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Just catching up with this. Incredibly powerful 20 minute contribution from @ian_m_greenwood from 18 minutes in - well worth a watch if this is an issue that matters to you. I share Ian's hopeful perspective - and will be watching next steps closely.
You'll know if you follow me on here that I think there are so many issues with how we deal with road danger - and there is so much to do. But it seems that in Leeds & West Yorkshire that things are beginning to change - with, for example, work on #VisionZero.
Watching the mtg, it's blatantly obvious yet again that the people not around the table are the car manufacturers & marketeers - who sell increasingly dangerous vehicles & promote them in ways that glorify speed, risk, thrill etc. There are limits to what everyone else can do.
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@polizeiberlin @ADFC_Berlin @ADFC_CityWest @Adfc_Tempelhof @ADFC_Pankow @ADFC_xhain @ADFC_SZ @Strassen_f_alle @bikeberlin13 Herr Schattling bezieht sich mit seiner Aussage dass zum grossen Teil Eigenverschulden Unfallursächlich ist EINDEUTIG auf die 17 im letzten Jahr getöteten Radfahrenden!
Jetzt zu behaupten die Aussage wurde gewählt um die Gesamtlage darzustellen 1/x
@polizeiberlin @ADFC_Berlin @ADFC_CityWest @Adfc_Tempelhof @ADFC_Pankow @ADFC_xhain @ADFC_SZ @Strassen_f_alle @bikeberlin13 ist ein Schlag ins Gesicht der Angehörigen.
Von den 17 Toten gehen 11 aufs Konto von Leuten am Steuer von Kraftfahrzeugen.
Wenn der Leiter des Fachstabs Verkehr solche Aussagen macht wundert es mich nicht das alle die in Berlin Fahrrad fahren täglich in hohem Masse 2/x
@polizeiberlin @ADFC_Berlin @ADFC_CityWest @Adfc_Tempelhof @ADFC_Pankow @ADFC_xhain @ADFC_SZ @Strassen_f_alle @bikeberlin13 von Leuten am Steuer gefährdet werden.
Die Polizei Berlin Schaut nicht nur weg, nein, sie behauptet auch noch dass Leute auf dem Rad eh selber Schuld sind. Zum nachhören ab Minute 4:23
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Marta Krawiec was killed because @CamdenCouncil has repeatedly refused to act until someone paid with his/her life

Adam Neve was killed because @CamdenCouncil did not allow cyclists on the contraflow bus lane

After his death, they changed their mind

Francis Golding was killed because @CamdenCouncil allowed a left turn into such a tight corner that coaches had to be on the wrong lane

After his death, they banned the left turn

Federica Baldassa was killed because @CamdenCouncil refused to consider our Clerkenwell Boulevard proposals and deemed this an acceptable place to ride a bike

After her death, they closed a side road where the killer had turned into.

But Holborn has not changed

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Sonntags Rede zu Vision Zero & Verkehrssicherheit halten & montags sagen: "Aber eines geht nicht, dass ein Gemeinderat vor Ort für die Bundesstraße durch die Ortschaft Tempo 30 beschließt. Ich bin kein Anhänger von pauschalen, flächendeckendem Tempo 30." @andreasscheuer
. @zeitonline hat kürzlich schon aufgezeigt, dass #Scheuer die Kommunen, die Tempo 30 flächendecken (und dann mit Ausnahme Tempo 50) einführen wollten (u.a. Freiburg, Coburg, Konstanz & Darmstadt) gezielt ausgebremst hat:…
Er ignoriert damit sogar den Beschluss von @cducsubt & @spdbt, die die BReg. schon Ende 2019 aufforderten in Modellprojekten zu untersuchen, wie sich ein generelles Tempolimit von 30 km/h & nur auf Hauptverkehrsstraßen Tempo 50 auswirkt. #VisionZero…
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I drove 30 on Ward 2 @citywaterloo streets to see how much slower it was. Check out why I think we should go to 30 in this video series.

1/6 - What's the difference between 50, 40 & 30 on survival rates?

@ClairHills are safe streets worth 22 secs off your commute?

2/6 - Why changing speed limits is an educational tool and also impacts enforcement (2 of the 3 E's of transportation engineering)

@LaurelwoodNA - are safe streets worth 15 seconds off your commute?
3/6 - Where is the rest of the world heading on this topic?

Laurel Creek - are safe streets worth 30 seconds off your commute?
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🖥️ Now Live! The Committee on Transportation & the Environment chaired by @marycheh is holding a bill hearing on one of my first pieces of legislation:

B24-0111 - Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Amendment Act of 2021

Tune in now:… Image
The Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Act would:
✅ offer defensive driving courses to all DC drivers (currently limited to those 50+ years old)
✅ update course criteria to match #VisionZero
✅ give corresponding reductions in car insurance premiums

ANC 4B08 Commissioner Alison Brooks describes this legislation as a win-win for the community that will lead to safer driving and reduce insurance costs. She discusses her own experience with defensive driving courses that have been helpful. Image
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Last week, prior to police killing Daunte Wright, I gave an interview on behalf of @thestreettrust to @KOINNews about the defunding of Portland's traffic enforcement division.

When they asked why I didn't think more policing was the answer to traffic violence, I said this:
Racial bias in traffic enforcement is a well-documented reality. One life lost to police violence at a traffic stop is too many. Kendra James needlessly lost her life during a traffic stop. Sandra Bland. Philando Castille. Walter Scott. Jordan Edwards. #SayHerName #SayHisName
At this critical time of reckoning with Portland's legacy of white supremacy and racist policing, we must come together to innovate new ways of ensuring everyone in our community has access to safe and just streets, regardless of their skin color, housing status, or zip code.
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Proud of the great work we’ve done at @DDOT to lead the nation in rethinking the dvlpmnt review & TIA processes for a 21st century city. #VisionZero #LessParking #Equity@Westy33

This is our 2021 #TRBAM paper showing other cities can do the same:…
Quality site design, public realm design, #VisionZero, connectivity to transit & n’borhood amenities, and minimal parking supply are the most important aspects of a project to DDOT. The traffic analysis (i.e. intsctn congestion) has been demoted to #9 (most cities it’s still #1). Image
There are so many good reasons to provide minimal off-street parking and appropriately price the amnt of parking you do have (especially near transit)... check out the graphic on the right, isn’t the bldg on the bottom so much better? Image
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Here’s the current plan for the Brampton Gateway Terminal @HurontarioLRT terminus at Steeles Avenue.

Pedestrians connecting between LRT and @BramptonTransit buses will have to cross one of Peel’s busiest intersections to make the transfer.

Including nine lanes of Steeles Ave.
The LRT stop was supposed to go on the north side of Steeles Avenue, where crosswalks on the north and south side of the platforms would have made bus connections much easier and safer.
But in a problematic 5-4 decision, the old council voted to turn down 4 kilometres of provincially funded LRT that would have continued to Downtown Brampton and the GO Station placate Main Street residents and downtown, including former premier Bill Davis.
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Acting Toronto Police Chief Jim Ramer and Mayor John Tory announce permanent reconstitution of staffed traffic enforcement unit as part of #VisionZero effort to end pedestrian and cyclist deaths on Toronto roads
Sorry for radio silence - my phone didn’t like the rain. Here is the news release - reconstituted Toronto police traffic enforcement squad launching on a permanent basis Nov. 19 with 18 officers incl. 2 sergeants as part of #VisionZero
That release overplays somewhat the news value of the traffic enforcement squad being made permanent. From my story at the police services board last November…
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Just downloaded recent data on traffic fatalities in Denver. You can its mostly on arterial streets like Federal, Alameda, Colfax, Colorado Blvd, Evans, Sheridan. Our desire to move cars quickly on 4-6 lane roads in an urban environment is killing ppl.… Image
CDOT is talking about expanding I-25 in the name of safety at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars when the reality is that many more people are dieing on arterial streets. Our best investment if we really care about safety and #VisionZero is on our arterial streets.
I was inspired to download this data last night because a person from my church was killed by a driver that ran a red light on one of these arterials last week while he was crossing in his wheel chair. Everyone of these dots has a name every dot has a story. This was Tim’s...
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I did a thing while in recovery. In the Boston #sidewalkstressindex, I had identified 4 key typologies of neighborhoods based on incident population and sidewalk widths. This is the 'low width & low density' typology I did some redesign in @SketchUp on it! ImageImage
A bit rusty, but its been 2 years since I last touched Sketchup! Will soon make similar redesign proposals for the other three typologies as well.

The brief article (under construction) is here:…

This particular intersection is at: 42.296950, -71.070516
I kept the one-way street orientation as it already is right now, but added a contraflow lane, and removed parking from one side.
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Hallo @AndiScheuer, könnten Sie bitte die Bereiche auf den Bildern der Straße vor dieser Schule bei mir markieren, auf denen Kinder nicht sterben, wenn man sie mit mehr als 21 km/h oberhalb der Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung umfährt? Danke.… #VisionZero ImageImage
Zur Erklärung:

@AndiScheuer hat folgenden 'Kompromiss' zur Überarbeitung seiner eigenen #StVO-Reform vorgeschlagen: Den Führerschein für 1 Monat abgeben soll nur, wer mit mindestens 21 Kilometern pro Stunde zu schnell vor Schulen und Kindergärten geblitzt wird.

An allen anderen Stellen sind Kinder offenbar besonders sicher vor Autofahrern mit überhöhter Geschwindigkeit 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♂️

Egal wo ein Kind läuft/fährt: es wird ÜBERALL durch Raser gefährdet, Herr @AndiScheuer!

PS: Bin gespannt, wo sie die Bereiche 'vor Schulen' definieren.

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The long-delayed @LondonAssembly Transport Committee report on bus and tram safety has been published. I speak as a former chair of the TfL board's safety panel, and frankly, I find it an insult to the ~6,000 people killed and injured every year by buses and trams in London. 1/9
Context. In the aftermath of the Sandilands tram crash, @TfL failed to pass on a critical fatigue audit to investigators. The failure was never investigated. In July 2019 the @LondonAssembly passed a resolution calling on the Mayor to appoint an independent investigator. 2/9
I was keen to testify to the @LondonAssembly enquiry, but successive @UKLabour chairs of the Transport Committee tried to block me in order to spare @SadiqKhan from embarassment. In the end they failed, and I did my best to raise my concerns. 3/9
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Starting July 6, the City’s 50 Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras will start ticketing drivers who are caught travelling in excess of the posted speed limit. ASE is one of the many tools in our #VisionZero toolbox intended to reduce speeding in our city and save lives.
ASE increases speed compliance, alters driving behaviour and raises public awareness about the need to slow down and obey speed limits. I’m confident that our ASE will curb excessive speeding and improve the lives of our must vulnerable road users.
This is about making our roads safer and about saving lives. I would rather live in a city where these cameras were not necessary – but we know people are speeding – and these cameras will catch them and make sure they pay the price.
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{A THREAD} One of the dangers of this moment for white counterparts in placemaking is to be invigorated to “do something” instead of just picking up the best practices, voices and research of women/black ppl/white allies from the last 5+ years and put that work to work.
It is important that we amplify, fund and implement the work of people and organizations that have already spoken loudly on the intersection of place and race. With that in mind I’ve decided to interrupt your lunchtime to do some amplifying…here we go…
A study from 2008-2011 in NYC found bans on sidewalk biking to be enforced disproportionately in Black and Latino communities…
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We are ready to create more safe space for cyclists and pedestrians. Well-planned cycling routes, including along subway lines, will provide a much-needed relief valve for our transit system, support our #VisionZero road safety plan, and allow for space to physically distance.
Most of the proposed initiatives in this report are quick-start installations that safely and temporarily re-purpose curb lanes, using paint, signage, and temporary barricades – similar to initiatives we have seen in cities around the world as they reopen their economies.
As part of the City’s focus on Main Street revitalization in the wake of #COVID19, staff are proposing to create more public space and patios in addition to this new active transportation infrastructure.
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Londoners now wake up each morning to maps and charts outlining the human cost of decisions made by our national government. We are expected to "take [death] on the chin" and be grateful.

This is a map of preventable road casualties in @RBKC

Take each road casualty in @RBKC , and place a drop of blood on the map. What were meant as public spaces for us to live in show as ragged wounds through our communities, and the dressings are overdue for changing.  There will still be scars, but we can stop this. #VisionZero
@RBKC Inaction by our governments allows a dangerous force to spread through our society, costing the lives of our loved ones and forcing us to cower in the periphery.

Whether we stay inside for fear of disease or motorised violence, we are owed better by our elected representatives.
@RBKC The cycle route proposed by @RBKC is like the 30 respirators announced yesterday: absolutely necessary, but insufficient.

We will need 30,000 respirators to survive the Covid-19 crisis, and we will need protected cycleways to survive the return of motor traffic to our streets.
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At the Minnesota Transportation Conference, heard about #visionzero from @EthanFawley from the City of Minneapolis and MnDOT's safety engineer. Mpls is making rapid improvements to dangerous corridors, announcing new speed limits next week, and studying automated enforcement. ImageImageImage
New session on safe design in urban contexts.

"I despise four-lane undivided roads. They're the worst performing roads in the state, and the worst performing roads in Ramsey County." My man Ramsey County engineer Brad Estochen
"In the future, I'd be proud to say that Ramsey County has no four-lane undivided roads. We'll see if we get there, but that's what we're striving for."
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When it comes to race and power, US transportation and land use decisions are not neutral. Throughout American history, government power has been used to control Black people and exclude Black communities from opportunity. #BlackHistoryMonth
The legacy of racist decisions made by transportation planners and policymakers in the 20th century is still with us today. #BlackHistoryMonth
Throughout the 20th century, racist lending & housing practices—redlining—limited where Black families could live. Now, Black neighborhoods are disproportionately disconnected from centers of opportunity, perpetuating systems of exclusion & oppression.…
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Die Zahl der Verkehrstoten ist auf historischem Tiefstand! @destatis

Doch jeder Tote ist einer zu viel!☝️#VisionZero 🛡️Wir machen weiter - für #DeinLeben: StVO-Novelle, #Abbiegeassistenten & viele andere Maßnahmen schaffen mehr #Verkehrssicherheit.ℹ️ Image
@destatis #StVO-Novelle ▶️ für #Verkehrssicherheit
🛡️↗️ Strafen für Rettungsgassen-Sünder
🛡️↗️ Bußgelder für das Halten/Parken auf Radwegen/Schutzstreifen
🛡️🚲Mindestüberholabstand von 1,5m innerorts/ 2m außerorts
🛡️Schrittgeschw. für rechtsabbiegende 🚛
& mehr ImageImage
@destatis "Wir haben es täglich mit Problemen in der #Rettungsgasse zu tun." - erklärt Sven von der Feuerwehr-Gewerkschaft. 🧑‍🚒
🚨Das darf nicht sein!
👉Deswegen haben wir in der #StVO-Novelle festgelegt: Wer die Rettungsgasse blockiert, wird in Zukunft härter bestraft. #Verkehrssicherheit
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This is preventable. Everyone in #DC deserves to be safe from gun violence. We know what has worked to drastically reduce homicides in other cities. Let’s really #KeepDCAlive @MayorBowser @councilofdc
It’s time we implement a #VisionZero for gun violence prevention: a specific plan with measurable goals. Why do we have a #VisionZero to prevent pedestrian & cyclist deaths [27 fatalities total in 2019], but not for gun deaths [135 gun homicides total in 2019.
We need to fund & hire a Gun Violence "czar" to coordinate efforts across all agencies. DC has a Night Life Czar to cut through red tape for the restaurant & nightlife entertainment industry, but we don’t have a GVP Czar to cut through red tape on gun violence prevention?
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This is historical. Zero pedestrian and cyclist deaths in #Helsinki in 2019!

The graph shows the reduction of road deaths since 1960. We're getting close to reaching #VisionZero.

The number of traffic fatalities in Helsinki has been steadily decreasing in recent years. The worst year on record was in 1965, when 84 people died in Helsinki traffic.
Enhanced traffic #safety is the sum of several factors. Safety has improved due to improvements to the street environment, increased traffic control and the development of vehicle safety measures. But reducing speed limits has been the key factor.
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