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A community performance of Les Misérables in Mei Foo. The performers are musicians who hope to reach Hongkongers from all walks of life. The final song of the night is the unofficial anthem, Glory to Hong Kong, and it is a hit with the audience.
Renowned writer Tang Siu Wa who was arrested at #PolyU on a rioting charge was the guest of the night. She shared her experiences and recommended Eduardo Galeano’s “El libro de los abrazos” to the audience. Aye, Writers! They gotta namedrop and get others to read all the time! (:
A lovely older gentleman shared with me, “Great performance tonight! Although I only know this song.” This is “Do You Hear the People Sing”, now a protest anthem in Hong Kong. Fun fact: the song is now banned in China.
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nonetheless, international observers should not prematurely celebrate the election results as an end to the #hongkongprotests - they simply show how hongkongers are determined to take every opportunity to make our voices heard within a system that is rigged against us
while celebrating the historic results, hongkongers have immediately reminded one another that this is not a victory. the city still looks like a police state; the situation in #polyu has been declared to be a humanitarian crisis. 4000+ have been arrested; countless injured.
hongkongers are celebrating because we have taken our struggle from the streets, to the hills, to the districts, to the ballot boxes – from 'adding oil', to 'resisting', to 'taking revenge', to 'voting', these are all threads in an arduous fight for democracy & self-determination
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i‘ve started to record the graffiti left behind by protesters since they stormed the legislature on July 1. it gives you a glimpse of what they‘re thinking. here are some i took from #PolyU today:
“Why would uni be turned into battlefield?”
“Young people have died, but you live.”
“give me back my ‘sau zuk’ (which means ‘hands and feet’- the term protesters call each other)”
“it’s a sin to be numb and indifference”
“give me liberty or give me death”
“I have nth to lose. I have no stake in the society” (mocking carrie lam’s earlier remarks)
“why should we attend classes when there is no future”
“how much you have to lose in order to wake you up?” (“death”)
“go on strike, adults”
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At 09:45 on Monday our team of human rights observers deployed overnight outside #PolyU were arrested on suspicion of "participating in a riot." We believe they did nothing wrong and the arrests are in breach of Hong Kong's obligations under the ICCPR.…
All are now released on bail and are fine except for being exhausted. At this time we are not commenting further due to the usual legal stuff. I'd like to thank all those who helped us over the last 24hrs. It's at times like this when friends and networks are most important.
“The role of journalists and other monitors engaged in observing, documenting and
reporting on assemblies is of special importance, and is protected under Article 21 [ICCPR] and its related rights. Journalists and observers may not be prohibited from recording assemblies..."
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Protestors at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University are repelling down a rope at a bridge behind de campus, where people are blocking the bridge to be accessed by riot police in order to escape being arrested.

#HongKong #PolyU
#Update: Even a water cannon vehicle at the Polytechnic University from Hong Kong riot police has been damaged by the debris it drove over, slashing it's left front tire disabling the vehicle.

#HongKong #PolyU
#Update: This is the bridge what is being blocked by civilians in front of the Polytechnic University where it heads behind the campus where protestors are currently repelling down a rope trying to escape riot police to not be arrested.

#HongKong #PolyU
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Testimony from a person inside #PolyU:

"I am a frontliner. I only have 7% left on my phone.

Seeing many people rush to Tsim Sha Tsui to save us today, I am very moved.

I understand lots of people have asked why we want to defend PolyU."

"First, I am not a #PolyU student, just someone who brought in lots of supplies to PolyU after seeing different requests for help.

Most of the supplies I brought in have been used up.

Here, there are some people who want to surrender."

"But I, along with my group, do not plan to surrender. We will fight to the death; we would rather live freely and burn, than to be subjugated and diminished.

We will use all means necessary to resist."

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Voice message circulating on Telegram: "We are a group of people who have been trapped in #PolyU for more than 30 hours. At this point, we are exhausted beyond measure. The government has not left us with a single sliver of reprieve."

"Every time we tried to go outside, the police started shooting at us with rubber bullets. The worst situation was when at 2pm, while they sat in front of reporters, the police stormed the university, kettling us with more than 100 tear gas canisters."

"Many protesters couldn't handle the tear gas and had to sit down; they were arrested. Under such heavy smoke, where you cannot even see who is next to you, the police fired rubber bullets at us relentlessly, without any attempt to arrest anyone."

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alright imma do my best to start a thread, mostly from the apple daily stream

as always, u can get 9 streams at once here…
reporter says they are outside the science museum; earlier, we heard protestors calling desperately to woleifei, or the “peaceful, rational, non-violent” group

“come back! come back! polyU needs you! woleifei, come back!”

in 5 months ive never heard begging more desperate
from telegram:

“saujuk, please tuck your shirts in!”

saujuk = comrades

we tuck our shirts in to make it harder for undercover cops to blend in. since they often have sidearms strapped to their waists, tucking shirts in will either reveal the gun or make it hard to draw
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Police have cordoned off access to PolyU, will not allow press in to the campus unless you’re relieving someone inside. Mixed reports of the truth of that as well. Serious decline of press freedoms in Hong Kong today
Could not get into PolyU campus after speaking w multiple media liasons and trying to explain I was the sole person here from my media org so I was impossible to relieve anyone.
Clashes spread outside of PolyU to Chatham Rd S in TST
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Unbelievable thread of footage from a university protest in Hong Kong
And here's another. Some more absolutely incredible footage in this one.

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Hong Kong Police Escalate Aggression in Violent Clashes at University Campus…
Here's The Real Reason Why Hong Kong Authorities Are Desperate To Regain Control Of University: Control of the INTERNET.

H/T @CoryGroshek…
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📣Spread it!!! #SOSHK

Some parents want to pick up their kids and police shoot tear gas to them!!!! 🆘🆘🆘

We cant let 8964 Tiananmen happens in #HK!!!
No reporters in #PolyU, #HKpolice had arrested first aider, doctors and press.. no one knows what happens in poly u now!!!!
@JustinTrudeau @AndrewScheer Please help #HK! #SOSHK Students in HK are fighting for freedom and human rights now. 📣 But HongKong Government do IGNORE our opinions! They even ordered #HKPolice to “kill” us all!! Please help #HongKong and #StandWithHK‼️🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰
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Meanwhile in #Hongkong students and protestors are occupying a University blocking roads and entrances at the facility, while riot police and army officials trying to clear the campus out, met by molotov cocktails and repelled the armoured vehicle to breach the line. #China
#Update: Now happening at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, riot police using Stun grenades and flash bangs in order to drive the students out of the University campus.

#HongKong #China
#Update: Also Hong Kong police have been rounding up medical students and hospital workers near the Polytechnic University, and also journalists and protestors were detained. During this 24 hours clashes at the University campus.

#HongKong #China
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An hour past the “deadline”. This looks to be the final stand—entrance to #PolyU. Intermittent chants by remaining protestors & heckling@police. No idea what’s going on inside campus. But there are ppl who wanna leave but are trapped & afraid to try. #HongKongProtests #HongKong
Water cannon, TG deployed 5-10mins ago, and more TG now as protestors start hurling petrol bombs towards the Chatham Rd intersection. Protestor line holding. #HongKong #HongKongProtesters
Protestor being treated and helped into campus. The frontline has grown 200-300, w/ppl ferrying supplies in and out of campus. Another line guarding Science Museum Rd. #HongKong #PolyU #HongKongProtesters
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The so-called exit at Block Y of #POLYU turned out to be a trap of people fleeing campus except for reporters with accreditation’s recognised by the police. Five first aiders and two reporters leaving with me and @alvinllum were stopped on Chatham Road South...
...minutes after we got out from the designated exit from Block Y by climbing over a two meter tall roadblock set by protesters. One plain cloth man was immediately arrested after a group of riot police lined us up on roadside and asked us to hold both hands up...
...A leading officer said loudly to his colleagues, pointing at the plain cloth man, “This one has no accreditation. Wire his hands. Arrest for rioting.” Five other. One of the two reporters who got stopped was from LIHKG News as I heard one officer said...
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Jesus! An armoured vehicle of the #HongKong police tries to break into the Poly University gets literally bombarded with molotov cocktails
#HongKong: police forces have completely besieged the PolyU campus. Protesters are trying to distract the police outside of campus, hoping to relief the siege
#HongKong: everyone trying to leave PolyU is being rounded up by HK police for interrogation.
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#NOW #PolyUniversity - @hkpoliceforce urges protesters to surrender or they will arrest them by force including LETHAL FORCE. Police warns protesters "Time is running out" as they have been tolerated by the society for long. #HongKongProstests #HongKong #HongKongPolice
Meanwhile on telegram channel, #PolyU protesters vow to defend the campus until the very end - probably the last university stronghold - because they think it'll be almost impossible to reenter the campus if they retreat, which makes it harder to block cross harbour tunnel again.
#BREAKING #PolyU: @hkpoliceforce's armored trucks approached protesters and burning objects. One of them was then set ablaze by Molotov cocktails thrown by protesters. Literally frightening though it shall be put off very soon after it retreated. #HongKongProtests #HongKong
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Battle at the PolyU now happening along Cheong Wan Road above the cross harbour tunnel, while on the other end of the road near the intersection of Chatham Road S where the water cannon was at, things remain in a standstill.
Entered the school for a tour, where all sorts of materials and utilities are being put to use, such as the gymnasium mat.
People have donated all sorts of supplies as wel. Here’s a first-aider finding water boots of the right size. Raincoats, gas masks and other protective gear were being handed out. One makes announcement remaining press not to livestream on campus.
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[Thread] The scene outside Polytechnic University right now. Protesters have blocked the junction Chatham Rd / Cheong Wan Rd with bricks.

Riot police have arrived outside #PolyU on Chantham Rd. Protesters are getting ready for standoff.

By visual approximation, the riot police seem to be outnumbered by black-clad protesters for now.

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