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#dkbk /angst with happy ending/ nsfw

Deku broke up with Katsuki.
They were older now, 25, Deku was now the same build of All Might in his prime. Katsuki’s build was impressive but no where near Deku’s, the sunshine smiled boyish freckled face was still there.. just more manly.
Deku was the no.1 Hero, Katsuki was second, and their friend Todoroki was 3rd.

At senior graduation at UA, Deku confessed to Katsuki underneath a blooming sakura tree. Deku had his eyes squeezed shut, red as a tomato, when he didn’t hear anything his heart dropped.
He opened one eye, like when a scene in a horror movie is too much to bear but you Need to know what happens next. And Bakugou was blushing and his feline like ruby eyes were wide, to anyone else he would look angry, but Deku knew this was Bakugou’s surprised expression.
To keep Deku from looking at his embarrassing expression, Bakugou grabbed the then scrawny teen by the tie and smashed his lips against the others.

They had dated ever since.
Now as adults, Bakugou felt both incredibly aroused by Deku at his prime and irritated as fuck. Deku was both his boyfriend but still his biggest rival.

They were older now, Katsuki was more mature, but he couldnt help but snap at Deku at times or belittle him. He needed to-
Feel more powerful, looking up at his huge but cute boyfriend made his heart beat funny, he often tried to shove or punch at Deku’s chest but the Man was so strong now it was like a kitten pawing.

Deku talked to his best friends Uraraka and Shouto about it.
They said that just because Deku was physically strong didn’t mean this didn’t hurt him psychologically. He shouldn’t let Bakugou keep belittling him like when they were kids. Enough was enough. Deku couldn’t help but agree with a nervous smile, eyes averted.
Katsuki scoffed when Deku gave him an ultimatum. The berd said the next time he belittled him they’d break up. Yeah right. They’ve always been a constant in each other’s lives, Deku has always been looking at Katsuki, following him. His faithfulness was unbreakable.
Katsuki felt pride in that, that Deku has always been His. No matter how weak or strong, Deku was always weak for Katsuki. Even when Katsuki let Deku top for the first time a few years back, his voice was still as needy as he whined “Kacchan, Kacchan” over and over again.
But Katsuki felt shame. Everytime Deku fucked him he felt like he was losing in a way. Would keep his voice back, bite Deku’s shoulder hard, looked away from him as Deku spread his legs and entered him. But his leaking cock gave him away, it felt so so good when Deku devoured him
His body loved and wanted to be dominated by his childhood love, but his psyche was still resisting. Hell, he Still hasn’t said I Love You to the nerd. Deku seemed to accept his love in different forms though, like how he always prepares meals for Deku or takes care of him-
the idiot when he’s overworked himself and needs to fuckin rest already. He thought Deku accepted him like this. Which is why, he didn’t take the ultimatum seriously. Which is why he let petty jealousy for Deku’s long time friendship with Shouto, bring the relationship to -
A breaking point.

In his heart he knew Deku would Never cheat on him. But even in highschool he hated how Shouto only seemed to smile when Deku talked to him. Could be patient and soft with Deku the way Bakugou himself never could be. I mean, Todoroki pretty much forced -
Bakugou to be friends with him too, but it didnt mean Bakugou didn’t get jealous every now and then.

So when he sees a picture of Deku holding An unconscious Todoroki, a fuckin explosion behind them like a cheesy action movie, with Deku lookin so damn Worried about half n half-
Katsuki may or may not. Lose it.

When Deku comes home with a grocery bag and some fresh cuts on his face, Katsuki pretty nuch charges up to Deku and shoves the magazine in the freckled Man’s face.

“What the fuck is this?”
🍀Tbc 💥
Deku gently puts the groceries down and picks the magazine up from the ground. He sees the picture and rolls his eyes, taking the magazine and grocery bag with him to plop on the kitchen counter. Katsuki has his arms crossed, heavy grimace and teeth bared. Deku exasperatedly-

“Todoroki overspent his quirk and passed out from inhaling too much of the Villain’s smoke. I caught him midair and was worried about him. Kacchan, I’m really tired and don’t wanna fight.”
Deku starts putting away vegetables and fruits into the refrigerator.
Katsuki slaps a tangerine out of Deku’s hand and crowds in Deku’s space. Yelling up at him,

“How come you two are always sharing missions together then? I feel like anytime I’m away you’re with that fuckin half and half bastard! You think just because you’re no.1-
Right now you can be screwing around however you want?”

Deku sighed, picking yp the tangerine and giving up on putting the groceries away to look down at Katsuki and smile softly. Maybe he could still salvage the evening, though he didn’t know why Katsuki would think there was-
anything going on between him and Shouto.

“Kacchan please, he’s one of my closest friends. Has been since highschool. He’s your friend too isn’t he? I don’t know why you get like this about him sometimes. Why don’t we just have dinner and-“ Katsuki scoffs,
“So now you’re trying to make me look crazy or somethin, asshole?” Katsuki didnt know why he couldn’t let it drop, why he felt so uncomfortable seeing that picture, why he felt so weird and uneasy. So he kept yelling as Deku sat down at their kitchen table.
“Yeah maybe this shit has been going on since back then! You think youre some hot shot with All Mights power, looking like him even now. I bet he’d be disappointed with you, whoring for the media, whoring around-“ A rumble breaks his angry rant, static in the air.
Deku’s voice is, is Deep, and the anger shocks Katsuki into a small pupilled stupor.

“Enough. You’ve gone too far.”
Deku rises slowly from his chair, eyes glowing green and deadly electric, Katsuki only knows this face from when Deku faces villains. So what did that make Katsuki?
Deku looks him straight in the eyes, Emerald to Ruby, no stuttering, his voice like thunder.
“I’m done.”

Katsuki feels his heart in his throat, a cold and feverish feeling shaking him at his core. He can’t even say anything as he watches Deku go into their bedroom, throw some clothes and his toothbrush in a gym bag, and head for the front door. But he won’t beg -
he Can’t beg Deku to stay. Deku can’t be serious. Can he? Fury overwhelms Katsuki,blinds everything red at the thought of Deku leaving him,he’s consumed by the fire that’s possessed him since he was born. He screams,


Deku stops. But then shuts the door behind.
It doesn’t become real until the next day, Uraraka shows up at the door to pick up Deku’s belongings. It was awkward. Bakugou clicked his tongue and told Uraraka to do whatever the fuck she wanted. When his stuff was gone, Deku’s scent still Lingered. It was everywhere.
He tries to go on as many missions as possible, trying not to be home, two weeks pass and Kirishima takes his best friend out for a drink. Bakugou unravels, drunk, and a total mess. After he spilled what had happened, though Kirishima had already overheard the breakup from -
Kaminari’s impeccable gossip, Kirishima tells Bakugou.

“You were jealous.” Bakugou stares dumbly at the redhead, his cheek against the bar counter. Kirishima continues, “Deku is leaving to America. Kaminari told me. He’s leaving tomorrow. You need to say sorry, -
Its the manly thing to do.” Bakugou rolls his eyes but stays quiet, he knows Kirishima is right.

But as if fate was laughing at him, when he shows up at the airport, Todoroki is there. They sit next to eachother as they wait for Deku to arrive awkwardly, well,
Awkward for Bakugou. Seems like Deku didn’t tell Shouto about the breakup because Todoroki just smiles softly at Katsuki and talks about the delvious soba he had for lunch.

When Deku arrives, he can see the dread in Deku’s features for but a second, and a fake smile -
tears across that beautiful handsome freckled face.

“Hello shouto kun, Hellow Bakugou san.”

Bakugou’s speech evaporates in his mouth like ash. The speech he had wrote all last night, rehearsed in the mirror getting ready, rehearsed in the car getting here, rehearsed-
this whole time in his head while sitting next to half and half. Its gone, and only arctic emptiness rattles through him, he pouts unknowingly up at Deku. Deku tries to stay strong, that pout tugging at his heart, and turns around to leave and go through security clearance.
Deku had tried to get drunk, but was so enormous now that is was actually impossible. He had to be stopped by Uraraka much more than one time over the two weeks they’d been apart. He was stating over at her house and decided to take up an offer to finish a mission-
overseas in America to get him through the breakup and give distance between him and the blonde. He needed to respect himself, he wouldn’t let Katsuki and his cute pout and sad eyes and the heart crushing look when he’d said ‘Bakugou san’ ruin the effort he’d put in.
Deku cries on the flight nevertheless.

Todoroki looks at Bakugou and whispers, “do you think he has a concussion? Maybe a quirk hurt his memory? Why did he call you -“ Bakugou gets up and shouts,

“SHUT THE FUCK UP TODOROKI.” and storms out of the startled airport.
Shouto was oblivious, but when he hears Bakugou call him ‘Todoroki’ instead of Half n Half, he knows somethings up. Bakugou only called him by his name when they were in a serious situation, in the middle of battle, and knows something happened between Deku and Katsuki.
A month goes by. Katsuki is Miserable. Sheer rage at Deku betraying him, for leaving him, is what gets him through half of the month. But then the absence of Deku, the only person he’s loved or ever Could love, becomes so apparent its like a bullet hole in his chest he can’t-
ignore any longer. No amount of missions or drinking or exercise can burn out the agony of this heart break. When he finds a large Ground Zero sock behind the washinng machine in the laundry room, that clearly belongs to Deku, he loses it.
He stuffs it in his black sweatpants, throws a black tanktop on, and gets in his car and drives to the airport. He buys a ticket there to the soonest flight to New York, and his hands sweat profusely as he sits and bobs his knee anxiously in the airplane.
He doesn’t sleep the entire flight. And its a long fuckin flight. He can only think of what to say to Deku, his thoughts so loud he thinks he might start muttering to himself like crazy stupid Izuku. When he Finally lands, he calls the US hero agency and uses his own hero status-
To find out Dekus apartment adress. Katsuki’s English is a little rusty but still pretty good, he’s able to catch a cab and tell the driver where to go. He inwardly pats himself on the back for getting an A+ in English back in highschool. He throws cash at the cabbie,-
probably way too much but who gives a fuck, and runs up the stairs to Deku’s nice white paint chic apartment building. He’s too impatient for the elevator and runs the three flights of stairs in a sprint. He pants as he bangs his fist at Deku’s apartment, thinking he might-
Dent the damn steel door with his worn big knuckles, it only occuring to him that Deku might not even be home. He hears a voice from behind hin, The voice, the voice he’s dreamnt of so many nights, the voice that is his home.

Deku is too shocked at seeing Katsuki at his American apartment to use anything other than what he has called him since they were children. Katsuki is in complete disarray, spiky soft blonde hair so disheveled it reminded him of his own chaotic curls.
Dark circles under his eyes that reminded him of Shibsou Hitoshi’s, has Katsuki not been sleeping properly? Katsuki only has his pajamas on? Whats going on??

Katsuki pinches his lips, all of those explosive and painful feelings and yearning, the love overflowing, all of them -
Spill out from his quivering lips, eyes brimming with tears already. Deku looks good, just a stupid T shirt that says “bathing suit” in katakana, and jeans but, god he’s so devastatingly handsome. But he looks tired at closer look. He’s holding fucking groceries, Katsuki hopes-
This won’t end up like last time and starts out with a wavery raspy voice looking up at a slowly approaching Deku.

“I was jealous, okay? I was fucking jealous. Cuz its so easy for Half n Half to be nice, be nice to you, and you guys get along so Easily. And I’m, I’m me,
Which is fuckin awesome but maybe not, not so great when it comes to talking and shit. And i know, I know you’ve never cheated, you would never, you’re too Good for that. I just, I guess I just wanted you to hurt the way I was hurting. I wanted us to be even, I didn’t like -
the way I felt so - so” Katsuki scrunches his eyes shut and shouts, his fists going white knuckled,” insecure! And I’ve been jealous of you being no.1, and thats not even your fuckin fault. Youre so annoying and fucking nice about it, you never brag, like I would.
And I - I cant take it anymore Deku. Everything still smells like you, your face is everywhere i look! On billboards, on magazines, buses, trains, online, in my fucking sleep! Your eyes! Your smile! Your stupid freckles! I don’t have a home anymore because of you!”
Deku’s face is tearing up as well, all the words he wanted to hear finally being said by Katsuki. The truth is, he had felt the same. Couldn’t escape the blonde, everything in him always pining to reunite with him. Distance wasn’t working, nothing was working.
He drops the groceries and holds Katsuki in his arms, and suddenly Katsuki feels so small and vulnerable, even when he obviously isn’t but right now. It feels like the man is shattering before him, and Deku can’t take it. He could never stand seeing Katsuki crumble.
Katsuki clutches to his arms, starting to sob, they both breathe in eachother and feel Right. Deku squeezes Katsuki harder, Katsuki continues his ranting with wet tears staining Dekus shirt.

“I needed to come home. I needed you. I love you, Deku. -
Don’t ever fucking stop calling me Kacchan, or I’ll,” Deku pulls back to look down at Katsuki, brushing away Katsukis tears as the blonde pouts and whimpers hoarsely, “I’ll kill you.” Deku just nods and gives his genuine sunshine smile that melts all the pain in Katsuki,
Like spring. Katsuki goes on his tippy toes and kisses Deku, they both moan into the kiss, both crying, both happy. Deku doesnt realize he’s left his grocers in the apartment hallway as they stumble inside and take their clothes off, Katsuki laying back on the bed eagerly.
Katsuki barely took his surroundings in, they had barely kept their lips apart and he’d been led into the bedroom whilst walking backwards.

Deku takes his huge T shirt off with one hand from the back, Katsuki peels his own tanktop off and licks his lips at the sight of -
The incredible form and tower of muscle Deku has sculpted into. Those freckles sprinkled around pale taut skin like constellations, Deku blushes at the way Katsuki salivates up at him. He bends over Katsuki slowly, letting the blonde fingers trail up his honed abs.
Then up his chest to his jaw to pull him down to a desperate huffing hot kiss. Deku pulls off Bakugous sweats, Bakugou kicks them off, their kiss deep and tender, brows knitted with passion, at times eyes open so Katsuki can explain how much he’s missed Deku with his gaze.
Deku reaches over and pulls off the lotion off his nightstand, and pumps a small puddle of lotion into his palm. Katsuki whines,
“Hurry the fuck up, need you, hurry Deku.” Deku’s whole body shivers at Katsuki’s new clinginess, how vocal he’s being, and it stirs something dark-
in him. Katsuki has always led sex, even when he bottomed Deku always respectfully did what Katsuki asked and felt like he was leashed to Katsuki’s wants. Katsuki never really allowed Deku to see him weak, only showed what he thought Deku deserved. But now?
Deku revels in how pliant Katsuki is to his touch, to his presence. Spreads Katsuki’s legs like Katsuki is His. Stuffs a thick scarred finger in his tiny pink hole without asking, eyes hooded and dark green as he looks down at Katsuki throw his head back and loudly moans.
He admires Bakugou’s beauty, the sweat on sun kissed smooth skin, light golden eyelashed closed shut in pleasure, wet kiss swollen lips parted and heaving as Deku adds one finger after another. Katsuki’s hands grip onto Dekus powerful forearms, his legs wide open and wanton.
Deku’s voice thunders,

“Things are going to be different now Kacchan. You’re gonna give me-“ Deku purposefully rubs his fingners around Katsuki’s prostate at this moment, causing Katsuki’s eyes to burst open and lean forward, “the respect I deserve.” Deku whispers in -
Katsuki’s ear. He feels Katsuki nod slowly, he pulls his head back and rests his forehead against the blonde. Withdrawing his fingers he relishes the shakey breath that escapes Katsuki, Katsuki pouts and whispers with a face a dark shade of pink.

“Okay..just. Fuckin,put it in”
Deku smiles, but its sadistic and small, his voice syrupy and sweet as he asks,

“Put /what/ in, Kacchan?”

Deku was still a little pissed and wanted to punish Katsuki a little. He’d bever felt strong enough to really get to play with Katsuki like this, so he took advantage of-
the situation. Katsuki bared his teeth and clicked his tongue, eyes looked to the side annoyedly. He took a deep breath, then leaned back onto a pillow to cover his face with an arm in embarrassment.
Your cock... Put your cock in me Deku...” Katsuki but his lip, thought he’d Die from shame. What was with this side of Deku all of a sudden? And why was it making him so hard it Hurt. Deku can barely handle how cute Katsuki is being, he’s already at his limit, his heart but also-
his body had been craving the blonde so so much. Teasing was fun and all, but he really couldn’t wait to be connected to the love of his life again.

Deku removes Katsuki’s arm, pinning it with his left hand. Katsuki looks up at Deku, vulnerable. Deku looks happy and miserable -
, green eyes shining with emotion, and he commands softly.

“I want to see you. Everything.” And its so sweetly said Bakugou can only scowl and let himself be exposed completely to Deku. Shuddering at the sight of Deku’s huge cock bouncing out of the confines of -
faded Basketball shorts. Both men have their hearts beating like crazy, the touch between them glowing and scalding. Bakugou stares directly into Deku’s intense gaze as his cock enters and stretches him. Bakugou cries out as it slides in and impales him fully,
he’s given up trying to hide how he feels. He never wants to lose Deku again, tears spilling down his face as a violent orgasm spikes through him and makes him see stars. Deku mutters in awe, more to himself than Katsuki.

“You came the moment I put it inside...”
Deku breaks all train of thought when Katsuki mewls gently, all glimpses of his usual angry expression melted into longing and earnest desire.

“missed you.”
He moves without thinking, removing his hold on Katsuki’s arm to place both giant hands of his on either side of Katsuki’s head, completely eclipsing the smaller muscular blonde beneath him. Bakugou yells as Deku’s thrusts unforgivingly smack into him, Dekus balls slapping-
against Bakugou’s sensitive taint. Deku looks both deadly serious and strained as he soaks in Katsuki’s loving keening, the arms wrapped tightly around his wide neck, Katsuki’s ankles hooked around his waist. Usually Deku’s the one chanting Kacchan’s name over and over,
This time its Katsuki.

They fuck like their lives depend on it, thats how it feels anyways, that they can’t live apart from another. Katsuki’s finger delve into rich verdant curls, Katsuki breathing in the smell of grassy fields and freshly cut wood.
“Deku, Deku! Ah! Hah! Deku! Ahn! Mmn! Deku, Deku, Deku!!!” Deku can’t get enough of it, his nose in the crook of Katsuki’s sweet sugary neck, sucking and marking and slamming his hips again and again like a wolf in rut.
Deku cums hard, groaning “Kacchan” and grips the covers beneath him in a vice grip as Katsuki’s ass milks his cock dry as Katsuki goes into his second orgasm. The two stay there, connected, together, sweating and sticky, but happy and at peace.
Deku leaves kisses up Katsukis neck, on his cheeks, and hums in content as Katsuki recovers from a mind blowing orgasm sleepily. Kacchan smirks with his eyes closed,

“Im so fucking tired.” Both men laugh, Deku takes his dick out and pulls Katsuki into his enormous arms.
Deku agrees, “Me too. Haven’t slept well since I left.” Katsuki goes quiet for a moment, a wave of uneasiness stirring in the air. Katsuki hides his face in Dekus chest, Deku’s arms hold Katsuki so close and safe. Katsuki murmurs,

“Don’t ever fucking do that again.”
Deku kisses the top of silky soft poof of blonde hair, and grins with a weird ecstasy emanating in his body. At the thought of Katsuki Needing him, Missing him, Appreciating him. Deku is on cloud nine.

“I promise, Kacchan.”

Katsuki stays with Deku until the mission is over.
And then the two go back to living in Japan in relative harmony. Deku didnt expect his boyfriend to stop being the grumpy arrogant powerhouse that he was, but he did expect to be treated fairly from now on. Katsuki definitely learned from his lesson, when he starts treading-
Into dangerous waters, argument wise, he shuts his mouth, and knows when to let things go or try to understand Deku’s point of view. The two end up getting married at the end of the year.

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