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Private Russian jet going down the east coast now. Heading to...Mar-a-Lago?
Over NC now. Jet is from Jet Air Group, which has a hub in Moscow. It's a Russian airline for VIP charters. Super weird to see them in US airspace like this.
Slight course change, hugging the coast. Same altitude approaching SC.
Course change south once they passed Wilmington, NC. Picked up a little speed, but same altitude.
I was joking about it heading to Palm Beach, but...kinda going that way. 🤷‍♂️ We'll see soon enough!
Yellow guy is the Russian jet. It's the only Russian aircraft in US airspace at this time.
Course change. This flight only appears on ADSB Exchange, which does not honor anonymity request like other public flight tracking site do. Definitely a VIP of some sort.
Aircraft does appear on FlightRadar24, but shows no info about country, so that was likely what is supposed to be kept hidden.
Secret Russian VIP charter jet almost to FL now. Same altitude, though. Only Russian aircraft of 6500 in the same area right now. Shady.
Looking like Palm Beach is not the destination for the Secret Russian VIP charter jet.
Looks like flight did start in Moscow. Likely fuel stop in Iceland.
I stayed up to get work done, but this is so distracting. I feel like I'm seeing something I shouldn't.
Same altitude and increased speed a little - about to pass Palm Beach. Seems to be heading to Bahamas?
Hold the phone...dropping altitude!
Secret Russian Private jet dropping speed and altitude
Still coming down, but speed is the same. I'm thinking Bahamas. Still pretty close to Trump.
So why is a Russian charter jet for VIPs out of Moscow, that clearly wanted to be anonymous, going to Freeport? Fuel stop maybe? Drugs?
Almost to Grand Bahama International Airport
This motherfucker IS going to Palm Beach!!!!!!
Secret Russian VIP charter jet from Moscow is heading right towards Palm Beach Intl Airport, decreasing altitude (it would be right below the P in Palm Beach on the map). I got some fucking questions now.
And going in and out of U.S. airspace. Flying SUPER low now...
Flying really, really low. I marked Palm Beach County airport with a red arrow...might be the destination? This is super suspicious though.
South of Mar-a-Lago now still, but getting lower and lower...definitely landing somewhere soon.
Course change south...getting lower and slowing down
Miami maybe? Hey Trump*...where you at?
Making a slight turn west just north of Fort Lauderdale...still dropping altitude
Dropping a lot of altitude suddenly. They planning to land in the swamp? Would kinda be on brand if they were, but still...WTF?
Looks like turning for an approach into Fort Lauderdale now
Why is an anonymous, private, Russian jet landing in the same area the president is in right now?
On final approach to Fort Lauderdale now
Still taxiing to somewhere...hasn't stopped yet
Still moving along...
And stopped. Why are Russians in Florida at 2:30 in the morning?
All flights lead to Putin, too. This flight originated in Moscow, and ended at Fort Lauderdale, after leaving U.S. airspace to buzz over the Bahamas. Sketchy.
So flight training, fuel, duty free, Hertz, or private aviation business...that's what appears to be in these buildings where the jet stopped. Anyone call a news station in that area yet?
And OMG I have to potty so fucking bad. Break time!
Trump is in Miami maybe? A Russian jet from Moscow trying to remain anonymous lands just down the road? This is NOT a coincidence. And I'm not a conspiracy theory nut...this is truly sketchy.
And at 2:30 in the morning!
I had no idea so many people were following this thread...I seriously thought maybe it was 2 or 3!
I wasn't the only one that took notice of this!
Calling it a night, but glad I (and others) randomly spotted this. Hope it was useful to someone that can dig into this more.
Jet is still at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), at least according to planefinder.net/data/aircraft/…, which seems to have pretty current data.
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This is the jet. Photo on the planefinder's Twitter card sucks. More at jetphotos.com/registration/R…
This is an interesting photo of the same jet taken in January of last year in Switzerland...
According to FLL data, there are no planned departures for this aircraft now through 7:30am tomorrow (Sunday).
My assistant has fallen asleep on the job, but I'm keep a lookout and post updates if anything changes.
and will post...
Aircraft has left FLL and is heading north.
The jet was not listed on the airport departures and is still trying to be anonymous.
I can see Russians from my front porch.
Russian jet from Moscow, lands in Florida, where the president is, for about 24 hours, arrives and leaves in the middle of the night, and doesn't want to be identified on flight trackers. This is definitely something.
Russian jet didn't stop in DC...approaching Atlantic City. Seems to be heading back to Moscow. I won't be posting as many updates tonight since it's pretty clear someone from Russia met with a Trump today.
Russian jet hasn't turned around or crashed itself into the ocean, so that confirms Rudy isn't on board. Also didn't take a sketchy detour over the Bahamas on the way home to the motherland.
Russian jet is now in Canadian airspace. It may stop in Iceland for fuel, but definitely on a path for Moscow - where it came from yesterday. I'll post an update in a few hours after some sleep.
Back in Moscow
This carefully worded Tweet does NOT say he wasn't in Florida. In fact, it makes me 99% certain it was him.
Oh, please. They must be used to dealing with illiterate Trumps.
Mike and Trump can both believe Putin at his word. I don't.
It looks like now all the "experts" are weighing in on this, especially since Sberbank put out a carefully worded denial, that didn't actually deny anything.

I don't know who or what was on that flight, but I'm not a fucking moron, either. 1/3
This is not normal. Russia is not our friend. I'm also no conspiracy theorist or "Q lib".

It's too many coincidences surrounding folks with serious credibility issues. Hopefully the truth comes out one day. 2/3
Finally, it was interesting and fun. Interacting with new people, and learning about something new to me. I enjoyed myself this weekend doing this. I never claimed to be some flight expert. I'm just sharing what I saw. If you don't like it, fuck off back to Trumplandia. 3/3
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