Now I’m getting really angry @GavinWilliamson @educationgovuk

This document isn’t t worth the paper/screen it’s written on!

Who advised you on this unscientific, dangerous nonsense?

@PHE_uk by any chance?
The same PHE that has failed HCPs on #PPE throughout the pandemic?
Just for a moment put the children, staff & families who’re being unnecessarily exposed to #COVID19 day after day in schools that are almost completely MITIGATION FREE.

Who’ll be caring for #COVID patients in the INEVITABLE, but AVOIDABLE surge that we’re at the start of?
WHO Mr Williamson?

My HCP/NHS colleagues have for 18/12, & will continue to, put our lives, & those of our loved ones, at ⬆️risk to provide the care that patients w/ #COVID19 need across ALL healthcare settings & in their homes.

Day in day out!

@TheDA_UK @sbattrawden
We’ve adapted to new working, given up days off/holidays, been berated by the press & tolerated abuse from patients.
We’ve coped w/ the anxiety/stress of working in high risk settings
We’ve put ourselves & our families at ⬆️ risk, some have tragically paid the ultimate price.
We’ve held the hands of the sick, comforted the bereaved & just had to accept the moral injury of knowing so much NON-#COVID care has been delayed/postponed/abandoned because of the pressures #COVID has ADDED to a service ALREADY ON ITS KNEES!
@EveryDoctorUK @JujuliaGrace
We jumped at the chance to be part of the national vaccination team & tolerated the utterly ridiculous amount of time we had to give to the LEARNING MODULES.
We’ve spent hrs advising pts that #COVIDisAirborne & that #LateralFlowTests are for ppl who are ASYMPTOMATIC only…..
Those outside of ICU/Critical Care have consistently worn #PPE that most school dinner ladies would reject, whilst being warned not to complain or request #PPE advised by @WHO & worn across the world for protection against #COVID19.

@PHE_uk @TheBMA @CNagpaul @HelenRSalisbury
And now in Sept 21, we’re facing yet another wave of infections.



@BorisJohnson @Conservatives @10DowningStreet
All because THIS GOVT is too lazy, too selfish, too ignorant & too greedy to manage the pandemic effectively.

And crucially because THIS batch of @Conservatives DO NOT CARE!

@GavinWilliamson @halfon4harlowMP @NickGibbUK @CommonsEd @sajidjavid @nadhimzahawi @Jeremy_Hunt
Coming back to the document…

Does a FULLER EXPERIENCE include serious illness, #LongCovid or bereavement?

I’m damn sure losing a parent/close relative or ending up w/ long term debilitating symptoms wont add any thing positive to the experience of a child this academic yr.
How’s it possible that #DfE are still repeating this👇🏼about THREE SYMPTOMS, 18/12 into the pandemic?

We know there are several other v common symptoms in adults, & that kids often present w/ abdominal pain, vomiting/diarrhoea, joint symptoms & rashes…

Why hide these facts?
& this dangerous stuff about NOT needing to isolate when waiting for a PCR test result, about kids still being forced to go to school when they have a #COVID +ve household member?

I don’t think you’ll find a clinician anywhere who’ll support such poor advice?

The words “ADVISED” & “ENCOURAGED” to get a PCR test are woefully inadequate during a health crisis like this.

We can see clearly the result of 😷wearing becoming a CHOICE everywhere in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿- week on week the number of ppl doing so is falling.
& just what gives those in #DfE the right to INSIST on school attendance when they can’t even been bothered to #MakeSchoolsSafe in Sept 21?

What has been done IN SCHOOLS to protect pupils, staff & families, let alone those who’re CV/CEV, despite repeated pleas from so many??
So Mr Williamson, as we face this further wave of #COVID infections, in the absence of any safe, wise or pragmatic advice from @educationgovuk, I will explain to my young patients & their families that NONE OF THIS needed to happen.
I’ll advise them how best to protect themselves at school, in a country that’s lost all sense of #CollectiveResponsibility & I’ll offer whatever support I can to CV/CEV families & staff.
Sadly I know that for some, this advice’ll come too late.

Unforgivable #WilfulNegligence

• • •

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8 Sep
For anyone who hasn’t realised just how deep the #BackToNormal lunacy runs, take a look at some of the “nearly 50” @Conservatives who are actively supporting @UsforThemUK’s dangerous & irresponsible campaign to make 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools #COVID19 MITIGATION-FREE!

The ring-leader is @SteveBakerHW, of #CRG AND #ERG fame. Neither he or his #CRG mate @Mark_J_Harper appear to have any understanding of #airborne viral transmission.
Mr Harper’s clearly also a fan of the unscientific & reckless #LivingWithCovid mindset.

But it’d be unfair to give @halfon4harlowMP ALL the credit for causing unnecessary harm & suffering.

Several other high profile @Conservatives are members of the @UsforThemUK support group.

Some of the “usual suspects”-
@MPIainDS @SirGrahamBrady @DesmondSwayne @EstherMcVey1

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7 Sep
This is v disturbing from @halfon4harlowMP
It’s clear that the CHAIR of @CommonsEd has absolutely no understanding of the significance of the #COVID19 #DeltaVariant & is a cheer leader of #COVIDIsOver idiocy!
Watch it for yourself….his entire focus is on PRE-PANDEMIC “NORMALITY” for SCHOOLS, pushing back against bubbles, any sort of restrictions & makes no mention at all of how to protect CV/CEV children, families or staff as cases rise.
@ChildrensComm @Rachel_deSouza @cv_cev
His views on consent for 12-15yr olds are obvious.
Is it possible he will be able to intervene in @CMO_England’s decision?
Does he have training in advising <16yr olds on such important matters?
Has he even heard of #GillickCompetency?
@drcarolinej @vickyford @LaylaMoran
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6 Sep
If we consider the age groups of schoolchildren & their parents & the overall numbers of #COVID cases currently, the return to 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools will almost certainly result in a rapid increase in infections that is avoidable, unnecessary & predictable.
1/9 ImageImageImage
That the vast majority of schoolchildren <16yrs have been DENIED ACCESS to an @MHRAgovuk approved vaccination & that the #JCVI assessment did not include deaths from #COVID, #LongCovid, effects on parents/close family, educational disruption etc is shocking in itself!
How can the #JCVI not consider at all that most schools have zero effective mitigations to ⬇️transmission of #airborne🦠s & that children/staff will no longer #WearAMask , putting schoolchildren & unvaccinated staff at significant risk of exposure to #coronavirus 5/7 a week?
3/ Image
Read 10 tweets
5 Sep
Why would the #JCVI make such a narrow & limited assessment?

And why would their remit be confined to serious illness & hospitalisations in children from #COVID19 when there are so many other issues to consider?


@MHRAgovuk @RCPCHtweets @CMO_England @uksciencechief
Not to consider #LongCovidKids when so many children are affected is utterly bizarre?

Who advised them not to include #LongCovid?
Does this omission not make their conclusion null & void?

@dgurdasani1 @chrischirp @Zubhaque @Dr2NisreenAlwan @IndependentSage @LongCovidKids
Why not “look at” deaths #JCVI?

The number of children dying of #COVID is thankfully v small, but it is not zero.

We should be aiming for NO CHILD deaths from a disease that we have a safe vaccine against & know how to ⬇️ transmission of.
Why aren’t we?
Read 10 tweets
2 Sep
The thread from April👇🏼 is especially relevant as 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools reopen w/ almost ZERO MITIGATIONs to ⬇️#coronavirus transmission/protect people.

Sept 1st 21 -“numbers” many English ppl have become immune to, a stark reminder of a @Conservatives brutal #LivingWithCovid “policy”.
Almost 36,000 new cases.
842 hospital admissions.
207 deaths.

That is roughly 37,000 individuals/families affected by #COVID, yesterday alone!
And potentially 3,600 more cases of #LongCovid to boot!

This is what #LivingWithCovid looks like folks!

@sajidjavid @JonAshworth
And by pure coincidence this is what a lazy, ignorant, selfish, cruel & greedy “strategy” against a global pandemic looks like too.


This is the purest form of #SurvivalOfTheFittest, a plan so grotesque I didn’t think it possible in modern Britain.
Read 17 tweets
31 Aug
Very moving thread @HZiauddeen, thank you 🙏🏻 for taking the time write it.
One of the reasons many of us are feeling so despairing of current govt “policy” is exactly as you highlight - we are just expected to “get on with it”, as if our feelings of moral injury don’t count.
Unnecessary human suffering, avoidable harm, preventable death & chronic disease….just because we may have seen it before doesn’t mean we’ll be able cope when it becomes our “new daily normal”.
There will be a tipping point.
Some have already reached it, others are close!
We don’t appear to be more than a passing consideration in @10DowningStreet discussions on preventing the #NHS “being overwhelmed” & we’re still expected to wear an inadequate level of #PPE for the daily Russian roulette wheel of working w/ known or suspected #COVID patients,
Read 4 tweets

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