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@2020MNCongress is a @GOP candidate for the Congressional seat of Minnesota 5 currently held by Ilhan Omar - @IlhanMN

According to @2020MNCongress (Danielle Stella), she is working on her campaign alone & without assistance. Thus she alone manages her Twitter account. 2/
Any independent review of her Twitter account would conclude that rather than proposing policies and ideas that could potentially help her community and future constituents, @2020MNCongress is using her account to promote and amplify her hatred of Muslims ... 3/
.... and spread completely unproven - and often fabricated lies - about her potential future opponent Ilhan Omar - @IlhanMN
Many of these tweets are borderline dangerous - some even represent a direct or indirect or implied threat of actual violence towards Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN 4/
And now, to top it off, @2020MNCongress has come out as a supporter and proud defender of a violent and virulent hate group - The Proud Boys - that was founded by Gavis McInnes. 5/
She is thus basing her platform on a campaign of her support for white nationalism, bigotry, racism, antisemitism, homophobia and misogyny.

To name a few...
It is entirely possible that @2020MNCongress was not aware of the origins of The Proud Boys nor their history of hate.
And that her support for this group is based on misinformation, naivety or ignorance. 7/
So to give her the benefit of doubt, we sent to @2020MNCongress 23 separate articles and Twitter threads detailing the activities and the assessment of The Proud Boys by the @ACLU and @splcenter


Acknowledging receipt of our 23 articles and Twitter threads, @2020MNCongress replied with the following:


"Thank you for proving my point by displaying all sorts of examples of real men that stand up for their values, our Country, & Constitution.
They've endured slander and smear campaigns from horrible people, and still defend others from acts of violence and help communities." 10/
"I've met many of these great real men & they've been very respectful, kind, welcoming & true gentlemen. They are men of all ethnicities & races.
They have not done anything wrong. I will continue to share the truth about these upstanding citizens. Many others feel the same. /12
The wording of her replies is extremely telling and unambiguous.

It is thus a fact that :

a) @2020MNCongress has been made aware of both the origins of The Proud Boys and the beliefs of some their members and their recent activities.
b) @2020MNCongress can no longer claim ignorance of such

Given her unyielding support for the Proud Boys, @2020MNCongress has now admitted to embracing & defending all the hate that The Proud Boys stand for.
(NOTE: This is not a misjudged photo opportunity or a "gotcha" moment where @2020MNCongress was taken by surprise...)

Let us be clear here:
@2020MNCongress, an aspiring candidate to represent ALL the people of Congressional District MN-5, is openly supporting/defending a group that welcomes into its' fold :
* white nationalists
* white supremacists
* antisemites
* anti-Muslim Islamophobes ..
* Homophobes/ anti-#LGBTQ
* Mysogynists
* neo-nazis
and in some instances ACTUAL "14-88" Nazis!!!!
What does this mean?
A potential member of Congress is openly supporting a violent hate group that spreads fear and hatred towards members of her future constituency.

So the question begs:
How can @2020MNCongress claim to want to/be able to represent her constituents?
Which constituents?

@2020MNCongress :
* You cannot claim to represent your #LGBTQ constituents if you also support an #LGBTQ hate group.
* You cannot claim to represent your Jewish constituents if you also support an antisemitic hate group.

* You cannot claim to represent your Muslim constituents if you also support an Islamophobic hate group.
* You cannot claim to represent your #POC constituents if you also support a #POC hate group.

* You cannot claim to represent your #Female constituents if you also support a group that is against equal rights for women.
* You cannot claim to represent ALL of your constituents if you also support a hate group that accepts actual Nazis as members.

We could go on... but we think you get the picture her: A potential future member of Congress who goes on the record in support of a violent fascist hate group cannot claim to be able to represent all her constituents.

Your strategy of running for Congress on a platform of hate and supporting a hate group is diametrically opposed to everything that America stands for.
Particularly equality, justice, freedom and liberty for all.

Given the 1st Amendment, you are free to state your views - no matter how abhorrent they may be - in public.
But the 1A also allows your fellow citizens to speak out against your hate & your support of hate groups & to call you out for the seeds of division that you sew.
America welcomes free speech and the liberties that this allows.
It also welcomes a vibrant discourse allowing a push-back when those elements that "free speech" allow, serve only to marginalize, demean and divide us.

For her future reading peasure, we have provided @2020MNCongress with an additional 21 links and articles exposing the violent hate group The Proud Boys.


You have made it abundantly clear that you do not represent all the people of MN-5.
You have made it abundantly clear that you cannot/will not act in the best interests of many/much of your future constituents.

Your campaign of hate is divisive, hurtful and simply un-American.

You need to be held accountable to your future potential constituents and you have proven incapable of being able to represent them fairly and equitably.

In light of the hatred displayed & support of a hate group, the time has come to denounce in no uncertain terms the candidacy of @2020MNCongress.
We call on you, @2020MNCongress -Danielle Stella-to put an immediate end to your campaign of hate for the Congress of the people. /30
We call on you to end your campaign of hate now and delete your account!

The information contained herein along with the links provided may be republished freely in any media without further authorization.
We are currently in discussion with national and regional journalists to bring this issue to a wider audience.

For more information about @2020MNCongress and her campaign of hate, our DM's are open.
We will report to the appropriate authorities any and all attempts to intimidate, harass or threaten us.

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