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Since vaccine efficacy is waning fast, most people in the US are actually unprotected unless they have recently boostered or are one of the ~150M Americans that have natural immunity.

#Covid #Covid19 #Corona #Coronvirus
Estimate based on the Swedish study (The Lancet):
Natural Immunity Estimate:…
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A twitter thread
Subject: India turns to blind faith and voodoo medicines.
Reports have recently emerged of a "MiracleCure" Ayurvedic medicine from #Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh. The Ayurvedic doctor is apparently giving it away free to all comers.
And desperate people are flocking in the thousands. NDTV reported the story here:
And @CNNnews18 headline carried the oxymoron term "Ayurvedic quack" for the fellow distributing his herbal concoction miracle cure.
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While the "impeachment trial" is hurdling and rattling on live TV, many foreign policy and national security decisions are being smuggled in the darkness of media night.
Gradually, the #Biden Adm is projected to start putting pressure on the perceived "conservative" Governments in Latin America, such as #ElSalvador, #Brazil, #Colombia & others.
Via grayish bureaucratic mechanisms, #Iran will be getting aid "due to the #coronvirus spread" thanks to #Biden Adm pushes, though #China has been supplying that type of aid already.
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It looks like India got #coronavirus under control after they implemented their #Ivermectin + Zinc defense pack on expected #covid19 exposure back in August ...
Chile was the first nation on Earth to *mandate* #Ivermectin for the sick (June) and then as proactive defense (prophalactically) in July:

It took #Coronvirus‘ R0 from ~2.0 to ~0.9 (barely self-sustaining).
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@st_pye @RosamundAdoo_KD @OneCamberwell @outercircles @PaigeLDN__ @RMRsToo @jksmith34 @visitcamberwell @PaulLomax @BHamlets @KingsHeathLTN 1/ When side roads are closed to create #LTNs, some traffic may evaporate i.e. motorists may choose to walk, cycle, use public transport, travel at different time or not travel at all. Experts say around 14% median #trafficevaporation but acknowledge the impact of #coronvirus.
@st_pye @RosamundAdoo_KD @OneCamberwell @outercircles @PaigeLDN__ @RMRsToo @jksmith34 @visitcamberwell @PaulLomax @BHamlets @KingsHeathLTN 2/ The vast majority of the traffic will find alternative routes including on the boundary roads. This was shown in Waltham Forest LTN with an increase of 3%, 11% and 28% on the boundary roads. We'd likely see a rise on other surrounding roads but sadly they were not monitored.
@st_pye @RosamundAdoo_KD @OneCamberwell @outercircles @PaigeLDN__ @RMRsToo @jksmith34 @visitcamberwell @PaulLomax @BHamlets @KingsHeathLTN 3/ Even if 14% of #LTN traffic 'evaporates', the remaining traffic has to go somewhere.

What we see is an increase in the main road traffic growth for Waltham Forest vs London index from Department for Transport data.
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1) So, here I am, first thinking Most Favored Nation trading status dates back to 2002, for China, upon accession to the WTO. But no, I discover yesterday, our Congress gave them that precise status in 1973. So, I'm rethinking Nixon and Kissinger, as I sadly expressed yesterday.
2) Are we there yet? No, we're not. This stuff goes deep. We leap frog all the way back to the 1840s, the Opium War that Britain lashed upon the Qing Dynasty of China, demanding the right to addict China's people to a product Britain took from India. Very ugly.
3) What does China do? It capitulates. But, managing all its encroaching enemies, the US, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, it gives them all Most Favored Nation trading status. The logic isn't easy. Most Favored does NOT equal most favored. It really just means equal.
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If you're looking for #coronavirus profiteers that will also load up your account with useless followers, this is the botnet for you. #SundaySpam #coronagrift

cc: @ZellaQuixote
This network consists of three mixed English/Japanese accounts (@MoreOker, @MoreThanBetter4, and @MostOkest) with various #Followback hashtags on their profiles. They tweet 24/7 via "Botbird Tweets", with (possibly) organic tweets via Twitter Web App thrown in.
The bulk of this network's tweets occurred during one of two spikes in activity. The first was a barrage of #followback tweets sent around the new year via Twitter Web App, and the second (late Feb-March) is round-the-clock automated tweets hawking face masks and hand sanitizer.
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#SleepyJoe coughs in his hand while setting forth (by telling people to go to his website) Trump’s and his task force’s #coronavirus plan

#CrazyBernie sets forth his socialist plan to handle #coronvirus

Joe calls the H1N1 virus, the N1H1 virus. He says he would call leading experts, including world experts and global into the the situation room and would work with other nations.

Bernie focuses on a social safety net, big pharma and free healthcare

#DemDebate #coronavirus
Sleepy Joe says this is a crisis “from abroad” and it’s “war.”

#racist #xenophobic #DemDebate
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Here's a very simple idea and thread for a play on #Coronvirus and an oil price war: the nitrogen complex - because as well as Corona, China and Iran are also major exporters of Urea.

China was the marginal producer. Here's what #CF CF Industries said on their last call on China Image
Here's what OCI said regarding China and Iran Image
Here is what the price of Urea has done during corona. Profercy note China is absent from the export market. Image
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As of ystdy, the US had tested fewer than 6,000 potential #coronavirus cases.

UK has tested 23,513 people.

By comparison, #SouthKorea tested 66,652 people in the first week after #COVID2019 was first diagnosed, & has now tested 170,000+ ppl.

Italy has tested tens of thousands.
“This is the most frightening disease I've ever encountered in my career,”
Richard Hatchett, the doctor leading efforts to find a vaccine for #coronavirus, tells @cathynewman. Early detection of #COVID19 through testing, is key. #COVIDー19 #COVID
Here the US @Surgeon_General, Jerome Adams, struggles to give @jaketapper an answer to the simple question of how many Americans have been tested for #coronavirus. (via @atrupar) #COVID19 #COVID2019 #CoronavirusUSA @JeromeAdamsMD
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Nurses in Langaroud, Gilan, all writing in their Instagram crying for help. They say there are no protective gears available in the hospitals anymore and soon they all will be affected with #COVID19

Europe has suspended all Iran Air flights to European destinations until further notice.

I saw this video but did not post since could had been fake. It now seems confirmed:

A #COVID19 suspected patients on the ground - he was denied admittance in Rasht since there are no more free beds.

Remember "imploding"? It might happen in Gilan.

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Day 8 of aggregating information on what goes on with #COVIDー19 in Iran.

Picking up from yesterday:

Finally authorities are putting Mazandaran province on quarantine: only fuel and food trucks are allowed. This late, its effectiveness will be limited.

The same authorities have had argued for quarantine to be "non-scientific" and "from middle ages".

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🦠🇮🇹 #COVIDー19, previsioni vs realtà (5 marzo).

Ma prima, una cosa importante: l'aumento della letalità apparente continua.
È l'effetto del cambio di policy del 27 febbraio.

Significa che siamo sempre meno capaci di capire quante e dove siano le persone contagiate.

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🦠🇮🇹 #COVIDー19, previsioni vs realtà (5 marzo).

Sui numeri assoluti, il modello continua a funzionare bene. Bene che sovrastimi terapie intensive e decessi.

Ma su #Coronvirus NON si può abbassare la guardia.

Progressione ancora pienamente esponenziale.

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🦠🇮🇹 #COVIDー19, previsioni vs realtà (5 marzo).

Nelle variazioni rispetto a ieri spiccano le due sovrastime di gravi e decessi.

A preoccupare è la sottostima dei casi totali, che fa pensare che nei prossimi giorni ci potrebbe essere ancora un "recupero".


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OK - here's UN noon briefing Inner City Press is banned from for the 611th day, has put in 10 questions on #Somalia #Kenya #HongKong #Cameroon #Honduras UN rapes, Catarina Vaz Pinto, UN waste - no answers - corrupt - thread
Note: last photo was Big Tony. *This* is the UN Press Briefing Room at noon, with Inner City Press banned for 611th day by Big Tony @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric & @MelissaFleming, censors
Banned Inner City Press asked what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that #Kenya has accused #Somalia of carrying out an attack across its border? A statement from Prez Kenyatta says Somali soldiers destroyed buildings in Mandera on Monday.
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#coronvirus update from Seattle, (well, our house, anyway), for those of you who asked how we're doing: my son's school STILL isn't closed and it's pissing me off. I kept him home on Monday but he was nervous about missing too many classes so I sent him the last 2 days.1/
My husband is feeling better and heading back to work. I am self-quarantining for 2 reasons: I don't want to get anyone else sick with whatever I've got, and I have a compromised immune system, so getting anything on top of what I've got could kill me. No bueno. 2/
Shit is getting real in Seattle. One of the biggest school districts (Northshore) is closing for 14 days. Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and other big companies are telling their workers to stay home and telecommute. 3/
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Coronavirus and India - A thread about the distribution and impact of Coronavirus -

Coronavirus, started in China, is now spreading around the world. India is not decoupled with other nations with regards to the spread of Coronavirus.
Let’s see the distribution & impact of this deadly disease -

#CoronaOutbreak #Coronvirus #ItalyCoronavirus #irancoronavirus #indiacoronavirus
Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected. Check out the Virus & Human death rates -

#COVID2019 #swineflu #SARSCoV2
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#Coronvirusuk thread /1 Went to Italy on business last wk for 4 days. Was 200 miles from outbreak point so was UK Cat 2 risk: carry on unless you develop symptoms. That advice changed, Cat 2 scrapped. Pre-Italy I had cold'n'cough so better safe than sorry called 111 on Mon. /1
#Coronvirusuk thread /2 Took me 52 mins to get answer. Was asked about symptoms. I told them none apart from pre-existing cough. Told a clinician would phone me back. Asked same set of qs. Then told to go to A&E main reception at St Tommy's. I cycled: no taxi, no tube. 2/
#Coronvirusuk thread /3 A&E reception packed. Bad because I, a potential case, had to stand away from ordinary sick. When I got served given a mask and told to wait outside. I was relieved to do so. @NHS should create separate #Coronvirus C test entry points asap. #FOLLOWC /3
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My new office! 😒 The @DKFZ has seriously sent me off home for two weeks straight because I was skiing in South Tyrol #altoadige #vinschgau last week- farther away from any known #Coronvirus / #COVID19 case than I am now in Heidelberg, but ok... Image
At least I have some good company by my #cat, and MUCH better #Coffee #espresso #cappuccino 😜 ImageImage
Realizing #coronvirus <-> #coronavirus „typo“ 🤨 Seems to be popular as Twitter app automatically suggested this as number one auto complete! 🧐
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[Thead] je sauve le monde du coronavirus


Rappelez vous sur habbo hotel en 2006, on a pu grace a de grands homme, fermer la piscine contre le sida.

J'ai décidé de faire comme eux, étant un discipline des jeux en ligne, je sauverai le monde de la piscine ImageImageImageImage
J'en ai mis partout, piscine, lieu commun, toilettes et m'aide celle des femmes (dedi pour elle qui m'a aidé).
Les cameras m'ont vus, je pense qu'ils vont s'inspirer de moi et fermer la piscine.
Y a deux design: celui avec le logo et l'autre avec l'homme en costume j ImageImageImageImage
J'ai également mis en anglais et en français pour prévenir un maximum de gens.
Il m'en reste 3, je vais les placer pour prévenir un maximum de gens des dangers du #Covid_19. Image
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ISRAEL CONTRA EL CORONAVIRUS: luego de una reunión especial entre el PM y el ministro de salud, se tomaron nuevas medidas para evitar la expansión del virus. Ahora deberán recluirse por 2 semanas en sus casa, todos los ciudadanos que vuelvan de Austria, Suiza, España, Alemania. Image
Las medidas de aislamiento no afectan a los que están en tránsito por dichos países.

Si alguien que estuvo en alguno de países vedados quiere ingresar a Israel y no es ciudadano ni residente, tendrá prohibido e ingreso.
Continúan las medidas de #Israel contra el #Coronvirus: cancelación de grandes congresos, entrenamientos militar, eventos deportivos, viajes turísticos especialmente a Europa y aproximadamente 100.000 israelíes en cuarentena.
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This is me dealing with an ambulance with a patient that meets the criteria for testing for #COVID2019 #coronavirus

I think the NHS is doing all it can to act in the best interests of the public. ImageImage
@kelvmackenzie thinks being a retired doctor/nurse (in high risk group) dealing with potential #Coronvirus patients is as stressful as working for his sports radio station

Kelvin sounds like a delicate flower that needs a dose of reality. Happy to help

I thought @MattHancock did an excellent job on #BBCQuestionTime encouraging people to reject things that may seem intuitively right with #coronavirus and to trust the science and in particular the calm, clear and expert voice of @CMO_England
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To UN, more than 2 hours before noon briefing to be run by @UN_Spokesperson Eri Kaneko, banned Inner City Press has submitted 11 Qs including #Cameroon Ngar, UN #Coronovirus preparations (or not), #SriLanka Shavendra Silva, UN rapes, NYPD, #Pakistan - thread
@UN_Spokesperson @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @Dream_LivesOn @Goddygo1 @itjpsl @CathyCathyFox @CelesDon @simonateba Banned Inner City Press has asked @UN_Spokesperson Eri Kaneko On #Cameroon, what are the belated comments and actions of SG Guterres on that on Feb 14 soldiers stormed Ngar in the Donga Mantung division, NWregion, killing dozens and burning several others alive?
@UN_Spokesperson @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @Dream_LivesOn @Goddygo1 @itjpsl @CathyCathyFox @CelesDon @simonateba @CMRNewsAgency @NeverAgainGC @starclinz @NjobehPatrick @dakarlbkk @CaspaChris @BaliNyonga Banned Inner City Press has asked @UN_Spokesperson Kaneko, on #Coronavirus, now that #MWC2020 in Barcelona has be canceled due to the virus, immediately this morning state precautions the UN is taking, including with respect to both diplomats and tourist busses
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