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🧵 CW: MAiD, violent imagery

#MAiD is only merciful if you are *only* willing to put me out of my misery, not relieve it.

Not support me through it.

Not remedy the remediable.
I don’t need my disabilities to disappear. I don’t expect my chronic pain or illness to be cured. But when every doctor, system, level of government REFUSES to give the remedies that are only within their power to give. It’s like knife woundS that never stop bleeding.
So don’t be surprised when I bleed out. After all, #MAiD is the only request you were willing to grant. The only one you heard through all the stabbing.

You broke my heart along the way.
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When I think abt how hard disabled people are fighting to rollback—not expand #MAiD. Knowing Canada lawmakers don’t even wanna hear from the ppl whose euthanasia they make possible but nothing more. I’m not optimistic. Which is why #DisabilityFilibuster is built on a deeper hope. Hope in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy
I’ll admit I’m not rich in hope either. Not when my govt’s only assistance is in dying. Not when doctors, the healthcare system and policy make me sicker, cause unnecessary pain, disability and trauma. Which is why I thought of this Václav Havel quote from “Disturbing the Peace.”
Which is why when I think abt Havel’s ‘elsewhere’ as a ‘true source of the breathtaking dimension of the human spirit and its efforts’ I think abt crip spaces like @DisabilityFili1. It’s a heavy weight to individually and collectively carry knowing I am worth-less bc I’m disabled “In short, I think that the deepest and most important for
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SO WHAT if my pain is amplified by my psych, childhood trauma, or brain? Last time I checked my brain is part of my body, my abuse wasn’t my fault, and depression, anxiety is CAUSED by #ChronicPain not the other way around. If #opioids will stop me from using #MAiD, sUicIDe and…
More physical and mental health problems and disability isn’t that the role of medicine and Medicine? Is there supposed to be a risk VS reward calculation in Medicine? We use c19 vaxx bc risk for severe side effects is tiny but the benefits are life saving. My risk of OD = <1%…
Risk that I’ll be dead by years end by MAiD or my own hand? 90% Tbc it isn’t just adequate opioids that I’m being denied. Health Canada opiate policy and propaganda has so biased drs and pushed them to deny clinical judgment and compassion that I can’t get any healthcare anymore.
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🧵So it begins. The time of night my pain meds wear off. When #SuicideDue2Pain is almost all I can think about. Except tonight the pain is joined by an even deeper sense of hopelessness. Bc you see once you are a chronic pain patient, apparently nothing matters about your health.
I have a new set of symptoms. A completely diff and excruciating painful condition. Today I didn’t go to my doc for the opioids SHE is obsessed with. Just standard healthcare. Ya know a physical exam, appropriate tests, a referral if she’s stumped or unequipped. A question or two
But I’ve been trying for a year for a doc to listen, to take me seriously, to do some doctoring. Today was doc #4. Today the resident did listen to all of it. The first doc to listen to details w/o cutting me off. I was received w empathy. I even allowed myself a moment of hope.
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🧵 I would just like to say as someone who recently decided that I would try to qualify for #MAiD. That #C7 expanding state sanctioned sUicIDe to PWD is predatory and fucked.

Do I wanna die bc I’m in too much under-treated pain and drs can’t/won’t diagnose or treat me? #NEISvoid
Or do I want to die bc my life is falling apart? Bc everywhere I turn there is emotional trauma, grief and a crush of overwhelm? Bc I *feel* trapped by circumstances and poverty — by broken and cruel systems and people?
I can’t really tell you. Neither can any dr who would sanction my death. Bc it’s all of those reasons and more. What I do know is that for months, on both my better days and in my lowest moments. My mind keeps returning to #MAiD. #C7 opened a door, I once worked harder to close.
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Gov commissioned report shows serious challenges pandemic for p w #Disability "some people told her they were being encouraged to explore #MAID #euthanasia." And this was not going to happen w #BillC7, MPs & senators & DwD advocates claimed... 1/…
3/ excerpt report
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Watched #MAIDnetflix #MAID like everyone else.

For a lot of women, this will resonate. For others, they’ll poverty & tragedy porn all over it. For those of us who lived it - autobiographical narratives are so often one dimensional, by necessity. But it was beautifully scripted.
2/ The refuge was a little too fabulous and the bestie was a little too Julia Robert’s offsider in Pretty Woman & the parenting was a bit too pretty & there were no ugly crying snot bubble moments & the refuge looked like a resort. Unless the USA is way better than here - nah.
3/ Refuges look more like this. On a good day. And while there are some beautiful women working at many of them - most here are impersonal with a side of harried DV worker. But I’m sure it resonated with some women. ImageImageImage
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Don't mind the Private Air Jets that will be falling from the Sky .. It's ones choosing too take the easy way out instead of being arrested for the crimes they have committed upon Children & Humanity ..

Some very high ranking Military officials that chose to be corrupt, they
also are going to choose to take the easy way out instead of being arrested.
It's all so very sad, it truly is. Every which way you choose to look at all of it, it's just sad. All the lives these corrupt individuals have hurt for money or to be placed in positions of "POWER"
to basically protect the higher ups in the chains of evils command is just horrible..
I think of the children at these individuals homes waiting for mom or dad to come home from work but they don't because they either took the easy way out or they were arrested.
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It angers me the Conservatives are using the MAID expansion (ability for those solely with mental health issues to use it by 2023) to boost their campaign.

CPC are against it due to religious motives against MAID as a whole, not bc it's a human rights issue. 1/ #MAID #cdnpoli
An example of this would be Erin O'Toole's saying doctors should be able to turn down a suffering patient when they request MAID.

If they truely viewed MAID as a human right, they wouldn't be trying to allow it to be denied it to a suffering patient.… 2/
If the Conservatives viewed the MAID amendments as a human rights issue instead of MAID as a religious issue, they'd have plans to lessen suffering by bring disabled folx out of legislated poverty.

Reality? They only plan to help working disabled folx. 3/
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1/ This is a good question. @MPJulian hammered the Liberals for giving the Big Banks $750 billion within days of the pandemic yet by October 2020 they hadn't fulfilled their commitment to provide financial aid to people with disabilities.
2/ April 29, 2020: Liberals agreed to raise the CESB student benefit to $2,000/month for students with disabilities (and/or those with kids). This was one of the NDP's demands to pass the bill. It was limited to students but was a policy win.…
3/ In June 2020 the Liberals tried to bundle a one-time relief payment for people with disabilities into an omnibus bill which had many provisions the opposition parties could not support. NDP criticized the limited eligibility and fought for a new bill.…
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If I read #federalbudget of #Canada Correctly
@cafreeland committed $12M over THREE YEARS to TALKING about how to implement a disability benefit some point in the future (maybe)
(But $13M to ensure MAID happens)

So no #inclusion & #inclusive recovery for #ODSP #CPPD #SAID #AISH
At this rate, with what the provinces are doing to #PWD @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland You won't have to worry about #MAID or a #Disabilities Benefit cause the problem is going to "Solve itself"
They Can't Afford to live NOW Damn it !
3 weeks to invent #CERB
4 YEARS to maybe help PWD
How many more times are they supposed to say
"Maybe next year, people will care"
How many more decades ?
How many more wasted PWD lives because
Canada won't put the well being disabled people equal to those who are "Able" ?

How many more GENERATIONS @JustinTrudeau ?
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I’m so fucking sick of this shit, we’re now in the middle of a third wave, with a province wide shutdown, and we’re getting no help from the government despite Covid cases rising here in Ontario, and with everything from increased costs of using grocery delivery services ... 1/9
the rising cost of groceries, plus having to buy PPE, this is, well, let’s just call it what it is, the genocide and culling of disabled people by the government (both provincially and federally), especially when the only option in front of us is MAID ... 2/9
which the government has made clear by passing Bill C7, honestly how the fuck am I and others relying on social assistance expected to survive this pandemic, hell we’re not even prioritized early on the vaccine list despite many who are immunocompromised ... 3/9
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#BellLetsTalk day is a good excuse to share some of my favourite #MentalHealth stories from the @globeandmail
(I will start with a recent video and add to this thread throughout the day)

Maintaining our mental health in the midst of a pandemic…
We're all to blame for staying mum on mental illness, by @picardonhealth… via @GlobeDebate #MentalHealth #stigma #BellLetsTalk
Want safer schools? Fund #MentalHealth care and #suicide prevention programs, not metal detectors, by @picardonhealth… (2006) via @GlobeDebate #GunControl #BellLetsTalk
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L'association des medecins psychiatres de Quebec publishes paper “Access to medical assistance in dying for people with mental disorders”. Complex issue cannot be discussed fully. But timing no coincidence, so let's look at some deeply troubling issues (1)
(2) Authors clearly know they feed into a process of Bill C-7 & endorse inclusion of MH; but Bill’s provisions DO NOT provide a reliable, safe basis for what even they recommend as minimal standards under which MAID for MD could be practiced
(3) 'in their view', as this is presuming that the reports’ recommendations are ethically sound/unproblematic, legally coherent, and evidence-based. Not so, imho. Let’s look at some components.
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Looks like UCP is coming after #abortionrights #transhealth #MAiD #dyingwithdignity by supporting patient abandonment

Today. #Bill207 sponsored by #gynotician MLA Dan Williams
of Peace River.

#ableg #abpoli…
Here is the position paper on conscience rights aka patient abandonment via @AbortionRights…

#ableg #abpoli
Dan Williams, UCP MLA Peace River attended the annual anti-choice March for Lies to publicly oppose bodily autonomy for women, gender divers people and the terminally ill.

#Secular #healthcare…
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The deadline for appealing Truchon & Gladu decision is Friday Oct 18. It appears that the strategy of our elected leaders is to quietly run out the clock. That is within their power to do. What is within our power, is to bear witness to their reprehensible conduct. #elxn43
If this decision to remove a fundamental safeguard from #MAiD is NOT appealed, a profound change of great consequence to every Canadian, will have been made by a single judge in a provincial lower court. There are two dangerous outcomes from this decision… #elxn43 #cdnpoli
1st, decision declares that objectives of fostering equality, avoiding disability stereotypes & preventing suicide are “too broad” to serve as basis for legislation. 2nd, decision strikes down requirement that natural death be “reasonably foreseeable” in order to die by #MAiD
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1/ #Facebook released their #Libra #cryptocurrency whitepaper today. This is a stable coin governed by a Foundation that is comprised of a handful of the world’s largest corporations
2/ The currency will run on the Libra #blockchain and coins will be backed by assets consisting of bank deposits and government securities that will be issued by the Libra Reserve whose members each invested a minimum of $10M to run a validator node
3/ This pseudo #decentralization is not being brought into the world to ‘empower billions of people’ or ‘help people everywhere live better lives’ as Facebook suggest
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1/ There’s no debate- #palliativecare doesn’t hasten death, in fact for cancer pts it prolongs life. Even #palliative sedation doesn’t hasten death! The myth that a palliative approach shortens life (e.g. via opioid use) and is “giving up” is something we combat everyday.
2/ These “palliphobias” can lead to delayed symptom management, prognostication and advance care planning- this problem is very dangerous and pervasive, whether the patient wishes to die via #MAID or not. Not at all against #MAID at all but it does differ in intent.
3/ Anecdotally- have had several cases where well-meaning specialists didn’t recognize #palliative needs early. By the time we saw it was too late to request MAID, pt had lost capacity and had suffered greatly. No one had talked about EOL planning before me! #hpm
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