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Infamous Freeland harasser Elliot McDavid livestreamed from the #convoy through Dawson Creek back to Grande Prairie today. He plans to storm the GP County meeting again Monday to stop them from turning it into a 15 min city. RCMP will be there.
Elliot & convoy friends make it clear they believe Canadian elections have been rigged for years, and they will "displace" the "tyrants" in charge. #convoywatch
Elliot is really, really proud that his group scared Grande Prairie County council - even though he clearly had no idea the first time that they needed to be added to the agenda to present. Isn't there a special word for intimidation with political aims?
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Great thread 🔥

Claiming China had "a sophisticated strategy" to *specifically* get a LIB minority as Fife did is patently absurd.

CSIS illegally leaked “top secret” material to a highly partisan Conservative journalist. For political purposes?

One of Fife's other claims in the Globe article as to how China interferes is that "undeclared cash donations" are given to political candidates or international Chinese students can "volunteer"! The problem is cash over $20 is not allowed.

Is that a CSIS error or a FIFE error? Image
“(China) did not have the impact they claimed,” Kelshall, president of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies in Vancouver, said."

Post to come on alleged claims: “…Chiu faced social-media campaigns on WeChat & WhatsApp ...”…
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Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland's Grande Prairie harasser Elliot McDavid has a Valentine's Day message for you as he drives (distracted) to Winnipeg to join the rest of the #convoy . He's going to fight "the degenerates." #dogwhistle
He lays out a plan to "take back small towns" and instill "moral" councillors with his values. He "protested" families going to drag story time at the Grande Prairie Library a few days ago so we know exactly what those values look like. #grandeprairie
Not content to only harass people in Grande Prairie. Elliot and his hatriot friends flooded a Grande Prairie County council meeting because they were furious about ...a Smart Cities application. "I'll DIE before I quit putting pressure on," McDavid says.
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1/ On Wednesday, the Croatian Cultural Centre is hosting Let Freedom Reign with Christian nationalist Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. The event is a mess of bigotries and Convoys, but let's look at anti-LGBTQ2S+ "activist" and friend to neo-Nazis Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson! #vanpoli
2/ This story is a bit dark and depressing, so a warning that this thread features neo-Nazis, trans- and homophobia, racism, and a whole lot of hate. As a palate cleanser, here is the time Laura-Lynn was felled by, um, a single sign at @SportChek. Facebook screenshot of a photo of a sign with a Pride flag a
3/ In 2020, Laura-Lynn spoke with neo-Nazi Paul Fromm at one of his CAFE events in Vancouver. His introduction of Laura-Lynn includes homophobia and support for anti-LGBTQ2S+ "activist" Bill Whatcott, with bonus racism and white supremacy against @theJagmeetSingh.
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1\ @JohnEThibeau telling the Jeremy Mackenzie #Diagolon story, is allied with Bryan Trottier. Follows him, blocked me in Aug. for sharing screenshots of Bryan's harassment. Mouthpiece of Trottier's fake derad, now miraculously speaks on case where Trottier is the key witness. Image
2\ I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you're all STILL being played and @JohnEThibeau is in a network with those who troll, intimidate and harass leftists. Ocean Cowboy is on comms with Trottier. That's an extended network with Blundell and *you know who* Image
3\ When I tried to have a good faith conversation about how @JohnEThibeau's communications strategy aids a notorious harasser, he respondeded to factual communications by blocking me. That's pretty clearly disingenuous stuff.
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1. Nazi Flag and Claims of "False Flags": Brendan Miler's Accusations Amplified By Extremists and Conspiracy Promoters
2. On November 21, the big news emerging from the inquiry was that CSIS had advised that the Prime Minister invoke the Emergency Act in response to the occupation in Ottawa and the border blockades in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.…
3. However soon a lawyer representing the "Freedom Convoy" made a bombshell claim in which he implicated an executive with Enterprise Canada in an incident that occurred in the early days of the occupation.
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1. When I did the timeline on Pat King's involvement in the #OttawaOccupation (link below) I didn't include a lot of what I had.

In retrospect there was a lot that I should have included, thus here are with Part II

2. And once again to set the mood and contradicting the "ah shucks, I'm really a nice guy" and "teddy bear" persona Pat has cultivated, here he is during a summer a few years back telling people he is not a nice person and saying he has a record the size of his arm.
3. Based on a redacted intel report during the occupation which is clearly Pat King, this admission might be one of the few things he has said about himself that is accurate.
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1. So.

I just finished watching Pat King's testimony.

And it was... something.

Suffice to say I don't have time to deal with everything he said, but I thought I would put out a thread to provide context.
2. Let's get one thing out of the way right away.

In late 2021, Pat was prevented from boarding a flight due to his vax status. He was upset, hence the "catch a bullet" comment.

Since I would hate to take it out of context, her is the video he posted in it's entirety.
3. In early January he got wind of the planned convoy. Here on January 14 he talks about the Memorandum of Agreement that a faction of the participants was going to submit and suggested something would happen if the Senate rejected it.
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1. As the Emergencies Act Inquiry continues we need to remember that most of the individuals who participated in the #OttawaOccupation and border blockades are still planning further actions.

And that includes a "convoy" planned for Lethbridge in support of the Coutts arrestees.
2. This week occupation organizers such as Tamara Lich and Pat King appear before the Emergencies Act Inquiry, however we have to remember the EA wasn't only enacted due to the situation in Ottawa but also because of the border blockades.…
3. Borders were shut down in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. The most economically damaging was likely the closing down of the Ambassador bridge but the longest and perhaps most dangerous blockade was at the Coutts, AB border crossing.…
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1. If you are following me odds are that has been since January 29, 2022 when I started composing some epically long and frequently snarky threads on the "Freedom Convoy" which I often characterized as the #OttawaOccupation.
2. The occupation in Ottawa eventually inspired anti-vaxx/anti-mandate people to block border crossings in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, slowing and in some cases stopping international trade.
3. The convoy attracted a number of participants, many of whom subscribed to outlandish conspiracy theories, and a number of whom adhered to extremists ideologies.
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So @acoyne and Warren Kinsella wrote essentially the same column suggesting the re-election of Legault in Quebec and the elevation of Smith to the Premiership in Alberta were direct challenges to the legitimacy of the federal government. 1/
They may well be, but the real problem for the supporters of the federal government is that @PierrePoilievre and much of the @CPC_HQ are not nearly as wedded to the "Canadian" consensus as the LPC/NDP/legacy media is. 2/
If Scheer or, especially, O'Toole had become PM the Canadian consensus on abortion, gay rights, climate change, immigration and the primacy of the federal gov't would not have changed a bit. The blob would continue to ooze into provincial jurisdictions. 3/
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Dana Metcalfe serving the @RNC_PoliceNL with a Notice of Liability. There is almost 20 mins of footage but most of it is her just reading the document. I’d say 20 people total, including several children. #convoy #freedomconvoy #grifters
Would love to know the convo these 2 officers had when she left.
Plenty of support for her boyfriend on her vehicle. And thanks for some lady named Christine.
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If you have struggled to understand the "#Convoy" folks, if you cannot believe there are still ppl FIRMLY behind #Trump45 in the USA.. if all of this crap terrifies you because it seems like hypnosis might be at play..

Read this :…
In a nutshell - this explains better than any CBC political panell, any folks the Sunday talk shows and all that, why @PierrePoilievre (Pepe Polyester) cannot , I repeat CANNOT lead the #CPC or ever get within a million miles of the Office of PM.
It outlines the game, they play, these authoritarian lying leaders with a side of fascism .. it explains why and how it works on a segment of the populace. Sadly, I didn't see it explain how to deal with them. BUT, making #Trump, Pepe and others criminals is a start.
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@KyivIndependent (1/x)
Heartbreaking Thread 💔

Two Ukrainian women from #Mariupol have been guests of my family since the day before yesterday. Sad news from relatives in the surrounded town last night. People are dying because they lack drugs like #insulin and food. The #Russians
@KyivIndependent (2/x)

are no longer allowing #aid supplies into the city. Anyone who tries to help will be shot at. The husband and father of the two only ate a single potato yesterday. You can only pay in cash in the few shops, but the banks no longer have cash.
@KyivIndependent (3/x)
Both women who are our guests realized last night that their father and husband has no chance of surviving and will soon die if no help comes. The daughter (30) tries not to show anything. The mother (50) could hardly eat anything because she
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We had such a great turnout for Community Solidarity London's rally in support of healthcare workers today.

Unfortunately we were confronted by another #FreeDumbConvoy, but most problematically, confronted by the #ldnont police. A 🧵
Our amazing speakers, like @DirkaProut seen here, spoke about the need to support the healthcare workers on the front lines, while a stationary group of #convoy protesters nearby heckled "bullshit!"
We turned our attn to the road, encouraging drivers to honk in solidarity for healthcare workers and pro-science initiatives, in an effort to take back the narrative from the #ConvoyForFreedom2022, which has filled our streets with cries for anti-science, anti-democratic action
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Time for follow up on the thread re: La Crete Chamber sending a bus to #Ottawa on February 13 well after it was known the protest was not peaceful or lawful, with plans to meet with their MP @ArnoldViersen


#freedomconvoy22 #RamRanchResistance
Andrew F, who was on the bus, updated the Chamber's posts about their timeline and also the group had a "very good meeting" with MP @ArnoldViersen. This was on Feb. 17, after #Ontario declared a state of emergency and the #EmergenciesAct was in place.

#OttawaOccupation #Ottawa
Their MP wasn't the only "famous face" they met; Barbie H, who appears to also be part of the La Crete Chamber group from her posts on the Mackenzie County Freedom Rally 2022 Facebook Group, is pictured here with #OttawaSiege organizers Danny Bulford and Chris Barber.

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The scene is dramatically different one block west at Bank and Sparks. Many police stand with their batons ready. The loosely assembled crowd fills most of the block between Sparks and Bank #cdnpoli #ottawa #convoy Image
Here’s some of the crowd, you can see tactical police trucks behind the police line #cdnpoli #ottawa #convoy
One woman waves fake flowers as she stands in front of officers #cdnpoli #ottawa #convoy ImageImageImage
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What makes the convoy different from protests that Ottawa had seen? The trucks, for sure. But more than that: while participants claimed to put pressure on the federal government, they systematically harassed, targeted, and put pressure on residents. #Ottawa #convoy 1/x
It is one thing to put pressure on political authorities, which will have collateral effects on citizens. But what we have seen is the harassment of residents with the purpose of swaying the government. You protest those in power, not your neighbours. This has never been okay. 2/
The convoy blurred the boundaries between “Ottawa” as the metaphor for government and the actual central neighborhoods and residents, many of them racialized and/or 2SLGBTQ. The harassment targeted residents but was also meant to send a message to the government. 3/4
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Pat King live right now - he ran away from #Ottawa. He is out of the province and bragging that his clout - that it scared the authorities into posture and set up for him. To get ready to block him (implying they are scared)

#RamRanchResistance #RamRanch #OttawaOccupation
King says he won't be arrested and he won't be going to jail. And if he does, his lawyers are on their way already and he will be out.

He's telling Ottawa to hold the line. But he abandoned it.

#RamRanchResistance #RamRanch #OttawaOccupation #FluTruxKlan
Says he knows a "certain" senator who is going to investigate the financial freezes, account freezes, etc.

How can people still support this guy? He literally abandon the post and is willing to let everyone else take the fall. What a coward.

#PatKingIsACoward #RamRanch
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Peaceful hippie freedom fighters, or dangerous far-right extremists? A collection of screenshots of reports of violence, abuse and threats from the Wellington protest.

TW: verbal abuse, homophobia, death threats, antisemitism

#Wellington #Convoy2022NZ #Clownvoynz #GoHome ImageImage
First of all, I want to draw attention to this quote. Not everyone at the protest is the same or for the same reason, sure.

But then, there is also this quote: Image
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As I see most trucks are from Alberta. It is definitely, Kenny is provoking behind the (Fake Trucker) AKA Truckers Convoy. Ottawa also occupied by these too. #Convoy2022 #convoy #ottawaseige
cc: @jayrunham for pictures

@vote4robgill @ItsDeanBlundell @CarymaRules @ryanlindley
Rugged Transport Ltd (Alberta)
Clearwater Trucking corp. (Alberta)
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There are a lot of not so great legal takes circulating on the possible deployment of the CAF in response to the various #convoy protests. Before clearing up the law, let me just say that my intent is in no way to support the deployment of the CAF, I'm just here to educate.
First- there are two applicable provisions under National Defence Act for dom ops.
1) s. 275, in the wake of anticipated riot or disturbance of the peace that is beyond the powers of the civil authorities to suppress, prevent, or deal with the prov AG can request CAF assistance.
Once request made, the CDS, subject to any directions from MND and in consultation with the affected provinces, shall call out those parts of the CF necessary to suppress or prevent any riot or disturbance.
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46. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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