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1.We are about to examine many of the connections of #Romney > Intel agencies, #Ukraine, Iran, China, 911, NAFTA,#BainCapitol, #Maxwell, Guinness, Bibi, Branson, #NXIVM, Bushes, Cartels, EU, Virgin Cruises, Clintons..+ #WeAreTheNewsNow #Mittens #Clowns @POTUS #Qanon
@POTUS 2. Is Bain #C_A front? After all the clowns like to use wealthy people as it’s front companies such as Summit Aviation (DuPonts), CMC (World Trade Centers, Bronfmans), & others like Air America, and US Aid.
Let us take a look…#Clowns #Mittens #BainCapitol
@POTUS 3..Let us start here #Mittens #Romney #WeAreTheNewsNow H/t @liltilgerli
Endurance Specialty Holdings
Golden gate Capital
10 Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten…
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New Q 1/19/2010 The Great Awakening
Senate impeachment begins 1/21/2020
What's happening this week?
Senate begins impeachment trial-GOP senators considering 'kill switch' option
Gen Flynn-“Friday Next Week Is going to be Phenomenal. It’s Going to Be EPIC!”-Sidney Powell
Trump Legal Defense Team ready
Socialists Agenda #Virginia2A is being exposed
THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD may refer to Q drop 659- FREEDOM DAY: When Abraham Lincoln signed a resolution for the U.S. Constitution's 13th amendment in order to abolish slavery
(Q) POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened & enslaved
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New from @CrisisGroup: our annual (maybe final) #IranDeal status report. The JCPOA is hanging by a thread: US has abrogated it, Iran has violated it, & Europe has put it on notice. A US-Iran tactical detente needed for breaking escalatory cycle. [Thread]…
2| We look at the two sides of the JCPOA's implementation record over the past year - nuclear commitments by Iran, and sanctions relief commitments for Iran. These are the two key elements that make up the deal, and they're dying by a thousand cuts.
3| In May 2019, Iran announced it would start curbing its nuclear compliance if the economic normalization expected from the deal doesn’t materialize. It has since carried out 5 steps rolling back its compliance, most recently on 5 Jan.…
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❤️🇺🇸 Just when you think you can't love @BorisJohnson 🇬🇧👑 any more? He pushes for a Trump deal to replace the failed #IranDeal 🇮🇷 #JCPOA.

Thank you with love from across the pond
@BorisJohnson ❤️🇺🇸 Narrator whispers Trump always has had a plan . . .
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What should you fear if the #IranDeal doesn’t end soon? Besides continued legitimacy for Iran’s illicit nuclear program, the “sunsets” are killers. No really, they will kill. Sunsets are terminations on key multilateral restrictions on #Iran that have been in place for years.
Why do these sunsets exist? As if the Iran deal itself wasn’t horrible on it own for letting Iran keep its nuclear capabilities intact, whitewash the regime’s past nuclear weapons program and handing over billions of dollars, John Kerry gave #Iran even more! Sunsets!
The most pressing of those sunsets is the international arms embargo on #Iran. Today, countries can’t transfer key conventional weapons to the regime. Starting this October, if the deal doesn’t end at the Security Council, that embargo lifts. Russia & China standing by to sell.
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#Iran must not be allowed to have its nuclear cake and eat its sunsets too. That is the phrase you’ll hear me use over and over, and it is the reason the snapback of UNSCR 2231 needs to happen as soon as possible. Let me explain in the context of today’s announcement by the E3.
Following the US decision to impose maximum pressure by ending oil sanctions exceptions, #Iran launched multiple lines of effort to push back on US pressure to gain sanctions relief by trying to influence American and European politics without triggering a war.
The one we focus on the most right now is non-attributable violent attacks like limpet mines in the Gulf, the cruise missile attack on Saudi and the more recent activity in Iraq that prompted the kinetic response from @realDonaldTrump to restore deterrence, which he largely has.
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It would be a risky gambit if France/Germany/UK were to trigger the #IranDeal's Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM). Here's why [Thread]:
2| First question: What's the DRM?

Under JCPOA Article 36, a party to the deal can claim significant non-compliance by another party. Claim goes to Joint Commission, ministerial level/3-person advisory board, and eventually to UNSC if not resolved.
3| Article 36 was devised to tackle technical breaches, not a political crisis prompted by U.S. exit & Article 37 is a poison pill. But duration of each stage in the process can be extended by mutual consent, though the end state of UNSC sanx sanpback could happen within 65 days.
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2) Ostensibly The Iran Deal was sold to the public as a way to keep Iran from garnering nuclear weapons.

In practice it was a pay-to-play game to enrich the elite schemers and actually SUPPLY Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) to Iran.
3) There is a relative dearth of information on The Iran Deal.

The real machinations are disguised in covert ops and are compartmentalised.
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The discourse over the past crazy week on #Soleimani has been highly polarized, campist and generally quite absurd.

Here are some thoughts – a recap really to clarify and level set – apologies for the long thread! 1/
#Soleimani might have been the most important man in the region responsible for Iran’s affairs & expansionism in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq & across the ME. As many have said, his killing in many ways is bigger than OBL or Baghdadi. 2/
Considered untouchable by the Obama and previous US administrations, his killing is truly a shock to all as it signifies a clear break with the acceptable boundaries of US-Iranian tensions. 3/
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#JohnKerry, chief negotiator of #Obama nuclear #IranDeal has uncomfortably close ongoing personal relationship with #Iranian Foreign Minister #JavadZarif, whose son was best man at Kerry's daughter's wedding.
Kerry's counterpart in 2015, Zarif was close to slain Gen #Soleimani
The 2009 wedding of #VanessaKerry to Dr. Brian Vala Nahed, of Iranian ancestry would be incidental were it not for dinner party hosted by #GeorgeSoros where #JohnKerry met best man #MahdiZarif, and father, #Iran's FM #JavadZarif…
#JohnKerry raised eyebrows again, flirting with #LoganAct prohibitions regarding unauthorized American citizens dealing with foreign governments.
Kerry met repeatedly with Iran FM #JavadZarif in 2019 to discuss ways to keep the #Iran nuclear deal intact.…
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Facing repeated #IRGC attacks the U.S. & @potus exercised admirable restraint while setting clear red lines & the consequences for crossing them

#Iran’s Quds Force chose the path of escalation

They are entirely to blame for bringing about the dangerous moment now before us.
The defensive actions the U.S. has taken against #Iran & its proxies are consistent with clear warnings they have received

They chose to ignore these warnings because they believed @POTUS was constrained from acting by our domestic political divisions

They badly miscalculated
You don’t have to support @potus withdrawing from the #IranDeal or his “maximum pressure” campaign to support the proposition that planning,conducting,directing or funding attacks aimed at killing Americans merits a swift & decisive response.
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Obama-Holder-Brennan-Clinton Operated Global Drug/Gun #MoneyLaundering Cabal w/Deep State & NGOs

1980's Stanley Dunham/Peter Geithner helped fund AQ in Pakistan using USAID $

“Hillary Clinton had Chris Stevens Running Guns in Benghazi"
“Silk Way Airlines Weapons to Terrorists”
“Obama-Holder Helped Arm Mexican Cartels using HSBC $$ Soros Renaissance Fund = Burisma-Biden deal▫️

#FastAndFurious Still Being Covered Up

2 hand guns ATF agent Tommy Ho bought using @WellsFargo bank check and FFL. Check, invoice signature of Ho Tommy
March 2018: Trump Administration to Provide Records on Obama ATF #FastAndFurious Gun Trafficking Probe▫️

Basically During Obama Admin We Had “Cash for Clunkers” #FastandFurious #Benghazi #IranDeal Gun Running & Drug Trafficking, etc.▫️…
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AWAN is bigger than you can imagine
Matters of National Security: There is a secret Ongoing Case Related to Imran Awan=Blackmailer
AWAN is Pakistan Intelligence (ISI)/MB
AWAN worked for Debbie W. Schultz/DNC and was given access to HRC private server(s)&House server's
Secret Ongoing Case Related Imran Awan
Debbie in panic mode 😎 "It's Classified", Debbie
DOJ Refuses To Release Records On Awan, Citing ‘Technical Difficulties’ And A Secret Case
AWAN was spying/Blackmailing Congress +++
Potus has the server
The 'server' brings down the house
FBI & Crowdstrike Concealed the Real Source of the DNC Data Breach (Seth Rich) and Framed Russia
CIA & FBI use #CrowdStrike software as a back door into the nation's cyber systems-software is installed in every federal department including Congress, FBI, DoD, WH
DNC hires AWAN
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In 2008 I watched #RonPaul cheated out of winning the #RNC National Convention. #WeThePeople watched the #PartyElite change the rules, on the floor, and #RigTheVote.

We organized and cleaned out establishment #OldGuard #Republicans, voted them out, volunteered, participated
In 2016 I watched #FeelTheBern supporters lied to - their votes rigged by @HillaryClinton @DWStweets and thrown away. Many of them obediently fell in line, shut up, and voted for one of the most corrupt politicians of the modern era.
With @realDonaldTrump we have a reformist:
* gutted the #GOP
* appointed over 170 federal judges and counting
* placed 5 #FederalReserve Governors and promoted Powell to Chairman ( Think #Restructure ) - thus controlling it
* Killed a Globalist #NewWorldOrder Trade Deal #TPP
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The Amnesia of Samantha Power

The Obama administration’s chief enabler of Iranian tyranny is now shocked at the mullahs’ behavior.…
Shortly after Trump took office in Jan. 2017, amid what appears to be a full-on campaign of sabotage of his presidency, including illegal unmasking of US citizens caught on FISA wiretaps, including fairly definitive participation by Samantha Power, Obama’s #IranDeal was canceled.
And when it was, this was what Samantha Power said:

“Trump has demolished America’s credibility & paved the way for Iran to re-start its nuclear program. Trump has done the unthinkable: isolated the US & rallied the world around Iran.”
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John Kerry started another propaganda group called "World War Zero" to try to push the #GreenScam onto the public using fear mongering and brainwashing.

Included in his group are many familiar faces, such as Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Schwarzenegger, John Kasich......
.....many from the military/industrial complex, DiCaprio, Kutcher, Madeline Albright, Cindy McCain, Susan Rice, Al Sharpton, Meg Whitman, Ernest Moniz, and a bunch of fauxlebrities.
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@StateDept @Rewards4Justice @SecPompeo @GenFlynn Israel strikes ‘dozens’ of targets in Syria over rockets fired by Iranian force #IsraelUnderFire
👉Army says it attacked Iranian and regime sites in the country, blames Tehran’s Quds force for launches at Israel…
@StateDept @Rewards4Justice @SecPompeo @GenFlynn Iranian Militia Leader Leading Iraq U.S. Embassy Raid Listed as Obama White House Guest
▶️Obama Knowingly brought people into the WH who HATE AMERICA
▶️Obama gave 1.7B to Iran
▶️Iran supports terrorists, including Hezbollah who control Lebanon…
@StateDept @Rewards4Justice @SecPompeo @GenFlynn The Iran Deal
In 2015 Trump warns the Iran deal poses a direct National Security Threat
Obama sends Iran 1.7B in Cash 2015 #IranDeal
It was never about WW safety & security or Nuclear disarmament
It was about securing a black site
They have committed High Treason
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But wait, there's more...…
You're about to hear a lot of garbage from media about the @StateDept decision on #Israel today. Reality: Team Obama's shameful, last gasp, UNSC Resolution (2334) upended decades of US policy and was designed to kick Israel in the teeth. This reverses that…
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Important note on #Fordow. You can inject gas for... 1) enriching uranium with uranium gas (clear JCPOA breach) 2) injecting surrogate gas like sulphur into centrifuges for mechanical testing (not a JCPOA breach) 3) for isotope production which Iran is allowed to do there 1/2
My understanding is @HassanRouhani was not clear which one they were doing.But my understanding also that #Iran hasn't (with Russia help) finished transforming machines for isotope production and using surrogate gas wld contaminate centrifuges. So uranium enrichment makes sense-2
@HassanRouhani This according to Iran's IRNA is text of @HassanRouhani remarks. Nowhere here does Rouhani say Iran will start enriching uranium. Only injecting gas. Again, it is very likely Iran is going to start enriching uranium -- why else wld it announce this as latest step? but 3/4
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#MikeLee #WellHellzBellz #MormunMafia

Jon Huntsman
Mitt Romney
Harry Reid
Jeff Flake
Mike Lee

Whey do they all hate Trump?
Senator Mike Lee Unleashes Rant Against Donald Trump, June 30, 2016

*One month before the RNC Convention.

Never forget, they were trying to steal the nomination from Trump.

♦Mike Lee
♦Bill Marriott
♦Mitt Romney
♦Greg Bretzing
♦Jon Huntsman

Born into The Inner Circle

Called by revelation from God
♦Bill Marriott - Seventy
♦Bob Gay, Romney Bain Partner - Seventy
♦Marion G Romney - Apostle
♦David B Haight, grandpa of Huntsman - Apostle

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Iran in the news!! Let’s take a look back at this Q drop related to Iran!! Why might Iran & the Deep State be so angry?…
#SaudiAramco #Iran #Pompeo

Kennedy was an outsider [assassinated]
Reagan was an outsider [assassination attempt]
POTUS is an outsider [CLAS HIGH]
How much money (CASH) was sent by the FED to Iraq (Iraq War)?

Link in Q2807!!…📁

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Who was responsible for 9/11?
Yes, Al-Qaeda.
But Al-Qaeda did not act alone.

US Federal Courts have repeatedly held that IRAN and its terrorist proxy HEZBOLLAH were directly and materially responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

In 2004 hundreds of 9/11 families brought "Havlish et al v. Bin-Laden, Iran, et al" to court based on the 9/11 Commission's recommendation that “there is strong evidence" implicating Iran and Hezbollah, requiring "further investigation by the US government.”
After 7 yrs investigating, a federal court issued “Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law” that “The Islamic Republic of Iran..engaged in and supported, terrorism as an instrument of foreign policy, virtually from the inception of its existence.”…
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