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1) @MeghanWalsh_ , @did_Gi_no #DreamTeam...
CPS Corruption in Indian River County is BIGger than we ever knew. No Idea How, or Why. The Exposure Starts w/ my friend Gino's original theory on Covid being a #Keystone for US. Stay Focused America....
2) Cont...
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1/🚨New Episode🚨
Aspirin for Primary Prevention: #MindtheGap Segment

What do current ACC and USPSTF guidelines say about daily low-dose #aspirin for the primary prevention of #cardiovascular disease?

Sponsor: Image
2/Throwback to medical school pathophysiology!

Remember how the #atherosclerotic process takes place in blood vessels? 🫀

Now, where does #aspirin exert its effect during this cascade? 🤔 Image
3/What do the most recent #RCTs inform us about the use of aspirin for primary prevention ⁉️


#CoreIMJournalClub 📕 Image
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Und jetzt bekomme ich ein 25 Min Update
von 25 Hiwis + WiMis
im Kreativzimmer
auf dem AG-IngPsy-Discord-Server
Als Vorbereitung auf mein Comeback
am 4.7.22
und ich kann meine Vorfreude
kaum in Worte fassen
Hach... #tlife🥰

Wir starten mit...

Next stop: #WeCanSee🧵
Die #WeCanSee-Plattform
zum #Datenlogging bei #Elektroautos
zu Forschungszwecken
die wir über die letzten 3 Jahre
mit vielen Partnern
Und viel Herzblut
entwickelt haben
Ist neben dem #Fahrsimulator
mein absolutes Lieblings-Gadget
bei uns an der Professur IngPsy @UniLuebeck
@UniLuebeck Eine Firmware für alle Fahrzeuge.
Datenspende-Funktionen für die Nutzung in CarSharing-Fahrzeugen.
Datenperformance, Datensicherheit, Datenschutz, Verschlüsselung, Fahrzeugintegration, ...
Und das an einer Professur für #Ingenieurpsychologie.
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P NEXT: From the Tricksy Taxonomy Division, 2nd-seeded RED WOLF versus 3rd-seeded MOUNTAIN TAPIR #Sweet16 #2021MMM Colored photograph of Mountain Tapir standing in woods.  CloColored photograph of Red Wolf standing in grass with trees
This battle was a group effort by @sexchrlab, @TanisBP, @StoneLab_ASU & yours truly! [gif is of four men jumping in air together, from Anchorman movie, with "Best Team Ever" text at top] #DreamTeam #2021MMM
@sexchrlab @TanisBP @StoneLab_ASU Red Wolf has some majorly tricksy taxonomy, which has made protecting this critically endangered, small-ish & slender (27.5kg, 125 stoats) member of genus Canis challenging #StoatsAsMeasurement #2021MMM…
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#Conte sale al Quirinale per il #ConteTer, ma in parlamento non ottiene i voti. È l’ora del #GovernoDraghi.

L’ex presidente #Bce riceve l'incarico dal Presidente della repubblica, fa il suo discorso programmatico parlando di #generazioni future, di #produttività, #sostenibilità.
Umiltà e pragmatismo. Di #ZombieEconomics e #DebitoCattivo.

In Camera e Senato si spellano le mani, i giornali riportano commenti estasiati e prolisse biografie che iniziano dal collegio dei gesuiti per passare dal Britannia.

Il Paese è in #LunaDiMiele.
Honey moon con sondaggi pro Draghi che fanno invidia a Xi Jinping nel politburo.

Ottiene la fiducia con percentuali bulgare: lo ha votato tre quarti del parlamento. Uniche mosche bianche, guardate con spregio dai giornalisti in Transatlantico, sono solo un paio di partiti
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Se il mandante di #Renzi è la #CommissioneUE, per aprire al governo #Draghi o #IreneTinagli (con #MarioDraghi min del Tesoro e #Gualtieri min sviluppo), ci metterei la firma. Ma ripeto da settimane: questo (al momento) #fantagoverno (fantastico!) ha i #voti in #Parlamento?
Il #metodoCiampi mi convince. Ma avrebbe i voti trasversali che ebbe Ciampi?

Per completare il #dreamteam sarebbe perfetta #MartaCartabia alla #Giustizia!
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Quick thread on Hiring and building a small but very efficient team.

Hiring right people is mostly trial and error, sometime you get it right, sometime wrong. There is no way to know a person until you actually work with him.
However there are certain things we do make sure you make the right call more often than not.
1. Don't believe anything they say.. People lie all the time. specially in interviews.
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We dove into how financial incentives affect hospital participation in BPCI-Advanced and what this means for CMS.

Hospitals with higher spending targets are:

1. More likely to participate
2. More likely to gain shared savings from mean reversion
This is important because the vast majority of alternative payment models are VOLUNTARY.

Thus, burden falls on CMS to design incentives that encourage participation while achieving meaningful reductions in spending.

Key articles on this topic below:
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El “Dream Team” de Cruyff - 1988-1996

Lo que nunca se contó.

⬇️#Hilo👇 #DreamTeam #Cruyff #Preview
En la primera temporada de Cruyff en el Barça, el equipo catalán es el que más dinero desembolso en Europa en nuevos fichajes. En sus 8 años de entrenador en el equipo catalán, el Barça es también el tercer club del mundo con más gastos.
Por entonces nadie criticaba fichar "galácticos" por precios desorbitados para la época. Koeman era el defensa más caro del mundo, solo Vialli superó el coste de Romario. Entre 1988-90, el Barça fichó también 6 jugadores procedente de la Real y Ath.Bilbao.
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🤓 @alysanahmias has a shared #Google doc with her editors in order to remotely track required changes.

🔢Have a timecoded list of changes
🔴🟢 Use a color-coded system for amends
📞Regularly speak on the phone to talk through the edits

Get organized!
Use a timecoded #spreadsheet to track the #animation cues needed for the #film.

@alysanahmias "I could be a little old-school, but there is no replacement for tone when having a creative conversation. I might seem harsh on paper and I want to ensure the tone is understood."
When working with #remote colleagues make sure that you have calls to get to know your collaborators.

Talk about your fav films, and your passions, so you understand their unique circumstances.
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Some personal news: After an incredible run at @ForeignPolicy, I'm starting a new job as @politico's Pentagon reporter on Feb. 25! I'm so excited to FINALLY get to work w/ @dave_brown24 (whose dad jokes I've been enjoying since 2015) & the rest of the defense team @jacqklimas...
@ForeignPolicy @politico @dave_brown24 @jacqklimas @connorobrienNH @BryanDBender. Also beyond pumped to meet the rest of Politico's incredible WH and natsec team.
@ForeignPolicy @politico @dave_brown24 @jacqklimas @connorobrienNH @BryanDBender I'll be sad to leave my friends at FP, and will particularly miss working on scoops with the other half of the #dreamteam, the great @RobbieGramer. H/t @ak_mack @columlynch and more.
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Dedicated to P #CalledIt👊👊🏿 {Modern IR Usage}
But, we did it before

1991- Small reductions {same as Italy '93}
1962- Lesser-known agreement ending Cuban Missile Crisis
And 2001- Unrelated; all 20 Removed from Greece
(NATO Partners down to Five)

The US, NATO & esp. Turkey shared mutual Defense & Econ. Interests 40+yrs! Not only v. Moscow
Ankara served as a hedge against Tehran (post-Cold War), as a solid keystone bearing National Interests (Domestic & FP)
2010s: Now the dreaded Proliferation Cascade seems real, not a WCS
But, Ankara's possibly moving-in w/ Moscow (Econ & Defense) whilst viewing Theran as a potential mate (They are the newest member of/Supply the necessary Num. 3 role a Triumvirate needs)
Lots of theories, but a Constant & Pattern:
Decades of NATO refusal to list PKK as Terrorists
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1. Es considerado el mejor equipo de la historia del deporte. Hizo vibrar al mundo en #Barcelona92. Cambió el paradigma del baloncesto para siempre ¿Cómo fue posible tal constelación de estrellas? En el hilo de hoy: Así se formó el #DreamTeam.
2. Para poder saber cómo se creó este equipo de ensueño, hay que viajar hasta las olimpiadas anteriores, en Seúl 88. La medalla de oro fue para la Unión Soviética, la plata para Yugoslavia y el bronce, para Estados Unidos.
3. ¿Por qué Estados Unidos no venció con facilidad como lo hace en la actualidad? Porque en aquel momento los Juegos Olímpicos no aceptaban jugadores profesionales. Pero, ¿qué era un jugador profesional?
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After a quick photo op with the @DSP_SPE #scipol #NextGenCanSci #dreamteam, I'm attending the #CSPC2018 panel @sciencepolicy on the social implications of emerging technologies w/ @ideas_idees @SocMedDr @emmeslin @Scienceadvice
Discussion questions for 2-way Q&A at the emerging technologies panel #cspc2018 ⬇️
Directions: There are some questions that are easy to answer, others that are more important that are harder to answer (@emmeslin). The social implications of new tech, esp if algorithms can exponentially increase biases and misinformation, are the latter (@SocMedDr) #CSPC2018
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