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{A THREAD} One of the dangers of this moment for white counterparts in placemaking is to be invigorated to “do something” instead of just picking up the best practices, voices and research of women/black ppl/white allies from the last 5+ years and put that work to work.
It is important that we amplify, fund and implement the work of people and organizations that have already spoken loudly on the intersection of place and race. With that in mind I’ve decided to interrupt your lunchtime to do some amplifying…here we go…
A study from 2008-2011 in NYC found bans on sidewalk biking to be enforced disproportionately in Black and Latino communities…
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Londoners now wake up each morning to maps and charts outlining the human cost of decisions made by our national government. We are expected to "take [death] on the chin" and be grateful.

This is a map of preventable road casualties in @RBKC

Take each road casualty in @RBKC , and place a drop of blood on the map. What were meant as public spaces for us to live in show as ragged wounds through our communities, and the dressings are overdue for changing.  There will still be scars, but we can stop this. #VisionZero
@RBKC Inaction by our governments allows a dangerous force to spread through our society, costing the lives of our loved ones and forcing us to cower in the periphery.

Whether we stay inside for fear of disease or motorised violence, we are owed better by our elected representatives.
@RBKC The cycle route proposed by @RBKC is like the 30 respirators announced yesterday: absolutely necessary, but insufficient.

We will need 30,000 respirators to survive the Covid-19 crisis, and we will need protected cycleways to survive the return of motor traffic to our streets.
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When it comes to race and power, US transportation and land use decisions are not neutral. Throughout American history, government power has been used to control Black people and exclude Black communities from opportunity. #BlackHistoryMonth
The legacy of racist decisions made by transportation planners and policymakers in the 20th century is still with us today. #BlackHistoryMonth
Throughout the 20th century, racist lending & housing practices—redlining—limited where Black families could live. Now, Black neighborhoods are disproportionately disconnected from centers of opportunity, perpetuating systems of exclusion & oppression.…
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This is preventable. Everyone in #DC deserves to be safe from gun violence. We know what has worked to drastically reduce homicides in other cities. Let’s really #KeepDCAlive @MayorBowser @councilofdc
It’s time we implement a #VisionZero for gun violence prevention: a specific plan with measurable goals. Why do we have a #VisionZero to prevent pedestrian & cyclist deaths [27 fatalities total in 2019], but not for gun deaths [135 gun homicides total in 2019.
We need to fund & hire a Gun Violence "czar" to coordinate efforts across all agencies. DC has a Night Life Czar to cut through red tape for the restaurant & nightlife entertainment industry, but we don’t have a GVP Czar to cut through red tape on gun violence prevention?
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This is historical. Zero pedestrian and cyclist deaths in #Helsinki in 2019!

The graph shows the reduction of road deaths since 1960. We're getting close to reaching #VisionZero.

The number of traffic fatalities in Helsinki has been steadily decreasing in recent years. The worst year on record was in 1965, when 84 people died in Helsinki traffic.
Enhanced traffic #safety is the sum of several factors. Safety has improved due to improvements to the street environment, increased traffic control and the development of vehicle safety measures. But reducing speed limits has been the key factor.
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"No traffic calming" the headline says. This is a message hitting right before a major decision on Edmonton's street speeds. Seems like the perfect fodder for those who want to drive quickly to and from everything, right? Not so fast. 1/ #yegCoreZone #WeAllMove #VisionZero
Look at what else this international expert on streets is saying and realize we can't always trust a headline. Activate streets. Remove regatory barriers to folks closing down a block, or gardening, taking over boulevard space, adding parks and public spaces right on streets. 2/
Having only sat in a workshop and talk from David Engwicht on the weekend, I won't try to defend his points, as stated or interpreted. My take though is that he's right that changing speed signs and slapping down a few speed bumps won't change our city's culture of road use. 3/
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This makes me happy:

Road deaths in Oslo (pop. 673.000) in 2019:

Pedestrians: 0
Cyclists: 0
Children: 0

The graph shows the reduction of road deaths since 1975.

Article in Norwegian:…

#VisionZero Graph showing the steady reduction of road deaths in Oslo, from 41 in 1975, to 1 in 2019.
To clarify, no children died in traffic anywhere in Norway (pop. 5,3 million) in 2019. That’s a first, at least since WW2.

Also, as the graph shows, there was a single lethal crash where a car driver hit a railing at a down town light rail station. That is still one too many.
Many people sharing this claim that we have reached #visionzero in Oslo. While we are making great progress, there is still a way to go to consistently keep deaths at zero for all road users.

Also, #visionzero means 0 serious injuries, where we still have a long way to go.
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Getting ready for the Transportation Committee meeting to discuss the new Road Safety Action Plan.
I'll do my best to live tweet. 👍
#ottbike #ottwalk #ottroll
@StephenBlais discussing the importance of consultation on Transportation Master Plan and encourages everyone to fill out surveys to have their say. (Can be found on the city of ottawa website).
Motion being discussed to add membership to the TMP Update, Chair for 6 committees.
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There is little to no consequence for killing someone on the road nor failing to remain. In the case of my husband's death, the charges were dropped. I am haunted by this and the fact that I was suffering from PTSD and only notified of the court date the night before. I couldn't
even give an impact statement. My thoughts sometimes ambush me still, wondering if the driver even thinks of what he has done. Every birthday, Christmas or milestone he gets to celebrate with his family, he took that from us when he failed to give room on the road.
When the Police came to 'debrief' me, I stated that the cement truck driver should lose his licence for life. The Officer responded, "that's his livelihood!" -as if I was being unreasonable. He took my husband's whole life... his livelihood, his time with his family, his ability
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Strong opening statements from @NTSB: "preventing a crash from happening in the first place is our top priority." and "If we do not improve roadway infrastructure for bicyclists, bicyclists will die who otherwise would not."
@NTSB Why is @NTSB doing this Bicycle Safety Report? According to @NHTSAgov , 806 bicyclists died in crashes with motor vehicles in 2017. ... and it has been 47 years since the @NTSB examined bicyclist safety
@NTSB @NHTSAgov In 2008 the @CDCgov @CDCChronic @CDCEnvironment set a healthy people 2020 goal for the bicyclist fatality rate at 0.22 deaths per 100,000 people. Since then the bicyclist fatality rate has increased and reached .26 deaths per 100k in 2016
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At the #20splenty 2019 conference...

The @UWEBristol @publichealthuwe study of 20mph zones/limits found “a statically significant reduction in fatal injuries across the city”...even in 30mph zones, which saw a spillover reduction in speed.

Do we need any more evidence?!
Yay @chriscities always has the best slides! Currently melting our brains with ‘behavioural urbanism’. To change behaviour, make walking & cycling and being in public spaces joyous and effortless and driving uninviting. Hedonistic streets...?

@UM_Streets #20splenty
@20sPlentyFav campaigners in Faversham created a ‘protest map’ of red dots where people feel unsafe to walk & cycle. One part of a brilliant campaign that led to approval of 20mph across Faversham & beyond.
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Two years ago today, a hit-and-run dump truck driver struck Clayton Barnard, dragging him 25m and killing him. Witness: "He...was gasping for help and air. I think he wanted to just have someone hold his hand…and he died shortly after.” #TODeadlyStreets #RoadViolence #WalkTO
Clayton was 36 with a loving family, wife, and bright future. He was going to apply his paralegal degree to help immigrants. He did not deserve to die like this. His family did not deserve to lose him in such a senseless, preventable way. #TODeadlyStreets…
The driver, Roshan Navacodi, 38, of Toronto was charged with fail to remain causing death, and careless driving. Fail to remain can be fined $500-$2500, possible license suspension less than 2 years, possible prison sentence less than 6 months.…
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1/ Some asshole, having blocked the box in a pedestrian scramble and then backing up without looking, just hit me. And then starting flipping off me and the other people yelling at him...
2/ ...he finally rolls down his window. “You hit me! And then you flip ME off!” I scream. “I didn’t know why you were banging on my window.” “Did you not feel your car hit me? “No I didn’t!” “Pay attention asshole!”

My adrenaline levels are a bit high. (Otherwise I’m fine.)
3/ but hardly a week goes by where I don’t witness some egregious and life threatening traffic violations. And very little evidence of enforcement. @LondonBreed #VisionZero
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Ah yes, @RDiManno and @TorontoStar. Quite insightful. #RoadSafety advocates are fighting for *convenience* for vulnerable road users. After all, if planning an unexpected funeral isn't a bit inconvenient, we don't know WHAT is!

#RoadViolence #BikeTO #WalkTO #VisionZeroTO
Our member Kasia sometimes still thinks of how inconvenient it was to be handed her husband Tom's possessions in a paper bag, and then not only have to struggle against crushing grief herself, but also help her two children grieve their father.…
Our member David Stark also occasionally remembers the inconvenience of being handed his deeply beloved wife Erica's clothing, stained with blood. Their three boys, now that they think about it, do find it inconvenient that their loving mother is dead.…
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Hey @NACTO #NACTO19. Before you fawn over Toronto's leadership, we have seen MANY pedestrians preventably killed in recent weeks. This woman, killed yesterday, might have been someone's mom.…
This one, Friday, someone's grandpa?…
Imagine sitting for days by the side of a dangerous arterial, holding a sign hoping for the hit-and-run driver who killed your vibrant, beloved daughter to come forward? Knowing there is still no crosswalk planned to address the TTC desire line? #NACTO19…
#RoadViolence is so rampant and destructive that many have called for a state of emergency.…
#RoadViolence is unquestionably a clear, urgent #PublicHealthCrisis in this city. #NACTO19…
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Hundreds of our neighbors signed our petition in support of the proposed BTD design for Centre St in West Roxbury! The design includes important changes that would make this stretch of Centre safer for all street users. (Thread) #SaferCentreSt
The #SaferCentreSt design is a 4-to-3 lane conversion, a proven method for making 4 lane streets safer. Information about the design proposed by BTD can be found here:
Information about 4-to-3 conversion style road diets, common myths about these designs, and examples of successful implementation of these designs across the country, can be found here:
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TAB meeting time.
I think the North Broadway project presentation has started.
Additional cost will be from Transportation Fund Reserve.
1 year delay penalty from @DRCOGorg .
Up till Aug. 2020 to start or loss fed funds.
Delay won't hender future projects.
In future no strikes.

25 mph for speed limit.
Talked to Fire department. Worried about speed humps/delays.
Staying at 30 mph.
More wrecks to get too...
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At @AASHTOSpeaks Joint Policy Conference of Committee on Design and Council on Active Transportation (I'm a member of that). Flexible design workshop to kick it off. #infrastructure #RoadSafety
Joyce Taylor, Maine DOT Chief Engineerb Over the years people have debated names for different approaches to streets that serve people. Let's call it GOOD DESIGN. #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #PeopleStreets #HealthyStreets
Shari Schaftlein, FHWA Office of Human Environment, on context sensitive solutions/design. Case studies/resources #AASHTO #infrastructure #RoadSafety #PeopleStreets
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Our first open meeting in town was a great success! We had 35 attendees including @classicwenty, @wutrain, @ShannMurph617 from @MattOMalley’s office, @votepaulsully10 from @mfflaherty’s office, and @juliaforboston. Everyone who showed up wants a #SaferCentreSt for our @WRMS.
Our goal was to continue the important conversation that began earlier this year after the tragic death of Marilyn Wentworth, who was killed on February 5, 2019, in a car crash while walking across Centre St. to buy a cup of coffee from @ElRecreoCoffee
That same month, @BostonBTD and @MattOMalley engaged the community and heard that many residents involved in crashes when walking in town. @PeterFurth also talked about his prior analysis. We all demanded a #SaferCentreSt!
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E-Biking from work to TAB meeting. I will tweet public comment and North Broadway Project.
I'm no @shayshinecastle, but will do my best. @wjrigler @bouldergobldr…
20 mph across city.
N. Broadway. Can't wait till next redesign.
Need separated bike facility now.
David Adison. Goose Creek.
Alpine Balsam.
Promote carsharing in that parking garage.
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Hey @BilldeBlasio @NYCMayor, I hope you're having a great day getting together your Presidential campaign! As for myself, I'm just starting my shift doing deliveries on my bicycle, less than 24 hours after watching my friend's blood be hosed off the street.
What are you doing to make sure I go home today? That I won't be another number? That I won't be crushed by a speeding commercial truck with 85 summonses running rampant in your city, blowing red lights with no worry of consequence, like my dear friend Robyn?
The answer is nothing. You are doing absolutely nothing. Your #VisionZero is a disgrace and so is your mayorship. This blood is on your hands.
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Take each road casualty in @RBKC, and place a drop of blood on the map. What were meant as public spaces for us to live in show as ragged wounds through our communities, and the dressings are overdue for changing.

There will still be scars, but we can stop this. #VisionZero Road Casualties in RBKC, visualised in Tableau
@RBKC One week ago, a butcher washed the pig's blood from his hands to travel to Kensington town hall and ensure that the blood of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, parents and grandparents would continue to flow in the gutters of Holland Park Avenue. A plot of the many road casualties along Holland Park Avenue
@RBKC One week ago, a woman stood up in a room full of furious shouting people, and introduced herself as a relative of a family that do not know her. She used this platform to claim that their decade-lost daughter and sister would have wanted the deaths to continue, had she lived. The audience of the Kensington meeting of 13 Jun 2019, including the woman in the spotted raincoat at bottom left who claimed to be a relative of Eilidh Cairns.
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At the @MASScoalition D2 Candidate Forum.

@thehoffather got here in a Dodge yada yada Hemi yada yada.
@TammyMoralesSEA drove a car, as did Phyllis Porter drove as did Mark Solomon (w his wife). Tahir Garrett took #transit.
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I have a lot of feelings right now. Not good ones.

I didn't personally know @darsal. I don't think we ever met in person. But we did interact on twitter a bit. And I certainly know the impact he had on the conversation about the urgency of Vision Zero.
Today, when I heard the news about a cyclist being killed on Florida Avenue, I thought to myself, "not again. How long will it be until it's someone I know?" And sadly, it was.

Today, DC lost a great person. Someone with a passion for making this city a better place.
I'm angry. I'm angry at the District for not doing more. For not working harder to tame streets like Florida Avenue, which I'm too terrified to bike on, and don't even like walking along. I'm angry that their study for fixing Florida Ave is collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.
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