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1st Session of Senate Committee studying if they'll be suggesting amendments - March 22 2023

(Thread will go active when the stream does. - Will pause if issues come up IRL, will resume asap) 1/…
Feed begins with it's about to begin message at 4:03pm

Sen Omidvar starts by welcoming everyone and invites other committee Senators to introduce themselves.
(i'm not going to recap them announcing themselves)

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Thank you everyone. This wk we saved two homes + reconnected or kept a bunch of critical services + helped a family w a new baby stabilize +fed people + made sure ppl got critical meds #odsp doesn't cover.

I don't understand this province or why @fordnation + @ONSocialService
think it's acceptable that people live like this. But I have a couple of theories: 1. They don't actually know any disabled ppl living on benefits and 2. nor do they care. The federal government has been disappointingly vague on the federal benefit ppl need so desperately. No one
Should be depending on a couple of random women + their supporters to make sure they can stay housed and fed!! IT IS RIDICULOUS. It is RIDICULOUS that individuals are doing the job of the state. It is negligent. The duty of care has been abandoned. But we have no choice. We
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Meanwhile I am on disability benefits in Canada and am broken. My landlord is talking about selling ( happened before, it's an epidemic now, evictions for profit-rerenting to higher $ tenants) ODSP poverty, housing crisis and inflation are partially @justintrudeaus fault /1
/2 Make no mistake, I support MAID. I don't support disabled people who once had a social safety net and a housing market now finding that they have neither. 12 hour wait to been seen in emergency room, no GP, no housing, tried and failed to return to work. No funding for the
/3 the most vulnerable among us.
Meanwhile, our government funds the takeover of LGB organizations by straight people claiming to be queer via imaginary identities. Highly privileged, affluent college kids claiming to be more diverse than they are are highly funded-and their Image
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It's #HUMA Time !
"Line by line, Clause by Clause Part II"
December 13th 2022
Scheduled to start in 3 minutes from time of tweet send. Watch here:…
(may lag at points in my live tweeting, but I'll be back) (#CanadaDisabilityBenefit) 1/
(Thread start)
#C22 #CDBby23 #ODSP #ODSPoverty - Huma thread. description above, continues below. 2/
Two legislative / Legal clerks are expected, I'll refer to them in simple or generalized terms for the purposes of speed.

Krista Wilcox & Mausumi Banerjee are scheduled to appear as technical (gov) witnesses / aids much like how Alexis Conrad & Ms Wilcox did last meet. 3/
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#ODSP and #MAiD a thread... @JustinTrudeau @fordnation and for anyone else who wants to read it.

A few days ago, a 25 year old disabled personqualified for #MAiD and here was there second to last tweet followed by them tweeting goodbye.

@JustinTrudeau @fordnation People on ODSP are dying because they are living in poverty and can't afford to live.…
@JustinTrudeau @fordnation

Thing is people with disabilities want to live but they have no choice.…
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Disabled people are dying due to legislated poverty. At 11 yr. Its deep deep poverty that has likely not been seen since the great depression. Dying of hypothermia, suicidr, hunger, hospital triage policys, Maid the free suicide that was the disableds
Pandemic plan courtesy of the federal govt.
Disabled need help yesterday. It is a crisis
And a emergency. With skyrocking prices they can no longer afford to live. Market rent consumes the whole disability check. They need aid like Cerb that was given to workers.If you know
A death is imminent does the government have the obligation to help? Yes under United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabillity. There is an obligation. Recently bill c 22 was going thru committee its a Canada Disability Benefit but it
#derb @BonitaZarrillo
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If you're on #ODSP and someone is giving you shit by saying "I'm a taxpayer, you're just . . . "

The total amount of provincial taxes that I pay (I make $70,000) that goes to a single person on ODSP is $0.0003. Feel free to value their opinion as such.
I pay roughly $4000 in provincial income tax.
Ontario's total expenses is $180,000,000,000.
ODSP is $15,000 per recipient

15,000 x 4,000 / 180,000,000,000 = 0.0003
$0.0003 * 550,000 = $165 for the entire ODSP payouts provincially. That's about 2 weeks of my taxes.
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So basically the new #ODSP wage rules

Couples with a minimum wage spouse gain $30
Couples with a spouse making $19 an hour lose $110
Couples with a spouse making a living wage lose $185
In case 1, the ODSP recipient gets $827
In case 2, the ODSP recipient gets $407
In case 3, the ODSP recipient is entirely dependent on their spouse. They get $0

Basic needs for a couple, no children: $1018
+ Shelter for a couple, no children: $821
+ Work related benefit of $100
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Gray is calling out the amount of talking they did with no substance, she wants a timeline but he blames parliamentary timeline for holding up his timeline, best estimate is a year?
Bynen asks about episodic disabilities like arthritis and MS etc, response is we need to look at the diversity of it, eligibility and criteria, some benefits 3 months up to permanent. income tested.
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I am reading Amad committee report. Maid for mental illness. It is so twisted i feel like I have been beamed to another planet. So a person who can't access a psychiatrist/phychologist due to waitlists or costs cud likely get a Maid psychiatrist for purpose of death?
There is
Total lack of understanding on what discrimination pwd is. They are worried it will b against our Charter if they DONT kill someone where I see it as against our charter, human rights and United nations crpd to kill someone who cannot obtain
Timely good quality treatment.
This committee has it all backwards . I guess they r just going thru the paces as they had already decided the outcome. They keep talking about Belgium m aid program. 1) we r not Belgium we have our own heritage 2) Belgium spends almost 3% of gdp on
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@UN_HRC When is your next meeting?
Canada needs u to address the extreme poverty of Persons with disabilitys. Social programs payments are less that the market rent leaving many with no food or Homeless. Malnutrition is on the rise. Canada is NOT a leader in disability rights
@UN_HRC Canada:Wait lists 4 subsidizeded housing can b as long as 13 yrs. Foodbanks r overwhelmed.
#pwd were promised a federal disability benefit but are told it is years away from any payment. Can't eat promises or pay rent. Food and shelter shud b a human right. Winter is coming.
@UN_HRC Canada has a lot of tent citys. They get shoved off, tents torn down belongings seized & thrown out, injured, arrested. So its like refugee camps but its our country. Winter is coming Canada gets real cold here. 40% of homeless are disabled ppl. The very ppl that need good a home
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Organ donation after Maid. What we need to know

I think its the next unthinkable thing we r going to have to deal with

If its nothing without us #pwd & we are the new source of viable transplant donors how come we were not consulted in this panel in creating the guidelines. Like when a person is considered dead (enuf) 2 get in there & get the organs We were left out These ppl were on the panel. Image
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I am listening to the debate about Bill c22 . I dont hear the words that disabled people have rights. I dont hear United Nations CRPD rights or even Human Rights Commission rights .
But I do hear what I have been saying all along that bill c22 is empty. That there is a plan to
Study it for 3 years. I dont feel any of them recognize the right to live without the discrimination caused by legislated poverty. And I hear $2000 batted about which spied to the able bodied 2 years ago b4 inflation. O don't hear anyone really taking it seriously. There
Is no one talking about unessasary deaths.
None of them " get it".
Not who I am, that help was needed now and 2 years ago. And @cqualtro mentioning the Covid 19 Disabiliyy group she again did not mention she ignored their recommendations. And I hear how some are looking at
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I did a little survey and we determined that a person with a disability needs about $3000 a mth to live a life worth living where we r no longer in poverty imposed segregation.
Segregation a nasty word .
But its true the discrimination/ableism is that bad that we are segregated. Might as well write on the doors of restaurants, gyms, seniors centers, pools, concert halls, airports
Pwd are the only minority group where govt has created the segregation by
Legislated poverty.

Even the 5% was not really 5% . It was only applied to part of the odsp for many many people.
It shows a true intention to harm.
Bold bigotry!

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#derb a word that sounds silly, but its been outrageous that the disabled are in deep poverty in wealthy Canada. #derb Disability Emergency Relief Benefit is needed now till u get the CDB figured out. Hunger and homelessness is skyrocketing
So #derb now!
@CQualtro just Shove #derb thru in 24 hrs like u did for cerb. Whoa it was a miracle! If u can do it for your ables you do it for disabled
Here in case u forgot how!
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If u r going to make the effort to do the welfare challenge please take the time to REALLY learn what its about. The media release showed there is much u r unaware of.
So peeps with disabilitys
Can u chime in here.
What wud u like them to learn?
My 1st request is they read the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons and all documents ( letters/inspections) between U.N. and Canada. That will change the way we are viewed we are not beggars we have
RIGHTS and entitlements as a Canadian person with a disability that we are being denied.…
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Barely anyone ever sees anything I tweet so I'm doubtful about trying this. Here goes, nonetheless:

I'm creating a @fordnation privatization index listing all the public services Ford is privatizing. Ppl need to know. Can you add any egs. that you know? Here's a start ⤵️
▪️@fordnation is privatizing our public hospitals' surgeries and diagnostics
▪️They are midstream through privatizing the majority (>18,000 so far) of new #LTC beds in New 30-yr contracts
▪️They are privatizing the last remaining public parts of home care more>>>
▪️@fordnation cut access to public #COVID testing & then privatized it, even allowing the for-profit companies to charge $200+ for medically needed COVID tests in violation of the Canada Health Act
▪️They privatized the provision of vaccines to for-profit pharmacy chains
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@ondpmedia @ChandraPasma @MTaylorNDP @LiseVaugeois @JessicaBellTO @JoelHardenONDP Remember u cannot reach for anything that was in your kitchen before u did your odsp shopping. Not even the salt shaker. Anything that happens unexpectedly during the 2 weeks comes out of the food budget. Your Nana gets sick and needs u that gas or bus ticket comes
@ondpmedia @ChandraPasma @MTaylorNDP @LiseVaugeois @JessicaBellTO @JoelHardenONDP Out of your food. Unexpected hospital visit (u may if u r lucky be reimbursed by odsp next month) that $10 parking fee comes out of your food, tp, Kleenex, personal hygiene products, lightbulbs, batteries, over counter meds like tylenol,vitamins, condoms all out of food budget.
@ondpmedia @ChandraPasma @MTaylorNDP @LiseVaugeois @JessicaBellTO @JoelHardenONDP Your kid loses their backpack replace it, someone is ill and creates extra laundry the dog gets sick needs the vet, costs come out of your food. The list is endless. So if u want to read a book go borrow at the library, want to go swimming apply for a subsidy and wait,
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thank you so much for taking this standpoint. unfortunately I feel that it's going to take a Human Rights challenge to get him to listen. #PwD are being treated like they are not even human. We are being subjected to living conditions that should count as torture.
Torture can be defined as doing Physical or Psychological harm to a person as a means of Punishment or coercion.

#ODSP recipients look forward to "payday" every month not with the joy of an influx of money, but with extreme anxiety due to decisions on whether to ...
Pay the rent, or buy food. There are #PwD being hospitalized regularly for malnutrition because they cannot afford more than one meal a day (if that) and that meal is generally rice or pasta. That level of Anxiety makes every other physical and mental disability we have worse
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people need to understand this cycle.

"productive" member of society pays taxes etc for 30 years. has an accident at work. Falls in a hallway, brain injury. Can't work. Goes on #odsp.

Treated like a money-grubbing criminal. Forced to jump through hoops. While slowly losing
home equity, savings, relationships, slowly disappearing until one day you get sick and fall behind and you are out of your home. You are now unhomed. You live outside. With a brain injury. Brutal irony: because you are now unhomed, you lose any housing allowance.
Unhomed, nearly broke with a head injury living in a tent in a park, in constant fear of harassment by police + aggressive drunk bros.

then the city sends goons to take your tent + clear you out.

you too can be dehumanized for no reason

welcome to social safety net 2022!
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To those spouting at #PWD’s on #ODSP to “get a job”, may I remind you that #ODSP is for ppl who are #DISABLED that either can’t work or can’t work F/T, & even if we attempt to try and find work #ODSP claws back 50% of every $ made above 200$ … 1/6
it is #legislatedpoverty, we only receive 1,169 a month to live on, can you live on that ? I dare you to come up with a budget on that amount rn, guess what, you can’t, no one on #ODSP is living high on the hog I can guarantee you that … 2/6
yes there are #benefits but it’s a #bureaucratic nightmare, everything needs to be approved, forms need to be filled out, these are often #discretionary and the caseworker can deny it if it doesn’t meet a certain #eligibility 3/6
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We “low income” should be CELEBRATING the $11.13 increase we SO KINDLY RECEIVED from our new government on our “baby bonus” Right?
YEAH, BECAUSE A raise of $11 month will REALLY CHANGE MY Quality of Life!… 🎊🍾🥳🍻🎉 I decided I’m going from a “beer budget to a
champagne diet” & write letters of thanks🤦🏻‍♀️! DONT give us what we need, give us JUST Enuff to make U look good & feel better about ur policies, but we’re still ‘perishing from a systematic disease’ & ur still making us ‘BEG 4 Bandaids?’🤦🏻‍♀️AFFORDABLE HOUSING FIRST!#HaltonHousing
4 ME personally, I have 15-25YRS MAX left in my lifetime. I DONT CARE what happens to ME! I care ONLY about my #CHILDREN having a CHANCE @ successful life, to #BreakTheCycle of #Poverty & Statistics. I just want to THRIVE in a #HOME, that can bring THEM #HOPE 4 THEIR #generation
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Question for @fordnation:
Hello Premier, Is there any plan for what's going to happen to #ODSP recipients remains after they start dropping like flies ?

5% As you must know, won't bring recipients back to where they were 8 months ago never mind 4 years ago. 1/
(CC: @CityCynthia) Grave yard, every tombstone has a disabled person logo on it
Shown is the POST 5% amount you @fordnation have said you will provide (listed in 2022) however that won't even keep them at the $1169 you left them consigned them to 4 years ago. (2.6% percent reduction in ODSP buying power) 2/
(CC: @Ont_Ombudsman) Image shows bank of Canada conversion listing of today's $12
Your 5% "Raise" will leave people at least $149.44 per month worse off than the day you started your first term @fordnation and THAT was already considered Deep Deep poverty (40% below poverty roughly) 3/
(CC: @srpoverty @CdnHumanRights ) Image shows bank of Canada conversion listing of today's $12
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Hey Autistic Person with Large Following/Reputation in Canada Here
Ontario doesn't need an Autism Program and emphasis on it in politics is driven by lobbyists that push services that aren't evidence-driven/highly correlated to trauma
#ABAisAbuse #OnPoli
The Ontario Liberals, when faced with the issue of #ODSPoverty(disability supports being legislated poverty), decided they can't commit to raising #ODSP significantly

Instead they are using #50KisNotOK to feign action on Disability
The evidence-base for #ABA is so bad they call it needs-based instead and the reputation for ABA is so bad they won't even call it by name instead calling it needs-based therapy #ABAisAbuse…
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