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How long would the #COVID19 #pandemic have lasted without the #vaccine?

We have two ways to answer this question: the first is the #historical one, i.e. looking at the past and understanding how many years the previous pandemics caused by respiratory #viruses lasted. (1/9) Image
The available data tell us that all pandemics caused by respiratory #viruses lasted about two years:

-Influenza A H1N1 (swine flu), caused by an #influenza A virus of swine origin, lasted from April 2009 to August 2010.

-Influenza A H3N2 (Hong Kong flu), (2/9)
caused by an influenza A virus that emerged in 1968 and replaced the previous H2N2 #virus, which lasted until 1970.

Influenza A H2N2 (Asian flu), caused by an #influenza A virus that emerged in 1957 and replaced the previous H1N1 virus, which lasted until 1958. (3/9)
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"The only explanation for the origin of SARS-CoV-2 that makes any sense is a natural one."
- virologist

"Yeah it could be a lab leak"
- Virologist who wants all their grant money to dry up overnight.

Any questions?
I don't have a horse in the actual race but language like "is the only explanation that makes sense" seems almost biased.

Plus some of these people have negative batting averages anyway.

Lab leaks do happen too:

"Virologists: We didn't make the virus in a lab, but we definitely spilled the tea about it!" #LabLeaks #Viruses

Chat gpt has taken over
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Making #viruses more dangerous. #Gain-of-function research by #Pfizer: It is creepy to magnify the dangerousness of #germs. For me, it is a form of madness. This is a thread.
@Markus_Krall, @SchellenbergerMD @SimeonPreuss @aya_velazquez @punctpreradovic @SHomburg
The U.S. continues to fund this type of research, namely in various places outside the U.S. (#Wuhan, #Ukraine, ...), and according to various sources, sometimes even in direct collaboration with #Pfizer.…
See references in this article. 2/20
It is just as creepy to increase the dangerousness of conflicts in order to better sell one's expensive #armaments to the man/woman. For me, this is just another form of the same greed-driven madness.…
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Yes, #airquality matters Soumya! outdoors & indoors
Air is the most important "Lebensmittel"
humans need clean air & water to live
airfiltration & source control are key
#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
Even in middle Europe these days airquality is concerning & less rainfall
Heart attacks,strokes & other major adverse outcomes doubled in people post- #COVID19 at 1 y compared with matched uninfected controls #LongCovid, replicating previous reports

Until we act proactive for viable outcomes till its too late
All are equal🧐
but some are more equal than others
Why leaders dont wear masks for their speach? #scv2
Some common reality with the rest of the world👇
chineses neither
grasp high filtration source control
So may they grasp it for polution?
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1/8 "#Ultraviolet #germicidal #irradiation (#UVGI) is known to #inactivate various #viruses and #bacteria, including #SARSCoV2, and is widely applied especially in #medical facilities."

#COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne…

An abstract thread 🧵...
2/8 "This #inactivation results from the #high #photon #energies causing #molecular #bonds to break, but when #nonpathogen #molecules are affected, #unwanted #effects may occur."
3/8 "Here, we explored the effect of a commercial high-intensity (∼2 kW) #UVC #disinfection device on the #composition and #concentration of #gases and particles in #indoor #air."
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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#UVGI #disinfection method kills or inactivates #microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their #DNA
- It's wonderful that Mr. Zero O'Hönö and Jauho-Marin obeyed the order to spend at least 3 minutes #sterilizing in the room before going to the meeting hall. ImageImage
#Sunlight spectrum contains strong #ultaviolet radiation. (#UV Light Is Safe for Humans but Bad for #Bacteria and #Viruses)
1940s UV Light Documentary: Ultraviolet Light Educational Film (For Dummies)
CharlieDeanArchives | 18.2.2013
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'Purified Air were tasked to incorporate filtration solutions into the existing #HVAC system of the Houses of Parliament to improve the indoor air quality of the building'.
Purified Air 'achieved this by installing Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) within the existing Air Handling Units. ESPs vastly improved upon indoor air quality, ensuring that airborne viruses and bacteria were kept to an absolute minimum within the space'
HM Government does NOT seem to underestimate the threat #Covid poses - at least the incorporation of 'virus control air filtration solutions' in certain locations, appears to indicate an awareness of the science, and some common sense.…
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How #respirators actually work and which type is best?

I see many claims #masks don't work. This thread will explain *how* they block #viruses much smaller than the size of the holes in the #filter and why you can still smell nasty things while wearing effective masks. 🧵1/ Image showing size comparison of white blood cell, red blood
This thread is long so if you would like an unrolled one page web view that is easier to read or share, look at this tweet to find the link more quickly ( ). 2/
One of the issues is that there are different types of masks that are designed for different purposes. Cloth masks and the common blue earloop procedure masks were never designed to protect people from airborne pathogens that hang in the air for extended periods of time. 3/
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El virus de Influenza A aviar H5N1 altamente patógena llegó al Perú. En el siguiente hilo te cuento algunos datos importantes que debes saber. #Influenza #Viruses #EmergingViruses
El virus de la Influenza, evolutivamente hablando, tiene origen en las aves. La gran mayoría, por no decir todos, los tipos virales se han encontrado en especies aviares. Así, se considera que las aves silvestres son los reservorios naturales del virus.
Muchos de estos virus se han adaptado a especies. Así, existe el virus de la influenza humana, porcina, aviar, etc. Estos virus tienen características muy similares y se pueden mezclar entre sí, generando nuevas formas virales. Esto se debe al material genético que posee el virus
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💥UPDATE NOV 21, 2022

How to document your purchases-

1) If you ordered online from you need to include the email address (s) you used

2) A receipt for the impacted product from Jan 1, 2020-November 2020.

2/ Many bought their products via 3rd parties. Initially I bought mine through Amazon, the directly via The Laundress, so I have receipts.

However, if you don’t have the above, you need to include a photo of the product w/the Lot # and your initials + the date. See notice MORE
3/I personally recommend wearing a well-fitted N95 or better (use surgical tape or silicone tape for seal, double glove, sealed goggles-or tape around your glasses as Pseudomonas is spread by inhalation, eyes, wounds & micro tears.

One issue is that the company says MORE
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1/2 "Researchers at #Case_Western_Reserve_University found wide #genetic #variation in #SARSCoV2 #viruses among 360 patients whose #viral infections were genetically sequenced, showing that all individual #infections include multiple #variants of the #virus."
2/2 We are in a pandemic of unmitigated community transmission, a pandemic of denialism. We must suppress transmission.

#COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #SARSCoV2 is #airborne #SafeIndoorAir #ventilation #HEPA #filtration #indoor #air #sanitation #rear #test #trace #isolate #Quarantine

H/T @LisaForKansas

We must complement vaccine induced protection, hybrid immunity and natural immunity with non-pharmaceutical interventions to suppress community transmission. We must!
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Prof. Akiko Iwasaki @VirusesImmunity of @Yale @YaleMed is the keynote speaker of #IACFSME conference, presenting today on the immunology of Long COVID. #viruses #immunology #CovidIsNotOver #mecfs #LongCovid #COVID19 @itsbodypolitic
Dr. Iwasaki explains that SARS-Cov2 is “one of many unexplained post-acute infection syndromes [that]
occur after encounter with many distinct pathogens” (such as EBV, polio, & dengue). @NIH #LongCovid #LongCovidKids
Dr. Iwasaki says that COVID-19 can cause long-lasting symptoms involving almost all organs and cites @patientled research on symptomology of #LongCovid. @NIH #CovidIsNotOver
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New @polybioRF podcast 👉 I interviewed Dr. Diane Griffin: A Chair of Molecular Microbiology/Immunology at Johns Hopkins. We discuss RNA virus persistence w/ implications for LongCovid. Listen on Spotify (…) or watch on Youtube ()
2/ Diane explains how RNA from viruses such as measles, Ebola, Zika and SARS-CoV-2 can perisist in host cells for years after acute infection despite patients not being overtly infectious. This viral RNA is often transcriptionally active and can modulate the host immune response
3/ In fact these RNA #viruses have evolved many mechanisms to maintain RNA persistence in host cells. These include extending the lives of infected cells, or trimming parts of their genomes to better evade immune detection (paper below by Dr. Griffin):…
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1) How I cured my #LongCovid in 3mos after suffering for almost a year. This was my last hope. I researched what #Covid does to the body, came up with a list of "clinically studied" supplements and...
2) took them all. Firstly, I am not a MD. In March 2021 I caught Covid while working as a #frontline #healthcare worker. My symptoms of #brainfog, #fatigue, #jointpain, #muscleweakness, morning #stiffness happened after my recovery. At the time, this #postcovid #syndrome was...
3) was just starting to be discussed online. The the term #Longhauler was coined. Those in the #ME, #CFS, #Lyme #MCAS #community starting speaking out about the similarity of #symptoms with #LC. #Covidclinics started to sprout up, include one at the....
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People are asking me: what if we did a similar autopsy study to look for #viruses in ME/CFS? Well, several teams that performed single autopsy studies on #ME/CFS patients found evidence of persistent enterovirus infection in subject brain/body tissue
2/ Enteroviruses are (like SARS-CoV-2) single-stranded RNA viruses. They include the coxsackieviruses, poliovirus, echoviruses + rhinoviruses. These viruses cause about 10–15 million #infections each year in the USA alone
3/ This 1994 ME/CFS autopsy study identified positive PCR sequences with similarity to coxsackievirus B3 in samples from the #brainstem and hypothalamus (and also in muscle and heart tissue):…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/18/2021…
Family spared trial over mummified remains of woman found on mattress…

#MentalCondition #JusticeSystem #UnitedKingdom
Where will the next pandemic begin? The Amazon rainforest offers troubling clues…

#pandemic #viruses #zoonosis #ClimateChange #deforestation #GlobalWarming
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I’ve seen some people tweet that #coronaviruses might not be capable of persistence. But over the past decades, coronavirus RNA/protein has been identified in a range of human samples after acute illness, and sometimes connected to chronic disease
2/ For example, this team found coronavirus RNA and/or antigen in both plaque + non-plaque areas of brainstem, cortex, and spinal cord samples obtained from patients with MS:… Image
3/ This team identified a range of DNA/RNA viruses in tissue samples obtained from healthy humans at autopsy. Coronavirus 229-E was found in brain, thyroid, heart, lung, stomach, adrenal gland, skin and blood samples:… Image
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@MBVanElzakker and I are excited that our new paper on biological factors that may contribute to the development of LongCovid/PASC was published today:…
2/ The paper details mechanisms by which RNA #viruses beyond just #SARS-CoV-2 have be connected to long-term health consequences.
3/ It also reviews literature on acute #COVID-19 and other virus-initiated chronic syndromes such as post-#Ebola syndrome or #ME/CFS to discuss different scenarios for #LongCovid/#PASC symptom development.
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Thanks @DrDavidACox for interviewing me for this article on #LongCovid. There’s also great info in the article on research showing #viral RNA in the brains of patients w/ post-SARS syndrome, and viral reservoirs in patients w/ post-Ebola Syndrome:…
2/ The article reads: “Amy Proal, a microbiologist who runs the @polybioRF which studies the causes of chronic inflammatory diseases, believes that small amounts of #pathogens that linger beyond the reach of the immune system in remote pockets of the body...
3/ “...known as reservoirs or anatomical sanctuaries, are at least partially responsible for a whole range of post-infectious syndromes. This includes long #Covid, but also a number of mysterious illnesses which have puzzled scientists for decades, such as chronic Lyme disease..
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Ultimate victims of media induced fear & politically correct #posturing will be our #children. "hygiene hypothesis: "when exposure to parasites, bacteria, & #viruses is limited early in life, children face a greater chance of [] allergies, asthma, & other #autoimmune diseases..." Image
Dec 10, 2020, Nature: "'#Children are very much adapted to respond — & very well equipped to respond — to new #viruses,' [] even when they are infected w/ #SARSCoV2, children are most likely to experience #mild or #asymptomatic illness." Image
"These children’s #immune systems see the #virus & mounts this really quick & effective immune response that shuts it down, before it has a chance to replicate to the point that it comes up positive on the swab diagnostic test",

Natural #Immunity is not a conspiracy theory.
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Critical thread on "Self-Spreading #Vaccines"

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for #Health Security: Technologies to Address - Global Catastrophic Biological Risks, Oct 9, 2018

#biosurveillance "biological disruption" "bioterrorism events #bioengineering
"As a subset of infectious #disease emergencies, global catastrophic biological risk (#GCBR) is a special category of risk involving #biological #agents—whether naturally emerging or reemerging, deliberately created & released, or #laboratory engineered & escaped—..."

This "could lead to sudden, extraordinary, widespread disaster beyond the collective capability of national & int. orgs & the #privatesector to control."

"Global catastrophic biological risk", "transformational surveillance technologies"

#Foundations #CorporateConsolidation
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