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may I have your attention, please?🧵

new atrocities by #RussiaIsATerroristState in the last 24 hours:
> Russian soldier castrating alive Ukrainian prisoner
> attack on bus stop in my hometown. 5 people are dead
> Russians murdered 40 Ukrainian POWs

share info & join protests!🔽
find the country & city / date & time, print or draw posters and #StandWithUkraine. the whole world should know about Russian fascism

if Europe does not help stop this war, it has no future. we demand actions, not promises

follow Vyriy to stay updated:
now I will post announcements for each city separately. so spread this information to your European friends, organizations and allies

in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends, you know

#RussiaIsATerroristState #ArmUkraineNow
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For those reasons, and others, I considered Switzerland an anomaly, hardly a model to be extrapolated to other nations. But I see its fantastic non-car transport options have a lot to teach the world.
I was staying near a village with a population of 780 in the canton of Vaud, in the foothills of the Jura Mountain. To get there from the #Geneva airport, I hopped on to a high-speed train, an escalator ride away from the baggage carousel... Image
Departures every 10 minutes or so, along the lakeshore of Lac Léman, to #Lausanne, #Vevey, #Montreux. Downtown #Geneva is *six minutes* away from the airport by train. Many of the trains have kids' playrooms on the upper levels. And of course you can take on a bicycle... Image
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#Switzerland has the best public transit in the world.” 🇨🇭

That’s what many transport experts told me when I was researching my book #Straphanger.

After 6 weeks of getting to know the country’s network, I’m beginning to think they have a point. Here’s why… 🧵🪡
I'd been to Switzerland a few times before, and was duly impressed with its rail network, and the transit in its larger cities... Image
...esp. #Zurich, with its trams. "There's little reason to travel in an automotive cocoon when, for a fare of only a few francs, an efficient, stately tramway will provide transportation from point A to B at a level of comfort an emperor might have envied."
—Alain de Botton Image
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@ICRC reminds parties in Ukraine: When international armed conflict breaks out and people find themselves at the mercy of belligerent States, the #GenevaConventions provide a minimum safeguard to protect their dignity, physical & psychological integrity.…
The #GenevaConventions protect all persons in the power of the belligerents by taking their different situations into account – combatant, civilian, POW, medical personnel, sick, wounded, woman, child, mercenary, persons w/ disabilities…
Here is how 👇…
The prisoner of war (POW) regime in the Third Geneva Convention is primarily designed to protect members of the armed forces in the enemy hands. Since they are disarmed and no longer a threat, detaining powers must treat them humanely and in line with their role as combatants.
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This particular graphic has been circulating & widely used for some months. It's misinformative & requires further clarity:

1⃣ The US is one of 194 signatories to the IHR (2005), its biggest update since 1969. These regs *do not* 'override & supercede' the US Constitution...
2⃣ The US ammendments to the IHR concern greater collaboration & commucation in the event of a future PHEIC & detail nothing about allowing the WHO to bypass sovereignty.

Other nations can object or make reservations to these ammendments set out within Article 59-64 of the IHR.
3⃣ No vote will take place in #Geneva #Switzerland at the 75th WHA on IHR ammendments nor sign any Treaty into international law.

The Assembly are set to 'consider' these ammendments. There has to be time for other WHO nations to respond & make reservations.
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‼️.@mod_russia: According to the available reliable information, the Security Service of #Ukraine (SSU) is preparing another provocation to accuse the servicemen of the #Russian Federation of so-called war crimes with the mass destruction of civilians in the #Odessa region.
‼️.@mod_russia: It’s planned to dress one of the SSU units in the uniform of 🇷🇺 servicemen & make a demonstrative shooting of local residents. 🖼 & 🎞 footage of this action w/alleged "🇷🇺 atrocities" will be published by 🇺🇦 and Western news agencies to immediately promote fakes.
‼️.@mod_russia: The upcoming provocation of the #Ukrainian authorities demonstrates their inhumane attitude to the fate of peaceful citizens of #Ukraine and testifies to the complete disregard for all norms of #morality and international humanitarian law.
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More #Chechens departing from Grozny to Ukraine.
Aircraft: Ilyushin IL-76-MD
Russian 🇷🇺 Air Force
Reg: RA-78818
ADBS not providing! But from other sources, dates aircraft operated (11/03 and 16/03), seems it landed in or close to #Mariupol #Ukraine #OSINT #flighttracking
Registration below 👇
There is evidence the same aircraft was in Geneva, Switzerland on 17th of June 2021. #OSINT #Ukraine #Chechens #Russianairforce #Geneva #Switzerland #Suisse
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My summary of #US - #Russia talks in #Geneva / THREAD
1. The talks went, by and large, as #Russia/n party expected it to go:
a) #US took most RUS proposals seriously, elaborated thru them;
b) US sought to tie RUS proposals to issues of strategic stability & missile deployments
c) US sought to make it “protracted negotiation process”
2.#Russia made clear it wasn’t interested in linking strat stability conversation to security guarantees conversation – at least in the way the #US wants it.
Ryabkov: “Legal guarantees on the issue of @NATO non-(further)expansion are of the prime significance for Russia”
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Well, I’m up far too early, so I may as well tweet about the US-Russia discussions happening in #Geneva today.

I’ve been reluctant to comment too much on the growing tensions; I’m wary of allowing Russia to set the narrative and that’s what we’ve been seeing so far.
Russia is the party creating this escalation; Russia instigated the war in Ukraine in the first place; Russia alone can stop it.

Any discussion of the talks without mentioning those facts, but underlining Russia’s “demands” or supposed reasoning for the troop buildup…
on Ukraine’s border is allowing Russia to set the narrative. End of story.

That’s why I’ve been glad to see US officials firmly reject Moscow’s demands for security guarantees regarding Ukraine’s NATO membership and US forces in Central Europe.
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🚨Diplomatic week starting in #Geneva #Switzerland on 10.01.22. #US 🇺🇸 and #Russia 🇷🇺 Deputy Secretary of State W. Sherman, will face Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

✈️ SAM064 arrived 08.01
✈️ Tu-204 famous RA-85042 flying to @GeneveAeroport Sunday

#ukrain #Kazakhstan
Tu-154m (not 204) RA-85042 approaching @GeneveAeroport this morning 👀 🔊 @liveatc
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WH issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Russia's presidential foreign policy advisor, #YuriyUshakov, re: Russia and #Ukraine.

#Ushakov #Putin #Zelensky Image
WH / US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan conversation today with nat'l security advisors, foreign ministers & other officials from #BucharestNine of #NATO Allies re: #Russia & #Ukraine.

#B9 #Putin #Zelensky Image
WH / US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Russia's foreign policy advisor to the president, #YuriyUshakov.

#Putin #Zelensky #Ukraine #Ushakov Image
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Nat'l Security Council Spokesperson Emily Horne issues readout of Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Ukrain's head of presidential office, #AndriyYermak.

#Russia Image
#BREAKING (via WH press pool)
#Biden talks with journalists re: #Ukraine.

#Russia Image
#BREAKING (via WH press pool)
#Biden says re: potential invasion of #Ukraine by #Russia:

"We’ve been aware of Russia’s actions for a long time and my expectation is we’re going to have a long discussion."

He adds that "won't accept" #Putin's red line in Ukraine. Image
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#UN #Northkorea #Geneva


"Deaths by Starvation Reported in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Special Rapporteur Tells Human Rights Council"…
According to OHCHR at least 200 people got forcefully starved to death by secruity forces since the begining of 2021 in NK. The number how ever is getting report by the Bolivarian Republic of #Venezuela as a "Special Rapporteur Tells Human Rights Council "
my oppinion I doubt the number of the report and probably partd of it but didnt reade the hole ...but its already enough. I just simply dosnt trust Venezuela as a UNSC member...
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#UN #NorthKorea #Geneva #CyberCrime

A preliminary United Nations investigation into the theft last September of US$281 million (€232 million) worth of assets from a cryptocurrency exchange "strongly suggests" links to North Korea - with industry analysts pointing to KuCoin,
based in Seychelles, as the victim of one of the largest digital currency heists evee recorded. A confidential report to members of the UN Security Council by independent sanctions monitors
said another blockchain hack-related transactions had appeared to be connected to a second hack last October, when US$23 million was stolen. "Preliminary analysis, based on the attack vectors and subsequent efforts to launder the illicit proceeds,
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The @WHO #coronavirus investigation team will hold a press conference here in #Wuhan #China starting in around 7 hours time. We’ll be covering it on @BBCWorld TV, World Service Radio and BBC website.
So that’s 16.00 #Wuhan time / 0900 #Geneva time for the @WHO #coronavirus investigation team press conference here in #Wuhan #China.
What to expect from today’s @WHO press conference: not, here is where the #coronavirus came from. Instead I’d imagine it’ll be along the lines of... because we’ve now found out X,Y&Z from here on in we’ll be turning our attention to these areas to study the possible virus origins
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1. I missed @maddow today and just watched the interview with @jrpsaki. She made a pronouncement in the @StateDept presser 2014 that changed my life. She announced the #YPG #YPJ were not considered listed within #PKK #FTO designation and the next day, I went to war against #ISIS.
2. I knew they would win. But they needed our help then and they need it now. Too many times we have betrayed the #Kurds and it's more than Kurds in the new #Syria in #NES we will betray. #Sunni #Arabs, #Christians & #Ezidi can create #peace with the #Alawi with strong US support
3. the extortion practiced by #Assad will become meaningless. People are tired of ##war and #Turkey-backed #Islamists have got to go. Assad and the Russians can't do it because Assad represents an existential threat to Sunni #Druze, Kurds, Ezidi and #Christian #Syrians.
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#WHO #Taiwan #Geneva #Coronavirus #China #SCANADL

Two Taiwanese radiological organizations have been forced to change their names to "Chinese Taipei" in an international medical society following pressure from the World Health Organization
as the global death toll from the coronavirus approaches 2 million (WHO). "The International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) has compelled the Taiwan Society of Radiological Technologists (TWSRT, 中華民國醫事放射學)
and the Taiwan Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (TAMRT, 中華民國醫事放射師公會全國聯合會 ) to incorporate "Chinese Taipei" into their membership names. The WHO's pressure to follow its "policies and procedures." was the reason the ISRRT gave for the name change.
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#WHO #Russia #Geneva #Coronavirus #VACCINE #SputnikV

The WHO announced itnis expecting the full data of the Sputnik V vaccine at the end of January. Also they expect data from those made in China at the end of January.
The WHO has received 13 “valid proposals” for the possible emergency listing of Covid-19 vaccines since October, the assistant director-general for access to medicines and health products, Mariangela Simao, said at a press briefing on Friday.
“We have received, for example, the information from Sinopharm, we have finalized that in phase three trial and it is being authorized in some countries. We are in the process of receiving the complete data from AstraZeneca...
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#Exclusive: Competition from #India (Oxford-Astra Zeneca-Serum Institute) is a key reason why wealthy nations, especially in the #EU, won't allow a #WTO #Trips waiver tomorrow, a source close to the talks tells me. 1|n #vaccines #Geneva #access #publichealth
It's an #EU-wide decision taken at #Brussels. Tomorrow's text is expected to take refuge in 'process'. All #vaccine manufacturers are eying #India's market. #NewDelhi must leverage India's markets for our benefit. n/n #Trips #WTO #access
"India is not to be trusted...India is not a benevolent power," is what #EU officials are saying. Galling. They've forgotten that it was #Indian generics that broke the back of the AIDS pandemic..." #Trips #WTO #access #Geneva
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#NorthKorea #WHO #Pyongyang #Geneva #Coronavirus

According to a report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the 17th, 6173 people are suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus in North Korea as of October 29, until the 22nd, a week ago.
The number increased by 805 compared to 5368 confirmed in. From October 22nd to 29th, 174 people were newly quarantined, and the estimated total number of quarantined people in North korea is 32,182. A total of 12,072 people have undergone PCR testing,
and no one has been reported as infected by the 5th of this month, WHO reports. North Korea has set the number of people infected with the new coronavirus to "zero," but is tightening its reins to prevent epidemics.
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#WHO #Iraq #Geneva #Coronavirus #Aid

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that it will provide 2 million U.S. dollars in aid for Iraq to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Iraqi Health Ministry reported 3,204 new cases in the country.
Wael Hatahit, head of the WHO's emergency team in Iraq, said in a press release that WHO will provide medical assistance for Iraq during the last months of this year to support the country's health sector in confronting the coronavirus pandemic.
The Iraqi Health Ministry reported 3,204 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, raising nationwide infections to 449,153.
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News of the upcoming meeting in Genera is false, #Armenia MFA says.
Russia MFA says confirms part of the previous news - Armenia MFA heads to Moscow on Monday to meet Lavrov. 5 days of fighting are ahead.

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All 45 participants - 15 from regime, 15 independents, 15 opposition - were tested before flying to #Geneva.

Quite how 3/45 slipped through the cracks is extraordinary.

If they [presumably] came from #Damascus, it speaks volumes about the crisis there.
Two sources confirm to me all 3 positive cases came from #Damascus.

What's troubling is that all 45 participants had been tested for #COVID *before* traveling to #Geneva & tested again on arrival in #Switzerland.

Somehow 3 positive cases slipped through that @UN-run process.
@UN NEW - Official statement from UN S/E Pedersen's office confirms #Syria's Constitutional Committee sessions in #Geneva are "on hold" after 3/45 participants tested positive for #COVID19. Image
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As #COVID19 cases are found to spread, #Melbourne (city of ~5 million) tries to contain them by going into #Lockdown.
(The interview features the idea of a dedicated #Quarantine building - that would actually help, I guess)...
"People acting as if the pandemic was over was 'not the answer, it is part of the problem' ".

"The virus had leaked from postcodes already under the stay-at-home orders to other parts of #Melbourne."
(and beyond, it is feared).
Due to #Melbourne's outbreak, neighbouring South Australia is about to completely close it's borders to #Victoria.

(Nearly) no exceptions. And those essential few who are allowed in, will have to wear facemasks the entire time...
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