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Fire broke out at KyoAni Studio 1.
Several people injured.
Firefighters on the scene.
Live footage from NHK:
Looks like arson.
Someone spread a gasoline-like fluid around the building.
You can see smoke coming out of the windows in that footage.
Studio 1 has a lot of the director staff and animation directors at the facility. They also have compositing/3D animation there.
KyoAni has two other studios by the Kohata area as well as the head office (business side). Those studios have animation/painting divisions.
The merchandise development division as well as the KyoAni Shop are by those two studios.
This is horrible, but this isn't the only building that Kyoto Animation operates out of.
"More than 10 people were injured"
If the NHK live footage is paused, you can see video in their article:
From a man working nearby:
"Around 10:30 I was in my office when I heard a boom and sounds of an explosion. I went outside and saw flames coming out of the second and third floors and people coming out. Smoke was coming up & fire dept. was called"
NHK is the publicly-funded information/entertainment channel/news area in Japan.
Trust them over random reports you may see on twitter.
Mainichi news is reporting at least 15 people transported to the hospital now.
According to the license he was carrying, the suspect is in his 40s.
Mainichi news:
10 people severely injured, unconscious
10 people injured at a medium amount
18 people mildly injured
Mainichi news:
From a nearby shopkeeper:
"I heard a young woman cry out 'Some stranger spread fuel and lit it! Help us!'"
Mainichi News:
Suspect: "I started the fire."
Suguru Yamaguchi:
"I got in touch with director Naoko Yamada. It seems she's safe."
Police: "We can confirm multiple people have died."
One person died in the fire.
1 person has died.
This is in contrast to the police report from NHK.
We're still early, so details may be conflicting as more information comes to us.
If a fundraiser for the KyoAni occurs (I've seen some discussion of starting one), I'll be sure to tweet it out as well as possible ways you can help.
In the meanwhile, here's some basics:
This fire took place at Studio 1, which is located on the outskirts of Kyoto City limits in the Rokujizo area.
Studio 2, the head office, Studio 5, the KyoAni & Do Shop, and the merchandise development division are in Uji City, a station away
Kyoto Newspaper confirming that people were burned badly and running outside covered in flames
Several sharp tools (knife-like objects) were found at the scene. It's unknown if they belonged to the suspect or not.
Approximately 20 people are missing. Several people were found inside the building.
Arsonist said "Die" when setting off the fire.
Kyodo News:
10 people were found lying down on the second floor. All are presumed dead.
Followup from NHK:
These are included.
"Several people suffered heart attacks. They were left behind as rescue efforts continue."
According to police, around 70 people were working inside when the arson occured. Already more than 10 people are considered dead and they have not been able to contact several others.
25 people found dead inside the building
36 people in hospital (varying levels of injury).
7 uninjured.
5 people's whereabouts are unknown
Kyoto Shimbun:
From Kyoto Fire Dept:
33 people dead, 12 men, 20 women, 1 unknown.
36 in hospital/injured.
In addition, NHK is also reporting that rescue efforts are finished. There's no one left in the building, either alive or deceased.
One immediate way to give directly to the studio (through buying digital artwork) is through their online digital store.
@gokunobaka has helped make a picture guide of how to order these and give some money directly.
(link in the tweet they're replying to)
And my apologies for some lacking information earlier. Through this incident, I've learned more about how fatalities are covered.
What I described as "heart attacks" previously referred to people who were described as "cardiopulminary arrest" (meaning not breathing/beating heart)
Since rescue staff/fire fighters cannot pronounce someone dead, they're mentioned in this state until a doctor confirms it.
I have learned from this and apologize for my poor translation of the news.
From fire dept: (rot13ed)
Nyzbfg nyy bs gur 20 crbcyr qrnq ba gur guveq sybbe jrer sbhaq ynlvat va gur fgnvejryy pbaarpgvat gb gur ebbsgbc qbbe. Sversvtugref jrer noyr gb bcra vg sebz gur bhgfvqr j/b xrl.
One man who was taken to the hospital for treatment from the fire has died. The count is now at 34 people.
I can't say the TV station, but this is an interview with a young construction worker who, when he couldn't reach them with a ladder, helped 4 KyoAni staff members escape along a drain pipe. He couldn't go around to the front due to how dangerous it was.
Bunshun has posted an article where they've found an illustration that made it through the fire on the third floor
In President Hatta's remarks yesterday, in addition to commenting on the 34th casualty, he mentioned how there was a staff member who had to have their legs amputated.
President Hatta mentioned demolishing the remains of Studio 1 and plans to build a park with a monument in its place.
"Thinking about staff and locals, there's people who don't want to see such a ghastly sight. I want to take care of it quickly."
One of the people who sustained severe burns and is recieving treatment is a 35-year old S. Korean woman referred to as "A-san."
The police have issued an arrest warrant for the suspect in the Kyoto Animation arson incident. They plan to arrest him once he recovers from his burns.
A newspaper reported comments from President Hatta, ending with this statement
"I don't want the titles we preciously created to go to waste due to this incident. While we can't predict what will happen, everyone left wants to do their best for the staff members who passed away."
According to the male staff member who's spoken to the press, the door to the roof was the hard to open type with two levers. "I couldn't open it at first."
Continuing from that:
He heard a male voice on the first floor shouting something and then women shrieking. Another man yelled "Fire!" from the first floor. A woman on the second floor pressed the disaster button and around 15s later smoke poured up through the spiral staircase.
Instantly, he couldn't see anything at all.
He squatted to try to breathe and headed towards the veranda.
After that, he saw two women on fire down below and people telling him to jump.
On the minibus taking them to the hospital, he saw around 20 people from his floor (2nd).
The police investigation has revealed that the arsonist arrived in Kyoto a few days before the event and investigated around the studio, waiting for that day.
Here's footage of the aftermath from NHK. The police staff left around evening on the 20th, allowing people to approach the building. People have continued to come to it as well this morning, bring their hands together, and pray for the victims.
Here's footage of what appears to be the arsonist rolling a cart near KyoAni's Studio 5/Shop and Head Office the day before the arson incident.
The Kyoto Fire Dept says KyoAni Studio 1 had sufficient fire prevention measures.
As a head's up, my next tweets will be the results of the autopsy report and cause of deaths. It's not a pleasant thing to think about or read, so I'm going to hide the text under rot13 so they're not in plain sight.
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Qrngu ol sver: 26, PB2 cbvfbavat: 4, pubxvat: 2, jubyr obql oheaf: 1, haxabja: 1.
Znal crbcyr jrer gubhtug gb unir qvrq qhr gb PB2 cbvfbavat qhr gb ubj gurl nccrnerq ba-fvgr, ohg jrer yngre qrrzrq qrnq ivn sver. Guvf qbrf abg zrna gurl jrer pbafpvbhf qhevat gung ubjrire.
As a reminder, all names of the deceased are unknown until verified with DNA testing. We do not know for a fact who has passed away or not at this point. Please be respectful to the families and refrain from immense speculation/list-making.
NHK revealed in a statement that they had a meeting scheduled at 11:00 on the day of the attack for planning of a short anime about parasports to air alongside the Olympics next year.
Kyodo News:
The Kyoto Police have finished confirming identities of all 34 victims. They've reached out to the contacts for those involved as well. They're in discussion with KyoAni about disclosure of names soon.
Kyoto Newspaper:
Kyoto City dispatched 11 nurses to the neighbors in the area around Studio 1 to help them heal as well.
NHK also reports that of the 15 people who were hospitalized with serious injuries, there is at least one person who has yet to regain consciousness.
Kyoto Newspaper is reporting that over 14,000 people transfered money to KyoAni in the first 21 hours of the bank account being opened.
It's raised over 274 million yen with one person donating 1 million yen themselves.
Kansai News is reporting that the worker who leapt from the 2nd floor went back to work on Wednesday (among others). "It felt good to see people who survived though there were some that couldn't make it and others who came and went."
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