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WEF's Klaus Schwab: "In all likelihood, unless the #pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way, the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health & mortality will be mild..."

New week-end thread w/ @spencerlatu

#Covid19 as catalyst for #WEF #greatreset
Written by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, Geneva, July 2020.

"Until 2011, Mr. Malleret was a senior partner at the Geneva-based IJ (Informed Judgment) Partners, an investment boutique for ultra-high-net-worth individuals."

#WEF #GlobalRiskNetwork…
"Malleret is the co-founder & principal author of the Monthly Barometer, an analytical and predictive newsletter on macro issues for high-level decisionmakers." - "Relevant to all; read by the influential"
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#Trend Following

Instead of trying to predict #market direction, trend following reacts to movements whenever they occur. This enables a focus on actual price #risk, while avoiding becoming #emotionally connected with direction, duration, and fundamental expectations.
Trend following works because you don’t try to outthink it. You are a trend #follower, not a trend #predictor.
But why should trends continue?

If #prices initially under react to to either good or bad news, trends tend to continue as prices slowly move to fully reflect changes in #fundamental value.
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🔥 #ShineDown

I Like To Be #Simple, In EVERYTHING I Do ...
That's All.

I Wish All Would Understand How Much I Love This World ..

One Day.

I Could Only Just Imagine If One Of The "Cool" Kids Did What I've Done ..

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[Breaking news] La @FUB_fr a reçu le mémoire-défense de @Place_Beauvau concernant le référé-liberté 🚲
Je résume :
✅le 🚲 est autorisé pour tous les motifs
✅le 🚲 est notamment autorisé pour le motif 5
❌un tweet ne saurait tenir lieu de Journal Officiel
cc @Maitre_Eolas
Pour commencer, @Place_Beauvau confirme que le vélo est autorisé pour tous les motifs, tout simplement car le décret ne mentionne que les motifs des déplacements, et jamais les modes. #simple #basique

Ce n'est pourtant pas ce qu'on compris certains membres des forces de l'ordre!
Ensuite, concernant le fameux motif n°5, soit l'activité physique, @Place_Beauvau confirme que "la @FUB_fr résume parfaitement ce cadre juridique"
✅Le déplacement à 🚲au titre de l'activité physique est autorisé, seul, ds la limite 1h / jour, ds un rayon maximal d'1 km
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So @aaron_s_fox jumped the gate on me :) w/ a thread on the #ACL #injury & #AFLW #sport #womanprobs conversation & he did a great job but I'd like my perspective to come in that special 'tone' I may be known for in presentations... My first twitter thread! Expect sarcasm and gifs
1st, I posted my perspective on #injury #women #athlete #development #biomechanics in another tweet, if you missed it, short editorial: & presentation Read those after this thread of fun, I hope the GIFs help you "hear" my tone :)
I’ve seen a bit about #ACL #injury and #menstrualcycles including news stories about organisations ready to study the menstrual cycle and #training - Let me give you some basic information to help you #factcheck before you start #cheering or #praising
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Blogs, podcast, webs, perfiles, youtubers... En las #RRSS abunda la piedra filosofal de la #rentabilidad. Pero este mundo es complicado y eso no es lo que yo he aprendido estos años. Son ideas de mi #experiencia que no van a ningún lado ¿Me acompañan? Va HILO👇👇#Iparfilms (1/13)
"Cualquiera puede ser un ´héroe" y el mejor #trader del Universo pero, ojo cuidao; lo que Natura no da Salamanca no presta. Así que antes de hacer experimentos, fórmese, lea, investigue y aprenda continuamente. #formacion #Batman (2/13)
Existe una diferencia abismal entre gestionar su dinero o el de otros. Yo gestiono el mío. #SkinInTheGame (chupito!) Y mis errores son míos. Para gestionar una #cartera hay que hacer algo tan sencillo como complicado, cometer los menos errores posibles. #Munger dixit. (3/13)
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Kegaduhan “Pencekalan Habib Riziek” yang sedang Ramai dibicarakan sebenarnya mudah diselesaikan. Menurut Duta Besar Arab Saudi dipastikan bahwa tidak ada Masalah Keimigrasian artinya Clear, langkah berikutnya Mengganti Duta Besar Indonesia untuk Arab Saudi @as_boediono #hening
RDP DPR dan Pemerintah membahas Habib Riziek yang dilakukan secara tertutup memberi Bukti bahwa memang ada pelarangan Habib Riziek untuk kembali ke Indonesia (konfirmasi dari Kedutaan Besar Saudi Arabia telah Jelas “Kesediaan Negara Menerima dan Melindungi”) @as_boediono #hening
Saya salut kepada MenHan yang tidak membicarakan tentang Habib Riziek ketika Duta Besar Arab Saudi Dan Utusan Khusus Arab Saudi bertemu oleh karena untuk urusan keimgrasian dan urusan Warga Negara yang menetap diLN merupakan TUPOKSI MenLu dan MenKumHam #hening @as_boediono
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Just Amused With Queries On Such #Simple 1-2-3 Pattern, So Giving Few Current Examples In #Thread To Make It Even More Clear! Stocks Which We Traded & Tracking

In This Pattern #StockSelection & #TimeBalance Is The Key!

Buy Strongest Stock, Sell Weakest

Scroll For Examples👇

Stock Is In Daily Uptrend, Corrected For 3-4 Days, Then Made 1-2-3 Pattern with Entry at 61.75

In Few Hours 5% Movement, Thats 60k Per Lot , Traded This 🙂
#VOLTAS on 30M

Stock is SuperStrong & Correcting Since Few Days, Then Made 1-2-3 Pattern & Blasted

Cool 15K Per Lot & Traded
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So frustrating to #know the answer to the question of how to formulate that #TheoryOfEverything #scientists say is the biggest unsolved problem in #physics, yet they don't even want to look at it:…

Wave-particle duality a #mystery?
What I've found is rather astonishing:

The #mathematics used by #Maxwell are inconsistent.

He left the magnetic vector potential field [A] undefined and decoupled from the #medium thus creating #MaxwellsHole, which introduced an unwarrented #gauge #freedom in the model...
It is this #gauge #freedom thst led to the #hack known as #Quantum #Madness.

Really, it doesn't take a PhD to figure out that when you believe particles can exist at two places at the same time, you have a mental problem.…
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Wagons are a pinnacle of English craft.

Imagine looking at some wood and metal, just sitting there on the ground all formless, and thinking: I can make a thing of both utility and beauty out of this.

Here’s a thread about how they do that. #MusTools
Firstly a note on wagons.

Before the combustion engine and pneumatic tyres, vehicles relied on their construction and draught animals to be able to get around.

Each wagon is a distillation of its region’s geography. Each is uniquely suited to its environment.

Wagons are so complicated it feels like we need a PhD just to look at them.

Craftspeople use roughly 80-90 different tools to make one.

This includes sawing the wood, crafting the wheel, forging the ironwork, tyring the wheels and painting the body.

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Bonjour le troisième jour du procès #tarnac va commencer.
Aujourd’hui l’audience est sensée se concentrer sur la question des dégradations #tarnac
Pour ce faire deux experts vont être cités #tarnac
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