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COVAXIN, developed by the Hyderabad-based firm Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the National Institute of Virology and the ICMR, is India's first approved indigenous COVID-19 vaccine. At least 55 crore doses of COVAXIN would be available by December.… Image
Covishield is the Indian brand name of the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in partnership with the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca. It is being locally produced by the Serum Institute of India. 75 crore doses of Covishield will be available by the year-end. Image
Sputnik V, the latest vaccine to be approved by the Indian government, has been developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Ministry of Health. The government plans to roll out 15.6 crore doses of the vaccine by December. #vaccine Image
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1. "Covid-19 is dead now, and finally we can live without masks and can reunite with our friends and families" - how happy does this sounds? Everybody wishes to go back to normal, for that please wear your masks. #WearAMask
2. Today, this situation is really out of hands. Our whole generation is falling apart. We have lost hopes on our dreams, ambitions, studies, career and all we want to do is to SURVIVE. We want to live. We want to fight this so badly. #fightagainstcorona
3.We don't want to see our future getting destroyed right in front of our eyes because of this virus. Some of us might be thinking, do we even have a future? Yes, we do if we stay safe and follow all the protocols. It feels as we have aged, without actually ageing. #GenZ
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Karnataka HC will shortly hear a case registered suo motu after the Court received two letters on Covid-19 Management in the state.

Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Justice Aravind Kumar will hear the matter.

Bench: Yesterday, a staff of the HC died of COVID. His sample collected on May 10.

He has not received any intimation on whether he was positive. This is how the system works....

This is an eye opener. What action are you going to take, what remedial measures

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#BombayHighCourt to hear plea filed by Mumbai lawyer seeking door-to-door #COVIDVaccination for citizens above 75 years of age and those who are specially-abled or bed-ridden.

#COVID19Vaccination #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia #COVIDEmergency2021
Advocate Dhruti Kapadia is the petitioner in person.
ASG Anil Singh appears for Centre and Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbhakoni appears for State.
Sr Adv Anil Sakhare appears for BMC.

#COVID19Vaccination #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia #COVIDEmergency2021 #BombayHighCourt
In the previous hearing the Bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni had asked the #centre to revisit its decision of not encouraging door-to-door #COVID19Vaccination for the elderly and persons with disabilities.…
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BREAKING: Supreme Court special bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud to assemble at 12:30 PM TODAY to hear Centre's appeal against Delhi HC order mulling #contempt against state & centre officials as #oxygen supply as per Supreme Court order was not met.
[BREAKING] Central govt moves Supreme Court against Delhi High Court contempt of court notice on Oxygen supply; hearing at 12.30

report by @DebayonRoy

#SupremeCourt #OxygenCrisis #DelhiHighCourt…
Justice DY Chandrachud led bench of #SupremeCourt to shortly hear appeal by Centre against Delhi HC order mulling contempt action against Centre & state officials for not supplying 700MT oxygen to Delhi as per #SupremeCourt order
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Karnataka HC to shortly begin hearing a case registered suo motu after the Court received two letters on Covid-19 Management in the state.

Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Justice Aravind Kumar will hear the matter.

Follow this thread to find out what happened in Court yesterday:

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So mucor is on the rise, time for a quick revision. A short thread for those interested.

It's a bad infection with an unreasonably high mortality(40-80%) which depends on the organ involved.

Risk factors: DM/ neutropenia/ HSCT

DM=rhino-orbital mucor
Neutropenia=pulmonary mucor
Mucormycosis is caused by fungi of order "MUCORALES" which includes rhizopus/mucor/licthemia/cunninghemela species. But DON'T WORRY species identification doesn't change treatment so we don't need to get to that.
Coming to the PRACTICAL POINTS that need to be remembered.

➡️IMAGING even at the slightest suspicion of mucor coz it's RAPIDLY PROGRESSIVE and kills quick.

➡️CT PNS/Orbits/ MRI Brain
➡️HRCT chest as per presentation
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The May session for the Joint Entrance Examination (Main) 2021 has been postponed in view of the COVID-19 situation in India, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal announced on Tuesday. The May session was scheduled to be held between May 24-28, 2021.…
Last month's April session of the competitive exam had also been postponed as India faces a brutal second wave of COVID-19. Pokhriyal shared a notification by the National Testing Agency (NTA), confirming the same. #covid19 #RameshPokhriyalNishank #JEEMains2021 #enteranceexam
The NTA's notification stated, "The rescheduling of the April and May sessions will be done subsequently. The registration for the May session will also be announced at a later stage." #NTA #JEEMains2021 #JEEMaySession #Covid19 #indiaagainstcorona #fightingcovid
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Karnataka HC is hearing a case registered suo motu after the Court received two letters on Covid-19 Management in the state.

Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Justice Aravind Kumar is hearing the matter.

Bench: What is the mechanism for supplying oxygen and who decides the quantity?
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I am posted in COVID ICU for 12 hours (night shift).
This duty has been extremely brutal for a no. of reasons-
Seeing more young people die.
Have to restrain a lot of them as they're uncooperative or self extubate. They cry and beg us to remove the restrains but we can't
We're just jumping from 1 pt to another throughout the night as they deteriorate.
Staying in ICUs for so long have their own complications. So many pricks, procedures done on them everyday.
I don't know where to prick while taking an ABG sample cause their hands are thrombosed/ edematous.
I go at 8 pm and come back to my room at 9 am. Barely getting half an hour of sleep in between. Losing an average of 5-6 patients per shift (3)
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Every person, every institution in #globalhealth is deeply indebted to people of S Asia, esp India, present and past. Acknowledge and honor it: speak up about the #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia and culpability of government and others who have failed them. What debt? I'll explain 1/n
Nearly every aspect of vaccination campaign knowledge has links to India. From first vax 219 years ago in then-Bombay to eradication, smallpox more about India than any other country, as @JoyAgnost has written. World has benefitted but knowledge came from colonial oppression 2/n
Note how 1805 painting applies racist lightening to Queen Devajammani's arm, showing one exercise of colonial biopower on reluctantly or unwillingly vaccinated people (see Chancellor, Mod Asian Stud 2001). Nearly all early major campaigns were in India 3/n
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People living in their ivory towers have no idea of real Bharat.

37.7 million Indians are affected by water-borne diseases annually, 1.5 million children die of diarrhoea alone.

See this report from 2013

This is what we have been living with even seven decades after independence.

Why couldn’t successive governments think, plan and deliver such a basic thing like tap water when this man #modi is targeting the same in 4 years.

Covid has hit our homes and we are very vocal. Rightly so.

But think how would they have handled a pandemic of this scale that requires a response where we need to increase resources by 5-10 times in months because doubling or tripling will be GOOD but not ENOUGH.

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#MadrasHighCourt to continue hearing today the suo motu case registered to check on COVID-19 management in Tamil Nadu.

The matter is before Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy.

Track this thread for live updates.

Hearing begins.

AG Vijay Narayan: Both Election Commission and State Govt have seriously considered the suggestions made by Court. The Election Commission has passed a very detailed order dated April 28...

#MadrasHighCourt #COVID19India
Court: Let us be very clear, the Election Commission has the authority to even take over the administration.. to ensure that COVID protocol is maintained ...

#MadrasHighCourt #COVID19India
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Pls dont panic if u test +ve for #COVID19 sharing these simple protocols that have been compiled to guide you on what needs to be done These are critical times incase we have not been able to give u a bed it’s only becoz we are full beyond capacity with #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia
Please understand. 🙏
There will be individual variations based on existing conditions& hence this can be modified based on your discussion with your medical physician. This is is a suggestive protocol. Users are however advised to customise it to individual patients
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Surely today, as Indians struggle desperately to save themselves; as Delhi HC has to cajole the Centre into ensuring oxygen reaches the capital; as infections & death tolls soar & the data fudging is clear; as a nationwide vaccine plan disappears; there has to be an awakening.
In the middle of the inferno that #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia , the Union Home Minister is going to address 3 public rallies. The day after that, your Prime Minister, this man who you revere like a God, is going to address 4. FOUR. PUBLIC. RALLIES. IN THE MIDDLE OF A GODDAMN PANDEMIC
This is not regrettable. This is not misguided. This is not even disgraceful. It is criminal.

Every political leader organising a rally at this time is a criminal. But given their responsibility to the nation, the actions of the Home Minister and the Prime Minister even more so
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#DelhiHC begins urgent hearing over current COVID condition in Delhi.
@AamAadmiParty #COVID19 @MoHFW_INDIA
Hearing before Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli begins

@AamAadmiParty #COVID19 @MoHFW_INDIA
Senior Advocate Rajiv Nayar for Inox Air - The demand is 5x of what we can produce

@AamAadmiParty #COVID19 @MoHFW_INDIA
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Interesting week for the art of political distraction.
#europesuperleague either fan-power or competition law would've halted the plan, but political speed to bank political capital was unprecedented. Compare with days it took for PM to react to violence in Northern Ireland
#Boris & his Govt's slow reaction to #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia #GreensillScandal why Defence Minister Johnny Mercer is being dismissed, @GoodLawProject discovery yesterday about #Torysleaze donor awarded a £100m #PPE contract & why his name why redacted…
#Boris needs to answer why Cruddas got a peerage despite cash-for-access scandal. Why he overrode his ethics adviser on @pritipatel bullying/breaking Ministerial Code. ?s on #ArcuriAffair & her business receiving public money. Why he missed the 1st 5 emergency #covid meetings
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Lets try and learn some basics of the COVID-19 illness
So to understand what’s happening you need to understand the story behind it.

(A Thread)
80% people will have flu like sickness
Mild/Initial phase: presenting with anosmia (lack of smell), fever, cough, diarrhoea. This is something most people understand and is treated with Paracetamol and lots of water.
But beyond the is what we need to learn a bit more about
Basically in the illness people are fine mostly till d4 - d6,
but once the downhill journey begins you r counting each hour
Its a sudden steep downhill slope
Now why is that?
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Therein lies the rub. It's the Allahabad High Court that has ordered the UP cities lockdown, given the magnitude of the crisis we could all see.
Then calling out the appalling amount of money spent on elections, and so little on healthcare. #thread #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia
And the Telangana High Court orders Govt take a call on weekend lockdown and curfew as well.
Lockdowns are the last resort when govts have failed at all other measures #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia
Delhi to go under lockdown .. Rajasthan under restrictions.
Maharashtra already has restrictions and now more expected.
Lockdowns the last step in the many measures to contain the spread of covid. We missed an opportunity to aggressively vaccinate when numbers were low. #COVID19
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#Delhi likely to be under curfew till April 26 amid steep rise in #COVID19 cases, say media reports

#LIVE: "We have never lied to you, have never given out incorrect facts": Delhi Chief Minister @ArvindKejriwal on the #covid crisis.

@ArvindKejriwal "We have been honest with all the numbers. Number of beds, number of ICU beds, because we are a Family": Delhi Chief Minister @ArvindKejriwal on the #covid crisis.

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वैक्सीन की राजनीति
अमेरिका और यूरोप के बीच वैक्सीन को लेकर जारी संघर्ष है। वैक्सीन की दक्षता या सुरक्षा के बारे में कुछ खबरें जो हम पढ़ते हैं, वे किसी भी वास्तविक समस्या से अधिक * वैक्सीन युद्ध * के बारे में हैं।
भारतीय वैक्सीन विनिर्माण सर्ज ने पश्चिम और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फार्मा
👇 Image
लॉबी और चीन दोनों को नाराज कर दिया है । सब चाकू लेकर निकले हैं और फिर हमारे पास स्वयंसेवकों की कोई कमी नहीं है जो खुशी से भारत की पीठ में छुरा घोंपेंगे ।
रूसी वैक्सीन स्पुतनिक को पश्चिम ने लगभग मजाक उड़ाते हुए खारिज कर दिया था जैसे ′′ रूसी विज्ञान के बारे में क्या जानते हैं
विदेश भेजे गए भारतीय वैक्सीन Pfizer और Moderna के व्यावसायिक हितों को नुकसान पहुंचा रही है। कई ′′ बड़े लोगों ′′ ने फार्मा कंपनियों में काफी निवेश किया है। भारत अपने स्वयं के लोगों को मुफ्त या सिर्फ 250 रुपये में टीकाकरण कर रहा है विश्व के बड़े टीकाकरण खिलाड़ियों के लिए संभावित
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We need more studies on the double mutant strain found in India. Experts across the world have been asking for India to do more testing, research so we can know how infectious it is and vaccine impact.
Now it has been found in 10 countries. #covid #doublemutant
We knew about the double mutant strain since last year, only announced earlier this year. If we studied it more extensively, we could have anticipated the second wave better #COVIDSecondWaveInIndia #DoubleMutant
A double mutant case was discovered in California a few weeks ago, then many cases in England and its now spread to 10 countries #DoubleMutant #COVID19India
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When people use phrases like '110%' it's immediately concerning.
So where is this 110% oxygen generation going? Why are we hearing complaints from various parts of country regarding oxygen shortage?
'24,000 Cases In Delhi Today, Short On Oxygen, Beds: Arvind Kejriwal'…
And if we're producing oxygen over and above capacity, then how are both Delhi and Mumbai facing oxygen shortage? Our biggest cities. #COVIDSecondWave
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