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The story of the #BuildBackBetter has yet to be written. Let’s examine the 50 Republican US Senators who are voting against lifting children out of poverty, education,elder care, affordable prescription drugs, child care & family leave? What does this mean for YOUR STATE? Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Richard Shelby is voting against the #ChildTaxCredit “The Center on Budget &Policy Priorities found making the program permanent would benefit 93% of #AL children,lift 162,000 #AL children above/closer to poverty line & benefit 480,000 #AL children under 17. Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Tommy Tuberville has offered you no solutions; he has admitted that he “wouldn’t have a clue” how to address the current pandemic and recently told people that $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits was just “too much.” al.com/news/2021/12/a… Image
#ALASKA @LisaMurkowsi You know what your constituents need; and your own party no longer wants you for voting your conscience. What are you waiting for? The #AK Republican party has censured Sen Lisa Murkowski for voting to convict Donald Trump at his impeachment trial. #YesBBB Image
#ALASKA @SenDanSullivan Why are you a “NO” on #BuildBackBetter In #AK there are nearly 40,000 kids under the age of 6 w/parents in the labor force, yet only about 850 licensed center-based &family child care homes in the state,which provide just 23,851 licensed child care slots. Image
#ARKANSAS @JohnBoozman Your voting record displays your determination to stop any progress to protect this planet from the existential threat of our time.Yet you insist all fetuses be birthed into this dystopian future. How about helping those babies live a better life in #AR Image
#ARKANSAS @SenTomCotton Why are you a “No” vote on #BuildBackBetter Did you know it will provide funds for #seniors to ensure their health & safety & help them #retirewithdignity Over 1/6 of 524,005 #AR seniors experienced food insecurity in 2020. #YesOnBBB Image
#FLORIDA @marcorubio Did you know that #BuildBackBetter will reduce premiums for more than 9 million Americans;deliver health coverage to up to 4M uninsured people in states that have locked them out of Medicaid (like #FL) &help seniors access affordable hearing care. #YesOnBBB Image
#FLORIDA @SenRickScott By 2040, higher temps are projected to cause more than 1,000 deaths each year in #FL & severe “100-year-floods” will soon hit St. Petersburg once every few years rather than once a century. #BBB is positive action for #FL
Are Floridians expendable to you? Image
#Idaho @MikeCrapo #ID currently ranks 51st in the country in per-pupil spending, and has a teacher shortage. But fear not. Your “Yes” vote on #BuildBackBetter will ensure kids come to school prepared to learn with two years of free preschool for every 3- and 4-year-old in America Image
#Idaho @SenatorRisch You claim to want “scientific”solutions to the devastating wildfires in the West.The cause identified by 99% of scientists: #ClimateCrisis Your votes are contributing to the destruction of our planet, do right for #ID #BBB takes real action! #VoteYesOnBBB Image
#Indiana @SenToddYoung Facts:
#BBB dramatically lowers prescription drug costs by limiting seniors’ out-of-pocket drug spending, allowing Medicare to negotiate prices for high-cost drugs, addressing drug price hikes, and capping cost-sharing for insulin at $35.#VoteYesOnBBB Image
#Indiana @SenatorBraun
You sit on the Special Committee on Aging. So what have you learned? Are #IN seniors sitting pretty for affordable healthcare;prescription drugs;care & assistance? #BBB has a sizable plank to help you with YOUR JOB. #YESONBBB #BuildBackBetter Image
#Iowa @ChuckGrassley Do you remember the #IA mom who told you that the Child Tax Credit lifted 25,000 Iowan kids (3M nationwide) out of poverty & asked if you would make it permanent? Your response:we can’t fund measures like the Child Tax Credit-because of inflation. #PassBBB Image
#Iowa @joniernst
“Child care in Iowa is costly & scarce;It’s a crisis that’s costing #IA nearly $1B annually in employee absences, turnover & lost tax revenues.Child care costs Iowans,on average,more than $1,000 per month, topping housing costs for many families. “
~The Gazette Image
#Kansas @JerryMoran
Your vote against the Infrastructure Bill has confused Kansans. You claim to be in the corner of rural Americans. #BBB will help rural communities tap into clean energy opportunity thru targeted grants & loans via Dept of Agriculture #NotTooLateForRedemption Image
#Kansas @SenatorMarshall
You are very pro-tax cuts. But for whom? The #BBB Act IS a tax cut for the vast majority of Americans. Consider: Extends the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)to millions of low-wage workers, incl millions of essential workers. SO YOU CAN #VoteYES Image
#Kentucky @LeaderMcConnell More than 20% of #KY youth live in households that earn less than $26,000/yr for a family of four;nearly 1/2 with annual income below 200% of fed poverty line.Your voting record shows no concern for them only for wealthy heirs like yourself. #BBB22 Image
#Kentucky @RandPaul #KY had the 4th highest child poverty rate in the nation in 2019.42% of Black children in Jefferson & Fayette Counties live in poverty as well as Latinx children in Fayette County. You answer this with a draconian vision worthy of an Ayn Rand Fever dream.#BBB Image
#Louisiana @BillCassidy “Warmer ocean temperatures mean stronger hurricanes (NASA). A recent study suggests that hurricanes may become more frequent and more intense
- meaning more category 4 and 5
hurricanes forming each year (Emanuel
2013, NCA).” #BBB is #ClimateAction for #LA Image
#Louisiana @SenJohnKennedy
You boasted that you “tried to amend the very first coronavirus bill to eliminate the $600-dollar-per-week payment” that went to the unemployed, saying the benefit went “too far.” This $600 a week kept food on the tables of American families.” #BBB22 Image
#Maine @SenatorCollins You are rated “pro-tax cuts.” The #BBB Act will make permanent real tax cuts for millions of hard working Americans who need that break to pay for child care, retirement, college debt, housing, food, healthcare. How about some cuts for regular folks? Image
#Mississippi @SenatorWicker What kind of man votes to deny children healthcare, votes NO on negotiated RX prices for seniors & YES to stop sick people from getting care for lack of co-pay money? And yet this same man votes AGAINST raising the tax rate for those making over $1M/yr Image
#Mississippi @SenHydeSmith A check of your voting record shows you are woefully short on specific ideas. You celebrate the Confederacy &public hangings,you celebrate deregulation & tax cuts for the wealthy but offer no solutions to #MS poverty,education & environmental woes #BBB Image
#Missouri @RoyBlunt #MO struggles with an education crisis.. “the only state in the nation that moved further from standards for 21st century learning in math & language arts(Harvard review)As you prepare to retire,perhaps you will leave a legacy of solutions behind..#BBB22 Image
#Missouri @HawleyMO
When you’re not spreading the Big Lie, you’re voting against policies that would help #MO families. You call yourself a good Christian yet refuse to address that over one fourth of #MO toddlers are living in food insecure households. #BBB22 offers solutions. Image
#Montana @SteveDaines Consider this from the Billings Gazette: “Senator Daines cherry-picks from the Build Back Better Act. His effort to mislead is disrespectful. Our senator seeks to distract from his real concern-an increase in taxes on those with substantial income & wealth.” Image
#Nebraska @SenatorFischer Social Security is on your hit list as you try to raise the retirement age & limit benefits. How then,will your constituents pay for high-quality home care for older Americans & people with disabilities? #BBB takes care of #NE seniors & the disabled! Image
#Nebraska @BenSasse Do you really think your positions are in the best interests of the people of #NE :
-Fight any expansion of the Clean Water Act.
-Anti-universal coverage (AFA survey)
-Strongly pro-private insurance (AFA survey)
-Anti-livable income, (AFA survey) #BBB22 Image
#NorthCarolina @SenatorBurr#NC is projected to warm an additional 6 to 10 degrees by 2100.
Over the next 80 years, the state can expect disruptive sea level rise, increasingly hot nights & more days with dangerous heat & extreme rainfall.What is YOUR record on #ClimateCrisis Image
#NorthCarolina @SenThomTillis You love tax cuts! You made sure owners of yachts and jets didn’t see any increase in sales tax. You called the Trump cuts for the rich “historic.” What about the #ChildTaxCredit which is expected to lift over 140,000 #NC children out of poverty? Image
#NorthDakota @SenJohnHoeven "We can reach our potential, but to do so..We must summon the strength, the will & faith-to be bold-to invest in our future."Your quote, but investing in bombs & wiretaps helps #ND families how? How about investing in working folks like the #BBB does? Image
#NorthDakota @SenKevinCramer It is clear you like getting money & you don’t think you should have to talk about where it comes from. #ND families could use some tax breaks to pay for food, heat,childcare, retirement,elder care, housing, education..This is what #BBB is all about. Image
#Ohio @senrobportman
A #CAP analysis estimated that covering people in the #Medicaid gap would save 7,000 lives/yr while also resulting in nearly 50,000 fewer evictions annually & a $2B reduction in medical debt collection.Your job is to find solutions for #OH #YESBBB Image
#Oklahoma @JimInhofe
70 yrs from now #OK is likely to have 3-4X as many days above 100°F as it has today.Certain people are especially vulnerable,incl. children,elderly,the sick & poor.Surely, even a conservative’s conservative such as yourself knows #ClimateCrisis is NOW! #BBB Image
#Oklahoma “The future of our nation is dependent on the future of our families.” Your constituents want to know how to plan a future if they can’t afford daycare,student loans,to retire,to buy a home,to see a doctor,to buy medicine..or have to pay a 23% sales tax. #BBB Image
#Pennsylvania @SenToomey
“Half of #PA employers lost employees due to a lack of affordable #Childcare Another 57% of low-income working families reduced their work time or left jobs altogether due to child care problems” (GoErie) #BBB addresses the #PA childcare crisis. #YESBBB Image
#SouthCarolina @LindseyGrahamSC
200,000 people are currently uninsured in #SC;half of whom are low-wage workers on the front lines of the state’s service economy. #BBB will reduce premiums for more than 9M Americans & deliver health care coverage to up to 4M uninsured people. Image
#SouthCarolina @SenatorTimScott What’s there to say about a guy who “thought” his way out of poverty & advocates for a 23% sales tax with no estate tax or income tax?Who does that benefit?How about giving tax relief to #SC working families #ChildTaxCredit & #EITC #YesOnBBB Image
#SouthDakota @SenJohnThune
How do you vote AGAINST children’s #healthcare but vote FOR that healthcare to be expanded to include fetuses? #BBB would be a game-changer for children & represent the biggest advance in the world of public coverage for children since 2009 (Georgetown) Image
#SouthDakota @SenatorRounds Your lifetime score on League of Conservation Scorecard is only 6%.Is this because “Mike Rounds has received nearly $300,000 in campaign contributions from the oil & gas industry, most coming during his recent Senatorial election cycles.?” #BBB Image
#Tennessee @MarshaBlackburn
Your voting record reveals real antipathy to U.S. homeowners & renters. #BBB allocates about $170B to provisions for affordable housing/“the largest investment in affordable housing in history.” Make it right for #TN Image
#Tennessee @SenatorHagerty Your page shows a man enamored of & indebted to Trump; full of lies & complaints with no specific ideas.Under “Putting patients First” you link to Breitbart & your ranting oped hardly mentions healthcare but uses the word “socialism” over & over. Image
#Texas @JohnCornyn Perhaps if you were more supportive of education you would have learned better than to vote to protect flags but not women. #BBB will start preparing kids at 3 & 4 to do well in school & one day lead this country away from policies that do such harm #YesonBBB Image
#Texas @SenTedCruz You want to ELIMINATE the death tax,payroll tax,IRS,Social Security, ACA,campaign finance laws,minimum wage,limit Medicare. You’re FOR gerrymandering & Citizens United. You said you’d throw your body in front of a train to stop ACA/that train is still rolling. Image
“Death Tax” is their word. It’s actually the Estate Tax:It is the amount of money in a person's estate that is exempt from being taxed/adjusted annually for inflation. In 2022 the amount is $12.06 million for an individual and $24.12 million for a married couple. #FactsMatter

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According to the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute, legislatures in at least ten states have set out to weaken federal child labor laws. 2/23
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#Thread Below is a statement from Sarah Jaynes, a key advisor to the Winning Jobs Narrative project and the Executive Director of the Rural Democracy Initiative: 1/11 #RuralDemocracyInitiative Image
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Big Oil CEOs, their front groups, and their Republican backers in Congress are already working to undo climate and clean energy progress. 1/7
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New York Times reported on how oil and gas lobbyists are plotting with Republicans in Congress to keep costs high by repealing billions of dollars in consumer energy electrification incentives that were part of the Inflation Reduction Act. 2/7
Oil & Gas #Lobbyists and #Republicans in Congress want to gut the $14,000 in rebates people could get for things like electric-powered induction stoves or heat pumps. 3/7 #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction
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Sep 4, 2022
In 2019,Time Magazine ran this story by Olivia B. Waxman on the origins,meaning & implications of fascism. If millions of Americans support the 21st century version of this movement, they should definitely understand it. #Fascists #TrumpCult 1/38

When Benito Mussolini debuted the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento, the precursor to his fascist party, on Mar. 23, 1919, in Milan, he wasn’t inventing the idea of violent authoritarianism. But he put a name on a new and terrible breed of it. #Fascism #TrumpCult 2/38 Image
Under his leadership, squads of militants attacked,beat &killed fellow Italians;later, once he had become the authoritarian ruler of Italy,he oversaw brutality in Ethiopia,an alliance with Hitler & the persecution of Italy’s Jewish population and others, among other crimes. 3/38 Image
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Oops they’re doing it again. Republican members of Congress want to be seen as voting in lockstep with their party but they also want credit when the legislation crafted & passed by #Democrats pay huge dividends for their constituents. #WeSeeYou👀 1/20 #DemocratsDeliver
This article, from Jan. 20, 2022 By Steve Benen tells the story of the double-dealing, mealy-mouthed, two-faced, weaselly, yellow-bellied, two-timing, lying Republican swine. The article doesn’t use those words but draw your own conclusions. 2/20 msnbc.com/msnbc/amp/ncna…
“Around this time 12 years ago, as investments from Barack Obama's Recovery Act started reaching communities nationwide, Republicans who opposed the economic package started showing up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies.”3/20 #RepublicanHypocrisy
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