1) All those of us supporting @GenFlynn were beyond thrilled when we learned he'd hired our favorite, Swamp-defeating attorney, @SidneyPowell1. We have some other favorite attorneys also, but no one tops Sidney.

Consider her book:

2) Just like everyone else, I too had fantasies she'd pull @GenFlynn's plea. The one thing he's ever said that we don't believe is that he lied to the FBI. We don't even forgive him for it, as we don't blame him at all. We blame an illegal prosecution.
3) Alas, at least as far as for now, and the simple statement put forward in public, Sidney's plan remains to work closely with the government in completion of the plea deal, that is, if I understand it rightly. Mind, I do not disagree with her strategy, it's just not one I like.
4) When my rage comes out, I'm 100% hellfire and brimstone and where are my damned dragons when I need them? I want the Mueller team's vast illegality and profound corruption to come out. I don't want to defend; I want to attack. Didn't Lord Nelson say something about that?
5) Yet I repeat, my confidence in Sidney's strategy is near absolute. I'm certainly NOT qualified to judge at law, and my faith in her skill, genius and character is absolutely absolute. So I must tamp down my explosive rage and wait for her endeavor to demonstrate itself.
6) For my own part, I claim to have some capability in social media, a bit of game theory chops, and also a bit of a sense of negotiation. Not only direct negotiation, but also indirect. Not only tag team formally, but sometimes parallel purposes informally. Here's an example...
7) I love to drive in the following spot in a two-car caravan. My leader, often my son Nico, signals a lane change. I find the first opening, change lanes, slow down and widen the opening for him, still in the lead, to flow into the spot in front of me. I adore such simple moves.
8) All team sports demonstrate precisely such interactions. And, when a team is in the groove, they flow seamlessly, with a type of elegant beauty that makes us worship on the team's altar when it masters them. Every true fan has their favorite such moments. It is the zone.
9) Returning the @GenFlynn's case, I don't know if we, in social media, can provide @SidneyPowell1 and her team with that sort of informal partnership, but I mean to find out, and I have some pretty well worked out ideas on it. For previous work, go here: PardonFlynnNow.com.
10) Dates are not set, but if you'd like to hear me discuss some of these ideas live, I believe I'll soon be on @TamaraLeigh_llc's show, as well as working with @JosephJFlynn1 and @annvandersteel on topic.

Please stay tuned for those times.
11) Before we turn to the heart of the strategy I put forward, let's discuss, again, why people resist the idea of a Presidential Pardon for @GenFlynn. Everyone wants his name 100% cleared, and many believe that a Pardon entails an admission of guilt, real guilt.
12) And, I absolutely understand that emotion, and wish I had the faith in the legal system that would clear our hero's name, properly. Personally, I have lost that faith. As evidence, I put forward the Russia Hoax. I put forward HRC's daily freedom and lack of imprisonment.
13) Yet faith or no faith in the system, what I believe I've discovered in all of our natural resistance to a pardon is a type of hardened definition of the term. It is a failing of concept, I believe. A pardon is 'this, not that, only this and cannot possibly be anything else.'
14) Taut, and certain, we have no room for free play of concept. Minds made up, we will only accept what we've determined is right. I simply disagree. Why can't a pardon be based on innocence? Why not? Why can't an innocent man be pardoned from an illegal prosecution?
15) Remembering that I am NOT an attorney, I am not bound by the rules and definitions of court procedure. Remembering that I am an American citizen, I say that the laws come from us, the people, anyway, and most of aren't attorneys. They express our will, our sense of justice.
16) I have had attorneys tell me in private life, "Mr. Scopelliti, your problem is that you're talking about justice, and we don't do that here. We just do the law." Sure, I bristle inside, but practical considerations dominate such moments as I'm sure you can imagine.
17) Ah! But here in social media we have the combined force of our mutual considerations, unbound by such matters. We are able to ask, and build our own answer, as to what justice is, and how it may be advanced. So, in this hashtag movement, that is my objective.

18) I'll return to the question of real justice shortly. But first, we must again focus on pragmatic matters. I put forward that every single day @GenFlynn suffers under the hellacious weight of this illegal prosecution is another day an innocent man is near crushed.
19) I say "near crushed" because I believe he's the strongest among us, and that anyone else would have been utterly crushed without doubt. That only intensifies my furious rage over this injustice. I believe this injustice places a mark upon us as a people that we must confront.
20) I say that if we wish to know we are not a silent, complicit friend to this injustice we must cry out against it, with all we are. Silence is not an option. We need not only for the world to hear us, we need to know we did what we could, all that we could. For ourselves.
21) This is the negotiation I envision. I see a bad cop having jailed an innocent man. I see us surrounding the jail peacefully. I see us demanding our hero be returned to us intact. But we have no force of law by which to accomplish this, no social power of habeas corpus.
22) We must thank the heavens that our founding fathers foresaw such moments. It reaches back, the power of pardon does, to the kings and parliaments of England. It was contested as perhaps too powerful when being considered in 1789. In their wisdom, they kept it in place.
23) I don't remember if the language includes something like this, but I believe this was the intent: when justice has veered off course, there must be one soul empowered to redress the injustice, restore it to its proper course, and this power must be unlimited.
24) That is, as I see it, the only proper course forward for us. Standing outside the jail, we must send our appeal to the man so empowered. "Please, Mr. President. #PardonFlynnNow so that justice may be done for this innocent man." He has the force of law to do so in 15 minutes.
25) But what about the attorneys, and our friend @SidneyPowell1? Is this what they'll want? I don't know, and do not intend to ask. They may spout off, and I'll absolutely listen. But consider the negotiation again. I believe we have our part and they have theirs.
26) I believe that all of Washington D.C. must know we exist, we speak, we speak loudly and insistently, we're watching, and hell hath no fury to match ours if an unjust outcome is allowed to steal our leader from us, to silence him further.
27) Even if no pardon is forthcoming, our movement will have had a tremendous beneficial impact. We will be heard. And, I do have the experience certify that. When @KateScopelliti, @TamaraLeigh_llc, @JoshuaMacias and I created the #ClearFlynnNow movement, the media found us.
28) Traditional media has an antipathy to social media, as its great threat and competitor. Many of the reporters I spoke to and spent significant amounts of time with really could not fully comprehend what was going on. They really didn't want to. Yet they had to.
29) Much of the credit goes to, HAS to be honestly given to @realDonaldTrump. His genius use of social media has changed history forever. We are just attempting to follow his lead, here. And follow his lead we must.
30) On that note, two points must be identified from the 2016 season, and a motivation for @GenFlynn's targeting and silencing must be put forward for present consideration.
31) @GenFlynn is the most competent national security man, not only in America, but in the world. His advice and guidance for @realDonaldTrump during the campaign was an invaluable contribution, empowering our candidate to be as strong as he could possibly be.
32) Secondly, @GenFlynn was an invaluable friend, great aid, phenomenal strategist and in the innumerable hours of time they shared, infused the strength of his character into the campaign. His leadership was unhailed, and not publicly observed, but was irreplaceable.
33) You may be more than assured that the Obama administration was watching, engaging their long term strategies in hopes of defeating Trump, but also of crippling his administration should he win. We all know that @GenFlynn was their ultimate target.
34) And we know that they broke every law in the books in that endeavor. And to this very moment, their success remains in place. Knowing the friendship, and absolutely the empowerment that @GenFlynn gave @POTUS, they dared NOT allow such succor and support.
35) Imagine this. Imagine that @realDonaldTrump needed @GenFlynn in 2016. Obvious, yes? Now cut forward. Could it be that returning @GenFlynn to @POTUS would strengthen his coming bid? Could it be that @GenFlynn's silence continues to be their truest goal?
36) It won't surprise you that if I had the power, I'd have the pardon today, and the reinstatement as head of the NSC tomorrow. What's more, I'd recruit our General's capabilities into the campaign right now as well. I don't believe in losing days during election seasons.
37) From principles to pragmatics, from analysis to strategy, I have come to believe, 100%, that the full, immediate pardon is the very best possible outcome we might hope for. I say again, if for no other reason, time. We need our hero and leader back. I say, let us go get him!
38) Of course, we may only request and not demand. Of course, we do not control the outcome. But we do control ourselves and we, unlike @GenFlynn, still enjoy the right of free speech. I say let us use it, and make our bold, loud, sustained request. It is the right thing to do.
39) Even if no pardon is ever forthcoming, it is still the right request. As long as we speak loudly enough to be heard, we will surely have a beneficial impact upon whatsoever outcome results. And, as I said at the beginning, it my deepest hope that by us doing our part...
40) We may be of aid to @SidneyPowell1 and her team in doing their part. Well, my deepest wish is simply to have our General back. But I believe we may work toward both paths in this negotiation. So, that's why, please, @POTUS,

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