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There are many of @HC_Richardson “Letters from An American” that should be highlighted. This one is of vital importance because it summarizes where we find ourselves today as we #resist those who mean to strip our rights, protections & freedom.…
According to the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute, legislatures in at least ten states have set out to weaken federal child labor laws. 2/23
#PayAttentionAmerica #ChildLabor Image
In the first three months of 2023, legislators in IA,MN,MS,NE,OH & SD introduced bills to weaken the regulations that protect children in the workplace & in March, Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a law repealing restrictions for workers younger than 16. 3/23 Image
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Je ne diffuserai pas la vidéo insoutenable du tabassage odieux de #TyreNichols par 5 « policiers » de #Memphis #TN
Après le meurtre de #GeorgeFloyd en mai 202 il s’agit d’un drame supplémentaire pour rappeler la crise de l’institution policière aux #EtatsUnis
Comme l’écrit parfaitement @CharlesMBlow l’affaire rejaillit sur tous et notamment sur le Congrès qui n’a pas su voter une vraie réforme de la police après le meurtre de #GeorgeFloyd…
Et évitons également de faire de la situation états-unienne un cas exotique.
Les forces de l’ordre en France dérapent également fréquemment et les noms de Rémy Fraisse, Steve Caniço ou Cédric Chouviat nous le rappellent facilement.
#police #bavures #violence
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💥FINAL PLEA💥Pink Rose 3yo girl HW+ found surviving stray, emaciated & in overall poor condition(came in with her pal-see in thread below)🆘MUST HAVE #RESCUE #ADOPTER #FOSTER by 4pm 11/14 TO AVOID EUTH 11/15🆘Needs #PLEDGES for HW pls help🙏🏻…
🆘Piper 7mo hw- (right photo) Came in with Pink Rose (left photo-scroll up for info) found stray both are very underweight💔 Pls #RESCUE #FOSTER #PLEDGE #MASA18434…
#MASA18433 Pink Rose (L)
#MASA18434 Piper (R)
Located at: Memphis Animal Services
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Another Love Jihad in #TN
Tamil Serial Actress Accuses Actor Nainar Mohamed Alias Arnav Of Forcing Her To Convert To Ijlam after marriage though it was not a pre-condition.
Television actress Dhivya,known for her role in Tamil serial “Sevvanthi,” accused actor Nainar Mohamed,
alias Arnav,of deceiving her & forcing her into Ijlam under the guise of marriage
The actress,who is pregnant,had complained to the police,claiming that Arnav was to blame for anything unfortunate that might happen to her or the baby.Arnav reportedly had an affair with an
another actress post marriage.
Agreeing to his demand,Divya converted to Ijlam in the beginning of this yr.The couple married as per Ijlamic religious customs on June 29. According to reports,Nainar Mohamed wanted her to keep their marriage a secret from public!
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#TamilNadu current population is ~7.7Cr. Out of 194 countries in the world, only 19 countries have populations larger than #TN. Of that 19, only Bangladesh has more population density. So, Tamil Nadu is one of the most densely populated(~600per sqkm) regions in the world 1/3
Tamil Nadu is 7th largest state in terms of population in India. It is 10th largest "state" in the area. It has 3.96% of India's landmass 5.5% of its population. It has ~1.2% of utilizable surface water in India, that is ~850TMC out of ~75000TMC national utilizable water 2/3
#TamilNadu population density is ~600 people per sqkm. It is the fifth most densely populated "State" in India. India's avg population density is ~425 people per skm. TN state area is 3.21 crore acres incl all rivers, forests, roads..etc. That is 0.4 acre of land per person 3/3
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⚠️🇺🇸#DEVELOPING: Multiple people shot on livestream in Memphis, Tennessee

#Memphis l #TN
Police are investigating reports of a man open firing at random bystanders from a vehicle. Police believe the gunman is live streaming the event.
More information as it becomes available. Image
🇺🇸#DEVELOPING: Live-stream circulating online appears to show gunman firing randomly inside store Image
Due to complaints, video footage of the incident has been removed and replaced with a still image. For those it upset, I do apologize.
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Cómo funciona?

Hay un público de un sector de la grieta que mira #TN y #LN, y los inmorales, más adictos a #C5N y el resto de las basuras K.

Cómo llegar al público que no ve kirchnerismo?

Te doy espacio.

Y Alberto Fernández se LOS AGRADECIÓ así ⤵️
✌🏽 Y ASÍ LA ALBERTO FERNÁNDEZ DEFENDIÓ A LA JEFA DE LA BANDA (según el fiscal #Luciani) en @todonoticias con el odioso de @mauriciomacri @BonelliOK.

El conductor no interrumpió siquiera cuando @alferdez hizo un paralelismo entre #Nisman y #Luciani.


#Magnetto dueño de #Clarín fue involucrado por la multiprocesada Cristina Fernández de Kirchner de hacer negocios con su esposo muerto Néstor #Kirchner

Huelen a podrido por donde se los mire!


Lo lamento por el resto de los periodistas honestos del @GrupoClarin
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1/PSA--this just in--@CIGNA is engaging in systemic, multi-state actions & demanding immediate physician group contract reductions in the range of -30 to -50% (I have seen the emails in that range, see below for redacted copy); actions have been confirmed in #NC, #FL #TN &......
2/ other states; @CIGNA is specifically referencing the #NoSurprisesAct as their justification for demanding immediate reductions or threatened unilateral termination, a 'la @BlueCrossNC (they tend to follow herd behavior) (as reported here but repeated again below)--redacted....
3/ client named email is below, received Mon. 7/25/22--I have seen or discussed w/ EM and anesthesia groups so far--likely more is coming & industry colleagues have shared term letters--also redacted and posted below--once again, time for a strong advocacy response from.....
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If you are looking for Exhibit A of political corruption and Good ole Boy politics, you need to look no further than #TN-5.

I can’t imagine having the 2024 Republican National Convention in a state that would allow this type of corrupt politics.…
The TN GOP Executive Committee was able to disqualify three candidates and prevent them for running for Congress.

This includes the Trump-endorsed candidate Morgan Ortagus – a Jewish female Navy veteran who also served as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s spokeswoman.
I, along with others, have been recruiting female veterans to run for office.

They have a valuable perspective and can bring an important voice to our debates about how we protect America in a dangerous world.

Cronyism like this from Tennessee undercuts those efforts.
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#Manes dice que celebra que muchos dirigentes hayan pensado en el país y NO ES SU PROYECTO PERSONAL o partidario.

Luego insiste que un hemisferio de su cerebro 🧠 cierre la grieta con el otro.

Luego @santiagofioritti “mete púa K”en #JxC

Qué dice @ManesF? Nosotros la #UCR…😁
¿Cómo algunos periodistas del @GrupoClarin pueden estar de acuerdo con el #default?

Ufff… Hum.. exhalaba @MaruDuffard justificando al Pdte. designado, cuando @MiguelPichetto procedió con su clase magistral sobre las implicancias.

Qué #LaCámpora apoyó el proyecto, che #Fioriti?
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Ambos se acusan de ser “la corporación”. Ambos y otros medios, se llevan el dinero de los argentinos.
Mr. @santiagofioriti con kirchnerista @MaruDuffard en @todonoticias decían:

Verdad que @mauriciomacri estaba desfigurado hasta por @ManesF? 😳
Escuchando a los chiKes de @todonoticias estaba expectante el “viejo lobo de mar” @MiguelPichetto esperando que el #Fioriti y #Duffard gastarán sus cartuchos y la Sra. termine de diseminar su odio contra @mauriciomacri y entonces…

Lo dejo en estos 2 tuits
Y por último @MiguelPichetto les recordó cuánto es la deuda externa global (US$ 340.000 millones), de los cuales @mauriciomacri tomó 44 mil millones (13% del total), y el Dr. Fernández @alferdez (alias el títere) en 2 años ya tomó aproximadamente 65.000 millones de dólares 😳
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🚨CASE UPDATE: Last week, a federal judge approved the final Settlement Agreement and Consent Decree in Giles County, #TN ➡️…
This means:

🚫Giles must stop pay-only probation

🚫The county can’t collect $ from people who need gov. assistance or are indigent

🚫Giles must recall outstanding misdemeanor probation warrants

🚫 Limits enforcement of drug tests & other harsh conditions.
In 2018 we challenged Giles County’s unconstitutional private probation system and its contracts with outside companies. The companies made all of their money from the fees paid by people on misdemeanor #probation.…
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The story of the #BuildBackBetter has yet to be written. Let’s examine the 50 Republican US Senators who are voting against lifting children out of poverty, education,elder care, affordable prescription drugs, child care & family leave? What does this mean for YOUR STATE? Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Richard Shelby is voting against the #ChildTaxCredit “The Center on Budget &Policy Priorities found making the program permanent would benefit 93% of #AL children,lift 162,000 #AL children above/closer to poverty line & benefit 480,000 #AL children under 17. Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Tommy Tuberville has offered you no solutions; he has admitted that he “wouldn’t have a clue” how to address the current pandemic and recently told people that $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits was just “too much.”… Image
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Confirmado oficialmente por @PatoBullrich en una entrevista que @majulluis le hizo hace minutos por @lanacionmas
Hace ya más de 21 Hs, y en una nota “apurada” en #TN dieron por sentada la veracidad del hecho.
La falsedad opereta @alferdez y @LuchoXBolivia
Ratificado 👇
Además, la presidenta del PRO @PatoBullrich, dio también detalles a @dsantoro59, quien se encontraba en la mesa junto a @majulluis.

Información adicional: “@alferdez estaba al tanto”.

(Cc @LuchoXBolivia)
🙋‍♂️Recordemos que luego de la renuncia de #Evo a la presidencia una vez confirmado el fraude, utilizaron a una Universidad de EEUU 🇺🇸 con un falso informe contra @Almagro_OEA2015
Lo desactivamos!
El Dip. de #Bolivia 🇧🇴 Alejandro Reyes (Comunidad Ciudadana)
(Vía post: @kidlapicera)
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#Vaccination reality check: Yesterday marked the highest number of jabs in a single day in India.… But as this shows, the peak seems artificial:…. Remains to be seen if supply constraints have been eased to maintain this pace. (1/n)
The pace of vaccination has definitely picked up but there are miles to go before targets are reached. Here is what, that remains to be done. (2/n) @the_hindu #Datapoint by @i_sumantsen and @nihalani_jasmin
Here's where we stand in terms of the estimated % of population that has been vaccinated so far, countrywide, and age-group wise. Only 3.7% of all Indians have been fully vaccinated & 17.2% have got atleast 1 dose (3/n) (See this tracker live on
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Context on why Centre finally heeds #SupremeCourt (after being questioned over its irrational policy) & the Opposition on centralised procurement of the vaccines: No. of people with 2 doses as a % of population is just 3.3% (See live tracker in (1/n)
The supply from the Centre to the States was around 24.6 crores and the utilisation was around 23.11 crores (including wastage) which is roughly 93.94% of supply. Essentially States used nearly all of the Centre's supply (2/n)
Several #States raised global tenders to get procure vaccines from abroad. So far (IIRC), not a single vaccine manufacturer abroad has agreed to sell to #States. (3/n)
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..... y la estoy leyendo y mepa, me parece que en principio tiene ra....

Sigo buscando sobre lo que dijo Cafiero en #TN con los cumpas Alfano y Bonelli.
#Cafiero - Ley de Vacunas (Ley 27.573) el marco de las facultades que el Congreso en pleno, le dio “al Beto bueno”.
No encuentro donde diga expresamente que las provincias, ciudad o privados, no pudieran comprar vacunas.
Pero vemos que debía aprobarlo el Congreso.
Texto ... mañana veamos Reglamentación, Disposiciones y demás.
No dice que “no podrán”...🤔
Alguien de #JxC (que conocerá más) sabrá explicar al respecto.
El texto al que anoche se refirió #Cafiero, Jefe de Gabinete, del gobierno del #VacunatorioVip:…
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Axel Kicillof: "Es mentira que mi esposa le ofreció a Beatriz Sarlo una vacuna por abajo de la mesa" -…
De qué sirve que luego a la noche #TN te ponga a Wiñazki?
Ni una sola pregunta “incómoda” a Kicillof.
Y mientras ocurría, Clarín Digital, ya lanzó la nota casi en paralelo.
➖Así como destacó lo bueno, destacó lo malo. Así de claro y simple.
¿Ésto es magia?
Vean el horario: ImageImage
Qué pondría #PasKin12 si entrevista a cualquiera de #JxC? Image
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Chennai Corporation
announcement on Model Code of Conduct for upcoming #TN Elections.

Defacement of Govt Property:All wall writings, posters/papers, cutout/hoardings, banners, flags etc. on Govt property shall be removed within 24 hrs from the announcement of elections. (1/3).
Defacement of public property and misuse of public space:* All political advertisements in Railway Stations, Bus stands, Roadways, Govt. buses, electric/Telephone phones, local body buildings etc. shall be removed within 48 hrs from the announcement of elections. (2/3)
Defacement of Private Property: All political advertisements displayed at private property and subject to local law and court's directions, if any, shall be removed within 72 hrs from the announcement of elections. (3/3).
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🔴 #Argentina 🇦🇷


Anabel Fernández Sagasti le hace un discurso a la multiprocesada Cristina Kirchner y vende el relato que la Ley del Aborto es peronista.

El tal @mauriciomacri no había mandado el mismo proyecto hace dos años?

TUGO BIENO @Pontifex_es✌️

Más derechos, cumpas ✌️
El Senador kirchnerista José Alperovich, no pudo votar la ley del aborto en Argentina porque está suspendido a raíz de una Causa de Abuso Sexual Agravado, que le realizó su sobrina. Ayer fue llamado a declarar en Indagatoria, primer acto de defensa, pero también de procesamiento!
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TV 📺
El señor @fernandezdiazok con Joaquín Morales Solá en @DesdeElLlanoJMS
Luego estuvo en @DesdeElLlanoJMS el licenciado @RCachanosky a quien Joaquín Morales Solá “al final le hizo la pregunta del millón”: su participación política.

(Luego de algunos datos económicos que “nos regala”, terminó con la conclusión del “acuerdo político”)

@RCachanosky también se expresó sobre la quita de coparticipación a @horaciorlarreta e hizo una comparación con lo que recauda el kirchnerismo, en @todonoticias dueño de las imágenes.

* Raro, faltaron dos vasos con agua @DesdeElLlanoJMS 😁 (muy menor, pero necesario.

Y sigue:
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