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For me, as is known: the international community cares only when its interests are directly threatened.

Never ever think that the international community has moral principles.

Iran has been killing & displacing millions in the Middle East & only
the Arab coalition cares.
Iran has been spreading terrorism globally but the international community rushed to sign agreement to protect #Mullahs terrorism because the it’s Middle East people bloods.
#Iraq, #Syria #Yemen etc.

Only President Trump stood up with Arab Coalition.

Thank you Mr. President.
The terrorists #Mullahs of #Iran regime have been bragging about accusing 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia with all planet issues in public and almost no one stood up to expose Iran evil except 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia.

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@tweetoz1 @ScheyChris @Youth4R @FabianLeedsNE @KSRelief_EN @RealthingUlli @Smiity646 @305local ASSalamuAlaikom Wa RahmatuLLAHi Wa Barakatuh

Wow Masha’a Allah Tabarka Allah, a lot of notifications tonight.

Terrorism doesn’t belong to the West or Middle East or anywhere else, it’s several factors, ideological, political, economical and cultural.
@tweetoz1 @ScheyChris @Youth4R @FabianLeedsNE @KSRelief_EN @RealthingUlli @Smiity646 @305local In Middle East the source of terrorism is #Mullahs, #MBrotherhood and #Leftists who have been ruling most of Middle East for decades.

Qatar adopted these ideologies so it became another source of funding for terrorism.
@tweetoz1 @ScheyChris @Youth4R @FabianLeedsNE @KSRelief_EN @RealthingUlli @Smiity646 @305local Th West has nothing to do with it, regardless of its negative roles that the West has been playing in Middle East.

The first responsibility started with the leaders and the people of Middle East and without that, the West could never play negative roles.
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1️⃣ This kind of anarchist behavior is totally unacceptable. Societies and states fall apart and turn into failure without controlling the interests and the disadvantages.

Peace be upon you. 🌹❤️😊

Cc: @maitelsadany
2️⃣ #Iraq #Syria #Libya #Yemen are examples can benefit sane order people not the anarchists who have no limits, no values, nothing but insanity, ignorance and vanity with identity disorder.

They even don’t who they are.
3️⃣ Because you read some books or moved from Middle East or anywhere one Earth to settle in Washington, London, Paris or Berlin, doesn’t mean that you have authority to change states and societies that they’re there before your daddy and mommy have been born.

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1️⃣ The Saudi Public Prosecution last night issued a statement on the end of investigations with a group of citizens who are suspected of adopting foreign agendas and receiving money in order to undermine national security.

🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia


2️⃣ Some international parties especially what so-called human rights organizations or activists, launched a heinous campaign full of lies against 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia to defend these suspects.

3️⃣ These parties don’t respect nations singularity, sovereignty & the difference of value system.

Actually, these parties have been part of undermining the stability in the world especially in Middle East what caused wars and sectarian wars.

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1️⃣ Let’s see if @IlhanMN knows what she’s talking about,

This is a simple challenge:

What is moral compass? What is the definition?

In fact, #Leftists, #MBrotherhood use the same tactic where they sink people in floating terminologies.

2️⃣ Before we’re dragged 2 deception, we should ask the essential questions that #Leftists & #MBrotherhood are not able 2 answer, so we can educate people to expose scams that leads 2 division through glamorous terms like peace, human rights, freedoms and justice.
3️⃣ #Leftists & #MBrotherhood led by #Obama, #Hillary supported the largest wave of violence in ME, stretching Arabian Gulf 2 Atlantic, leaving millions of dead, wounded & displaced, yet they’re bragging about values ​​of humanity without a shred of shame.

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