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Hi, @FrankPallone

I was one of the alleged bots #NotABot defamed for that @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ report.

Shall I expect an invite to @EnergyCommerce offices to sign in, in person, to my account?

We can also discuss manipulation of #data.
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce 👈#NotABot we can discuss allegations as to why I and other's data has been used to accuse innocent people of committing what I consider crimes @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce like marketing to children.
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce 👈#StillNotABot Then, we can discuss how a responsible, well-coordinated, #publicity publicity driven, national retraction @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce may create awareness.
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce Then, (#StillNotABot👈) you could all enlighten me as to how @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD made this statement about youth and #nicotine:
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD Then, (is #StillNotABot necessary?) @JoeSnecessarymyser
@DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ
@EnergyCommercewe can discuss how the Synar Amendment still remains on the books.

You know - allowing 20% of teens to purchase tobacco, tied to funding? Isn't that crazy?
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD Specifically @JoeSnecessarymyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ
@EnergyCommercewe, since we all know, the fact that 90% of smokers start before the age of 18?

Isn't that important? Is this still being ignored?
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD 👈#StillNotABot

@JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce

Then we can discuss how #nicotine, by itself, without MAOI's is not "addictive" in humans using critical thinking on the subject, and "malicious" intent.👇

@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD Then, we'll discuss, pointed out directly, the efficacy of quitting aids.

@JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce

Here: "Nicotine substitutes have smoking cessation rates below 7% at 1 year"👇

@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD After a coffee break (who doesn't love caffeine) @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce

We can continue efficacy chat with this:

"for many smokers it may take 30 or more quit attempts before being successful" 👇

@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD There are other pending matters, @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce like discussions on harm reduction and *adult* choice.

For instance, omitting "health-relevant information for consumers of such products."

@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD In the spirit of adult choice, #WeThePeople, and harm reduction, @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce, we'll turn our full attention to harm minimization and the "need for striking an appropriate balance". 👇

@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD We can take a full hour or five - if you like, @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce, on ethics.

Normally paywalled, get your wallets.


Screenshot for you who won't.

You can go to mine here: vapinglinks.blog/2017/12/24/tob…
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD @FDATobacco We can talk about "actively promoting vaping as a viable strategy for quitting smoking" to consumers- that is being accomplished globally.


A few U.S. Government employees have mentioned this in the graphic below, I don't believe these were #bots.
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD @FDATobacco We can discuss why a Doctor would stake his reputation on saying anything like this:

“From a medical point of view, individuals who switched from smoking to the consumption of e-cigarettes have to be classified as non-smokers.”

Is he wrong? His phone number is in his statement.
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD @FDATobacco Is @truthinitiative and specifically, Raymond Niaura, PhD, wrong?

“The evidence available so far suggests that levels of biomarkers of exposure to toxicants related to use of these devices is significantly lower than for smoked cigarettes.“

@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD @FDATobacco @truthinitiative Is it hard to believe #consumers like myself, and #smallbusinessowners have to FIND created and manipulated information like the example (note the smiley faces from the "professional") below, where lies are transformed into funding?
What about these?

Is this how the professional #publichealth and #political community acts?

I'm still #NotABot.
What about these examples of wrong?

*More on request*.
Here @michelleminton explains what #consumers and #smallbusinessowners, face:

"health agencies, charities, health advocates, and the media have promoted the unfounded notion that e-cigarettes are as harmful as—or more harmful than—combustible cigarettes.

Sidebar note for the "Think of the children™” crowd and those using them to do so, @drstevenjallen explains statistics, marketing, research, and truth, here:

@drstevenjallen A VERY recent @KristinDGaspar flawlessly shows how #professionals need to act for #WeThePeople, and for the children:👇

@drstevenjallen @KristinDGaspar When can we discuss evidence-based validity to discredit anything/one above @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @EnergyCommerce & the claim I am "creating and releasing false information, particularly malicious & actively involved in misinformation campaigns"?
@drstevenjallen @KristinDGaspar @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @EnergyCommerce Then, we can also discuss these humans below.

I wonder how discredited these people must feel using flavors claimed to be attracting youth.
And this 53-year smoker on the right, and thousands of #smallbusinessowners who are discredited, and told they *can't* tell the truth.
And how, In 2014, I, a consumer, created this survey purposely, "to get a truthful view on vaping from vapers to counter worldwide negative opinions of NGO's, #politicians, #publichealth, #Government #Researchers & others.

Globally, 7,238 participants👇

I joined CASAA.


Is that #consumer organization and its 270k+ members (I believe) discredited as well?
I became a voice, #NotABot, including hashtags like

#WeVapeWeVote and more.
I became a board member of thr4life.org.

I've attended events including @TheDGstory, @ABillionLives, @OhioVaping and many more.
To simply be called a #bot, or saying I'm fictitious, is discrediting more than just me.

See, I'm a consumer. You can see my face in this photo from a few weeks ago.

See, I'm the guy fighting people, and organizations, and government - for myself and others who cannot.

I started @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ
@PublicGoodProj @EnergyCommerce a blog & twitter account. You claim I'm "creating and releasing false information, particularly malicious & actively involved in misinformation campaigns".

I'll ask again, among other questions in this thread, @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ
@PublicGoodProj @EnergyCommerce:

How will this and your outrageous claims be rectified?
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