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[1/14] Der #eEUR oder digitale #Euro, in Fachliteratur eher als "#Retail #CBDC" bekannt, unterscheidet sich stark vom "#Wholesale #CBDC" u. bringt unterschiedlichste Eigenheiten mit sich

In diesem 🧵 gehe ich dem Thema #Bargeld und unserer #Privatsphäre näher auf die Schliche 🧐
[2/14] "Digitale #Zentralbankwährungen" (#CBDCs) werden als zukünftiges gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel für jede Art von Transaktionen im Mittelpunkt stehen

Der subjektive "Vorteil", der dabei häufig hervorgehoben wird, ist die Bindung an eine digitale #ID u. die Programmierbarkeit Wholsale CBDC: Interbanking-sector Retail CBDC: General publ
[3/14] Die Programmierbarkeit, bereits von #ETH und anderen Smart-Contract Plattformen bekannt, ermöglicht intelligente und automatisierbare Ausführungen

#Inflation, #Deflation oder zum Beispiel das #Rentensystem, könnte digital sehr viel effizienter verwaltet (gerettet?) werden Smart Contract: money and data exchanged Source: https://pir
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[1/13] Einen Tag nach Aktivierung des #XLS20-#Amendments auf dem #XRPL, werden stetig neue #NFTs geminted ohne Stabilitätseinbußen

Worüber noch nicht geredet wurde ist die #NFTokenID. Diese ist tatsächlich gar nicht so schwer zu verstehen

Schnappt euch einen ☕️ und let's go! 🧵 Nbougalis NFT ID without details
[2/13] Zuallererst: Für wen die Begriffe "#NFToken Objekt", "#NFTokenPage Objekt" und der generelle techn. Aufbau eines #XRPLedger NFTs fremd sind, bekommt hier nochmal einen Crashkurs, bevor es dann um die Erklärung und den Aufbau der "NFTokenID" geht

[3/13] Schauen wir uns noch einmal erneut die #NFTokenID vom letzten Beispiel im Detail an

Folgende Abschnitte sind zu erkennen:
• Flags / Eigenschaften
• Übertragungsgebühr
• Account-"#ID" des Ausstellers
• "#NFTokenTaxon"
• Automatisch generierte ansteigende Sequenznummer nbougalis NFT ID with sections
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CSS CheatSheet For Beginners ✨

Thread 🧵
1. Selectors

✅️ * {} - Universal Selector
✅️ #id {} - ID Selector
✅️ .class {} - Class Selector
✅️ h1, h2() - Type Selector
✅️ h1+p Adjacent Sibling Selector
✅️ ul > li Child Selector
✅️ h1 - p {} General Sibling Selector
✅️ p a{} Descendant Selector
✅ div[att="val"]) Attribute Selector
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NEW: Our annual survey finds state #Medicaid agencies expect enrollment to decline, total spending growth to slow & state spending to rise after the expiration of the #COVID19 public health emergency, which most states anticipated would end by mid-FY 2023.… Image
Our 22nd annual survey of state Medicaid directors also has findings about state Medicaid policies in areas such as delivery systems, health equity, benefits, telehealth, provider rates & taxes, pharmacy, and more.… Image
How does the pandemic continue to shape #Medicaid spending, enrollment and policy? RSVP for today's web event, held with @statemedicaid, for the latest info on trends from KFF’s annual state Medicaid budget survey.… Image
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Happy Monday, all!

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, at 10:30am, cst, we will be introducing Psychological Trait Theory.

To jump start the discussion, how would you describe MY personality? Your thoughts not listed here? Add in the comments!

#CRJ105 #PsychologicalTraitTheory
The results are in! The internet has spoken, apparently I am perceived as ...

#PsychologicalTraitTheory #Criminology #CRJ105
What? Friendly?



Yeah, who says!?!

#PsychologicalTraitTheory #Criminology #CRJ105
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Welcome everyone to our 2nd Pediatric on Squares Board Review Course
We are starting today until the coming 8 days
Hope it’ll be helpful and enjoyable course
✏️ Note that you still can join and register on the course with accessibility to all recorded session until 27th of August ImageImage
Day 1
1st session: Pulmonology Review
By Dr. Bassem Kurdi @Bassemkurdi

#Pediatric #Pulmonology #MCQ ImageImage
Day 1
2nd session: Keys to Answer MCQs
3rd session: Neonatology review
By: Prof. Abdulrahman Alnemari @aalnemri
#Pediatric #Neonatology #NICU #MCQ ImageImage
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🧵 CSS explained: Specificity in CSS Specificity in CSS
In today's thread we'll look at:

✔ What is specificity
✔ How is it calculated?
✔ The best way to use specificity
✔ Is there a thing as too much specificity
✔ Some important things to note

Let's begin!
➣ So, what is specificity?

For every element, the browser has to decide what CSS rule to apply.

It does so using an algorithm, called specificity.

The browser essentially looks at the stylesheet and based on specificity scores of each element, decides what rule to apply.
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Basic understanding of CSS Specificity -

Understanding this concept is necessary to have control over your HTML and CSS.

A Thread🧵👇
What is CSS Specificity?

👉 Basically, it is a set of rules applied to CSS selectors to determine which style is applied to an element.

👉 A CSS selector that is used to target an element determines the degree of specificity.
How do we determine which style is more specific?

● Inline styles - 1,0,0,0

● ID - 0,1,0,0 (#id)

● Class, pseudo-class and attribute - 0,0,1,0 (.class, :hover, [type="text"])

● Elements - 0,0,0,4 (h1,p)

Here take a look at this - Image
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15 días antes de su derrocamiento un 21 de abril de 2005, @LucioGutierrez3 recibió una carta del dueño del Banco Pichincha #FidelEgas, quien reclamó airadamente al presidente, al ministro de gobierno y al comandante de la policía...
...porque @abdalabucaram había aparecido en #CadenaNacional en los canales @tctelevision @Gamavisionecu y 3 de cable (todos propiedad de los otros banqueros ISAÍAS) "Injuriando y amenazando" a #Egas, acusó de una campaña de desestabilización del #SistemaFinanciero contra...
...El #BancoPichincha. Acuso a @LucioGutierrez3 de no protegerlo, y de amenazar a su medio @teleamazonasec, de pactar con el #GrupoIsaías y de evitar como gobierno ante #USA que les retiren la #Visa. #Egas dijo que su canal defiende la #EstabilidadDemocrática...
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¡@DeFi_LATAM cumple 2 años!

En este mini hilo respondemos todo.

📌 Pintamos en… el 20/4 de 7pm a 10pm ARG

¿Quienes? Todos los que tengan estos POAPs de 👇

@defiantApp Image

Vamos a pintar en…

¿Quienes? Todos los que tengan estos POAPs de @DeFi_LATAM y los de las demás comunidades mencionadas previamente 👇

🚨 Si no tenés ningún POAP de estos, el miércoles 20 a las 18.45 vamos a entregar uno especial para todos 🥳 Image
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Beware Information war by certain sections of the foreign media, including the Hong Kong based media. Sadly there are Indian media, intellectuals and experts, who get easily carried away by such mis-information, instead of expressing scepticism, while reporting it!
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💛 Day 3️⃣2️⃣ / 3️⃣0️⃣ days of basics in JavaScript series!

📌 What are DOM selectors?

📌 Types of DOM selectors?

📌 Select by Id?

📌 Select by query selector?

📌 Select by class name?

📌Select by tag name?

📌Select by query selector all?


Let me explain🧵👇
📌 What are DOM selectors?

➟ DOM selectors are used to select HTML elements or nodes or objects.

➟ Or, DOM selectors are used to selecting HTML elements within a document using JavaScript.
📌 Types of DOM selectors?

➟ There are 2 types of DOM selectors.

1️⃣ Single element selector(Sigular selector)
2️⃣ Multiple elements selector(Plural selector)
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Good morning, today at 10:30am, cst, we will be introducing Psychological Trait Theory.

To jump start the discussion, how would you describe MY personality? Your thoughts not listed here? Add in the comments!

#CRJ105 #PsychologicalTraitTheory
The results are in! The internet has spoken, apparently I am perceived as ...

#PsychologicalTraitTheory #Criminology #CRJ105 ImageImageImageImage
What? Friendly?



Yeah, who says!?!

#PsychologicalTraitTheory #Criminology #CRJ105
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🧵 alert! "Enrollment and eligibility process of #Brazil’s #COVID19 Auxílio Emergencial ('AE'): #Data processing and use of administrative #registries" --… A few insights from @WBG_SPLabor @FCDOInclusive publication (1/16) ImageImage
Authors' opinion in short, "in an experiment that involved the use of more than forty databases, Auxílio Emergencial makes it clear that trustworthy information is vital for identifying more vulnerable groups and their needs".. Down to some details: (2/N)
1. AE took different forms over its 3 phases, becoming increasingly more stringent in terms of eligibility and transfer values (NOTE: this is a different trajectory to other countries) - raising important doubts on 'impacts of restrictive alterations on vulnerable segments' (3/N) ImageImage
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The story of the #BuildBackBetter has yet to be written. Let’s examine the 50 Republican US Senators who are voting against lifting children out of poverty, education,elder care, affordable prescription drugs, child care & family leave? What does this mean for YOUR STATE? Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Richard Shelby is voting against the #ChildTaxCredit “The Center on Budget &Policy Priorities found making the program permanent would benefit 93% of #AL children,lift 162,000 #AL children above/closer to poverty line & benefit 480,000 #AL children under 17. Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Tommy Tuberville has offered you no solutions; he has admitted that he “wouldn’t have a clue” how to address the current pandemic and recently told people that $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits was just “too much.”… Image
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What is in the background of the #Lega-#PiS fallout?
#Lega is divided on the question what should be the party's future direction. There is a growing support for heading to #EPP, which puts pressure on @matteosalvinimi, who is otherwise very pragmatic in this question.
So #Salvini has more options and leeway than his #RadicalRight counterparts, but he also needs palpable results what he can present for his constituency.
Allegedly there was an agreement between #Lega & #PiS (or at least that was Lega's communication in the 🇮🇹 media) that #PiS and some of its #ECR allies will join #ID, and that will be the formal and procedural way to forge a single new #RadicalRight political group in the 🇪🇺.
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Good evening! Tomorrow afternoon, time TBA, we will be introducing Psychological Trait Theory.

To jump start the discussion, how would you describe MY personality? Your thoughts not listed here? Add in the comments!

#CRJ105 #PsychologicalTraitTheory
We will be starting in about 5 minutes, so gather around friends!

#PsychologicalTraitTheory #Criminology #CRJ105
The results are in! The internet has spoken, apparently I am perceived as ...

#PsychologicalTraitTheory #Criminology #CRJ105
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"#Data: a new direction" - a public consultation by @DCMS on "reforms to the UK’s #DataProtection regime":…

The consultation ends on 19 Nov 2021, and you can respond by e-mail to or online here:… Image
A quick sample of initial reactions...

We're clearly going to be hearing a lot about #LegitimateInterests, as well as #commercial and #public ones. The real question being, how do this Government's interests actually align with YOURS?

140+ pages on a Friday is a lot to digest, but @lilianedwards' "penumbra of often futile determinedly populist ideas largely not evidence-based" seems entirely consistent with @DCMS's Drunkard's Walk through #data and #ID this past year...

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Well, here's something new for a change...
I'll give you some @discord Tips & Tricks in this 🧵:
@discord Enable Developer mode (…).
This'll allow you to copy someone's ID (not their username#1234), a message ID, channel, role, etc.
@discord Why is copying ID's so powerful?
➼ <@id> to mention someone (even in DM's, or channels where that person doesn't have access);
➼ <#ID> to tag a channel (also works in DM's); useful for cross-server information;
➼ <@&ID> to mention roles (like @Admin, or @ogs);
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So the Gov't has gone from promising a review of #VaccinePassports in February...…

to officials saying #domestic uses are "dead" and "not going to happen" in May...…

to the review stating they won't be #mandated in early July... @BorisJohnson announcing they WILL be #mandatory for (mostly) young people from the end of September:…
Meanwhile, and despite MONTHS of denials*, it turns out the Government has already spent £23.6 million on #VaccinePassports 👇 and has already cut deals that could run until 2023 at least...…

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GEM Kralı @_ErkanG den takip ettiği bazı projelerin isimlerini aldım. Yeni bir projede dikkat edilmesi gerekenler vs kendisi benden çok daha iyi bildiği için ben gözüm kapalı bir şekilde aldım. İlgilenenler detaylı araştırmasını yapsın.
Bu portföy için kendime en az 6 ay bekleme süresi belirledim. Duruma göre 1 Yıla kadar tutabilirim. Bu tweet dizisi sonrası bu projeleri Twitter sayfamda gündeme getirip takip etmeyeceğim.
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Some thoughts about #Apple's latest #WWDC21 and #privacy. A thread 👇
The good:

There's no question that Apple has brought some exciting new features for privacy lately. The possibility for users to block some #data collection, one's #email blocking trackers, the chance to use email aliases for interactions with companies...
#Safari hiding internet traffic from your internet service provider... all fantastic, and hugely important.

Apple is showing that #privacy is a competitive advantage. And their #security is much better than that of competitors

But before we get too complacent...
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Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry (with laughter).

By the time #VaccinePassports are ready, they will be absolutely pointless! Because, as we've said all along, once enough folks have been #vaccinated there'll be no need for them...… Image
...'cos that's the whole *point* of #HerdImmunity (done the right way), unless the Government's going to start demanding we have #MMRpassports, #FluPassports and the like?

This latest bit of #COVIDtheatre just turned into #farce - unless, of course, there's an ulterior motive..., for example, @DCMS's current push to get everyone to adopt its risible #DigitalIdentity "#TrustFramework":…

or @GDSTeam's "#SingleSignOn", the architecture of which looks suspiciously like a #NationalIdentityRegister:… Image
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🧵1/ So when I was writing out this thread, I realized that public health vaccination efforts have a big messaging problem!*

[* my response actually branches off into two different threads starting after Tweet 3 - sorry!]
🧵2/ I wrote about the goal of widespread vaccination from a public health perspective...
🧵3/ ...versus the goal of vaccination from a medical perspective
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