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If school desegregation is “political poison” today it is in part because terms like “forced busing” & “de facto segregation” are repeated w/o context.

Here is some of what I learned in studying the history of “busing” for my book “Why Busing Failed"…
First, school buses made the modern public school system possible. Number of students transported to school at public expense in US expanded from 600K in 1920 to 20M in 1970. Buses enabled multi-grade elementary schools and comprehensive high schools, rather than one-room schools
Buses had long been used in the South, as well as New York, Boston, and many other northern cities, to maintain segregation. These were mandatory assignments, but white parents did not oppose this “forced busing”…
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look at my face. LOOK AT MY FACE.

this is not the type of face you see in politics. this is not the type of face you see on a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE STAGE. 1/ #LetYangSpeak
because i have this face, because i’m asian, and because i’ve never seen someone who looked remotely like me be in positions of power in america, my view on my own capabilities and capacity was stunted the day i was born. 2/
I NEVER saw someone who looked like me in politics . NEVER. NOT ONCE.

politics TOLD ME that it was only meant for WHITE PEOPLE. not just white men - WHITE PEOPLE. people like me DID NOT BELONG. 3/
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A post-#DemDebate2 thought: I too was a beneficiary of bussing. Except now I understand how damaging that framing is. Really, bussing allowed white schools to benefit from *me,* all for the low price of student budget dollars they were wasting anyway.
My mom was like most black parents then -- doing the best she could. The private schools in town cost the earth. The black-neighborhood schools had 12+ yo textbooks, no AP, underfunded everything, tired teachers. White public schools were a good middle ground. But.
I struggled for years with poor self esteem because I had somehow absorbed the idea that black =/= smart, and that I should be grateful to sit by white kids. That my school was doing me a favor by making me get up predawn to ride a bus for an hour. I had that Joe Biden thinking.
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"Biden takes flak on race and busing. But his views may still mirror America’s" by @isaacstanbecker. This is a good piece that quotes historian Brett Gadsden, whose book "Between North and South" is the best place to start to understand Biden and "busing"…
To understand the #DemDebate2 exchange between #KamalaHarris & Joe #Biden, you have to understand that "busing" has been used since the 50s as a code word to oppose school integration. I cover this history in "Why Busing Failed" & the book's website…
White parents in the North organized after Brown v Board to maintain segregated schools, using euphemisms like "busing" & "neighborhood schools" to maintain segregated schools without explicitly saying they didn't like black or Latinx students #DemDebate2…
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The mettle it took to demand this moment and refuse to be silenced is what makes @KamalaHarris a leader.
"As the only black person on this stage, I’d like to speak on the issue of race." ⁠…
“Anyway, my time is up,” Biden said, though no one had called time.
That metaphor is so telling.
What's more, this segregationist/busing issue has been raised before about Biden--when he was going to run the last time.
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Has anyone ever asked @CoryBooker why he sold his Condo to his own charity for $1 months before his bid for Senate? Then his Charity sold it right after he swore in and miraculously stopped filing 990’s.
#DemDebate2 #democraticdebate2019…
Even more odd is the fact that he sold his place for $1.00 ten days before his trusty Perkins Coie lawyer, Marc Elias, filed his financial disclosure. Hmmm.
Sadly we may never know what Cory’s good old “Newark Now Inc” was up to they failed to file any returns for THREE years and finally had their tax exempt status removed.
@IRSnews @TheJusticeDept…
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What a weird coincidence that a group of accounts, starting with Ali, decided to tweet the exact same thing (verbatim) about Kamala Harris within minutes of each other tonight. #DemDebate2
Watch for this narrative about Kamala Harris to get folded into the astroturfed #BLEXIT movement. That’s where this is headed.

Efforts to attack Kamala Harris’ race have been around for a while, but a huge volume of tweets pushing this manufactured narrative appeared tonight right after Kamala pointed out that she was the only Black woman on stage. #DemDebate2

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I thought Biden was a little jumpy tonight and Bernie was a bit too aggressive with the podium.
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No LGBTQ questions on the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. Why?

At least 11 trans people killed this year, all Black women. Why?
In 30 states, LGBTQ people are at risk of being fired on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. Why?
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The Democratic field is effectively #Biden, #Warren, #Sanders, #Harris, and #Buttigieg

To clarify, I'm going by poll averages over the past few months. I don't think the debates have materially changed the dynamics of the race or altered the top tier.
That said, I think Biden's recent downward drift and Warren's rise will continue.
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OK, it looks like this is the time to do a #DemDebate2 candidates as #Chernobyl characters thread...
You are all delusional, this is nothing but Cherenkov effect.
We must ask ourselves, would Vladimir I. Lenin be proud of us tonight?
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Uh oh Bernie might send @ericswalwell to timeout. #DemDebate2 😂
Kamala Harris just lied. The economy is doing amazing. Highest wage growth in more than a decade. Wage growth is outpacing inflation. People are making more $ per hour than they ever did under Obama. Lowest Unemployment for Black & Hispanic Americans all time. #Facts #DemDebate2
All night long at #DemDebate2:

Moderator: How are you going to pay for "insert fantasy here"?

Democratic Candidate: The same way we always do, by saying it’s a human right and waiting for the unicorns in the sky to plant the money trees! It’s simple! #FreeEverything
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First question goes to Bernie Sanders. "Will taxes go up for middle class in Sanders admin [because of health care program, etc]? How do you sell to voters?"

Sanders directs this where it should go by highlighting how Americans will pay less for health care. #DemDebate2
Q for Hickenlooper: "Democrats will lose in 2020 if Democrats embrace socialism...What are policies you think veer toward socialism?"

Hickenlooper: "If we don't clearly define we are not socialists, Republicans are going to come at us any way they can. #DemDebate2
GOP will attack Democrats for supporting "socialism," even if they support the weakest progressive policies. Because they know it's effective in ensuring Democrats aren't effective opposition to their agenda #DemDebate2
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Here we go again! Welcome to my live tweet of the Democratic debate aka the roast of Joe Biden. Let’s get it.
The higher tax rates that Bernie is proposing for any American will more than pay for themselves. If you are middle class and Bernie raises your taxes, you will still be saving money because your healthcare will be free.
Biden is wrong. We should demonize the rich. Hoarding money when others are starving is immoral.
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Debate Predictions:

Bernie will come out Guns Blazin’

Biden will mention his best buddy Obama (a lot)

Kamala will have some really good moments.

Yang will secure the bag

Pete will emote

Chuck Todd will Chuck Todd

High Energy 🔋

#3 Kamala Harris will have some really good moments….


"Hey guys you know what?

America does not want to witness a food fight.

They want to know how we’re gonna put food on their table.”


Kamala Harris is killing it.



"As the only black person on this stage I'd like to speak on the issue of race.”


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Of course I'm here for this clownshow #DemDebate2

You're welcome
How do people watch MSNBC this panel is so tedious
"Every proposal that I have brought forth is fully paid for"

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Here we go. #DemDebate
The early line of the night from Kamala Harris: "Hey guys, you know what? America does not want to witness a food fight, they want to know how we're going to put food on their table." #DemDebate
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FUN FACT: The candidates debating tonight are running for President, a job first created for the 1997 Harrison Ford action thriller Air Force One. #DemDebate
FUN FACT: Bernie Sanders prepared for Thursday's debate by combing his hair on Monday. #DemDebate
FUN FACT: The plural of Buttigieg is Buttigi. #DemDebate
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Who killed it in the first night of the first #DemocraticDebate of 2020? Let's ask the denizens of Twitter! #DemDebate

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing "is killing it" or "killed it" for a period of roughly three hours beginning at the start of the debate). Here are the words that most frequently preceded "killed it" or "is killing it.” Most are the names of candidates.
We then aggregated the tweets by which candidate was being referenced. Slightly over half of Twitter concluded that Elizabeth Warren killed it in the first debate, followed by Julián Castro and Cory Booker.
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Warren goes with the purple jacket tonight. Julian is shorter than I realized. #DemDebate
Klobuchar used an entire shelf of dry shampoo to poof that hair.

Beto coming with the Spanish and significantly over time. Mayor Pete gotta drop the Dutch tomorrow. #DemDebate
Question: What is your thought about Income Equality?

Tulsi: I’m a vet.

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