Yes I'm live-tweeting the #DemDebate

Don't say I don't bleed for you all
Wait @BetoORourke is a former Congressman?

I guess marrying into a family worth half a billion dollars makes it easy to quit your job

Also probably makes being a furry easier
Is that the first time LATINX has been uttered in a presidential debate?

Also @SenWarren's answer here is pretty strong fwiw

jk she just wants to
Also sorry @amyklobuchar is boring and she will not win sorry
Speaking Spanish won't get your wife to forgive you for ditching your family @BetoORourke
Dude Booker is restraining himself from laughing at Beto's Spanish-speaking

Impressive discipline
YES TO 70% tax rates from Beto


How about a wealth tax asshole you're worth 8 figures
Welp @CoryBooker is talking about bills he sponsored in the Senate, that's the end of his campaign

Sorry bro
Cory Booker is trying to talk about growing corporate power without mentioning Google or Facebook

And I'm actually digging @SenWarren on the big tech monopolies
Julian Castro is asked a question and immediately starts talking about his mom

Also he's short

Very suspect
BAE @TulsiGabbard is talking and immediately brings up REGIME CHANGE WARS because she is BAE

And no applause because Democrats are actually crypto-neoconservatives
De Blasio is smart enough to talk at the camera and not to the moderators

As much as I hate the guy this is a good answer
Oh here's John Delaney talking about how socialism is bad and proposing technocratic reforms BORING

You'll never get anywhere without embracing full communism @JohnDelaney

And stop talking about building businesses Democrats don't believe in that
Inslee going for unions good and high CEO pay bad

Sorry @TimRyan you're boring too

And this talk about keeping jobs in Ohio is @realDonaldTrump you better be careful
Whoa only two people support full universal health care

@DemSocialists hardest hit

"We call that all foam and no beer."

Starting to wonder why no one told @amyklobuchar she had no chance

Oh wait I know why, because she'd throw a stapler at you if you told her
I don't understand @BetoORourke right now he's not speaking Spanish
DeBlasio is literally full communist

He actually *wants* to take private health insurance away

And @JohnDelaney dunks on him
"There are too many people profiting off the pain"

This is the stuff that brings out my inner libertarian (which has had a bad decade)
Oh and insurers have to cover abortions in @JayInslee's world

The 2020 Democrat platform
"I don't believe in reproductive freedom I believe in reproductive justice." - @JulianCastro

"We now have an America where most people agree with Roe v. Wade, we need to make that federal law." - @SenWarren

Winner at the mid-point: @realDonaldTrump

Julian Castro will eviscerate our immigration laws and give a pile of money to Central American countries


Oh and they want to make illegal border crossing a civil violation

That sounds like it will totally deter illegal crossings and definitely won't lead to more drownings
The Democrats actually want us to be Canada

A fully bilingual nation

Literally the Democrats are trying to be as left-wing as possible on immigration without saying the phrase "open borders"

Winner of the debate is @realDonaldTrump

Julian Castro: "I'm not talking about those seeking asylum. I'm talking about everyone else [who crosses illegally]."


Here's @amyklobuchar trying to be nuanced again

Talking about how she'll "look" at @JulianCastro's plan


"The President should send doctors to take care of these kids."

Hey @TimRyan - you're in the House, they are literally trying to pass a bill, maybe go back to DC in and do your job

I really want the Democrats to have debates every single day

I don't know how you watch the #DemDebate without concluding that this is a complete clown party that should be nowhere near the levers of power
Cory Booker is actually kind of an adult!

9 other candidates basically would supplicate to the Iranian regime

Booker would at least play a little hardball

Good for him, I guess


Damn @TulsiGabbard

I think you're overstating things but I appreciate the moxie
LOL just saw an ad for DC statehood featuring @DaveChappelle

As a DC resident let me make this clear

I do not want to be represented in Congress

On the other hand I feel like the citizens of East Wyoming could use their own state

Also hell yeah @JCNSeverino, appreciate seeing a Judicial Crisis Network ad on MSNBC
But seriously there's another hour of this? Why

That was a really good line from @CoryBooker

"In our schools, kids are learning reading, writing, arithmetic, and how to deal with an active shooter."

He's one of the better performers tonight IMO

Democrats want common sense gun reform

I want common sense wall reform

It's common sense - walls stop illegal crossings and prevent the deaths of migrant children

Build the Wall

Now @amyklobuchar is lionizing children in politics

This reminds me

Raise the voting age to 30

It's common sense, what the hell do children know really

Oh shit @CoryBooker is talking about "balancing" the Supreme Court with 50 votes

By "balancing" he means packing the courts

That's the Democratic platform

Like your conservative Supreme Court?

You'll lose it if @CoryBooker wins

I'll give this to the Democrats

They are all WARTIME Democrats

They know what the score is

Too bad @DavidAFrench doesn't

Ok @realDonaldTrump is right this is boring

FYI I focused for 75 minutes and I've stopped caring

Hope you enjoyed the show
Concluding thought

Normal people who don't care much about politics, if they are watching the #DemDebate, will likely conclude that @realDonaldTrump is on to something
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