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In this thread i will discuss about Terrorism and Extremism in islam . Pls read this thread end . Muslims who believe that there is a difference between Allah's islam and Mullah's islam (like @TarekFatah and @RubikaLiyaquat ) should read this till end .

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Practically everybody in today's time is aware of the islamic state terrorist group which established an islamic caliphate across large parts of iraq and syria . Their violence and barbarity has shocked the world and they're doing it all in the name of Islam .
In this thread i will focus on how islamic are their actions?.
Muslims who don't side with islamic state and even some non muslims (especially hindus like @majorgauravarya @PiyushGoyal , @sagarikaghose , @devduttmyth ) have claimed that terrorism has nothing to do with islam .
This generation's top political leaders like george bush , @JustinTrudeau , @narendramodi , @drharshvardhan , @RahulGandhi have attempted to potray Islam as a religion of peace .They claim that its a religion that couldn't have been further in its core teachings from the actions
Of terrorists worldwide
This narrative has now spread like wildfire . In this thread I will look throughout Islam's primary textual sources like the quran , authentic hadiths , muhammad's biography and the opinions of top islamic jurisprudence scholars and see if the actions of Isis come from islam
This thread can be used as a one stop reference thread to clarify whether what ISIS or any other terrorist group does has precedents within islamic texts or not .I will provide all the references from within the islamic sources so no one has to take my words for anything I say .
Just see the references google them and read them for yourself .
Note: For those who wish to claim that islamic texts can't be translated accurately they at first should stop quoting translations of hindu texts (by griffiths and muller) and should learn sanskrit first .
Secondly in my previous thread on Jihad i posted arabic text to which in response you guys provided translated text and u were not even able to read arabic so it will be better if u guys and muslims like you keep their mouth shut and provide refutations to the TAHRIR AL WASILAH
I will be as objective as I can be in this thread . And i never researched as much as I can to show both sides of the argument where this applicable without going through any mental gymanastics and denial

Terrorism in the arabic language is "IRHAB" and it comes from the root word " RA-HA-BA" , but does the quran order its followers anywhere to use terrorism ?
The answer is yes Chapter 8 verse 60 (refer pic)
In arabic it reads " WaAAiddoo lahum ma istataaatum min quwwatin wamin ribati alkhayli turhiboona bihi AAaduwwa Allahi waAAduwwakum "
The word "turhiboona" here is to "terrorize"
Another root word used in the quran is "Ra-aa-b" which is translated to horror or terror .
Chapter 8 verse 12 uses this word in a verse where allah instructs the believers on how to fight non believers in battle
I'd like to ask any muslim this question regarding the later part of this verse . It asks believers to cast terrors into the hearts of infidels and strike off their heads and their fingertips.But which one do you do first ? Chopp of the head first and then chop off fingertips ?
or do you do vice versa . Either way this is horrific and it is straight from Quran . If u chop off the head first then go for the fingertips , then you are just mutilating a dead body . If it is done the other way around then you are just torturing people before killing them .
What's the puropse here of mutilation or torture . Pls explain how you can accept this verse and which one goes first and then pls tell me why you think mutilation or torture is merited . If u want to argue that they are done at the same time , then what's the
point of going for the fingertips ? What puropose does that serve ? So in a general sense we see that the verse advocate the use of terrorism . The second verse we looked at clealry also commands beheadings and amputations of fingertips
I would like to be extra thorough in this thread and will eventually go into these topics a lot deeper . I'd undoubtedly hear muslims and leftists say "OUT OF CONTEXT" so lets look into the context and see what Islam's biggest scholars said about the verses .
If we look into the interpretation of this verse from one of the Sunni Islam's most reputable commentaries on the quran a renowned scholar IBN KATHIR we find inflicting fear on non believers is sanctioned in verse 55 of chapter 8 . According to IBN KATHIR (refer pics)
That pics (above) in a nutshell pretty effectively describes the phenomena of terrorism , as we see it in the world today . Punishing people harshly in order to frighten others . So the word terrorism or to terrorize appears in the quran as a command for muslims
Let's see what muhammad himself said in the most authentic hadiths or sayings attributed to him
In another hadith muhammad says something similar
So there we had several examples of the word "terrorism" and "to terrorize" being used in Islamic sources . But what about extremism ?
The word for an extremist is "MUTASHADDID" and variation of this word "ASHIDDA" appears in chapter 48, verse 29 (refer pic below) as a command
on how to behave with non muslims . In interpretation of this verse by jalalayn , we read the following (refer pic below)
In chapter 9 verse 123 , we find another instruction on how to treat non-muslims . (Refer pic) and note the word harshness
In chapter 5 verse 54 we see this instruction as explained by IBN KATHIR (refer pic)
We can also argue that the whole concept of hell fire for those who don't do as they're told by Islam is another very clear form of TERROR towards its own believers but i prefer to focus on terrorism against Islam's enemies by muslims themselves .
So in conclusion :
Does Islam endorses terrorism and extremism ?
The answer is that we unfortunately find these actions are encouraged and even ordered in numerous quranic verses. A fact supported by numerous reputable commentaries and authentic hadiths
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