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@GVDBossche "... the vaccine industry - where I learned my job - did something that I thought they had been teaching me to never do. That is, to vaccinate in the midst of a pandemic." —@GVDBossche

➡️Today's lesson: How to create a vaccine-resistant variant.
@GVDBossche "Maybe the most important message about the pandemic: You will never, ever - never, ever! - control any pandemic if you cannot control the transmission and the infection."

The vaccines do not control transmission or infection. Capisce?
@GVDBossche "We are giving the virus an opportunity to do a natural selection among the human race: those who have innate immunity vs those who have none." —@GVDBossche…

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@GVDBossche @VerkerkRob @YouTube @RWMaloneMD 14) 6-Nov-2021: "COVID-19 Vaccine Risks in children - Geert Vanden Bossche speaks", with Philip McMillan

"It's very, very dangerous what we are doing right now. We are just intervening without - literally! - without understanding what is going on."
@GVDBossche @VerkerkRob @YouTube @RWMaloneMD 15) 19-Nov-2021: Interview with @delbigtree

"only people who will still have their innate immunity intact have a chance to survive" —@GVDBossche

@GVDBossche @VerkerkRob @YouTube @RWMaloneMD @delbigtree 16) 23-Oct-2021: Live-stream Q&A with Dr. Eeks

"Vaccinating children means, automatically, that these children will be fed up with an immunity that will not serve them for much longer, because the resistance to the vaccine will come - there is no doubt about it." —@GVDBossche
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@GVDBossche "no single publication existed [before the pandemic] that came even close to suggesting that mass vaccinations using vaccines that permit transmission could be successful in extinguishing a pandemic of a highly mutable virus. No such publication exists to this day" Image
@GVDBossche "Immunizing young children ... will lead to a tsunami of auto-immune diseases." —@GVDBossche

@GVDBossche "the lambda variant may not be able to outcompete the … delta variant … However, as vaccine coverage rates & infectious pressure further grow, there is no reason to believe that the delta variant could not incorporate a similarly dramatic ‘neutralization escape’ mutation" Image
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⚠️Stop mass vaccination
⚠️Under no circumstances should young and healthy people be vaccinated
⚠️Discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated people is anything but scientifically justifiable
⚠️Vaccination mandates are the worst and most irrational initiative ever Image
"While unvaccinated children who contract Covid-19 disease in the vast majority of cases don’t suffer severe disease and contribute to the buildup of herd immunity in the population, mass vaccination campaigns in children will prevent them from contributing to herd immunity" Image
"Considering that vaccinees shed and transmit as much virus as unvaccinated people, how could one even postulate that unvaccinated are susceptible to severe disease whereas vaccinees are still largely protected? ... this doesn’t make any sense at all."… Image
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"we should of course do whatever we can to not further promote breeding of highly infectious variants so as to not allow them to become resistant to S-specific Abs ... This is to say that extending mass vaccination to our children is not going to help anybody." Image
"the likelihood for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to become infected with the Delta variant is now about the same. However, infection with more infectious variants in vaccinees can be problematic from a public health viewpoint"… Image
"natural selection of more infectious variants happens within the vaccinated population, but not in the non-vaccinated population"

"As long as the broader public and politicians get advised by incompetent scientists ... it will be difficult to turn the tide on this pandemic." Image
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The thread from April👇🏼 is especially relevant as 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools reopen w/ almost ZERO MITIGATIONs to ⬇️#coronavirus transmission/protect people.

Sept 1st 21 -“numbers” many English ppl have become immune to, a stark reminder of a @Conservatives brutal #LivingWithCovid “policy”.
Almost 36,000 new cases.
842 hospital admissions.
207 deaths.

That is roughly 37,000 individuals/families affected by #COVID, yesterday alone!
And potentially 3,600 more cases of #LongCovid to boot!

This is what #LivingWithCovid looks like folks!

@sajidjavid @JonAshworth
And by pure coincidence this is what a lazy, ignorant, selfish, cruel & greedy “strategy” against a global pandemic looks like too.


This is the purest form of #SurvivalOfTheFittest, a plan so grotesque I didn’t think it possible in modern Britain.
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Good afternoon @RishiSunak & @BorisJohnson

Claims that “we can’t control the spread of the virus.The virus is doing what’s doing….”, that we must learn to “live w/ #COVID” & exert “personal responsibility” are incorrect, disingenuous & dangerous!
@BBCNewsnight @simakotecha
What you actually mean is that YOU (& your government) have deliberately CHOSEN to prioritise the ECONOMY over the HEALTH & WELLBEING of the British ppl…..but are dishonestly & patronisingly pretending there is no other option?

@10DowningStreet @sajidjavid @Conservatives

W/ easy access to scientists & public health experts, anyone used to researching, looking for & assessing evidence, can find plentiful, accessible information on how to reduce #coronavirus transmission!

For highly educated ppl like yourselves, it would be an absolute doddle!
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I’m right behind you @Sandyboots2020👏

Just imagine what school improvements £37bn would’ve bought @BorisJohnson ?

Maybe there isn’t a #Tory MP or donor w/ an interest in #ventilation systems, #HEPA filters, CO2 monitors etc?

Is it just not lucrative enough @Conservatives?
I’m surprised none of the VIP #PPE contract beneficiaries didn’t spot an opportunity to make some extra cash supplying schools with FRSM😷s knowing #COVIDisAirborne ?

For those foolishly continuing to block out the truth of #COVID19UK, this👇🏼isn’t what “recovery” looks like.
The ONLY CONCLUSION one can draw from #DfE advice is that UNMITIGATED #coronavirus TRANSMISSION in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿/🇬🇧schools IS THE PLAN for the 21/22 academic year!

The HUMAN collateral damage’s been “baked in”- lives lost, chronic debilitating illness, orphaned children…ALL AVOIDABLE.
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So, proof that @10DowningStreet & @educationgovuk are….

NOT trying to ⬇️transmission in schools

NOT trying to prevent children, staff, families getting acute or #LongCovid

NOT planning to do ANYTHING to physically protect CV/CEV children or those w/ CV/CEV family members.
The plan is to “MAXIMISE NUMBERS in f2f education” & “MINIMISE CONTROL MEASURES that disrupt education”.

In the absence of #COVIDVaccination for the overwhelming majority of <16s, ZERO PHYSICAL MITIGATIONS will result in a very large amount of infection.

The use of #LateralFlowTests is advisory.

And w/ Prof Dingwall throwing his “let’s not bother improving ventilation” oar into the ring, there’s diminishing hope that 🇬🇧children & staff will be offered anything other than an OPEN WINDOW to protect them from #coronavirus.
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I’m not sure which bit of the #Covid_19 picture you’re missing #PrimeMinister but maybe listening to @mvankerkhove @WHO will help👇🏼?

YOUR CHOICES have made 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #COVID MITIGATION-FREE! An international pariah pursuing an unconscionable, unnecessary, unethical experiment!
Your idea of #LivingWithCovid will, WITHOUT QUESTION, result in MANY MORE AVOIDABLE DEATHS & countless cases of #LongCovid.
Young adults, pregnant women, CHILDREN….

Non-#COVID healthcare disrupted & delayed further.

Is that the aim?
@10DowningStreet @sajidjavid @Jeremy_Hunt
Please look at these charts/figures.
When schools/universities reopen in coming weeks, the situation will get far worse. Many students have had only 1💉, the majority of children will have had none.
Children & young ppl here have been thrown to the #COVID wolves @BorisJohnson
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This is #leadership and real #patriotism!
Wiki iliyoisha nilipata bahati ya kuhadithiwa na rafiki yangu juu maoni yako uliyotoa juu ya #CAG kwenye kijiwe kimoja #Chai mjini, wakati nikifikiria jinsi ya kukupongeza kwa msimamo wako thabiti juu #CAG nikakuta na hili
Niseme kwa dhati ya moyo wangu tukiwa na viongozi vijana wenye uthubutu wa kukemea #maovu na kusema lile la kweli na lenye faida kwa taifa na vizazi vijavyo viongozi wa aina hii mmekuwa #adimu sana na ni jukumu letu kuwaunga mkono kila mara mnapojitokeza! #Tanzania ni yetu sote
Ni jukumu la kila mmoja wetu kuhakikisha inakuwa sehemu salama ya kuishi sisi na vizazi vyetu! Wapo watu wanaozungumzia #amani iliyopo, na ktk kusema hilo wanasahau jambo moja muhimu kuwa amani tunayoiona ilijengwa kwa nia thabiti ya viongozi waliopita amani hii iliwekewa miiko
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