So mucor is on the rise, time for a quick revision. A short thread for those interested.

It's a bad infection with an unreasonably high mortality(40-80%) which depends on the organ involved.

Risk factors: DM/ neutropenia/ HSCT

DM=rhino-orbital mucor
Neutropenia=pulmonary mucor
Mucormycosis is caused by fungi of order "MUCORALES" which includes rhizopus/mucor/licthemia/cunninghemela species. But DON'T WORRY species identification doesn't change treatment so we don't need to get to that.
Coming to the PRACTICAL POINTS that need to be remembered.

➡️IMAGING even at the slightest suspicion of mucor coz it's RAPIDLY PROGRESSIVE and kills quick.

➡️CT PNS/Orbits/ MRI Brain
➡️HRCT chest as per presentation

Urgent SURGICAL DEBRIDEMENT improves outcomes dramatically.

1st choice Antifungal is Liposomal AmpB (not AmpB deoxy) at 5mg/kg
⬆️Dose of 10mg/kg for CNS mucor.
2nd choice is iv Isavuconazole/posa.
Isavu @ 200mg Tds for 2d➡️200 OD
Posa @ 300mg Bd on D1 ➡️300mg OD

Repeat imaging WEEKLY to look for disease status.

The duration of therapy➡️major problem, it's not defined & is to be continued till there is resolution of the risk factor.
Thus it seems prudent to PREVENT this horrible infection.

How can that be done??
1 Keep your sugars in check.
2 Take ur diabetes meds/insulin.
3 Avoid drugs that ⬆️ sugars(steroids) {w/o a doctor's advise}
4 Watch out for sinus pain/eye pain/double vision and report urgently
Issues with Amphotericin B
Nephrotox, ⬇️K ⬇️Mg

Issues with Posa
Hepatotox, need for TDM, drug interactions

Issues with Isavuconazole are fewer than posa

Significant issue➡️➡️COST 😭

50mg Liposomal AmpB = 6k
5 mg/kg x 60kg = 300mg = 36k/day!!

Iv posa/ isavu= equally expensive

• • •

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Got #covid ? Don't worry it's not a death sentence.

Step 1: Isolate and monitor

I assume u must have started isolating even before you tested + , if not, do so immediately. Get the others at home tested ASAP. Monitor your temperature and oxygen saturation.

Step 2: Managing Co-morbidities

If u have any co-morbidity continue to take the meds you were already on. Don't STOP meds for ur diabetes or hypertension or thyroid d/o.

Step 3: Managing fever

Fever is a very common symptom. Please dont panic. Take a paracetamol. An adult may take upto 3gm/day i.e ~650mg 6 hourly. Continue to monitor your oxygen sats every 4-6 hrs.

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⚡️Procalcitonin as the name suggests is a precursor of the hormone calcitonin

⚡️Coded by the CALC 1 gene on Chr 11,its a 116AA peptide

⚡️PrePCT >> PCT >> Calcitonin

⚡️Bact inf=⬆️IL6⬆️TNFa⬆️IL1b=⬆️Productn of PCT
⚡️Normal PCT in health <0.1ng/ml

⚡️In patients with bacterial infections PCT ⬆️ corelates with severity of infection

⚡️PCT starts to⬆️3-4hrs following an infection,
peaks at ~12 hrs post infection.
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Humanity has always struggled to fight #viruses , best exemplified by the ongoing #Covid_19 #pandemic ,so I thought of doing a thread on a #virus which frequently troubles #hematology patients

It's called #CMV or #HHV5
It wrecks havoc #posttransplant

#MedTwitter @BloodJournal
⚡DNA virus ,1 of the MC infections post SCT

⚡It has the largest genome of any known human virus [230kb /200 genes]

⚡Most humans harbour latent CMV, infection MC aquired in childhood.

⚡Site of latency in humans- Not Known
In murine models - hepatic sinusoidal cells
⚡The risk of reactivation depends on CMV sero status and is as follows:
D-/R+ > D+/R+ > D+/ R- > D- / R -

⚡The other risk factors are
1️⃣ T cell depletion
2️⃣ HaploSCT
4️⃣ GVHD requiring Rx

⚡ So why not give prophylaxis to these patients ??
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So how safe is #Ibrutinib ?
A very relevant question given that it needs to be administered indefinitely.
41% discontinuation rate in the "real world", most d/t toxicity.

Thread [1/12]
So what are the major adverse events anyway ?
1. A fib
2. ⬆️ Risk of bleeding
3. ⬆️ Infections
4. Arthralgias
5. Htn
6. Diarrhoea
7. Pneumonitis

A very common concern is tox no.1 and 2 .
⬆️A .fib = anticoag for stroke prophylax. but that's when tox no.2 comes into play.
Very difficult to ⚖️ it out .
In RESONATE trial >grade 3 afib in 3% of pts.
Most events occur within 3 mts of starting #ibrutinib

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