A disaster thanks to the #IranDeal architects: Delaying changes in Iran, allowed the regime to sign a Soviet-style "25 year cooperation agreement" with China: strategic, military, trade etc. Tehran is now much better protected. This disaster is on the shoulders of Obama-Biden..
They knew about the #Iran-#China 25 years "Soviet-Style" Cooperation Agreement. Our intelligence, foreign policy teams, military, businesses, knew, yet the #Biden Adm was still racing towards the #IranDeal while #Beijing & #Tehran were producing their deal!

How can that be? 🤨
The @nytimes is "warning" that the #ChinaIranDeal will weaken US influence in the Middle East."

No kidding! The #NewYorkTimes was a major promoter of #IranDeal which allowed the #IranRegime to sign a deal with China. US "mainstream" media is morally responsible for the new axis.
Hallucinations begin. #IranDeal supporters now argue that had Trump not put "maximum pressures" on Iran, Tehran wouldn't have gone to China for support! But Tehran has been engaged with Beijing for decades, & was planning the #ChinaIranDeal years ago, in tandem with the #IranDeal
Hallucinations (2): The #IranDeal engineers thought they could out-think the #IranRegime and dictate how the latter plans. Tehran wanted the goods from the West & got them, and wanted the strategic umbrella from China & got it. They fooled Washington and Brussels simultaneously.
Naivete': #IranDeal supporters now call the #ChinaIranDeal just a "rapprochement!"

Really? A full Chinese cash umbrella over Iran, full strategic modernization of weapons, ports infrastructure, internet network and oil import despite sanctions?

Un petit rapprochement?🤔
@NYTimes "#China agreed to invest $400 billion< in #Iran over 25 years in exchange for a steady supply of oil to fuel its growing economy under a sweeping economic & security agreement." <=

Did you read well? 400 B$! What sanctions are we talking about?🤔
@nytimes adds: "The draft (#ChinaIranDeal) also called for deepening military cooperation, including joint training and exercises, joint research and weapons development & intelligence-sharing."

Do you know what does it mean?
Intel sharing
Exercises in the Gulf
Most Americans, thanks to media, academia, and bureaucracies, have no idea what a #China-Iran Cooperation Treaty for 25 years means. Like Cuba under the Soviet Union, Iran is moving fully under the Chinese strategic umbrella.

US pressures against #Iran are about to shatter...🤨
ااتفاق التعاون الاستراتيجي بين ايران و الصين، يوفر مظلة استراتيجية كاملة لطهران في المنطقة. انه اخفاق استراتيجي شامل لادارة بايدن، التي تراكضت باتجاه الاتفاق النووي مع ايران، فعززت قناعة النظام بان واشنطن ضعيفة، فوقعت مع بايجين بارتياح.
Looks like US media hasn't absorbed what happened last week. #China will buy all the oil and gas they can ship -from #Iran. DESPITE US sanctions. FROM Iranian ports, FOB.

Are the Biden Adm & media still trying to absorb the single-largest foreign policy event of 2021 so far? 🤔
Does the Administration and media understand what is the meaning of sharing intel information between China and the #IranRegime? 🤔

It means that the super data collection machine, strategic monitoring, cyber-power of China will be at the service of the Khomeinist republic...

• • •

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10 Feb
While the "impeachment trial" is hurdling and rattling on live TV, many foreign policy and national security decisions are being smuggled in the darkness of media night.
Gradually, the #Biden Adm is projected to start putting pressure on the perceived "conservative" Governments in Latin America, such as #ElSalvador, #Brazil, #Colombia & others.
Via grayish bureaucratic mechanisms, #Iran will be getting aid "due to the #coronvirus spread" thanks to #Biden Adm pushes, though #China has been supplying that type of aid already.
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7 Feb
Excellent @TIME piece to read about the mighty, impeccable & integrated political machine - I've cited in #TheChoice back in September- that defeated the #Trump campaign during fall 2020.

#Republicans follow ideals, their opponents organize. However..

The Time article is perhaps accurate on names, facts & very educative. But in the larger picture, it serves as a "mega decoy" to hide the wider more & deeper tale behind it. It's meat thrown to satisfy readers' hunger, filled with details, while the real dragon escape attention.
The writer(s) of the @TIME piece lionized the "actors" of the opposition & imputed all "victories" to their zeal to defeat the "imagined" hysterical "Trump threat." The actions by the players cited are apparently accurate, but the uber players & real timeframes were "redacted."👥
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6 Feb
There are dozens of unanswered questions about the January 6 breach of #theCapitol that need to be answered, before the so called post Presidency Senate impeachment trial of a former president. None covered by the hundreds of videos shot during the events. Who will answer them?
If the breach of #theCapitol on January 6 -that millions of Americans & people worldwide have seen from A to Z- was an #insurgency, therefore organized, what is the perpetrators' organization?
What is its name?
Who are its leaders?
When was it founded?
When was it launched?
In preparation for the #SenateImpeachmentTrial of former President #Trump, more questions about #thecapitol breach: if this was an "armed insurrection,"

1. What kind of weapons were used?

2. Who are the individuals who used them?

3. Who were the victims?
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9 Nov 20
If #SCOTUS finds out that the volume of disputed & illegal ballots have decided the elections in one or several states, and an organized effort was behind such acts, it should invalidate the vote in those states & order new elections, regardless of time. Better fair than illegal.
As we see the dramatic numbers of complaints & lawsuits, we suggest that all votes in disputed state elections for Biden & Trump should be canceled & redone entirely: GA, PA, Michigan, WI, AZ, NV. If the current winners are confident in their voters, they should welcome it.
This special election should be executed by fully bipartisan teams.

1. All electronic structures & ballot boxes should be checked in advance.

2. No mail-in, either in person or pick up by bipartisan workers.

Every single ballot is checked by the two sides who sign off.
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4 Nov 20
Be careful about biting what you cannot chew, and chewing what you cannot digest

In the Florida 2000 electoral crisis, no one knew what was happening.

In the 2020 electoral crisis, one side knows exactly what is happening...

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4 Nov 20
Let's call Florida ladies and gentlemen. Who is going to be the first media to do it?
Red "Cuban" wave in south Florida hands victory to @realDonaldTrump, gives Salazar the seat of Shalala in Miami.

Cuban Freedom
#Brazilian, #Venezuelan, #Colombian, #Peruvian, vote also gave @realDonaldTrump thousands of votes in #Miami.

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