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1, At this very moment perhaps several thousand Al-#Qaeda & #ISIS fighters are in the open near #Manbij threatening 🇺🇸 @USSOCOM. If @realDonaldTrump does not give orders to eliminate the people who attacked NYC @NancyPelosi should force an impeachment vote this week. #ORANGEISIS New York on 911
2. Make the @GOP admit they are really traitors or, if not, willing to remove their own party's President. Whether motion passes or fails, the 116th @HouseJudiciary can bring impeachment articles. Make the 115th @GOP go on record as #AQ supporters. Then make them own it in 2020.
3. Trump and his pal @RT_Erdogan are supporting the ISIS AQ Jihadists. Teach the Manbij Jihadist force what being a US enemy means. @CENTCOM must unleash B-1 racks of SDBs for 12 hours of hell. Put Al-Qaeda and ISIS on the run.

Do it for New York. @NYPDCT @ChiefPentSpox
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1. Best I can tell, @coalition operations in ERV closing in on the final ISIS holdouts and possibly the leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi have been for the most part halted. So the @realDonaldTrump betrayal has been a strategic victory for ISIS.
2. Don't let anyone tell you @realDonaldTrump is not effective. He and @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell are saving #ISIS. That is the single largest success for the 115th Congress after the deficient destroying billionaire tax cut. All @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP should be proud.
3. #MAGA hats will be known for treason and as people who support murder of Christians. Wear it with pride you helped ISIS win. And or @SenMikeLee and @RandPaul I'm betting they are somewhere quiet sharing a little toast to more dead Christians in Syria @LDSchurch @hogangidley45
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1. Why does @realDonaldTrump and @SenateGOP want to shut down 🇺🇸Govt? Remember, @Trump has joined with pro #ISIS pro Al-#Qaeda Turkish president in attacking Christians, Kurds and Yazidis in #Syria. By shutting down US Govt our borders will be open to attack by ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
2. Mattis warned us. Something is wrong with @Trump. Mattis can't say it but I can: Trump is a traitor who sold us out to Al-Qaeda that is subject to a Congressional AUMF declaration & Trump @VP @SenateGOP & @HouseGOP can all be charged with Treason. @foxandfriends @hogangidley45
3. By failing to stand up to Putin & his @WhiteHouse @trump puppet, @GOP is dead. Being members will be career ending decision for Govt, Military or Law Enforcement. Like being professed Marxist-Leninist. "No Need Apply." I'll miss them. Well. Sort of. @LindseyGrahamSC @SenateGOP
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1. I know with #Khashoggi murder Trump-Saudis deals are likely to garner more interest especially the fact that KSA uses Trump Hotel in DC. But the real story that @washingtonpost and @nytimes likely ignore for their own financial interest is Trump Tower in #Istanbul.
2. I am relatively certain @Trump family is receiving funds from Al-#Qaeda and possibly #ISIS affiliates there. #Turkey's allied to these groups. 2001 AUMF declared a state of war currently exists against them. Pundits wrongly say @RealDonaldTrump can't be charged with treason
3. for Russia. But there's zero argument that he can't be charged with conspiring with Al-Qaeda. @WhiteHouse, @WHNSC staff & @SenateGOP @HouseGOP who knew & didn't report to @FBIWFO can be charged too. In 2021 Dem AG should seek life without parole for treason in Florence.
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