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The @psychedelic_nft reveal finally happened, but I have a feeling that this is just the start of what @BAYC2745 has in store for the project

Let's discuss what's made #PsychedelicsAnonymous so unique, how it's performing, why I'm still holding, and why you should too 🧵👇
There's more than a thread-full of tips NFT projects could learn from @BAYC2745 & @psychedelic_nft. I'll focus on a few I see as uniquely differentiating

At a high level, these are A) professionalism, B) marketing, and C) operational strategy
@BAYC2745 established a sense of professionalism (unfortunately) rarely seen so far in the #NFT space, offering:

- Clear & Transparent Communications
- A Qualified, Doxxed Team
- Demonstrated Planning & Preparation
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The story of the #BuildBackBetter has yet to be written. Let’s examine the 50 Republican US Senators who are voting against lifting children out of poverty, education,elder care, affordable prescription drugs, child care & family leave? What does this mean for YOUR STATE? Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Richard Shelby is voting against the #ChildTaxCredit “The Center on Budget &Policy Priorities found making the program permanent would benefit 93% of #AL children,lift 162,000 #AL children above/closer to poverty line & benefit 480,000 #AL children under 17. Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Tommy Tuberville has offered you no solutions; he has admitted that he “wouldn’t have a clue” how to address the current pandemic and recently told people that $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits was just “too much.”… Image
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I am a #PA citizen who wants to be prepared with the correct info #education when I go to the voting booth on #nov22 #pagovernorrace @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA @RepLouBarletta @VoteJoeGalePA @JasonFox29
@UkeeWashington Continue⬇️
@PhiladelphiaGov #Democrats control the @PHLCouncil mayor office @JimFKenney & the inner-city education for 70 years. Yet
PublicSchools in #Philly have an average math score of less that 25% & reading less that 40% @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA
@RepLouBarletta @JasonFox29
In #BuckCounty #PA larger control by Republicans. #PublicSchools have an average math score of over 50% and reading score of over 70 % @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA @VoteJoeGalePA @ZamaforPA @Charlie_Gerow @RosemaryConnors @BillAFox29 @WilliamsSharrie
@UkeeWashington @JasonFox29
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#Hamas - Suheib Yussuf, brother of Musab Yussuf, son of a Hamas senior leader / founder, tells how Hamas is used by #Iran to gather intelligence about Israelis & Israeli concerns that have no bearing on the Palestinian issue. Such as intel on Iranian Jews living in Israel. 1/6
He shares #Hamas knowledge of building tunnels & producing missiles w/ #Hezbollah. He says Hamas officials invest in real estate in #Turkey & obtain Turkish nationality w/ donations intended for the poor of #Gaza.
Suheib Yussuf has cut ties w/ Hamas 2 years ago & is hidden. 2/6
In the full version of the interview; He explains that #Palestinians are not free to express their views, neither in #Gaza nor in #PA controlled territory, & mentions the recent murder of Nizar Banat while in PA custody. 3/6
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Q. What happens if you create a bunch of lies and work with people who make lies to cause division between people with lies and tell lies like "don't listen to experts"?

A. Ask Michael Gove 👇
"Freedom Protestors" descended on Michael Gove while we was walking along, oblivious to the confusion and division he and his right wing disinformation friends (like Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon, AfD etc) caused.

The effect of Anti-Vaxx, Anti-Lockdown and Covid Denial lies.
I don't think Michael Gove expected this.

These "Freedom Protestors" were meant to be against the NHS + Police. It is a disinformation campaign that got out of control

The idea we to promote selfish values and Tories would be the natural selection. However it got away from them
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🧵Very important election on 11/2 in #Pennsylvania

We must show up and vote or request your mail in ballot

#VoteLocal2021 elect Dems for School Boards, Judges & Row Offices


👂to John Lewis 💗
@ConOHanlon is running for Doylestown Township Tax Collector

Connor's chair of @DoylestownDems and is ready to serve

We MUST support young Dems who have stepped up to run! Please give him a couple 💵 it will 100% help him out ⤵️…

Colleen Mullin is running for Doylestown Township Supervisor

Colleen is currently on the Ways and Means Committee and will hit the ground running!

Visit ⤵️

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A mis- and disinformation superspreader event featuring @DefendingEd @KidsinSchoolPAC @NoLeftTurnElana, which should cover #COVID19 anti-mask propaganda, anti-#CriticalRaceTheory hysteria, anti-#DEI falsehoods, and more #BucksCounty #PA01 #PA #Montco #PA @PSEA
For some #BucksCounty #PA01 context highlighting local actors, read "Anti-Critical Race Theory hysteria revives McCarthyism, Klan politics" where I speak with @jasonintrator who provides a historical perspective to things happening on the ground in #PA.…
Still waiting for these folks to denounce and repudiate the local #BucksCounty #PA01 Three Percent cell - the Proud American Patriots Network militia. Amazing there was going to be a paramilitary picnic with #Reopen folks. So far, crickets...
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#valiantorganics Update :
1. OA capacity expanded to 4800 MT
2. ONA (Raw material for OA) capacity increased to 7200 MT. It will increase the margins. (New Product)
3. #PAP #paraaminphenol Production started. 200 MT in Q1 and expected to be 2300 MT in FY22. Total capacity 9000MT
4. Increased the stake in bharat chemicals from dhanvallabh venture LLP ( from 40 to 50%)
5. #bharatchemicals capacity of #paracetamol increased to 9000 MT
6. Raw material price increased in Q1, which will be passed on in Q2. #OA,#ONA,#PA,#PNA,#PAP will started contributing
7. New capex for #apis (chemicals for APIs). Mostly for apis manufactured by #aartiindustries and #aartidrugs
Intermediates will be manufactured for following APIs :
1. Ranolazine
2. Benazeprill
3. Elagolix
4. Pranlucast
5. Moxifloxacin
6. Ramipril
7. Montelukast
8. Quinapril
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Welcome to August and to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 08/01/21.

We’re here to help you keep an eye on what our MoCs are saying🗣 and how they are voting🗳.
#MoCTrack 1/25
@IndivisiblePHL @IndivisibleLNH @pa_indivisible @IndivisibleBUX @TuesdaysToomey @indivisibleccpa @indiwhitpain @IndivisibleHCAN @fridays_fire @indivisiblefohi The #Pennsylvania #Indivisible Legislative Scorecard shows you how our MoCs vote re: the Indivisible principles of
See how YOUR MoCs are doing and how they got these scores here.⬇️
#MoCTrack 2/25…
I know we’re supposed to be excited about the #Infrastructure agreement in the Senate, but I can’t help but think the #GOP succeeded in delaying and slicing it down to the bone.

This @NYTimes infographic tells the story.
#MoCTrack 3/25
learn more ➡️
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Douglas Vincent #Mastriano

#PA State Senator
#Pennsylvania's 33rd District
2020 re-elected
2019 special election

Ret. Colonel
United States Army

“Mastriano has sometimes been described as a Christian nationalist.”


Ph.D., history
University of New Brunswick

Master's, strategic studies
U.S. Army War College

Master's Degrees
2001 airpower theory
2002 military operational art & scienc
Air University

Master's degree
strategic intel
Joint Intelligence College
#Mastriano has appeared on Tucker Carlson, C-Span, numerous national radio programs (John Batchelor Show, Eric Metaxas Show) & on Fox Business with Stuart Varney.  He retired from the U.S. Army in November 2017 after 30 years of active duty as a Colonel”
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Happening NOW— White House, Secret Service officials prep for President Biden’s visit to Carpenters #Pittsburgh Training Center.

Within next 30 min-hour, Biden set to arrive & unveil his major infrastructure/jobs plan.

Limited access: ~2 dozen chairs spaced far apart; no public
Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” calls for pumping $ not only into traditional infrastructure projects — such as repairing dilapidated roads & bridges — but also expanding access to broadband internet, as the president tweeted about just as Air Force One touched down in #Pittsburgh.
The 4 areas covered in Biden’s infrastructure plan:

1). Roads, bridges, rail, transportation.

2). Broadband, water, power, housing & buildings.

3). Home & community-based care for seniors and people with disabilities.

3). Manufacturing.… | @TribLIVE
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Ho appena sentito @renatobrunetta al #TG5 e schiumavo alla bocca dopo un pomeriggio passato a caricare dati inutili richiesti da una organizzazione che li ha già. (/) @DonChisciotte_P @liberioltre @LorenaLVilla
Dopo, dovrò continuare la mia settimana con adempimenti senza senso. E lui vuole "assumere i giovani migliori" (/)
Forse, e dico forse, potrebbero cominciare dal fare un paio di modifiche. Una, scrivere un bel #DL che renda non punibile il cittadino che ignori qualunque richiesta di dati già in possesso della #PA (/)
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Key numbers in the #BattleforAreaC:

🟥In 2009, Jews populated 47,000 dunams of built-up space in Area C compared to 46,000 for Palestinians.

🟥By 2019, Palestinians held 79,000 dunams compared to 57,000 inhabited by Jews. Image
We are losing the battle. Time to wake up & stop the incessant, EU-funded, PA-orchestrated push to grab more & more Israeli land! ⏰

Read more in our latest report:
"But the Palestinians have nowhere to build!"
Wrong! ❌

We mapped out over 60% of available land reserves in Areas A & B, which are under #PA control. They can build there without Israeli permits. Image
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#Conte sale al Quirinale per il #ConteTer, ma in parlamento non ottiene i voti. È l’ora del #GovernoDraghi.

L’ex presidente #Bce riceve l'incarico dal Presidente della repubblica, fa il suo discorso programmatico parlando di #generazioni future, di #produttività, #sostenibilità.
Umiltà e pragmatismo. Di #ZombieEconomics e #DebitoCattivo.

In Camera e Senato si spellano le mani, i giornali riportano commenti estasiati e prolisse biografie che iniziano dal collegio dei gesuiti per passare dal Britannia.

Il Paese è in #LunaDiMiele.
Honey moon con sondaggi pro Draghi che fanno invidia a Xi Jinping nel politburo.

Ottiene la fiducia con percentuali bulgare: lo ha votato tre quarti del parlamento. Uniche mosche bianche, guardate con spregio dai giornalisti in Transatlantico, sono solo un paio di partiti
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(1/3) FTA: Former DC Cir Judge Starr: “ [the] Constitution is very clear that it is the prerogative of state legislatures to determine what these rules & laws are, & that was, I must say, flagrantly violated in Pennsylvania...”
(2/3)And the problems in #PA were compounded when watchers were refused the opportunity to observe Election Day vote counting in any meaningful way.
(3/3)And of course there was #PA Governor Wolf’s administration refusing to allow signature comparisons for 2.6 million mailed ballots.

Why not allow signature comparisons & meaningful observation? Such steps would have helped establish #Election2020 integrity.
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Hall of Shame

These 60 #Pennsylvania Republican state legislators—including House Speaker @RepBryanCutler—signed a letter asking #PA Congressional reps to reject the state’s electoral slate on Jan. 6.

In other words: to break the law and disenfranchise their own citizens.
2. Washington Post report on the Pennsylvania-60 letter👇(by @AmyEGardner @jdawsey1 @rachaelmbade).

Link to the full letter:……
3. The effort will hit a dead end on January 6. Maybe that helps these 60 sleep at night. But what an affront to democracy and the rule of law.

For an explanation why these efforts will fail.


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#Thread lungo e noioso, si parla di contratti pubblici. L'assurda vicenda della comunicazione alla Procura da parte del presidente #Fontana, se vista astraendosi dalla specificità del caso, mostra per l'ennesima volta come l'acquisizione di beni e servizi da parte della #PA 1/n
sia la raffigurazione di un sistema afflitto da crisi, profonda e permanente, segnato dalle vicende di Tangentopoli nel 1992 e da allora mai più rimessosi in salute. 2/n
Tutta la disciplina varata dopo quel disgraziato anno é stata improntata non a garantire efficienza e rapidità nella gestione dei processi di affidamento degli appalti, ma solo e unicamente a ridurre il rischio corruttivo. 3/n
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Erie, #PA de @USPS El denunciante RATIFICÓ por completo sus acusaciones de que un supervisor manipuló las boletas por correo después de ser interrogado por los investigadores, según IG. Dice @OversightDems
🔴 Estos son los hechos: Richard Hopkins es un empleado de @USPS en Erie, #Pennsylvania

Firmó una declaración jurada con acusaciones de manipulación / fraude de boletas y se hizo pública a través del Proyecto Veritas.

#USPS IG comenzó a investigar la semana pasada.
🔴 Richard Hopkins es un empleado de la oficina de Correo @USPS en Erie, #Pennsylvania
Firmó una declaración jurada con acusaciones de manipulación / fraude de boletas y se hizo pública a través del #ProyectoVeritas.
La empresa #USPS, comenzó a investigar la semana pasada.
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1. @CNN is all messed up: Reported on remaining ballots in #PA. 89k outstanding mail-in (that tracks the dashboard) plus 101k provisionals. Majority from Blue counties. Says Philly has 38k mail-in ballots (but the dashboard says 20k) and she said including 15-20k provisionals.
2. I'm inclined to think 38k is the provisionals.

Then she reported Allegheny county approx. 37k ballots including provisionals. But the dashboard has 31k mail and so I'm guessing 7k is the provisionals.

Bucks county 2k damaged and 6.7k provisionals. That sort of matches the
3. dashboard that says 2.7k

One red county, Luzerne 4.3k. Dashboard says 1.6k. So perhaps 2.7k is the provisional count.

Montgomery 10k, but the dashboard says 3.6k. So is that 6.4k provisional? Who knows?

Chester 2.3k. But dashboard says 367. So is that 2k provisional?
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Here’s what G Washington warned about partisan lies:
“You cannot shield yourselves too much against the jealousies and heartburnings which spring from these misrepresentations; they tend to render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal affection.”
Here’s what GW warned about lying party leaders: “They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community”
In other words, a few bad apples will try to supplant the will of the people with their own. If Americans let them, Washington says, “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government.”
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#BLACKVOTERSMATTER #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020
Now that it's clear that Philly pulled through for Biden in this new lead in Pennsylvania, I just want to remind you all of this @phillymag op-ed I wrote on Election Day of how he owes us BIG TIME. #Election2020 #ElectionResults2020 #Philly #PA…

FYI: #Philly is the poorest major city in America, with an overwhelming mostly Black and brown population.

#Election2020 #BlackVotersMatter
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#UPDATE on #Pennsylvania: Trump's edge is being winnowed down. There are now only 142k votes between Biden and Trump. Trump still leads BUT the mail-ins are leaning more than 80% Biden, so we are on board for him to take #PA. More data to come from the SoS late today.
My latest data is that the near #Philly suburbs are trending Biden. These trended Trump in 2016 among white voters.
There will be a #CountEveryVote rally in #Philly this afternoon AND a #STOPTHECOUNT rally.
Also, Trump is working to stop the count in #PA. That may slow counting but won't end it. Right now Biden is over 80% in #Philly. Hillary had 85% in 2016 and we know there were many more votes this year because of mail-in ballots. About 8% more. So that would give Biden 8% more.
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@RickSantorum #AC360 #Philadelphia #PA #voterfraud
The President isn't saying anything about stopping people from voting. Poll-watchers are legitimate. You can have poll-watchers. There's nothing wrong with them. What the President is talking about is AFTER the election- what 1/
2/ we've seen happen. We saw it happen in the Senate race in MN. You've seen it in other places. We saw it in Bush v Gore - you count until we win and you just keep going. That's what the President is talking about. I don't know of any Republican that doesn't think ALL
3/ the votes should be counted as they legally should be counted. #RickSantorum .@Patriot_Voices #CNN #Election2020 #BallotWatchers #Philadelphia
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THIRTY NINE PERCENT of folks who requested mail-in ballots in #PA, possibly THE most pivotal swing state, have not returned them. Do it today or Monday at a drop box location or your county elections office. Otherwise make a plan to #vote in person on Tuesday, #ElectionDay
The weather is going to be GORGEOUS on Tuesday, #ElectionDay, in #PA. Not like the torrential rain we are having now. So it will be okay for standing in line.
You can find the #PA drop box or county election office closest to you and their hours here: Most close at 4pm Friday and will re-open Monday morning. You must deliver your mail-in ballots by #ElectionDay at 7:59pm. #MakeAPlanToVote
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