Dear @cafreeland, let me save you four years, at least a thousand lives and $12,000,000 in 6 tweets or less.

Your going to commit $12,000,000 for discussions on how to include the most people possible and what to provide in a #Canada #disability benefit. It REALLY is #simple 1/6
In fact, it's SO simple that I'm using up extra words in my promised six tweets or less to highlight JUST how easy it is.

YOU'RE going to ask around, maybe get.. 200 or 300 opinions.. 80% will be from organizations. 70% of those will kiss your ass. half of the individuals 2/6
you ask will ask an opinion from, will ask for so much because they've had so little (for SO LONG) you'll discount them anyways. Here is what you need to do and how to do it. The next three tweets are simple. it's "How to do it" and "What to give" 3/6 #PWD #ODSP #SAID #AISH #CPPD
How - DTC, #CPPD & Vets are automatically in, they're federal, you have the channel.

Yearly Income tax package to include a new box
"Do you currently actively receive provincial disability assistance ?"
person checks yes
"If yes please attach a copy of your latest statement" 4/6
What to give ?
The Formula is this.
$24,000 (OR COL if greater then #Cerb pending region) - Yearly Disability income - (-20% earned income if app) = Yearly total Divided by 12 monthly payments + Index for inflation.

Set as non-taxable, non-clawback payment.
couples, same formula works
$24,000/COL turns to $48,000 (or COLx2)

- Yearly #disability income
- 20% of earned income if applicable
(provinces already claw back 50%)
= total.
total divided by two people to pay, divided by 12 monthly payments (this helps #abuse victims too) 6/6

• • •

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19 Apr
If I read #federalbudget of #Canada Correctly
@cafreeland committed $12M over THREE YEARS to TALKING about how to implement a disability benefit some point in the future (maybe)
(But $13M to ensure MAID happens)

So no #inclusion & #inclusive recovery for #ODSP #CPPD #SAID #AISH
At this rate, with what the provinces are doing to #PWD @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland You won't have to worry about #MAID or a #Disabilities Benefit cause the problem is going to "Solve itself"
They Can't Afford to live NOW Damn it !
3 weeks to invent #CERB
4 YEARS to maybe help PWD
How many more times are they supposed to say
"Maybe next year, people will care"
How many more decades ?
How many more wasted PWD lives because
Canada won't put the well being disabled people equal to those who are "Able" ?

How many more GENERATIONS @JustinTrudeau ?
Read 6 tweets
4 Mar
@yyzsxm @Toulla101 @pawprints1986 @fordnation SO many things to hit at with this

There are 500,000 on #ODSP.
if its that easy, why are there only a couple hundred on here fighting, some of which aren't even ON odsp, their just fighting for those who are ?

What does that say about their ability to "tweet all day" ? 1/12
@yyzsxm @Toulla101 @pawprints1986 @fordnation do you know how much physical effort it takes to type out a tweet ? next to none. I can tweet with my left hand while brushing my tweet with my right while tap dancing if i was so inclined to do so.. do you think the people on ODSP are able to do the same ? 2/12
@yyzsxm @Toulla101 @pawprints1986 @fordnation you can literally tweet from the toilet while having an obstructed bowl attack.. do you think you could work, that you could put proper effort in to a job that someone would pay you for, while your stomach feels like its twisting inside out at random ? - (hint, nope !) 3/12
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13 Nov 20
Covid in #Ontario in a picture.
Sadly #ThisAgedWell.

#DougFordResign #COVID19Ontario #Covid19 @imgrund

We could have been rid of this or at the least it could have been manageable. We could have had Halloween, Christmas with few problems if #DougFord'd just pumped the brakes.
(Text In image - Image shows a previous message warning #DougFord not to "Trump it" and open too soon, as well as the progression of cases in #Ontario, highlighting how we had cases down to 70 daily & now up to 1400 daily as well as dates that #covid related events happened) 2/6
Text panel on right reads as:

Sadly for #Ontario,
This aged very well

in his rush to get everyone back
to work Doug Ford reopened the
entire province back up by July 31st
our last good day was August 9th. 3/6
Read 6 tweets
20 Jul 20
Dear @AndreaHorwath - Since becoming the official opposition party to Doug "We have no money for disabled" Ford you have sent Exactly 8 tweets that uses the terms disability / disabled / disabilities / odsp. Of those 8 tweets only 3 have been sent since the Covid Lockdown 1/11
In total, as far as can find there is only record of you sending 13 tweets since 2013 with any of those keywords.

0 discuss the poverty in which they find themselves FORCED into through no fault of their own.

0 times ODSP is actually used in a tweet sent by you

It is bad enough having to deal with Ford stating publicly
on or around May 15th that there is sadly no money to help people on odsp (beyond the pathetic $100 short term bump that takes the people to 35% below poverty instead of 40%)

THEN buy a natural gas plant (3/11)
Read 11 tweets
19 Jun 20
Dear @JustinTrudeau @CanadianPM
On / around March 12th of this year you entered into a period of majority home isolation. I've personally felt this was great leadership, by example.

I ask you now to reflect upon this time & consider how you would accomplish this on #ODSP 1/25
I have taken the liberty of writing out a scenario for you.
You are on the $1,971 Double Disabled rate.

Its just you and your wife. You live at the apartment building on 80 Rideau Terrace. (very near where you live now)

They rent a one bedroom at $1369 per month. 2/25
The avg hydro in ontario is $125 month
Because you & ur wife in this scenario are both
disabled you both need a phone in case of an emergency.
Low cost cell phone plans are $45, lets assume you got a family plan from @FreedomMobile where a 2nd line is $15 so $65 after tax 3/25
Read 25 tweets

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