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Thread: 14 May 2022: Day 80 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
It might not be completely finished yet—#Russia still has positions in the area—but as of 13 May #Ukraine has clearly defeated the Russians around #Kharkiv, and the complete eviction of Russian troops retreating toward the border is only a matter of time.
Reports that #Israel will send Blue Spear anti-ship missiles to #Ukraine (via Estonia)
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1) Two+ weeks of violence in #Shingal—following the Iraqi army mobilizing to force-implement the Sinjar Agreement—recently ended. Time for a THREAD on the reasons why the #Sinjar Agreement was unworkable from its inception, and why its implementation will harm the #Yazidi people.
2) Recap—In the past month: Masrour visited Erdogan; Turkey then subsequently launched a new anti-PKK campaign in Iraq ; Kadhimi simultaneously ordered the Iraqi army to mobilize against the #YBŞ, which produced two weeks of hostilities; thousands of #Yazidis were displaced; >
3) Iraq imprisoned two foreign journalists visiting Sinjar; Iran-aligned militias shelled the Turkish military base near Ba‘shiqa & Erbil-based oil installations; Kadhimi appointed Nineveh’s governor as acting head of Sinjar District and then reversed the appointment.
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Türkiye'nin '#gizlianayasası' Batı'yı büyük bir tehdit olarak tanımlamış olabilir..
Türkiye'nin üst düzey iç güvenlik şefi, #KırmızıKitap veya #Türkiye'nin “gizli anayasası” olarak adlandırılan oldukça gizli bir politika belgesinde, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri de dahil olmak üzere Batı'nın büyük bir ulusal güvenlik tehdidi olarak adlandırıldığını ima etti.
İçişleri Bakanı Süleyman Soylu, 23 Mart 2022'de İslamcı yayın kuruluşu TVNet'e verdiği röportajda , "Milli Güvenlik Politika Belgesi" (MGSB) resmi adı olan Kırmızı Kitap'ın, temel değerler olarak nitelendirdiği değerlere göre yeniden yazıldığını söyledi.
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On Monday (18/04/2022) #Turkey 🇹🇷 launched #OperationClawLock in North Iraq 🇮🇶 (KRG/KRI) against #PKK facilities.

What’s the context behind this military activity?

▶️ Terror, energy & geopolitics ◀️


[10-point thread🧵] . . .
1️⃣ KRG @masrour_barzani met @RTErdogan this weekend to discuss 🇹🇷’s military operation and gas exportation (🇮🇶>🇹🇷&🇪🇺)

Yesterday Barzani visited London. He seeks purchasing guarantees, investment & reassurances against Iran 🇮🇷/PKK, as both are against the exportation of Iraq gas.
2️⃣ The 🇹🇷 operation aims to eliminate PKK strongholds, incl. training camps and ammunition/storage facilities in Zap, Avasin, Metina & Basyan. KRG Peshmerga support it and 🇹🇷 uses drones, land-to-air and limited ground troops. For the moment, it’s not engaging Sinjar nor Kandil.
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Thread: 15 April 2022: Day 51 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
A protest outside #Russia's Embassy in #Estonia, clearly directed against the Russian army's use of rape as a weapon of war in #Ukraine.
#Putin's propaganda has domestically done its work: there is a mass-rejection of claims about Russian war crimes, the "Z" and "V" symbols and a stay-the-course attitude have been embraced by enough people, and neither casualties nor economic pain dissuade.
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Iran via #Iraq deployed many dozens Warcraft( stuff to us in war like missiles launchers rocket+drone & jets to #DeirEzzor #Homs after the #Russians reduced it’s troops here & at same times dozens of loyal #Resistance from #عراق joins #IRGC here & #Russia wants to keep pressure
Russia wants to keep it’s pressures on zionizt fake state to not be involved in Ukraine!!

That’s the best option to masterpiece minds #Putin!

Tsw #Russian out of #Homs #DeirEzzor & if isrhell airstrikes #IRGC than #Iran ll answer

Why Iran not wish to finish #Idlib? Continues
Coz #Sultan_Erdogan ll be happy if #IRGC & #SAA #Hezbollah #AAH #Nujuba #Fatemiyoun getting to have clashes w #ypg #pkk servants of zionizt + #uk #usa but #Turkey not wish see it’s #al_qaeda /#hts #isis getting to be injured😂

Also Iran #Syria wants to face🇺🇸 in #Hadskah! CNTU
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#Putin's invasion of #Ukraine has thrown a spanner into the #Russia-#Turkey relationship.

That offers the U.S. (& NATO) an opportunity to explore avenues for improving ties with #Ankara -- far from straightforward, but it's an opening.

For #Syria policy, this could be vital.
War in #Ukraine will have extremely negative impact on the humanitarian situation in #Syria -- and #Russia is now more likely than ever to veto cross-border aid access in July.

Any alternative plans will be dead in the water, without #Turkey playing a central role. We need that.
The #Biden admin appears to already be preparing for a possible severing of X-border aid access -- in part by seeking to provide a full sanctions waiver to NE & NW #Syria.

But we'll also need a massive #Turkey-based aid effort to fill [some of] the gap resulting from a UN veto.
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#Singapore, #Japan, and #Taiwan joining the Western effort to sanction #Russia for the assault on #Ukraine…
Details on the #NATO (re)deployments to cope with the fallout from #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Details on #Ukraine's reservist mobilisation: far from complete (since that would require martial law), but still of a scale that it will take weeks to complete ... and the assault on the capital is days away at most
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Made a mess of these threads. Integrating them here
#Ukraine's President Zelensky said a few hours ago he is still going to Germany tomorrow for the Munich Security Conference. Whether this is supposed to promote calm or what is unclear; it's a hell of a time for him to leave his capital.
President #Biden just said in his White House address that the US believes the #Russians will invade #Ukraine in the next few days and "they will target Ukraine's capital, Kiev". Image
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Finché Abdullah Öcalan resterà in prigione nessuna persona al mondo può considerarsi libera. Nemmeno tu.


Oggi #12Febbraio in piazza:
#Roma 14:30 Pza Esquilino
#Milano 14:00 Lgo Cairoli

#TwitterKurds #FREEAPO #Kurdistan
video 1/2
Visita il sito…
👆video completo su

#TwitterKurds #Kurdistan #Öcalan
video parte 2/2 👇

Il concentramento a piazza Esquilino comincia ad affollarsi.

La manifestazione per la liberazione di #Öcalan e la rimozione del #PKK dalla lista delle organizzazioni terroristiche su muoverà fra poco.

#TwitterKurds #FREEAPO #Kurdistan #freeÖcalan #FreePKK #RiseUp4Rojava
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Tensions rapidly escalating between the #SDF & #Turkey.

- Overnight #TSK strikes on #PKK in #Iraq & NE #Syria, killed combatant & civilians.

= #SDF shelling barrage killed 9 civilians & wounded 30 in al-Bab this AM.

= SNA retaliatory shelling

= #SDF accusing US of complicity.
The U.S. considers the #PKK a designated terrorist organization and *does* share intelligence & coordinate with #Turkey on countering the #PKK -- in #Syria, #Iraq & #Turkey.

As a member of the #PKK network, that places the #SDF in a very awkward place -- and @CJTFOIR too.
@CJTFOIR The #SDF's decision to shell from NE #Syria cross-border into #Turkey today -- targeting #Cizre was a serious escalation.

One #TSK soldier was killed in that attack -- and #Ankara has long determined cross-border attacks to be a thick red line.

Escalatory spiral well underway.
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Örgütün son bir yıldaki hedeflerinin açıklayıcı bir tablosu:
PKK Hapishaneleri Hakkında Bilgi:
Grubun yaklaşık 12.000 üyesi sekiz hapishanede tutuluyor: Hasaka'daki Goiran ve El SİNAA, Şadadi'deki Balgar Kampı ve Şaddadiya, El Malikia'daki Derek, Deir ez-Zor'daki El Kasra, Rumailan'daki Ramlan, Rakka'nın merkezi.
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Suriye'deki Bu harektlilikte elimizden geldiği kadar anlık haber akışı yapacağız ...
Rejime ait askeri konvoy Afrin bölgesine doğru ilerleyor..
Konvoyun güzergahı Image
Esed rejimi PKK yı korumak için kendini parçalıyor .
#Esed Rejimine ait askeri konvoyun
#Minbij bölgesine doğru ilerleyişi sürüyor .
Esed birliklerini sağa sola kaydırıyor .
Daha önce Bir haftada elindeki envanterin yüzde 25ini kaybetmiş idi . #İran ve #Rusya takviye yaptı . Image
Haberleri hergun aynı twet serisinde yayinlayarak haberleri arşivlemek istiyorum .
Sayfalarınızı bu şekilde rahatsız edebilirim şimdiden özür dilerim
#gencöncü #suriye #haleb #idlib
#arsivdedursun ,.
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Je voulais faire un petit retour sur une enquête publiée il y a 2semaines dans @LePoint sur les activités des services de renseignement turcs (MIT) en Europe et ds le monde. Enquête passée un peu sous les radars malgré des infos inédites sur des affaires importantes.
Un article détaille témoignages inédits à l'appui, la traque mondiale lancée par le MIT contre les gülénistes. Les opérations d'"empaquetage", terme consacré, se sont multipliées, du Khirgizstan au Kenya, en passant par Malaisie, Maroc ou la Suisse.…
Le MIT a identifié 4600 membres de l'org dite #FETÖ à l'étranger. Pour les rapatrier, la Turquie utilise incitations et pressions et en cas de blocage n'hésite pas à passer à l'action. Depuis 2016, 115 personnes ont été ramenées de force de 33 pays. Politique assumée par Ankara.
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1. Is Joey Hood trying to complete a #Daesh genocide of the Yazidi? What specific terrorist acts have #PKK committed in Sinjar? They are at most a separatist group engaged in a Turkish civil war for…‘Future-is-bright’-for-US-Kurdish-relations
2. over 40 years. The idea that the #KRG government will protect the Yazidi who they abandoned to #Daesh is absurd. This statement is going to give license to the Turks to attack more hospitals and refugee camps like yesterday's attack and they give license to the Turks
3. to kill our #SDF partners who, because they are Kurds, are all considered fair game by Ankara and apparently by the @SecBlinken @StateDept. IMO complicity in these political assassinations are EO 12,333 violations that can have people like Hood, @CENTCOM McKenzie and
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Heftige #Waldbrände wüten quer durch den europäischen Kontinent bis hin an den Ural und in den östlichen Mittelmeerraum.
Spanien, Italien, Griechenland, Türkei, Russland - von überall kommen ähnliche Bilder.
In 🇬🇷, 🇹🇷 und 🇮🇹 spricht man von gezielter Brandstiftung.
Zur Erinnerung.
Zunächst waren die Brände besonders in der Türkei heftig und sorgten für Aufmerksamkeit.
Das Land bekam Hilfe aus aller Welt.
Früh wurde dort auch erklärt, dass in den meisten Fällen Brandstiftung die Hauptursache sei
Mehr dazu hier👇
Nun wurde gezielte Brandstiftung auch in #Italien als die Hauptursache für die Feuer erklärt. Viele Brandherde an der italienischen Adria seien gelegt worden. Die vielen gleichzeitigen Brandausbrüche deuten auf geplante menschliche Aktion hin, so die Behörden.
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1. As I predicted #Taliban are murdering the people who teach girls. This is clearly terrorism and the @StateDept and @WhiteHouse must move to re-list the Taliban as a FTO. If the measure is that they are not directly threatening an attack on the US, then why is the
2. #PKK listed? Taliban terrorizes civilians. The PKK is supported by the civilian population in Northern Kurdistan and along Iraqi border. Turkish occupation forces are the party conducting what could be defined under US law as terrorist operations in Kurdistan not the PKK.
3. The use of the listing process for political expedience IMO voids every charge under FTO listings because it is used as a mechanism to advance US policy goals and not a legitimate definition of an element of a criminal offense. It is used to impair first amendment rights of US
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Macht sich die #Bundesregierung zum Büttel der #Türkei?

Einer #Linken-Delegation wurde durch die #Bundespolizei eine Reise nach #Erbil (#Irak) untersagt, weil „das Ansehen der Bundesrepublik im Ausland“ durch die Teilnehmenden beschädigt hätte werden können. /TN #CSU #Seehofer
Die Delegation wollte sich vor Ort über die Militäraktionen der #Türkei in dem von #Kurden kontrollierten Gebiet eine Übersicht machen.

Verschiedene Medien spekulieren darüber, dass dies eine direkte Anordnung aus Ankara an die #Bundesregierung war. /TN
Die Pressemeldung der @bpol_nrw findet ihr zur Vollständigkeit hier:… /TN
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وزارت دفاع ترکیه، رسما کشته شدن یک نفر در پادگان حومه #بعشیقة (در استان نینوی واقع در شمال عراق) را تأیید کرد.

علاوه بر آن، برخی منابع خبری از زخمی شدن حداقل یک عراقی خبر می‌دهند. (قابل تأیید نیست)

حمله به پایگاه ترکیه، رویداد بسیار مهمی است.


پیش‌تر برخی چهره‌های مقاومت «قیس الخزعلی» و «نصر الشمری» ترکیه را تهدید کرده بودند؛
اما اقدام عملی علیه آنکارا، بی‌سابقه است.

بی‌سابقه از این منظر که به صورت مستقیم می‌تواند معادلات منطقه را دستخوش تغییر سازد.
این مسأله را به صورت کوتاه در این #رشتو بررسی می‌کنیم.

یکی از ابعاد مهم در مسأله «خروج/اخراج نظامیان آمریکایی از عراق» مسأله عملیات ارتش #ترکیه در شمال عراق علیه #pkk است.

به هر حال بخشی از شمال عراق در سیطره (اشغال) ترکیه قرار دارد و «دولت بغداد»، «اربیل»، «مقاومت (عراق)» و «pkk» هر کدام مواضع خود را دارند...

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How does #humantrafficker #KavehSaqzi smuggle Iranians over the border, to #PKK/#PJAK's #Qandil? @IKHRW_members unraveled the mystery!

Thread + link 2 article 🔻🔻…
In 2020, IKHRW found out that a gang affiliated with #PJAK/#PKK terrorist group was running a complex network for the deception & transfer of Iranian youth to #Qandil. Kaveh Saqzi turned out the focul point, deceiving teenagers & children, transfers them to PJAK camps.
According to intel received, in December 2019, Kaveh Saqzi provided to 15 Kurdish teenagers, false & confusing information about traveling to Europe for study/work in #KRG, but in fact deceived & transferred them to the #PKK/#PJAK camps in the mountains. Some were able to return.
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- Attaques violentes et arrestations, la France est-elle au service du fascisme islamiste turc ? -

#Macron #Erdogan #DiplomatieAutoritaire #Répression #LeBruitDesBottes #TwitterKurds
2 actus qui se télescopent : d’un côté la chasse aux sorcières islamophobe du gvt, qui recycle et institue les vieilles thématiques d’extrême-droite, de l’autre côté une collaboration active avec le régime d’Erdogan, oppresseur des populations kurdes et véritable allié de Daesh.
Ces derniers temps, les équipes diplomatiques françaises et turques ont travaillé à une normalisation des relations entre les 2 pays. Point culminant de cette «normalisation» : des représentants de l’UE seront aujourd’hui à Ankara pour rencontrer Erdogan.…
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⚠️A prosecutor filed a case with the Constitutional Court in order to demand the closure of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (#HDP).

‼️ Here are the HDP's organic ties to #PKK terrorist organization:
1⃣Faysal Sariyildiz, a former member of parliament of #HDP, was caught transporting guns to the #PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), a militant group listed as a #terrorist organization by Turkey, the #US, the #EU and #NATO.
2⃣Nuran Imir, an MP of #HDP, was monitored while she was taking a #PKK member's phone from his pocket in order to obfuscate evidence:
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My @iraqoilreport interview with @LahurTalabany, on oil, Iran & Kurdish sovereignty:
"Iraq is the last security belt for Iran, so Iran will never let go. They can let go of Lebanon [...] they can let go of Yemen & Syria. But Iraq, they cannot let go."…
"In the past, we used to think that this oil would bring us a state, would make Kurdistan into a state. We know this is not the case now. It backfired on us."…
On dysfunction within Kurdistan Regional Security Council, due to "personal issues", esp on Syria. We had a fallout over what should be done in Syria – whether we should help the Kurds in Syria or not, whether we should dig the trenches we did or not."…
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#BREAKING Erdogan accuses US of backing 'terrorists' in Iraq
#UPDATE President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday accused the United States of siding with "terrorists" after blaming outlawed Kurdish militants of executing 13 Turks in northern Iraq
#BREAKING Turkey summons US envoy over response to Turkish deaths in Iraq
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