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Workplaces across North America are opening up, I have serious concerns that by not requiring masks in indoor workplaces we are going to see a huge resurgence in a few weeks and another shutdown.
#onpoli #Covid_19 #coronavirus
I've had patients who work in essential industries complain that their colleagues and foremen would get into their faces and ignore social distancing rules. This means messaging is either non-existent or not translating to the front-lines.
Some large companies are taking the initiative and have excellent policies.
Smaller firms, those likely to employ low-wage part-time workers, the kind who are less likely to speak out, will not be so careful.
This 'soft-underbelly' of the economy is just ripe for disease spread
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Today, we’ve apparently made the tough decision that redrawing our roadmap slightly is necessary, weighting local economic health over public health. Two of our key metrics are “Less Than Satisfactory.”
I’m frustrated by this decision because it suggests that the work of slowing the spread proved too difficult for us. I.e., that we chose metrics that were aspirational and proved too difficult for us to achieve, even with strict public health orders.
As best I can tell, we’re preparing as a city to accept more public health risk despite broad public acceptance of #StayHome measures for the possibility of marginal economic activity, all despite an inability to hit our earliest metrics.
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For those who minimize the seriousness of COVID: A thread with some astonishing figures. There is no disease like it in 100 years.

1. From today’s @nytimes @jshkatz @sangerkatz.
EXCESS DEATHS in 2 months compared to prior years: Off the charts.…
2. From @jburnmurdoch @FinancialTimes

EXCESS DEATHS in almost every country studied. Note how off the wall these numbers are compared to previous years. This is extraordinary: I have never seen anything like this.

cc: @ASlavitt @ScottGottliebMD @EricTopol
3. From @nytimes @jwf825 @atmccann @jshkatz @ElianPeltier…

EXCESS DEATHS in almost every country studied: off the charts compared to previous years. Mind boggling. Extraordinary.
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New country data & simulations show why
EXTENT & TIMING of #masks4all matter in Covid-19 exits:
Universal Masking to Restart Society and Save Lives
Summing arguments here, 1/n
thanks co-authors @AlekseyMorgunov @dekai123 @guypgoldstein @V_alien
2/n We made two different models to predict what we gain from universal face mask wearing.
The simulation model by @AlekseyMorgunov uses a stochastic dynamic network SEIR (susceptible-exposed-infectious-recovered) approach.
3/n In the SEIR model, nodes=individuals, edges= interactions in a network. Each node has a state (S, E, I, R, or F (dead)).
Adjacent nodes=close contacts, contacts from anywhere =global contacts.
Initial infected set to 1%.
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My face covering ...
✅ protects you!

Your face covering ...
✅ protects me!

Together we protect ...
✅ each other!

Together we can ...
✅ slow the spread!

Learn how ...
✅ in 28 seconds.

And you know what?
✅ No sewing required!

#COVID19 #facecovering #Masks4All
Inspired by reading this powerful article co-authored by @trishgreenhalgh who’s been donning another type of homemade face covering herself.…
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There were two recent Coronavirus stories from Korea. A great case study showing why #Masks4All is important.…
Let me take key points from my medium post, to make a tweet thread.

On April 8, a new Coronavirus patient was confirmed, the first new case in Yechon for over a month. It saw the last new case on March 6.
Yechon is a rural area. It is 660.7 km², which is larger than Seoul, but has only 55,000 people, in contrast to 97,760,000 in Seoul.
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My mother and I took more than two hours trying to sew a 3-layered mask from a 2-layer pattern.

We didn't finish.

Come 1 May, Cape Town is gonna have the largest number of fake niqabis the city has ever seen, thanks to modern women being klutzes at traditional skills.

Your mask is to protect OTHERS in case YOU are infected and you don't know it.

An infected person in an inferior mask (e.g. loose, single layer) places others at risk.

So if YOU want to be safe from others, you need to help THEM get access to good masks.

If you are sewing decent 3-layer masks for yourself, sew some for others and give them away for free. Encourage other people to do the same. To reduce the spread of the virus, we need to spread THIS idea virally.
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“Man is born free” ... Well, we’re not born free to (however inadvertently) help spread death though! Whether we wear a mask or not cannot be reduced to a question about individual freedom: the impact of that decision is not restricted to us individually, but affects us all.
That’s why I’m wearing a mask.
I’ve ordered fabric to make more to always have one ready.
And I hope the UK Govt will also say: #Masks4All
Still not convinced? Read this very powerful article co-authored by @trishgreenhalgh:…
In the end, it’s very simple: if we all wear non-medical homemade cloth masks, my mask protects you and your masks protect me! 😷❤️😷 There are super easy no-sewing options too, so no excuse.…
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Lazy Twitter: Why is the US death rate rising faster than every other country in the world?
The reason might be due to the vast number of asymptomatic spreaders. Each country that locks down later seems to have a larger death rate. The US followed Europe that followed Iran that followed East Asia that followed China.
This is why even if lockdowns are successful, they still come back as you reopen the economy (see: Singapore). This is why South Dakota, despite a sparse population, has rates per 100k that are the same as denser east coast states.
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Volgens mij gaan er een paar dingen mis in de hele #mondkapjes discussie. Een draadje.
Professionele #mondkapjes, die zijn inderdaad schaars - helaas.
Die moeten bij de zorg komen. Zelfs nog veel meer dan er nu zijn. Daar zijn we het allemaal over eens.

De #Masks4all beweging heeft het over zelfgemaakte stoffen #mondmaskers. Die iedereen thuis met of zonder naai-skills gemakkelijk kan maken. Het argument dat mondkapjes schaars zijn, gaat hierbij niet op.
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1. How I sew fabric masks (a thread). Pattern from website below (see comments for pdf printout). #masks4all #MasksForThePeople #maskmaker… Image
2. Cut fabric. Cut two pieces of woven cotton and one piece of shop towel (or tea towel). Layers work best (hold layered fabric up to light and make sure light doesn't come directly through. Image
3. Layer cotton, shop towel, cotton. Have the right sides out for cotton pattern. I use clothespins to hold the corners. Sew around the outside with a half inch seam. ImageImageImage
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The following content is a summary of an article published @spiegelonline:
German Chancellor #Merkel announced a while ago that her decision to slowly lift restrictions will depend on a report by @Leopoldina (the Academy of Sciences and similar to @theNASciences) @maddow
Here are the academy's main suggestions that give us a sense of what lies ahead of all of us - no matter if you are German or not - in the coming months:
1. A second wave of #COVID19 infections has to be avoided by all means. We have to continue to follow basic rules like social distancing and increased hygiene. Where appropriate social distancing is not possible, masks have to be worn.
#Masks4All #SocialDistancing
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Many of you have seen this chart. It was a powerful chart for #masks4all. But it may be time to revise it. Thread begins.
It is simple. Singapore has not been a mask country during Coronavirus time. They have never been a universal masking country. In fact, it has been much less than 50%. This is a video from March 22.…
Japan needs a closer look. Certainly more people in Japan wore masks than people in most other countries since the beginning of Coronavirus. But it was far short of universal. I see 70% or less until late March. See this video from March 5.…
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We've just completed a 19-author analysis of the effectiveness of mask wearing, with 84 references. To explain what the science shows, I teamed up with the wonderful Prof @trishgreenhalgh CBE, who just led a British Medical Journal study on this. (thread)…
Our team's review of the literature found substantial evidence in favor of widespread mask use to reduce community transmission, based on droplet dynamics, mask material analysis, efficacy studies, and behavioral studies. Here's our paper:
The key insight is that most discussions assume that the purpose of the mask is to protect the wearer, since this is what all doctors learn about in medical school. But actually masks work *far* better at blocking the infection at the source. This is called "source control"
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1/ We need to find ways to allow society to function and yet keep R0 below 1. One key part of that is to avoid breathing in air that others have exhaled. Where is that easiest to do while still interacting with other people? Outdoors.
2/ For example, imagine a lower risk trip to the dermatologist. In warm enough areas the office could be moved to a field with curtains on poles for privacy. The sky above and possibly fans blowing would reduce risk of virus particles.
3/ The stay at home message is too simple. We need to shift more work outdoors and can reboot parts of the economy if we do. Air outdoors dissipates the virus particles. Going outdoors in crowds is risky. But lots of commercial services are delivered one-on-one. Move it outdoors.
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Yes. Masks for the public. "as with parachutes for jumping out of airplanes, it is time to act without waiting for randomized controlled trials evidence"… @bmj_latest by @trishgreenhalgh and colleagues #Masks4All
It's no longer "Should you?"
Just do it. Period.…
@TheEconomist #Masks4All
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If you are not looking after #Covid19 patients or are not part of healthcare workforce, please don't try to get N95 masks. You don't need them. They are not re-usable with home cleaning.

Wear a cloth mask every time you step out of home.
MOST important part about wearing mask is - once you put it on, DON'T touch it. remove it directly when you reach home, put it for soak in soap water (for 30min) and wash your hands with soap BEFORE you touch ANYTHING else (after removing mask).
After a good soak, cloth mask can be washed and thoroughly dried in sun/dry place before using again. DO NOT reuse cloth mask without washing even on same day.

A handkerchief is a good option to cloth mask too as most of us have at least half a dozen of those.
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Have been thinking a lot about the kind of behavior change communication strategy the government needs to employ to contain the spread of #CoronavirusinPakistan so here are some ideas for what it needs to focus on. Thread.
For those who don't know, behavior change communication (BCC) is a term used in development & public health for a process of intervention with individuals & communities to promote positive & avoid harmful behaviors that are injurious to individual or public health/well-being.
Broadly, in any behavior change strategy, you need to give people both an appropriate understanding of the risks involved (people will only take sufficiently precautionary action if they know how they are vulnerable) as well as actionable knowledge of the viable solutions.
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Let’s CRUSH THE CURVE. "The aim is not to flatten the curve," said Dr. Harvey Fineberg, "The goal is to crush the curve." Fineberg argues we can defeat #COVID19 in just 10 weeks if we take a "concerted and determined" approach. Who is this Dr Fineberg? ...…
2) Dr Harvey Fineberg is the former President of the National Academy of Science, former Provost of Harvard, and former dean of @HarvardChanSPH. He goes on... "I think we're thinking too defensively about what we should and could do against the coronavirus” #COVID19 ...
3) “If it is a war, and I believe that's a proper metaphor, then we should fight it like a war. That means we should fight to win to vanquish the foe, not to let it persist and hassle us for an indefinite period." #COVID19
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Specific "new evidence"... #Masks4All #MasksAreNormal #MaskGate, I've linked each separately by date for all my and the #medtwitter #DataScience junkie friends below:

#Data #Science #COVID19

👉February 19, 2020

#Data #Science #COVID19


"Asymptomatic cases in a family cluster with SARS-CoV-2 infection"…
👉February 21, 2020

#Data #Science #COVID19


"Presumed Asymptomatic Carrier Transmission of COVID-19"…
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Oops. Seems this was bad advice & that masks wld have protected the public after all. Yes, we shld be outraged. Yes, we shld wear masks in public now that we know the truth. Let’s not dig our own graves just bc the CDC gave us a head start, ok? #Masks4All #EyeglassesProtectToo 1/
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Voting by mail: Why states will have a hard time setting it up - The Washington Post h/t ⁦…
I support as much vote by mail as possible in 2020. If some places can’t or won’t allow it, press for #HandMarkedPaperBallots—not touchscreens (disease vectors that cause longer lines). If u go to the polls, wear a mask & glasses. The mask can be homemade. #Masks4All #COVID
If u must go to the polls (bc ur state doesn’t allow no-excuse absentee voting), eyeglasses and masks offer protection. Here’s a video on how to make a mask with a handkerchief and no sewing.
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I think enough is enough. It is time to end Canada’s preposterous face mask misdirection. Masks work #masks4all… via @scmpnews
There is a vast volume of science supporting case that masks work. Dutch scientists, PLoS One: "Any type of general mask use is likely to decrease viral exposure and infection risk on a population level, in spite of imperfect fit and imperfect adherence"…
Masks protected HK health workers up to 13 times more than not wearing one during the 2003 battle against SARS, and were "the only measure to give statistically significant protection"…
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Devemos todos usar máscaras na pandemia #COVID19? As máscaras feitas em casa ou de pano têm alguma utilidade? Essas são questões do momento e a tendência é que estejamos sim chegando ao ponto de recomendar #TodosdeMascara. Há evidências e fundamento nesse raciocínio. Segue o fio.
1/n Primeiro, vale ressaltar que a recomendação da OMS desde o começo da epidemia é a de que só pessoas com sintomas de Covid-19 devem usar máscaras. E desestimula o uso por pessoas assintomáticas, com manifesta preocupação de evitar a escassez.…
2/n De fato, não há evidências de que o uso indiscriminado de máscaras ajude a proteger quem as usa. O porta-voz da OMS reforçou isso ontem:…
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