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This is our Hong Kong #PolicyAddress2019 thread.
#CarrieLam will begin to deliver the policy address in less than 30 minutes. She’s stated she will focus on housing and land issue, and wants the storm in #HongKong to end.
#CarrieLam plans to announce a HK$2bn subsidy to install electric car parking facilities in private estates. Happy to hear for the environment, but the public is much keener to hear what she has to say about other topics...…
“Five Demands, Not One Less!” Chant pro-democracy members in LegCo hall. After the chanting stops, the camera zooms in on legislators. Some keep to themselves, otbers chat with their neighbours. #PolicyAddress2019 #HongKong
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#NOW in Causeway Bay, a small crowd, including members of the yellow-vest Guard The Children group, are standing in shade outside Sogo. Quite a number of reporters waiting nearby, for a march that's uncertain whether will take place.
While #CarrieLam televised her vid speech, protesters filled East Point Rd in Causeway Bay, many defying #MaskBan
#NOW protesters took to westbound lanes of Hennessy Rd in Causeway Bay
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#CarrieLam's explanation for #AntiMaskLaw: a lot of people in the society support it. Other countries have similar legislation. It's not an easy decision, but it's a necessary one.
Doesn't imply the city has declared state of emergency. Purpose of the law is to restore order. #AntiMaskLaw makes exemptions for others who need to wear masks for necessary reasons. "This is a regulation and a subsidiary legislation." Law to be tabled at LegCo on 16th Oct.
Masks are banned in three situations:
1. March of >5 ppl or rally of >3 ppl approved under Public Order Ordinance
2. Unapproved rallies, illegal assemblies
3. Riots
Masks refer to anything that fully or partially cover the face and prevents identification, including paint.
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JUST IN: Legislative Council on red alert, evacuating everyone inside except designated staff.


A group of riot police just entered Legislative Council. Just caught the tail of it.
What is PLA Hong Kong Garrison up to tonight ?
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If only #Batman could rendition #CarrieLam out of #HongKong like he grabbed “Mr. Lau” via a @CIA “Sky Hook” in #TheDarkKnight.

TRIVIA: Joker burnt Lau alive atop a giant pile of money. 🔥 Reminds me of a #HKProtests motto. 🤔

Happy #BatmanDay. 🦇

… MORE TRIVIA: in #TheDarkKnight, Lau was CEO of Lau Security Investments Holdings. He wanted to partner w/ Wayne Enterprises, but #Batman & Lucius Fox were suspicious of Lau’s claims of “8% annual growth." 🤔 (Sounds like #China.)

Turns out he was a #Triads crime boss! 🤔
… EVEN MORE TRIVIA: the #HongKong building that #Batman lept off — International Finance Center 2 (IFC2) — to get to Lau’s building houses the HK Monetary Authority & HK Mortgage Corporation. 🤔

It’s almost like Batman was trying tell us something about HK’s organized crime. 😂
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Beijing Presser on HK Situation
- official define radical and violent protesters as separatists: "a small number of rioters have proven to the public with their criminal deeds that their purpose has nothing to do with the #extraditionbill. They submit themselves to external...
...forces and forces that attempt to oppose China and disturb Hong Kong. They aim to bring chaos to Hong Kong, to paralyze Hong Kong gov and eventually to seize the governing power, which means to turn Hong Kong into an independent or semi-independent political entity...
...In the name of "high degree of autonomy and HK people administering HK", they are trying to realize complete autonomy and oppose the central government, which will make one country two systems exist in name only."
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A possible theory about the whole #HK #antiELAB. I believe it’s all about money. The #ELAB, was for that purpose: /1
1. China financial health is currently under serious stress, and needs money, in the level of trillions, quick. Who has that much money #China can access? Hong Kong /2
2. Passage of #ELAB law will help China 2 arrest anyone #China like, & in the process call confiscate all their wealth. Public options believe #CCP only interested in #Xi political rivals. But if u need a lot of money and u have decided 2 support Mao policies, why stop there? /3
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1/ I am appalled and outraged by #HongKong police and their escalating violence and brutality towards peaceful protesters and journalists. I pray in particular for the young woman who was shot in her eye with a beanbag round at close range.
2/ The whole world is watching in real time. We know the truth and we will not be fooled by attempts to demonize these protesters. #HongKong authorities should not adopt mainland China’s tactics of suppression.
3/ I call on #CarrieLam to immediately begin a dialogue with protest leaders to address their legitimate grievances including withdrawing the extradition bill, ending police violence & granting universal suffrage. The only way forward is peaceful dialogue – not more violence.
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