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.@shadabmoizee’s documentary on the kin of those who went missing during the Muzaffarnagar riots, won him and @TheQuint the award in the category of ‘Hindi Journalism’ at #RNGAwards.
You can watch @shadabmoizee's #RNGAwards winning report here:
@shadabmoizee .@poonamjourno wins #RNGAwards for her relentless 2+ years long coverage of the problems with the #ElectoralBonds scheme for @TheQuint.
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A tweet thread on #India's #Government #Finances
1. They are in a deep mess. The #Punjab #FinanceMinister came out of a #GSTCouncil meeting to suggest that the #UnionGovt may be close to a #SovereignDefault, because it is unable to p[ay out to the States's their share of GST.
That may be hyperbole. A sovereign default is when the Govt is so cash strapped that it is unable to service its debt. I'm not sure India is anywhere near that dire situation as yet.
But that does not mean that the Public finances are rosy. In fact they are dire in the extreme!
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(1/n) If you want to know all about the numbers behind #ElectoralBonds, here is a comprehensive data piece you cannot miss…
(2/n)Since 01 March 2019, there were 12 windows open for the purchase of electoral bonds. The 9th phase and the 8th phase were during April’19 and March’19 and had the longest window period with 20 days and 15 days
(3/n)The highest value of electoral bonds sold was during 9th Phase i.e. 01st April – 20th April 2019 when a total of ₹ 2,256.4 crores were sold . The next highest was the earlier phase i.e. 8th phase between bonds worth ₹ 1365.7 crores were sold.
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1. Electoral Bonds fail the basic test of transparency. 6000 crore given to political parties thru bonds, but Indian voters do not know source of funds. Info obtained under RTI Act shows BJP govt ignored objections against bonds. I share files in this thread- #ScrapElectoralBonds
2. Several laws were amended to allow Govt to bring Electoral Bonds. Changes were made to RBI Act, Representation of People Act, Companies Act & Income Tax Act. RBI had raised serious concerns about changes being made to the RBI Act in letter dated 30/1/2017 #ScrapElectoralBonds
3. Govt rejected objections of RBI on electoral bonds claiming, among other things, that these came late “at a time when Finance Bill is already printed” though RBI replied within 2 days! Noting signed by then FM. Why did govt seek comments if bill was final? #ScrapElectoralBonds
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A Thread on #ElectoralBonds Investigations. Please stay with me.

There is something useful towards the end of this tweet-trail.

1. Happenings in Maharashtra show why #ElectoralBonds, a to flush secretly funnel unaccounted money into politics, is dangerous for our democracy.
2. The #Electoral Bond Investigation series, hosted by @HuffPostIndia, was based on #CommodorePapers. Transparency activist, Commodore Lokesh Batra (retd) retrieved the docs under the RTI Act.
3. Commodore Batra required nearly 2 years to pull the files out with repeated RTIs and a lot of effort.

Every one of us who values these revelations on the scandalous #ElectoralBonds must thank him.

Modi govt has now diluted the RTI law.
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By now, everyone knows that even if BJP gets 0 seats in state elections, they'll still form a government.

Shah saar will just buy an entire regional party with their regional leaders and the governor of the state will be like, "Kewl. Ye lo Gormint."

Thanks #ElectoralBonds!
Matlab I don't understand why BJP even bothers spending money on campaigning anymore. Let others spend money on that.

Smart thing is to spend money buying and selling people after results come. Cheaper and more effective, eh?

Add some CBI-ED raids for extra convincing powers.
Saying a few things in anticipation of Bhakts:

- Yes yes they got 100+ seats.
- Yes yes BJP is awesome.
- Yes yes Chanakyaniti and everything. - Congrats.
- Yes yes Congress has done it too.
- Yes yes Nehru sucks.

<Insert 'Jali na Teri meme'>
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Been saying for a while that #ElectoralBonds is a special currency only for political parties. This proves it.

The BJP Government has been allowing purchase of bonds even outside the permitted window, right before elections.


@nit_set 🙌…
@nit_set Putting it simply, the Government is now printing and selling bonds whenever it wants, that too for unlimited amounts.

Imagine one note of Rs 10 crore which is valid for a limited time. But since it happens frequently, you can keep buying selling these whenever PMO wants it.
@nit_set So in 2016, the Govt took away old currency from the citizens. Issued new currency after putting them through hell.

Then in 2017, they introduced ANOTHER special currency exclusively for politicians. This currency can be for the amount they want and get it whenever they want it.
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Holymoly this is shady!

Not only did the Modi govt legalize foreign funding to political parties and make it anonymous, they also lied through their teeth to the EC!

This is legalized corruption. Plain and simple.…
Here's the Hindi version of the report.

Read and spread!
Been screaming about this #ElectoralBonds biz since 2017. It's been two years and our lovely political parties have exploited this shady scheme to the fullest extent.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

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We're all talking about PM Modi's popularity as if it's based on a psychic link with the public.
Newsflash: it's based on a publicity / propaganda campaign more expensive than you'll believe.
I lift the lid on the insane numbers:
(2) The principal source for this data (excluding ad spends) is the invaluable Association for Democratic Reforms. Follow: @adrspeaks
For more detailed figures and links to sources, read:…
(3) The video does not even cover government spending (as opposed to party spending). By October 2018 / in four and a half years, the Modi govt had spent nearly Rs 5,000 crores on ads, as much as the MMS govt spent over ten years.…
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Electoral Bonds
CJI : When the bank is issuing electoral bonds, is the identity of the purchaser available to the bank.

AG: Yes, on account of KYC.
CJI asking if there is any representative of any bank in court

AG: There is an official from Finance Ministry.

CJI: Please instruct AG on the details we need clarification on.

Judges discussing among themselves
CJI: When the bank issues a electoral bond, does the bank have details on which bond was issued to x and which bond was issued to y.
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The #electoralbonds case is being heard in Supreme Court. Attorney General resumes his arguments.

For what happened yesterday, you can check out this thread 👇
Attorney General KK Venugopal explains that the electoral bonds scheme is a matter of policy, and so the courts shouldn't interfere in it.

You can read the details of the government's arguments here @TheQuint 👇…
Now Venugopal submits details of the scheme published by the government to explain how secrecy is maintained.

He also describes the security features of the #electoralbonds including the unique reference number that can be viewed under UV light.

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#ElectoralBonds: Attorney General KK Venugopal resumes his submissions.

#ElectoralBonds: AG KK Venugopal stresses on two aspects.

1. Electoral bonds was introduced for elimination of black money
2. Matter of policy and no govt can be faulted for trying to do it.

#ElectoralBonds: A very lengthy discussion between the judges on the Bench, more than 10 minutes now.

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#RafaleScam in Tamizh
‘நாட்டை உலுக்கும் ரபேல் பேர ஊழல்’ என்ற தலைப்பில் எஸ்.விஜயன் எழுதிய நூலை இன்று (ஏப்ரல் 2)சென்னையில் பாரதி புத்தகாலயம் சார்பில் வெளியிடுவதாக இருந்தது
இதற்கிடையே இன்று பிற்பகலில் தேனாம்பேட்டையில் உள்ள ஒரு புத்தகக் கடைக்கு வந்த தேர்தல் அதிகாரிகள், மேற்படி புத்தகங்களை நூற்றுக்கணக்கில் பறிமுதல் செய்தனர்
இன்று மாலை நடைபெறுவதாக இருந்த புத்தக வெளியீட்டு நிகழ்ச்சிக்கும் தடை விதித்தனர்
#RafaleScam in Tamizh
தேர்தல் நடைமுறைகளை மீறி நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு ஏற்பாடு செய்யப்பட்டிருப்பதாக அதிகாரிகள் குற்றச்சாட்டு வைத்தார்கள்

இந்த புத்தகத்தை பறிமுதல் செய்யும்படி தேர்தல் ஆணையம் உத்தரவு பிறப்பிக்கவில்லை என தமிழ்நாடு தலைமை தேர்தல் அதிகாரி சத்யபிரதா சாஹூ கூறியிருக்கிறார்
#RafaleScam in Tamizh
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#ElectoralBonds bring unlimited (global) corporate funding. Only the govt will know the identity of the donors.
Above graphic source: The Print
#1 Companies Act amended - Ceiling on corporate donations removed. Earlier 7.5% of net profits, now possible to donate entire capital..!
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