who are here from E African comm are women who are working on her campaign. She is the one who will fight for this comm.
Peguero: When moved to Beacon Hill he felt at home. Most diverse ethnically, racially, economically. Make sure we have bold responsible leadership in council.
@thehoffather - he lives in D2 (really?). Loves the commercial areas. He's not answering question. Instead telling people to vote.
Tamir-Garrett: Speaking softly about Somali community. Can't hear it all. Talking about little girls from African communities teaching him songs.
Porter: Loves south end of Seattle. Cool summers, blue waters. Moved to Kenyan and 46th. Lots of culture. Seen 7 yo girl who got run over. Seen the 15 yo who got run over on MLK. Not only do I understand the comm, I am the comm cause I have been there with the comm.
How will you incr access to nature in S end?
@TammyMoralesSEA - we have a giant golf course that "gets used somewhat". In Georgetown there are small pocket parks people want to expand. Will meet w people and talk about what ideas people have to expand parks. Expand access to beach in Rainier Beach
Peguero: Partnership w Latino Outdoors and N Cascades Nat'l Park, bringing kids from D2, kids of color, to Nat'l park. Increase access to spaces outside city.
@thehoffather avoids question again to talk about needles in parks. Wants to protect golf courses.

Is this guy for real?
Tamir-Garrett: Coached little league baseball for 40 years. Works w young kids and not lock them up. He was a ping pong champion beat by someone from Canada.
Porter: Start w education. Let them know what parks can do. Why it matters,. They'll grow up to protect those spaces. Get kids invested in pea patches.
Solomon: Last thing we should do is removing green space. Against repurposing Jerfferson golf course. Increase use of street end parks. Incr opportunities for young people to get to nature.
Closing statements.
Won't cover cause it's all the same. But.

Ari: nobody'll vote for him. Will buy beer - his defn of civility.
Tamir-Garrett - vote for @TammyMoralesSEA cause he's going back to Ghana.
She ran @bruceharrell off! He's dangerous!
And we are done. Thank you to @ericacbarnett for moderating. Thanks @MASScoalition for organizing/hosting. There's fruit.
ThNks to @rootedinrights who were video’ing and Sue for real time closed captioning. I assume they will be releasing accessible video soon.
Saw @NoSpandexReq but missed saying hi. Hopefully she posted a pic of my tweeting expression.
And last but not least @NoSpandexReq who, as usual, included a smattering of snark.
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