What hope is there for the health & safety of school children in🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 when the chair of @CommonsEd continues to promote & support the views of @UsforThemUK & @lensiseethrough which are ANTI-#COVID MITIGATION on every level!
Whilst @educationgovuk policy on #COVID19 mitigations in schools is so heavily influenced by this group, & others, there is little chance of any tangible change before 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools reopen in September.

16 months in to the pandemic, children here are FAR LESS PROTECTED, not more!
Does @halfon4harlowMP realise that school children are being unnecessarily exposed to #coronavirus as part of the government’s #HerdImmunityByInfection “strategy” which has been internationally condemned as an unscientific & barbaric way to proceed?

#Murderous #COVID19UK
Do the other members of the @CommonsEd realise what #UsForThemUK stand for & the links they have w/ prominent #antivax, #antimask groups & others who are signatories of the #GreatBarringtonDeclaration?

@hartgroup_org @SteveBakerHW @rwjdingwall
@drcarolinej @IanMearnsMP
4/ ImageImage
The ongoing anti-scientific rhetoric & articles written by Molly Kingsley in @Telegraph ,@TheSpectator et al, have significantly contributed to #DfE decisions to ⬇️⬇️protections in schools leaving children, families & staff here seriously under protected against #COVID19.
#UsForThemUK have relentlessly sought to remove all mitigations from schools & repeatedly undermined the vital public health messaging on how to ⬇️ #COVID transmission within schools.

They are not interested in HOW to make schools safer, they just want them to be “NORMAL”!
They clearly do not understand #COVID19!

Constantly likening it to flu & repeating ad nauseum that “children are barely affected by it”.

This attitude is not just ignorant, but is deeply insensitive to the kids/teens who have been badly affected & their parents.
#UsForThemUK have ignored #LongCovidKids & downplayed the effects of acute #COVID19 & #LongCovid on parents, families & staff.
Many children have lost parents, or close loved ones, an experience that will be devastating & truly life-changing.

Do these children not count?
Our schools have been the perfect environment for #COVIDVariants to arise since last Sept & we’ve already recklessly “given” the world the #AlphaVariant.

High levels of viral transmission in an unvaccinated population w/ ZERO MITIGATIONS in place…Sept 2021!
If things weren’t bad enough, #UsForThemUK are also supporting #BeverleyTurner ‘s crowdfunding campaign against the @MHRAgovuk & their approval of #COVIDVaccination for 12-15yr olds.

Do @drcarolinej & @halfon4harlowMP realise that?
10/ ImageImage
There is NO MENTION of concern for CV/CEV children or families by @UsforThemUK & @lensiseethrough, who tell us “we should put children first…”.

CV/CEV children/families are expected to return to school in Sept with ALL PROTECTIONS REMOVED & just “get on with it”?

11/ Image
@halfon4harlowMP’s ongoing open support of @UsforThemUK suggests that HE ALSO WANTS CHILDREN TO GET & SPREAD #coronavirus w/in our schools, KNOWING that a few will get seriously ill & about 10% will get #LongCovid.

❗️The chair of the Education Select Committee WANTS THIS❗️
The support of such a brutal, ignorant, selfish & unscientific “strategy” that’ll result in further significant, avoidable harm to individuals/families/communities/the nation & the global community, is simply unacceptable & unforgivable!

#HerdImmunityByInfection #Covid19UK
So tell me @BorisJohnson

WHAT IS THE POINT of an Education Select Committee if the SAFE EDUCATION of ALL CHILDREN during a pandemic is not an absolute priority?

@peterkyle @KateGreenSU @LaylaMoran @AppgCoronavirus @CarolineLucas @Rosiemillard @ChildrensComm @susannareid100

• • •

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More from @AlisonGeorge10

1 Aug
I read with interest the @thetimes article on #schools which claimed triumphantly that daily #LateralFlowTests of close #COVID contacts is as good as or better at reducing ongoing transmission & that indeed “Schools do not spread COVID”.

Here is the article incase you can’t see it because it’s behind a paywall.

Have a read….
3/ ImageImageImage
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31 Jul
Morning @GavinWilliamson @NickGibbUK & @halfon4harlowMP - if you could put the Latin books down for a mo, there are millions of teachers, parents & secondary school pupils who’d be very interested in some answers.

@educationgovuk @CommonsEd @KateGreenSU @LaylaMoran @NEUnion
Sadly, I suspect you won’t have any!

My guess is that you neither know or care how opening 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools up in Sept WITHOUT ANY MITIGATIONS for an #Airborne 🦠will affect the HUMANS forced each day to study/work INSIDE the schools, especially those who’re unvaccinated or CV/CEV.
But as a Dr could I ask..

1)How many children w/ CHRONIC DEBILITATING SYMPTOMS will worry you?

2)How many VERY SICK children is too many?

3)How many SICK STAFF will stop schools functioning?

4)How you will know the number of CV/CEV children who’ve been vaccinated by Sept?
Read 9 tweets
28 Jul
Who are you trying to kid @Douglas4Moray?

The public health data says the exact opposite. I’m starting to think that to be a current #Conservative MP one must promise to ignore every single bit of scientific evidence that says #COVIDisAirborne!

@ScotTories @Conservatives
THE SCIENCE IS NOT COMPLICATED & shows clearly that #VentilationMatters & #MasksWork to⬇️ transmission in crowded indoor areas.

Schools across the UK have been more or less #COVID MITIGATION-FREE zones throughout the pandemic.
Children, staff & families have been badly failed.
#Tory desperation for #Freedom is selfish, reckless & unscientific.

Please listen to public health experts, medics & parents who understand the need for ongoing protections for the school community in Aug/Sept.

Ignore pressure from @UsScotland et al & JUST FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!
Read 4 tweets
28 Jul
Actually @rwjdingwall there are many choices along the way to #HerdImmunity

1) How many deaths & ppl w/ long term debilitating illness we allow as collateral damage?

2) How much we are prepared to invest in the health/safety of school children & the general working public?🧵
3) How much we are prepared to invest in adequate public health services & how clear/informative the vital messaging should be?

4) How much we value the lives of ALL UK citizens whether they’re young, old, poor, of BAME origin, disabled, living in deprived areas/on low incomes?
5) How much individuals are prepared to tolerate for the good of communities & how patient they are able to be?

6) How much we wish to work collectively to protect others by continuing to #WearAMask, get a vaccine etc rather than demanding “#Freedom”.

Read 9 tweets
15 Jul
Listening to @RicHolden makes me want to scream.
NO! We are NOT in a lockdown & no one is asking for all restrictions to go on for “in perpetuity”.
#Tory MPs are spreading relentless #COVIDDisinformation
His comments are as unscientific as they are dangerous.1/5 @claremcdonnell1
#COVIDisAirborne #MasksSaveLives - SIMPLE! I’m seeing the direct result of these figures & graphics in #Newcastle EVERY DAY.
As I said y’day- the #NorthEast is a RAGING #COVID fire!
Irresponsible, reckless, callous & ignorant views spewed daily from the mouths of @conservatives.
There is another way ➡️ listen to the 1000+ experts (drs & scientists) who signed the letter that was published in @TheLancet last week.
Listen to @WHO!
This #Conservative government do not have our best interests at heart!
@RicHolden - you are in the #NorthEast FGS!
Read 6 tweets
14 Jul
1/ Sadly I can believe our government is pursuing a #HerdImmunityByInfection “strategy” ….but I am really struggling to accept that their senior medical & scientific advisors & those in @PHE_uk etc are condoning such a brutal & inhumane policy.
2/Assuming govt want #coronavirus to spread rapidly, despite the natural #Firebreak provided by the school holidays, they must be feeling rather satisfied that the numbers of cases are ⬆️ so rapidly.
Presumably they block out the ⬆️in hospitalisations & deaths so they can sleep?
3/ They avoid the issue of #LongCovid wherever possible so are unlikely to notice the iceberg of morbidity as it gets larger.
Even if they do, difficulties in accessing a PCR test because the symptom list is inadequate will ⬇️ the number of ppl who can prove they had #COVID.
Read 11 tweets

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