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Did you hear today's episode of #TheDaily from @nytimes with Marjorie Dannenfelser and feel 🤯 listening to all the anti-choice nonsense? If so, here's the real deal on abortion in the US and why this essential health service needs to be protected. (1/x)…
First, let's be clear that abortion patients are largely people like Ms. Dannenfelser: white, hetero, religiously affiliated, and who already have a child. Abortion is an experience shared by 1 in 4 American women, across demographic lines. (2/x)… Image
Second, abortion is a safe, effective procedure needed by many women, even those using contraception.
-18% of pregnancies in 2017 ended in abortion
-51% of abortion patients were using a contraceptive method in the month they became pregnant. (3/x)…
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Your “justification” for say #ADOS would not receive cash #Reparations is based on your lack of education in American history. #immigrant
Large U.S. govt cash payments have been issued to
1841-11 Italian Am
1901- 21 victims of the Spanish-American War
1970s- RECA
1942 - Foreign Claims Act
1945- Guam Meritorious Claims Act
1948 - War Claims Act
1948 - Japanese-American Claims Act
1948 - Japanese-American Evacuation Claims Act
1988 - Project MKUktra Experiments
1971 - Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
1973 -Black Lung Benefits Act
1975 - Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
1976 - Judgement Funds Grand River Ottawa Indians
1976 - Seminole Indian Settlement
2006 - Indian Land Claums Settlement
1986 - National Childhood Injury Act
2004 - Compact Trust Fund for People of the Republic of Marshall Islands
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My story starts in a small town from the northern region of the warm vibrant and culturally diverse #India.
#VoicesIWS Image
Born as 3rd daughter in a culture where birth of a daughter is resented by many, my parents had to deal with 'eerie' solutions from society to get rid of the "burden" that I was about to become. But, my visionary parent-warriors had their armours on! 😇
#genderbias #VoicesIWS
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Right now we are seeing so many folks generously give however much they can to help the people and organizations doing important work.

Today I gave to two very different non-profits doing critical work: @MNFreedomFund and @CampReelStories
Thanks to @ebonyaster for suggesting @mnfreedomfund as a place to support. As their twitter bio says, "Fighting back against #Minnesota's unjust #bail system and paying #immigrant bonds."

Donate here:
The more people who have the resources and skills to tell their own stories will make a profound impact. Which is why I support @campreelstories! They teach girls and non-binary youth to thoughtfully and critically make their own media.

Donate here:…
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.@CHIRLA was one of many #immigrant/#refugee activist groups that I invited to participate in the @Vote_CNP conference last year in Santa Monica. I was trying to organize a participate in a round-table about what an effective and humane #immigration system would look like.
No organization local to L.A. responded with as much as a polite regret.
It is possible that an immigrant/refugee rights activist could make the CIM in to any kind of nefarious organization if they don't learn about what we are from our own writing and mouths. Chief among those myths is that the CIM is #whitesupremacist.
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When SCOTUS fast-tracked the #PublicCharge rule in Jan, 5 justices ignored the inevitable consequences: countless #immigrants & US citizens avoiding healthcare.

Then came #COVID19.

Now NYS, NYC, VT & CT demand DHS pause this policy.

Full motion:
Quick background: The entire premise of the #PublicCharge rule is to scare people *who are eligible for healthcare programs & other benefits* into disenrolling, for fear that they or their #immigrant family members will get into trouble down the road.
That's a grisly policy during the best of times, and it's psychopathic during a pandemic.

From the state AGs: The last thing we need right now is anyone—including US citizens—to avoid getting testing & treatment for #COVID19. This will cost lives.

3/ ImageImage
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10 tips for caring for #immigrant & limited Eng prof pts during #COVID19. Created w physician experts in #languagebarriers. Full recs:…. 1- No shortcuts with interpreters. This is not time to “get by” w limited lang skills. Reinforce confidentiality. 1/7
2- Interpreted conversations often less #patientcentered. Ask about pt concerns & feasibility of recs. Dispel rumors. Inquire abt medicines/herbs or high-risk contacts (e.g. elderly parents at home, etc). If #COVID19 #isolation advised, explore open-ended❓about concerns 2/7
3- Highlight #publiccharge suspended for #COVID19 testing & treatment. Spread the word. #Greencard eligibility not jeopardized by seeking #COVID19 testing & treatment… 3/7
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I hate to elevate @USCIS's inadequate & counter-productive #Covid_19 alert by analyzing it, but I'm sure people will struggle to understand it, so here goes...

This first part is not entirely unhelpful.

But what they aren't saying is that *almost nobody* has any reason to fear using **any** public health services, because the #PublicCharge rule doesn't actually punish this & never did.

See @MigrationPolicy:
2/… Image
Even in an urgent #Covid_19 public health alert, @HomelandKen & co. just couldn't resist propagating the lie that the #PublicCharge rule "is critical to defending & protecting Americans' health & its health care resources."

Don't take my word for it...
3/ Image
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Today's @MigrationPolicy report could help #immigrant-serving organizations educate families about how the #PublicCharge rule will only rarely penalize anyone for using public benefits.

The vast majority of people should not disenroll.
A lot of #PublicCharge education materials (understandably) start with a list of the benefits listed in the rule—but that's likely to unduly scare people whose family members are enrolled in SNAP, Medicaid, & housing assistance even though the rule can't touch them.

Going forward, a better approach might be to use this chart from @MigrationPolicy, listing all of the #immigration categories where someone actually has something to worry about in terms of prior public benefit use.

Very, very few people will find themselves on this chart!
3/ Image
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Thread. Unpacking the new expanded #travelban targeting most #immigrants from Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Burma and Nigeria & nationals from Sudan and Tanzania seeking admission under the DV Lottery. 1/
#Immigrant is a term of art that applies to people seeking admission permanently. #Family is the primary way can qualify for an IV but only some relationships qualify (i.e., spouse of a US citizen). A person can also be sponsored by a US employer for an IV to fill labor needs. 2/
The #diversitylottery is a smaller but crucial #immigrant visa category to encourage immigration from low admission countries and enhance #diversity. Congress allocated 50K visas annually for this group. The new #travelban wipes out this option for nationals of all 6 countries. 3
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The new #TravelBan proclamation is a word salad of nonsensical cruelty.

Let's start with the fact that there is no rational connection between the alleged risk (national security threat) and the actual policy (blocking permanent residents). 1/…
The first #TravelBan blocks both #immigrant visas (permanent residents) & "nonimmigrant" visas (temporary visitors) from several Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria & Yemen).

It's a terrible policy, but the new ban is weirder still. 2/…
Someone seeking permanent residency (aka "immigrant visa" aka "green card") goes through *way more vetting* than someone seeking a temporary visitor visa.

So why does the new #TravelBan block only permanent residents, not temporary visitors? 3/
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The #Reads for the Rest of Us list for Dec is coming soon @MsMagazine! I'm also working on the mother of all "most anticipated" reads (by women, #TGNC, #queer, #fat, #immigrant, #neurodivergent, international, and otherwise underrepresented writers) of 2020 list.
It's a big job! I have over 300 titles that I am sifting thru; so many look fantastic. #Fiction, #nonfiction, #poetry, and more. Some I've already #read, others not yet. I've heard from or reached out to over 65 #publishers and #publicists, they are working hard for you!
Do I know about your #newbook? Message me, email me, Tweet me, if you're not sure. My goal is to help raise visibility of historically marginalized #writers. I'm so lucky to get to learn about and read your amazing work along the way!
#womenwriters #readwomen #tbr #diversebooks
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Confused about all the #PublicCharge policies coming to a head next week? Here's a summary summary of where things stand.

(1) @DHSgov has a regulation set to take effect on Oct 15, which would apply to most green card applicants *within* the US. But...…
@DHSgov (1a) There are 9—count 'em, 9—federal lawsuits to block the DHS #PublicCharge rule before Oct 15, arguing it's unlawful.

(1b) @AILANational just filed a TRO demand for a delay of 60 days since DHS gave no time for attorneys to prepare for new forms.…
@DHSgov @AILANational (2) *Today* @StateDept issued a reg, also set to take effect on Oct 15, changing its own #PublicCharge policy to look more like DHS.

@StateDept is already being sued for its Jan 2018 #PublicCharge policy in effect now.

Thread on this particular chaos:
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It's #InternationalLesbianDay!
Here is a thread on iconic lesbians in history, past and present.
I hope you will show your allyship by reading and sharing. 📌

#Lesbians have been with us for centuries.
This sweet couple was photographed in 1907.

19th c lesbians lived together in what were called #BostonMarriages.
Some (straight) historians have tried to de-gay them and erase their lesbian sexuality, agency and history. But they were still lesbians.

Democratic women have long been in the forefront of radical change in America.
#DrAliceHamilton was a physician, scientist, social reformer & #lesbian. Her work created #OSHA. Hamiliton focused on the health of #immigrant women.

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After welfare reform in 1996, #immigrant enrollment in public assistance dropped 20–60%—even though most were still eligible! Unfounded fears led even *U.S. citizen* enrollment to drop 14%.

History is repeating itself (via @EmilyRuskin @WeAreUnidosUS):…
@EmilyRuskin @WeAreUnidosUS In 1999, the gov't clarified who's eligible & things settled down for the next 20 years.

But the @DHSgov #PublicCharge rule is designed to sow chaos again.

"To resurrect such a damaging policy despite robust evidence of its harm indicates that indeed, the harm is intentional."
@EmilyRuskin @WeAreUnidosUS @DHSgov The #PublicCharge rule isn't even on the books yet, but it's sowing misery.

Parents pulling their autistic children out of school.

Kids foregoing essential surgery.

Victims of domestic abuse afraid to come out of the shadows.…
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A Chart: Fascist Attacks Against Immigrants Just in Past Two Months, as of September 14, 2019
There is a massive refugee/immigration crisis around the world. Tens of millions of people are desperately fleeing for their lives.
July 14
Trump unleashed barrage of racist, anti-immigrant tweets directed at 4 Democratic congresswomen of color. He demanded the 4 “go back to the crime-infested places from where they came.”…
“The Demonization, Criminalization and Deportations of Immigrants”
From Bob Avakian's speech "Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution"

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WES Mariam Assefa Fund is proud to announce the award of $1.2M in grants to help five grantee partners lead efforts to support #immigrant and #refugee workers in the U.S. and build a more inclusive economy. Read our official announcement: #WESFund 1/
@jfftweets @Upwardly_Global @MDFinanceSD @welcomingcenter @BeeckCenter @WESCanada @WESGlobalTalent WES Mariam Assefa Fund grantee partners will focus on:
-#employer practices for better employment, training & economic mobility
-entrepreneurial immigrant leaders
-innovative financing for job-readiness and #wkdev for #immigrants & refugees: #WESFund 2/
@jfftweets @Upwardly_Global @MDFinanceSD @welcomingcenter @BeeckCenter @WESCanada @WESGlobalTalent WES Mariam Assefa Fund grantees will work to address challenges #immigrants & #refugees face and inspire us all by demonstrating the impact a more diverse and inclusive economy can have, said WES Mariam Assefa Fund Senior Director @MonicaKMunn: #WESFund 3/
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DHS pulled the trigger on a final rule updating the "immigrant investor" (EB-5) program:

* Hikes minimum investment from $500k to $900k
* Future hikes indexed to inflation
* States can't gerrymander investment areas; DHS will draw lines

Effective 11/21:…
Who likes this:
* Fans of rational gov't
* @ChuckGrassley (gives him leverage over...)

Who hates this:
* Senators & real estate interests who like using #immigrant investor $$ to finance luxury hotels

Program expires 9/30; Congress may override the reg.…
@ChuckGrassley Thorough coverage of looming #EB5 investor #visa changes from @lauradfrancis @bloomberglaw.

I don't get to say this often these days, but...

"Any fan of good government would be a fan of this regulation."…
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#tRrump’s ‘Go Back’ comment is, of course, nothing new for most of us who are brown-skinned, @nytimes
What's new is that the #racist comment is from the #POTUS!
As one who has engaged with the public, I have had my share
The best example is this.
In 2016, after attending @theAAG annual meeting in #SanFrancisco, and after observing the #homelessness there, I wrote about the issue and related it to the local conditions here in #Eugene
An important public policy topic, yes?
Oh, but I was a brown-skinned #immigrant who was "complaining" ... how dare I try to make my country better by writing about the plight of the homeless!
The responses came.
Most didn't want to help solve the problem.But to call out my "otherness"
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It matters not which border crossed,
From desert dry or tempest tossed,
To waves of grain and freedom’s sigh,
From womb’s dark hold to first-light’s cry—
You’re here, you’re here, at last.
It matters not what age you came,
Eight months or eighty years the same,
What color skin your parents’ face,
What faith from which they fled to grace—
You’re here, you’re here, at last.
Now eye to eye, measuring minds,
The hopeful search for justice finds
No honest man can blindly curse
One more like he in chorus and verse
Than different—yes, in essence we
Are species same, from nose to knee—
As equals born with equal right
To live and work and dream the night
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The CDC PREDICTS a 50% TUBERCULOSIS rate if #Immigration is not controlled NOW. The disease being brought into this country is staggering: DENGUE FEVER, Yellow Fever (not seen since the Civil War), Pneumonia, Syphillis, gonorrehea, POLIO (eradicated by the 60’s), Measles, Mumps,
2/ Rubella, Ebola (infecting only those with Neiman-Pick Type C gene: Blacks & Ashkenazy Jews), & malaria, among others.…
3/ #immigrant children have an eye disease unidentifiable by the CDC. Once these people disappear into the interior of America, these children will attend our PUBLIC SCHOOLS. That means your children or grandchildren will bring home these diseases to YOU.
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1/ A year ago in #California the work of #TheGeoGroup & #CoreCivic became apparent: they had been contributing to legislators for years, and operating private #immigrant detention facilities that the @ACLU & other accused of abuse.

Who accepted the money? Progressive Democrats.
2/ @TheGEOGroup & @CoreCivic understand how politics work: give money to the party in power. Hundreds of thousand to @California_Dem Party. Tens of thousands to Governor @JerryBrownGov All but one border-region legislator has taken their money. When they were finally caught...
3/ Once caught- some angrily attacked people who questioned their acceptance of private #prison money. They continue sharing it with family & friends, to fund campaigns, curry favor & develop more political power.
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We are sent to Congress to lead, to legislate and to carry the stories and struggles of those we serve. More on why, with a heavy heart but clear eyes, I voted no last night → | #MA7 #CloseTheCamps
We should not be criminalizing and vilifying migrant families, especially children and our most vulnerable. #DefundHate #CloseTheCamps…
As the #ATeam mobilizes in #Boston in the name of transit #equity & #affordability, I'm in #ElPaso with the @HispanicCaucus & @HouseDemocrats meeting w/ activists & advocates ahead of touring @CBP facilitates and fighting for the humanity of our immigrant neighbors.
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So many head-fakes in Trump's #immigration speech this afternoon. Odd to ask Congress for something ("promote high-skill immigrants!") while pushing the Exec Branch to do the opposite. The former isn't gonna happen; the latter is happening every day.…
Head-fake #1:

Trump waxed eloquent about the virtues of U.S. #citizenship...

...while DHS and DOJ are erecting myriad new obstacles to naturalization, which is directly contrary to any rational goal of #immigrant integration/assimilation.…
Head-fake #2:

Trump bemoaned the flight of would-be #entrepreneurs from U.S. universities back to their home countries...

...while DHS continues to block the International Entrepreneur Rule (#IER), which was designed to address this very problem.…
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