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In recent light of killing of kamlesh tiwari , many Ms & leftists are playing the victim card and are telling us that islam respects other faiths they are also calling prophet compassionate . In this thread i will show u the double standards of Ms making this claim
Muslims often show non muslims the following quranic verses (pic below) to show that islam respects other religions . So these are both decent verses promoting diplomacy in dialogue and this is what apologetic muslims will likely show you and hurry you along before you get a
chance to dig deeper . The problem we have in the Quran and Islam in general is inconsistency , these diplomatic verses promoting sensible dialogue and banning the verbal abuse of other gods were revelaed in MECCA at a time when Islan was still very weak and hence fairly pacifist
for tactical reasons . This was before the migration to medina when muhammad managed to build an army hungry for war booty and wreaked havoc in arabian peninsula .
So in order to show Islam to be tolerant of others you must cherry pick a few verses like the two i just mentioned and pasted above and ignore the other passages in the quran and numerous hadiths showing intolerance and outright childish ridicule for people who don't know the
Islamic belief or at the very least the doctrine of monotheism . Let's read some verses from quran (refer pic) . The quran being characterstically ambiguous and non explanatory doesn't tell us who this person is . That he's been compared to the dog .
According to the hadiths and revelations he is either a man called IBN ABRAH who lived in the time of moses or he was an unnamed man during the time of muhammad who was granted three wishes and turned his wife into a dog (ref : altafsir.com/Tafasir.asp?tM…)
Now chapter 2nd of the quran which talked about a bunch of jews who didn't adhere strictly enough to Sabbath . Doesn't this verse (refer pic) sounds insulting and offensive .
Next we have quran 5:60 (refer pic) . From this verse we can conclude that Allah seems to relally like insulting people the way people insult people . These verse clearly show that Allah is a petty bully and semi-literate muslims even believe in such stuffs
Do my fellow muslims brothers and sisters really believe that allah would be so vengeful to primitive uneducated humans on one tiny planet ? Why does allah even turn them into pigs and monkeys? Did he create a beautiful nature except for pigs and monkeys who were only there
so humans can look at them and he can threaten to turn people into them .
Let's see what other animals got insults (refer pic) :
The quran says jews who don't carry out the laws of the Torah are like donkeys carrying books. I'm sure that Jews today will find that very offensive especially as they don't implement all the
atrocious laws of the Torah because if they did they'd likely be even worse than Islamic state .
Now lets move to another incident :
When muhammad wanted to massacare the banu qurayza tribe he led his army to besiege the fortress of the jewish tribe in Medina and called out to them :
(Reference: mohammed, sirat ibn ishaq P.461) .

When the seige eventually ended the prophet of mercy ordered the beheading of atleast 600 men and teenage boys .
Before he even got to Medina muslims knew one of Muhammad's main enemy who was skeptical of his claims to prophecy is Abu Jahl( the ignorant one , real name : AMIR IBN HISHAM) .
This derogatory name was given to him by muhammad and i am yet to meet a muslim who actually
Know this man's real name which is AMIR IBN HISHAM , again an insult and muslims refer to this man by the nickname given by Muhammad to ridicule him . So it seems Muhammad can dish out all the insults he wants and still be glorified by muslims as a perfect man free feom error,
Why because the quran claims muhammad is of great character (in 68:4 , refer pic). I mean obviously there's no way Muhamad wrote the quran to make himself look god so don't be so cynical 😄.
All these should be more than enough to show why muslims are employing double standards when it comes to insult islam . However knowing how resilent Islamic apologetics and muslims like @zainabsikander @TheSamirAbbas @zafarsareshwala @Shehzad_Ind and @RubikaLiyaquat are
I'm gonna try and preempt another silly argument because I know somebody may bring it up. Someone will probably say but the people insulted here were not men who were respected figures of a particular religion like Muhammad is that's why you can't insult Muhammad .
Well the short answer to this argument is that an insult is an insult and it should definitely not be coming from the quran or Muhammad as it's not something you lead by example with if he really is a brilliant character then he should lead by example
but as you've probably guessed it even this argument fallas flat on his face .
Near the end of Muhammad's life another self proclaimed prophet of allah appeared in Arabia by the name of ''MUSAYLAMA BIN HABIB AL - HANAFI" . He was also receiving verses for a scripture
in the same way Muhammad received it and he sent a letter to Muhammad asking for a tree and saying that they can both be prophets from the same god . Muhammad sent back a threatening letter and called him "MUSAYLAMA AL KADHAB(Musaylama the liar) . Muslims from that moment on
have only used that insulting nickname Muhammad gave him so calling him a liar was bound to offend Musaylam and all his devout followers who believed he was a messenger of god (ref: sira ibn hisham P.649) . Why muslims and muhammad don't respect that religion and his prophet .
Last but not least lets take a look at the events of HUDAYBIYYAH and desert oasis where the muslims were attempting to reach mecca for a pilgrimage but was stopped by the meccans before both sides eventually agreed to a peace treaty before treaty was eventually agreed and signed
one of the meccans by the name Urwa came to talk to Muhammad and as a part of negotiations downplayed the strengths of the muslims and told Muhammad that his followers weren't loyal and could eventually abandon him . Upon hearing Abu bakar (close companion of muhamad , first
of rashidun caliph) shot back at Urwa by swearing at him and his goddess and quote :

(ref: abu bakr to urwa, sahih bulhari book 54 , hadith 19).

Muhammad did not rebuke Abu bakr whatsoever for his words this is not only an insult but clearly foul
language only spoken by filthy minded just imagine if Urwa had responded in return with equal proportion this insult would have been on allah's d**k . Had he responded that way muslims would have been infuriated but Urwa didn't responded in kind and was the bigger man here .
He didn't want to stoop down to Abu bakr's level . If we see the original arabic for the hadith(refer pic) we see it written clealry but the english translation has paraphrased the insult into abu bakr abused him , this shows that abu bakr highly revered in sunni islam in
particular was too foul mouth to be translated .
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