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#Thread to share and spread what i find most concerning from the Submission to the #UK #APPG on #HongKong for its inquiry into violations of #HR and humanitarian principles by the #HKPF. Published by @HK_CRO, est. 2014 they work to protect and promote civil and political rights/2
in #HongKong, with a focus on #Police abuse of powers. The 4 pillars of their work are: #humanrights education, police power monitoring, policy advocacy, and emergency #hr support. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /3
The Submission is based on the testimonies of providers of humanitarian aid gathered from individual interviews conducted by #CRO as well as media reports. All the 10 incidents there happened in or after June 2019 in #HongKong. /4
Case 1 - Timothy:on 11 August 2019, the night when a First Aider (FA)was shot in the eye by police,FA Timothy was in #TST #HongKong together with other FA and Journos.He saw police shot tear gas canisters horizontally at themselves. No one else near them,protest 150 meters away/5
He was wearing vest and helmet that identified him as FA. He got subdued. #HongKong Police tore his respirator off his face and tied his wrists with a cable tie. He lose consciousness partly and vomit. In the Police Station Police told him he could only choose either legal /6
assistance or medical attention. He chose #Hospital. Officer said he would only be sent after taking the Statement. He did so, Police did not send him to Hospital. He was sent after 12 hours of Arrest. Medical Staff requested to change clothes but Police refused to unlock/7
He had to stay in his dirty clothes. After the incident he had nausea easily and could only take liquid food for a month. In the Police Station a Officer asked whether he wanted to become a floating corpse. He felt that he was going to be killed. /8
Case 2 - Peter: In November FA Peter saw some altercation between Police and Citizens near his home. He went to the site wearing FA Badges. A Woman had been pepper sprayed. He helped. 15 seconds into the treatment about 20 riot Police walked up to him, one pushed him with baton/9
held horizontally. He had shown his FA Card. Police was not Communicating. He couldnt see any ID number on police's uniform. Pushed for the 3rd time he tried to stop the Officer by holding the baton. Officer yelled "Are you assaulting a Police Officer?" Another Police came up/10
and asked him to leave. He left with the Woman. On 12 June he saw a man about 16-20 y old being subdued by Police on the floor. Body was covered with tear gas or pepper spray for at least 10 Minutes before taken to an #Ambulance. Police prohibited any FA from treating. /11
Case 3 - Charles: Charles was a volunteer FA at a Protest site and shot near the eye by suspected rubber bullet. Another FA by his site was hit in the abdomen. Charles was in a white helmet and reflective vest and the other FA in a vest with the letters #EMS on it. /12
On 1 January 2020 after a rally organized by #CHRF about 400 persons were stopped by Police outside #SOGO in #CWB. Charles was stopped together with about 20 other FA. Police asked Journalists to leave. Police called him and others "so called FA". A District Councillor asked/13
the Police for the reason for the #stopandsearch. Police responded: "We are now arresting you, dont ask any more question." Charles was asked by Police to hold his ID Card in front of his chest and shout his own name while Police was shooting videos.He observed that female FA /14
were searched by male Police Officers on the Street. He had to wait for 3 hours for the search. During the Police's containment of the @hongkongpolyu on 17 November Charles was on Campus. He managed to leave but Police pointed their guns at a Group behind him. That Group could/15
not leave. Some were charged with rioting afterwards. He was repeatedly humiliated bx Police with profanities and terms like "Cockroach".Police once said "Do you think the reflective vest gives you any immunity?" He have seen injured persons not having timely treatment, esp in/16
#Admiralty many times. Police claimed they did not need his help. He had not seen a warrant card or proper Police ID number on any Officer at the protest sites. /17
Case 4-Alex: Alex, a volunteer FA,left #HKPU campus with the last Group of Journos and FA 10 minutes before the deadline.He was clearly identifiable as a FA. while leaving Police pointed what appeared to be AR-15 semi automatic rifles at them from a high level about 150 Meters/18
away. Police claimed the Group were suspected of rioting and arrested them after 10pm. Allowing only Journos from Mainstream Media agencys to leave. During arrest Police forced the Group to witness how they shooting flares directly at Core Y. Alex has been diagnosed with/19
posttraumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder. In Police Station Police verbally insulted him and asked to unlock his phone. They also confiscated his FA Card. /20
Case 5 -Kyle:on the day of his arrest Kyle was wearing vest and helmet that ID him as FA. After the search the Officer seemed to let him go but Commander instructed to arrest him.He was handcuffed in cable ties.He was not informed of the offences until right before his release/21
from Police custody. In the Station he kept requesting medical care but was sent to Hospital 15 hrs after Arrest. He restrained by shackles while sent to Hospital.He and others were humiliated by Police.He requested a lawyer but Police yelled at him and said it was not needed/22
He took the Statement without a lawyer present.He saw his lawyer 45 hrs when he had been released on bail.He also requested to treat an injured person but Police refused. Another arrestee nearby seemed to be losing consciousness.He told Police but was yelled. No Ambu was seen./23
Case 6 - Harry: Harry is a social worker. He was trying to mediate between Police and protestors. He displayed his social worker ID Card but was ignored. Police suddenly hit him with the shield and pulled him into the cordoned area. His head, arms, Body, and back were beaten/24
by their fists and elbows for 10-20 seconds. He subdued on the ground by officers. Police kicked him and hit him with their baton. The beatings happened after he had come under Police control and were totally unnecessary. /25
Case 7+8 Key and Jackie: On 31 October 2019 during a Protest in #MongKok Key, a social worker, saw Police Officers grabbing an elderly Woman where there was no confrontation nearby. He asked not to hurt the Woman.He was pushed by Police and repeatedly beaten with hand objects./26
Police hit his head 5 times with baton, leaving him with a 7 cm wound that required 5 stiches. Police involved were all masked and did not wear any warrant card. Jackie, another social worker, was also assaulted that Night. When she asked for the reasons for police's treatment/27
of Key, she was peppersprayed by Police. In August a 12 y old protestor was arrested and sent to #TsuenWan Police Station. Jackie asked if she could accompany the boy but was refused although Chapter 49 of Police General Orders requires the presence of appropriate adult./28
Arrests of #HumanRights Observers: On 1 January 2020 3 observers of #CRO were arrested in #CausewayBay while monitoring and recording the procession and assembly outside #SOGO. They were detained outside the Department Store for around 4 hrs. They were arrested for taking part/29
in an unlawful assembly. The observers were verbally abused by Police. Especialy in relation to their role as #hr observers. Police confiscated their clothes, observer uniform, observer card, protective gear, mobile phones and camera which were used to document police Action./30
Their belongings are still held by the Police. /31
Conclusions and Recommendations: The reported assault would violate Article 9 of the International Covenant On Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) on the right to liberty and security as it relates to these humanitarian aid workers. #StandwithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /32
The police's verbal humiliation of Citizens violating Article 7 of the ICCPR. The #HongKong #Government has failed to take steps to stop it, violating Article 16 of the Convention against Torture (CAR). #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /33
The reported assault also violate the principle of humanity as well as the Spirit of Article 11 of the Protocol Additional to the #Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and Relating to the Protection of Victims of Non-International Armed Conflicts #StandwithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰/34
Such Police actions may deter Citizens from attending assemblies as humanitarian aid workers. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /35
Delay access 2 medical treatment may violate the right to life under Article 2 of the ICCPR,the right not to be subjected to torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment under Article 7 of the ICCPR and Article 16 of CAT,the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable.../36
...standard of physical and mental health under Article 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /37
The principle of humanity justifies the presence of any suitably qualified person to attend to the wounded. The Police does not have monopoly on the provision of first aid. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /38
The widespread hiding of the warrant cards and Police identification numbers makes it difficult to hold Police accountable. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /39
Such actions of Police would erode confidence in law enforcement and are at least partly responsible for the further escalation of the tension in #HongKong. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /40
The actions of the Police would also breach Article 3(5) of the Sino-British Joint Declaration on rights and freedoms, particularly the freedom of expression and assembly. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /41
The #UK #APPG on #HongKong is invited to: Urge the #UK #Government to take concrete actions to enforce the #SBJD, including sanctions over individuals who contributed to its noncompliance. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /42
Monitor the #UK #Government|s implementation of the #UN|s Guiding Principles on Business and #HR,its Nat'l Action Plan on Business and #HR,and the recommendation made by the Committee on Economic,Social and Cultural Rights that all weapon exporters be subjected to thorough.../43
...human rights risk assessment before receiving a licence, particularly in relation to #HongKong #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /44
Consider conducting an inquiry into the treatment of human rights observers and journalists by the #HKPF #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /THE END 😉 Wanna find out more ?:
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