1. A reminder, @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump as candidate is not the commander in chief. His corrupt inducement to #Michigan lawmakers is a crime for which @Trump and the lawmakers can be charged and, if a person with standing wants to file the mother-of-all-RICO's, those bribery
2. predicates can be added. I trust the @FBIWFO will have the evidence for the @JoeBiden @TheJusticeDept to be able to get rolling on January 20th. I would also think a lot of top @MIGOP will spend 2021 in court. And fun fact for @SenMikeShirkey @LeeChatfield. They just became
3. infected by the Trump #RICO. By joining his conspiracy they are liable for all the reasonably foreseeable crimes that Trump has committed or will commit. I would think the DeJoy @USPS attack would stick and that they have their fingerprints on it.
4. Enjoy the trip to the @WhiteHouse nitwits. @FBIDetroit @GovWhitmer

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18 Nov
1. I grew up in an odd family. My parents lived in Shanghai during the post-war period in the final years of the long Chinese Civil War. My dad liked Chiang Kai-shek knew him well. My mom did not. The one thing they both agreed on was that the Sung family was corrupt.
2. My dad also insulted Madam Chiang and she had him breifly declared PNG. So, as I approached my 16th year around the time of the Tet Offensive, I had a unique view of revolution that has shaped my views ever since. I did not support the war in Vietnam. I did, however, support
3. our troops, respected our flag and voiced my dissent. My position was consistent with the views that were part of my upbringing: corruption destroys revolutions and America was foolish to not engage with socialist revolutions like the Viet Mihn and instead permit a foreign
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17 Nov
1. This scores a 80 out of 100 on my Wag-the-Dog meter.

Trump Sought Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Nuclear Program nytimes.com/2020/11/16/us/…
2. First, the messenger is @maggieNYT who frequently acts a conduit. Second, the subject matter is usually SCI at least top secret if it was war planning. But officials were just dying to confirm it. Third the context. Trump desperately wants to change the tune both because
3. he's losing in court. He hates that. Finally his draw down in the region in the context of possible strike would be absurd. Esper may have been unwilling to play this game. In any event, this is Wag the Dog. 80% certain.
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16 Nov
1. In law school, I did research for my Torts professor. Wrote squibs for tort cases going back to Kingdom of #Hawaii. Read a lot of cases during the Hanson's disease (fka leprosy) and Bubonic plague epidemics. Hawaii gives the governor statutory power to cope with emergencies.
2. Since April, the Mayor's Emergency Orders imposed fines up to $5,000 for Covid19 order violations. There was some push-back during the great Koch astroturf uprising, but Hawaii kept on track though our daily counts have doubled to about 100 per day.
3. Recently I've noticed more Covid19 PSAs. The changes are noticeable and will help. Here you must wear masks in public. You can't go into stores without one. These are not personal choices. Like having to wear clothing, it's the law.
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15 Nov
Pottinger is @robertcobrien's Deputy: "He is said to be close to retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Trump’s incoming national security adviser, having served in Afghanistan together. The two co-authored a critical report,
“Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan,” in January 2010, which investigated problems with the U.S. intelligence effort." web.archive.org/web/2017013102…
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13 Nov
The @SenateGOP failure to provide stimulus in the lame duck makes the #GeorgiaSenateRunoff a vote for whether the people of Georgia want government help to survive the pandemic the @GOP caused to get out of control. That's how I'd pitch it. With healthy dose of #ACA. @JoeBiden
If @TheDemocrats make clear how much each voter will get under the @JoeBiden plan if the #Democrats gain control of the Senate we can slam back on all the #Socialism baloney with an old-fashioned @GOP style giveaway. This time to voters not just to businesses and the wealthy.
Send a mailer to every #Georgia registered voter an estimate of how much @SenateDems majority puts in their pockets by month taking both seats & how much the #GOP will give them. Spoiler alert, it's nothing. A few hundred dollars. Promise unemployment, health care.
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12 Nov
1. Syria can be saved. But #Turkey's maligned influence in #Syria and the region must end. We can end the fighting in #Idlib by making it a #semiautonomous region. An #SDF force comprised of mostly of #SunniArabs but with Christians #Ezidis & Kurds can bring peace in the north
2. and in #Idlib with US air and #logistic support. Let #Assad stay if he wins a free and fair election. Otherwise, the #Alawite 17% minority dictatorial rule will end. Remember: #SDF protected #Daesh from harm when they surrendered on the Eastern Euphrates.
3. SDF can work as they do now with the Govt. forces if the shared goals are peace, secular and gender equality under a democratic Constitution. Other than unrepentant #Daesh and Al-#Qaeda who will likely flee to Turkey to continue #Jihad with continued support of Erdogan regime,
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