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Classically placed in the arm
May be placed in the leg (eg in #pediatrics /neonates – which may then terminate in the infrarenal IVC/iliacs)
#criticalcare #cardiovascular
- Lower infection rate then central lines
- Used in the outpatient setting
- Can be used for several weeks to months
- Duration of PICC lines may be from 4 weeks to 6 months
(although they have been known to be functional for more than 300 days)
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Did you know that pregnant people with #antiphospholipidsyndrome (APS) have an increased risk of adverse maternal & fetal outcomes? (1/4)
APS is characterized by #thrombosis and/or obstetric morbidity in the presence of #antiphospholipid antibodies. For pregnant people, this means increased likelihood of severe #preeclampsia, preterm birth, & #neonatalmortality. (2/4) Image
Studies show that complement activity plays a key role in aPL-mediated #thrombosis & obstetric complications. And fortunately, complement inhibitors, like #eculizumab, offer promise of improved outcomes for pregnant people living with APS. (3/4)
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The history of methotrexate began 75 years ago.

A short 🧵 on its history and pivotal moments, covering key trials to show realignment of #hematology #rheumatology, disciplines that belong to each other♥️

#MedTwitter Image
In the early 1940s, folic acid was isolated and found to cure some patients with megaloblastic anemia, not responding to vitamin B 12.
Also, patients with acute leukemia were treated with folic acid or folate conjugates (polyglutamated forms of folic acid)
👉proved ineffective:( Image
The subsequent demonstration by Heinle and Welch that a diet-induced deficiency of folic acid caused a decrease in the leukemia cell count, stimulated efforts, primarily by the Lederle group, to synthesize analogs of folic acid.
Overview of isolation and synthesis of folates👇 Image
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My 3 year old daughter Lila was recently diagnosed with a VERY rare and aggressive type of #leukemia.

👉 It’s potentially treatment resistant… AND

👉 Requires a bone marrow transplant.

A🧵with all the details we have so far 👇

Please @Twitter help me save my little girl. Image
First, some background:

👉 A month ago, Lila was diagnosed with “acute undifferentiated leukemia” (AUL) by her docs at @ChildrensLA

👉 Last week, we found an unrelated marrow donor who’s a perfect “10/10” match (thx to @BeTheMatch ) and they have agreed to donate. 😭
👉 But just yesterday, we learned Lila’s first cycle of chemo failed. 🥺

Before Lila can get the transplant, we have to get her into remission first.
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1/ The impact of #Covid on $PVCT’s R&D, #DrugDiscovery, and clinical development of our #HalogenatedXanthene (#HX) medical science platform and #RoseBengalSodium (#RBS) investigational drug & drug formulation pipeline. A #THREAD.
2/ This $PVCT #thread will be an ongoing one for some time. Please check back to read it again (and again), and learn more about our medical scientific history and our lead molecule #RoseBengalSodium’s journey to becoming a multi-disease, broad-spectrum, therapeutic compound.
3/ #Covid has been a deeply painful experience, to say the least, for the U.S. and the world. It also marked a turning point in the advancement and expansion of our #HX medical science platform, as well as our lead molecule #RoseBengalSodium and the investigational drugs and drug……
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1/ A $PVCT THREAD: (3) Potential 2023 read outs of preclinical data from sponsored research programs (#SRAs) in different diseases. #research. #oncology #hematology #dermatology #InfectiousDiseases #ophthalmology #WoundHealing #TissueRegeneration. #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
2/ $PVCT 2023 Stockholder Letter (released January 9th). . #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
3/ In 2023, $PVCT expects research collaborators at different academic medical institutions to read out data from their preclinical research work under newly established and existing #SRAs. #research. #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
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1/ A THREAD on what $PVCT achieved in 2022. #event #discovery #milestone #milepost. #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
2/ $PVCT 2023 Stockholder Letter (released January 9th). . #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
3/ $PVCT #clinical and #research collaborators made 6 presentations at 5 medical conferences about PV-10 for different cancers. #ENETS22 #AACR22 #ASCO22 #ISOO2022 #melanomabridge. #presentations. #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
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Differential dx of deranged PT/INR/aPTT: More than what meets the eye✨

Based on what I have learned from my colleagues

Follow this 🧵

@rabihmgeha @DxRxEdu @DrCindyCooper @AaronGoodman33 @CPSolvers @sargsyanz @AnnKumfer @ASanchez_PS @MatthewHoMD @nihardesai7 #hematology
1.) Isolated Elevation of PT/INR

- Deficiency of or inhibitors against Factors lII, VII
- Early Vitamin K deficiency
- Warfarin (PT/INR>aPTT)

2.) Isolated elevation of aPTT

- Deficiency of or inhibitors against Factors XII (asymptomatic), XI, IX, VIII.

- Heparin (aPTT>PT/INR)
- vWD type 2N & Acq vWD

- Antiphospholipid antibodies (further evaluation will dRVVT and phospholipid-based mixing studies)

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1/ Do you know who this man is? 🧵

He’s Fredrick W Mott, an English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿surgeon who identified cells with multiple spherical inclusions packed in their cytoplasm in the brains of monkeys with trypanosomiasis.
2/ In the early 1900s, he identified them as plasma cells in inflammation and called them morular cells (Latin morus=mulberry). He was later given the honour of having these cells named after him.

Image credit:…
3/ It was actually William Russell, a Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿physician before Mott, who recognised these inclusions contain immunoglobulin. The individual cytoplasmic inclusions (Russell body) are hence named after him.

Image credit:…
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Iron metabolism & IDA:
1. Transferrin (iron binding protein in plasma) has two iron-binding sites & exists in 3 forms: apotransferrin (not bound to iron), monoferric & diferric forms: diferric has the highest affinity for Tf receptors.
2. Developing erythroblasts have the highest number of Tf receptors
3. Normally adult male & female need to absorb 1 mg & 1.4 mg elemental iron respectively to meet needs
4. No regulated pathway of iron excretion, lost by blood loss or loss of epithelial cells.
5. Heme iron is most readily absorbed.
6. Hepcidin regulates iron absorption by controlling the activity of ferroprotein.
7. Erythroferron: Suppresses hepcidin level to increase iron absorption in states of erythroid hyperplasia.
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Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells have changed treatment avenues in #hematology, providing new hope for patients.

Its road started quite recently, with highs and lows; and it remains a very complex and expensive treatment.

A short 🧵about its history.

CAR-background I:
-designer proteins that redirect T-cells👉antigen on tumor cells
-4 essential components: extracellular antigen recognition domain, hinge or spacer moiety, transmembrane domain, and intracellular signaling domains
-4 generations so far and still evolving
CAR-background II:
-extracellular target-binding site is most important factor👉 lock and key for target antigen
-against a well-documented target on tumor cell surface
-appropriate antigen most crucial component for CAR T-cell activity👉across cancers (selected👇)
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Whatever we do in medicine has a history.

Hematologists take a sample from the bone marrow (BM) every day. But where do we come from?

A short history 🧵 about BM biopsy.

#MedTwitter #hematology #pathology
-oldest known procedure carried out on mankind
-8-10k years old skulls with evidence of medical intervention (found in 🇪🇺, Africa, Asia, New Guinea, Tahiti, New Zealand)
-for headaches, mentalities
-many "patients" survived (evidence of healing of their bones)
Celsus (c. 25 BC - c. 50 AD):
-described "trephination"
-recommended it for removal of damaged cranial bones and as a therapeutic measure for relieving headaches
-with a specialized instrument, a surgical modiolus or crown trephine
-encyclopedia "De medicina" before 47 CE
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I’ve never posted a @tiktok_us link before, but this is a rare opportunity to observe one of the most poorly understood disorders in #hematology: Gardner-Diamond syndrome. This young woman's skin lesions first appear about 40 seconds in./1 #MedTwitter…
The syndrome was described by Drs. Frank Gardner (1919-2013) and Louis K. Diamond (1902-1999) in Boston in 1955, in @BloodJournal. They reported 4 cases, all women, who had a peculiar form of bruising on face or extremities but had no other bleeding & normal coagulation tests./2
The key finding in Gardner-Diamond syndrome: unexplained painful bruises, most commonly on extremities or face, often during times of stress. The pathophysiology is unclear, as described below. Many patients have been dismissed by physicians as having a fictitious disorder./3 Facial ecchymoses on Nancy Morel's TikTok
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We at HCC are so proud of our team and participating centers. 6 abstracts of our collective work have been accepted for #ASH22. If you wish to be a part of this movement either as an individual or as a participating institution, do visit us at
#2976 Prognostic Factors and Outcomes of Adolescent and Adult Burkitt Lymphoma and Leukemia from a Low-Middle Income Country: An Experience from Hematology Cancer Consortium…
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1a) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on the management of aFXa-DOAC-associated #hemorrhage and specifically the role of coag laboratory testing in these challenging cases.
1b) Our expert author is #pharmacist Craig Beavers, PharmD @beaverspharmd CV Clinical Pharmacy Specialist @UK_COP, and Immediate Past Chair of the @ACCinTouch #ACCCVT Section
2) This 🆓program is accredited for 0.5h CE/#CME for #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #nurespractitioners #pharmacists and is supported by a grant from AstraZeneca. See statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at
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Anticoagulants and antiplatelets during GI bleed🩸with the 👸 of #CardioGI herself, @NeenaSAbrahamMD!

#MedTwitter #GITwitter #ACG2022 #hematology #hemetwitter
Regardless of cardiovascular indication for AC/AP, GIB risk ⬆️ with AGE
⚠️Disparities in AC/AP prescribing: black, Hispanic, and women are ⬇️ likely to be appropriately prescribed
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I love deep dives and I mean it!

My latest focus --> Hodgkin's lymphoma.

This is the original series of 7 cases published by Thomas Hodgkin.

#Hodgkinlymphoma Image
@nihardesai7 you should read this.
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Educational 🧵 on autoimmune hemolytic anemias (AIHA). Not medical advice. Always open to feedback and corrections.
#medtwitter #hematology #internalmedicine #classicalhematology
1/Immune hemolytic anemia
Broadly divided into three groups:
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA)
Alloimmune hemolytic anemia
Drug induced immune hemolytic anemia
We will discuss AIHA in this 🧵
2/AIHA - Major categories
Warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia (WAIHA)
Cold agglutinin disease (CAD)
Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (PCH)
Mixed-type AIHA
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Welcome everyone to our 2nd Pediatric on Squares Board Review Course
We are starting today until the coming 8 days
Hope it’ll be helpful and enjoyable course
✏️ Note that you still can join and register on the course with accessibility to all recorded session until 27th of August ImageImage
Day 1
1st session: Pulmonology Review
By Dr. Bassem Kurdi @Bassemkurdi

#Pediatric #Pulmonology #MCQ ImageImage
Day 1
2nd session: Keys to Answer MCQs
3rd session: Neonatology review
By: Prof. Abdulrahman Alnemari @aalnemri
#Pediatric #Neonatology #NICU #MCQ ImageImage
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The journey to the diagnosis of Sweet syndrome and its differentials is too sweet 🍬🍩🍫

Let's explore the sweetness.

@rabihmgeha @DxRxEdu @Sharminzi @DrCindyCooper @jackpenner @sargsyanz @rav7ks @RebeccaEBerger @RosenelliEM @CPSolvers @MithuRheum #MedTwitter #rheumatology
#1 Malignancies & Sweet syndrome

- AML (common)
- MDS (common)
- MM
- Hodgkin's lymphoma
- Mycoses fungoides
- Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
- Hairy cell leukemia
- Solid tumors

#oncology #hematology #MedTwitter
#2 Autoimmune disorders & Sweet syndrome

- IBD (common)
- Behcet (common)
- SLE (common)
- RA (common)
- Relapsing polychondritis
- Sarcoidosis
- Sjogren's
- Familial Mediterranean fever
- Undifferentiated connective tissue disease
- Erythema nodosum

#rheumatology #MedTwitter
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Hey #hematology aspirants, let's talk about #CMV today !! Post allogenic transplant CMV prophylaxis and pre-emptive therapy to be precise.

A short thread 🧵


#MedTwitter #MedEd #hematology
CMV a DNA virus, one of the commonest causes of infections post HSCT

Has the largest genome of any known human virus [200 genes]

Most humans harbour latent CMV, infection aquired in childhood.

Site of latency in humans-❓
In murine models- hepatic sinusoidal cells.

The risk of reactivation depends on CMV sero status:
D-/R+ > D+/R+ > D+/ R- > D- / R -

Other risk factors are:
1️⃣T cell depletion
4️⃣GVHD requiring steroids

So why not give prophylaxis to these "high-risk" patients ??

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Don’t miss a new accredited #tweetorial launching TOMORROW here on @cardiomet_CE. #Emergencymedicine #thrombosis researcher @md_pollack will be discussing safe, effective management of selected patients with venous thromboembolism (#VTE) from the #emergencydepartment.
It used to be SOOO much more complicated, but since we entered the era of the #DOACs, #lifeisgood! #Physicians #nurses #pharamcists all work together to make it happen, and all can earn CE/#CME here! @AlexSpyropoul @ScottKaatz @RenatoDLopes1 @GenoMerli @aakonc @vic_tapson
1) Welcome to a #tweetorial on the safe and effective management of acute venous #thromboembolism (#VTE) directly from the #emergencydepartment. This program is accredited for 0.50 credits for #physicians #nurses #pharmacists by @academiccme! I am @md_pollack. Image
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Not many entities in Medicine are as intricate as Paraproteinemias

As we celebrate National Internal medicine day today, here is a 🧵exploring its various associations and complications

#MedTwitter #hematology @AnnKumfer @RebeccaEBerger @Sharminzi @rabihmgeha @DxRxEdu @rav7ks
Entities that can feature a monoclonal protein/M component:

-Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma (HCV)
-Heavy Chain disease (Gamma, Alpha & Mu)

There are various others indirectly associated with the M component. More to follow
Skin manifestations

-Neutrophilic dermatosis
-Pyoderma gangrenosum
-Cutaneous macroglobulinosis
-POEMS: hypertrichosis, hyperpigmentation, hemangiomata, clubbing
-Clarkson/Systemic capillary leak syndrome
-Erythema elevatum et diutinium

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#tweetorial 🧵
🚩Metabolism and Acute Myeloid Leukemia
➡️📈🔎Increased attention over the last decade on the metabolic perturbations in AML
➡️Potential therapeutic implications – with ‘druggable’ targets Image
➡️🗒️📌Summary of recent concepts
👉📈🏹Increase potential of targeting the mitochondria
👉🦀Anti-cancer agents specifically targeting cancer cell mitochondria are referred to as 'mitocans'
➡️Metabolic adaptions of AML cells
AML is a 🦀cancer derived from the myeloid lineage of blood🩸cells, characterized by overproduction of malignant cells. Image
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