A lesson here for Americans on politicizing intel.

Dems spent 4 years lying about #RussiaGate. They said Trump was their intel asset, the Hunter scandal was #Russia disinfo, and turned an international villain into a folk hero for too many on the right.
In the zero-sum politics of lies promoted by corporate media, defending Trump from hourly absurdities soon soon turned to an embrace of the various boogieman.

For example, Republicans adopted "Deplorable" after Hillary's rant.
There used to be agreement on the obvious: Russia and the US have very different interests and work at cross-purposes. And Dems were always weaker on this.

Despite the stupid Dem/Media rhetoric, Trump was far tougher on #Russia than Obama and Biden is a wet napkin by comparison.
Putin is not an idiot and sees the opportunity to ingratiate himself with a large number of Americans on the right because they rightfully feel persecuted in their own country, by their own progressive countrymen.

Dems constant politicizing & lying about intelligence led to this
The CapHill protests is the perfect opportunity for him. After all, Biden's official policy is that white Americans are the greatest threat to America. When half the country declares war on you, you'll notice others who speak in support of you.
Clearly, Russia is not alone as a country that has been politicized by progressive politics, where there used to be bipartisan consensus.

#Iran was the latest folk hero for progressives. Today #Hamas has joined them.
#Israel used to enjoy bipartisan support in the US but progressives have also poisoned that well.
#Turkey under Erdogan is one of the few countries that managed to equally annoy Dems and Republicans. Unlike Putin, that thug hasn't figured out yet how to latch on to a culture war issue and rehabilitate his image with half the country.
In reality, Putin, Erdogan, and Khamenei are not friends of the US. Israel is a friend. That this is not obvious to a large segment of the country is bonkers.
As long as Dems continue to politicize & lie about intel and corporate media joins in to magnify the con, the US will continue its self-imposed decline. x/x

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