1) As my friend @Melis_Strategic has already stated, the significance of @realDonaldTrump tweeting out this story cannot be overstated. My friend @TamaraLeigh_llc has compiled analysis on topic and you may wish to check it out, here: PardonFlynnNow.com.
2) If you haven't been able - as most of can't - to keep up with the story, it is an espionage novel style tale. As @seanhannity so frequently states, "you couldn't make this up." Life so far outpaces fiction here, it takes almost a fictional mindset to follow the truth.
3) But let's try to put some of the pieces in place that @SaraCarterDC tells us about in the video. First, @GenFlynn recently fired his previous team of attorneys, and hired the amazing @SidneyPowell1. If you haven't yet, you MUST buy and read her book:

4) I'm not the right analyst to attempt - for now at least - to detail the court filings that occured this week, but one fact from Sara's report I can focus on is this. Gen Flynn's filing this week was immediately unsealed by the Judge. So that means Sara has read it, carefully.
5) If I understand the facts, the Special Counsel's team is unhappy with Gen Flynn's choice of new counsel. So, they've decided to once again throw the book at him, capriciously determining that where he was a cooperating witness, he is no a co-conspirator.
6) What Sara is highlighting in her report is that the methods of the Mueller team in leveraging their targets has been revealed, and get this, even President Trump is watching, and tweeted out the link on her report.
7) When you clear away all the overwhelming complexity, there is a simple truth that arises. The entire process is a miscarriage of justice. And, we know that @POTUS knows it is. He has been saying so all along. By tweeting out Sara's report, he is reinforcing this simple truth.
8) Everyone seems to believe - wrongly in my humble opinion - that a pardon cannot be given to an innocent man. In so many of my previous analyses, I've driven toward the point that it is the one power that the President CAN use to redress just such a miscarriage of justice.
9) I ask everyone to contemplate the simple image of being excused from the table after dinner. This case is one of the most atrocious abridgements of justice in our history. I believe @GenFlynn should be allowed, excused to leave this evil table, no guilt required.
10) Perhaps we might consider: #ExcuseGenFlynnFromCorruptInjusticeNow. It's a bit long, and doesn't ring well. But, my belief is that @POTUS sees how our social media movement is rising, and has thrown us his support. I believe he WANTS to provide @GenFlynn relief. I hope so!
11) How do you rein in an evil prosecution? How do you establish that a prosecutor has broken the law? To whom do you turn when judges throw the law under the bus? Who will stand and question Paul Manafort's cruel and unusual punishment, sanctioned by a judge?
12) It is my case, my plea, my argument that America has NEVER needed its President to employ innocence as the basis of his pardon more, than now. We have a prosecution run amok. The courts cannot be trusted, the judges cannot be trusted. The system is rigged.
13) I am challenged on this point again and again. Gen Flynn must be EXONERATED NOT PARDONED, I am told. The implied terms missing though, are BY THE SYSTEM! And here is what is misunderstood. It is the system, rigged against Gen Flynn, that is the very enemy to be defeated.
14) The system, the rigged system...what system? The swamp controls the system of injustice. And why does it attack Gen Flynn? For its own very survival. The purpose of this injustice is to prevent Gen Flynn from support President Trump. The purpose is...2020. The election.
15) Unlike the rest of America, the swamp knows that Gen Flynn is the single most powerful man in America to lend his support to President Trump. They must, at all costs, keep him silent. Best would be to utterly destroy his reputation, neutering his power forever.
16) Second best would be to keep him silent today, just one more day of silence. Repeat again tomorrow, of course, but right now, the 2020 election has already gotten under way. In an election, minutes count. What are news cycles? It used to be days, now its hours.
17) Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to speak with you again. I love the song, but it is the motto of the swamp right now, relative to Gen Flynn. They must keep him silent, day by counting day, hour by counting hour. The clock is ticking, and silence is the objective.
18) We can discuss @GenFlynn;s true reach, into the heart of the #MAGA movement, into the heart and soul of America, and this matters. But there is a subset of America that he speaks to more powerfully than any other man, and that is America Veterans.
19) It is my belief that it was the Veterans who turned the election of 2016 for Trump. From 2012 to 2016 there were, I believe, 3,000,000 additional veteran votes for Trump. I have no doubt whatsoever that the swamp knows this. But, don't take my word for it!
20) There are two heroes you want to get to know. @Al_Baldasaro and @JoshuaMacias. They can tell you the story of how the veterans were rallied for Trump in 2016 with chapter and verse. And they will both stand behind my analysis here.
21) @GenFlynn was needed in 2016. His rally cry to the vets was heard, and they responded. That's history. He is needed today. His voice is the one the veteran community needs, and deserves, to hear together with @realDonaldTrump, and that is the reason for his persecution.
22) I've said it before. This is NO prosecution. It IS a persecution. And that is why, day by passing day, I continue to express my passionate request that @POTUS #PardonFlynnNow.

Key in on the term "now." We need a wave of momentum toward 2020. And we need it now.
23) Allow me to press my point. Why Democrat donors, and Clinton supporters in the entire selection of Mueller's team? They're all angry Democrats. Can anyone dispute this? Can a case be made that this is okay? It defies common sense to assume fairness at law, here.
24) And that's what @SaraCarterDC's report conveys. She doesn't, as I do, express a theory of the motivation. She does convey the absolute unfairness of the case as it is moving right now. Listening, we can see the swamp rats scurrying. And so can @POTUS.
25) Let's win back days, yes, hours. Let's go retrieve our hero and America's friend, @POTUS' friend, and return him to the position of leadership we need. A single order, signed by a single signature gets the job done...now.

Please @POTUS...

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