Therapist Tip for your #mentalhealth: How to spot a #narcissist We are in a #narcisstic #psychopathic and #sociopathic epidemic. Look for these 🚩🚩1. Mirroring your interests 🚩 2. Love Bombing you at first. Feels like bliss 🚩3. Early obsession. Go too fast in any relationship
Fall in love with you in first week(s). 🚩4. Feels too good to be true 🚩5. They are idealising you & you can do no wrong. You are perfect for them. This is the 'honeymoon' period 🚩6. Them comes drama out of the blue 🚩 7. They come from a position of "how am I?" #psychology
Wanting others attention 🚩They do not care about how you are or how your day was. Do they ever ask you how you are, how was your day, say "that sounds like a tough day for you", show genuine empathy) Watch for 'false' empathy. Does the conversation always go back to them? #narcs
Their feelings? Their memories? 🚩It should never be "all about me" 🚩A healthy relationship is "all about WE". Are the collaborative & cooperative? Or are they competitive and combative? 🚩are they controlling you? Do you have freedom within your boundaries? Is it controlling?🚩
8. Have many 'masks' or personas, showing different sides of themselves to different people 🚩9. Early dramas out of the blue to test your boundaries. Boundary violations are inevitable 🚩It is never too late to learn about boundaries #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #discernment
10. It's all about them 🚩11. A lack of empathy 🚩12.Bluff you to control you 🚩13. Highly Manipulative 🚩14. Use narcissistic agents/flying monkeys to do their 'dirty works for them 🚩15. Highly secretive 🚩16. Rarely say sorry and is thru do it's to manipulate you 🚩#lietome
17. Competitive with you than co-operative or collaborative 🚩18. May act as though they are a 'team' player but cannot maintain this facade 🚩19. May get angry with you when you raise a genuine concern 🚩20. Bait and start conflicts/ arguments 🚩#deception #lietome #truth
21. Controlling & abusive 22. Fish for compliments to make themselves feel better 23. Gaslighting is prevalent. KNOW what gaslighting is & is NOT Do they deny your reality, feelings, perceptions, thoughts? It is done to make you doubt your own sanity. If they do this #GetOut
Always 'craving' your attention, but never giving you their attention 🚩Are they never 'available' but you always have to be available 🚩 Are you 'flawed' and they are 'perfect' 🚩 Are they the 'solution' to your problems, societal problems, manufactured problems? 🚩#redflags
24. Are they the solution & you are the problem? 🚩look for entitlement, contempt, jealousy, anger, competition 🚩 Do you 'owe' them everything? 🚩So they 'idealise' (love-bomb) you, then devalue you? 🚩Is there a cycle of praise and abuse? 🚩#think #youarenotcrazy #seekhelp
25. Do they make themselves 'superior' to you? 🚩Are they the 'eternal victim"? 🚩 Now we are getting into #psychopathy & #sociopathy. Are they 'revengeful' (psychopathy/sociopathy)? 🚩 Are they 'fixated' &/or obsessed with you? 🚩 Are they 'stalking' you online &/or online? 🚩
Have one of your pets been poisoned? 🚩Have they doxxed, engaged in protracted stalking, hurt your animals, family members or children? 🚩 Have they choked you or forced you to engage in violent degrading acts sexual acts or activity? 🚩#policeaction #lawemforcement #enforce
Do they use coercive control on you 🚩Pressure &/threaten you to do what you don't want to do? 🚩 Do they threaten or blackmail you? Remember 'context' here. If they have baited you or started it, this is different #context Are they baiting, pressuring, controlling lying? 🚩
The pain of leaving some one you love who gaslights you is far LESS than the pain & consequences of them driving you to insanity & a mental health facility. GET OUT. Many people, including MSM, SM, society, your 'friends' or family members are gaslighting you every day #sayNO
They make you believe it's all in your head & you are 'crazy'. Accuse of 'fabricating lies' 🚩'making up stories' 🚩Do not stay or you will suffer greatly. You may even literally go crazy. They will tell you "it's all in your mind". These are common statements by narcissists 🚩
Look for the common language & work of a narcissist. Get to know the manipulative techniques they use. They are deceptive, manipulative, secretive, projective (accuse you of what they are doing, for e.g., accuse you of stalking them when they are stalking you) #narcissisticabuse
They use shame, guilt & insults on you intentionally to manipulate you & they have a pathological 'need' to be right'. They cannot let things go & will bring up the past often. Their 'need' to be right can be self- destructive, to themselves, their work, families & relationships
You are an 'object' or 'extension' of themselves, a human/child to 'use' to make themselves look good t others 🚩They may always be making sure you or their image or the family 'image' is perfect 🚩#fakeempathy #falseself #beaware #SafetyFirst #boundaries #image #narrative
They always have to be 'right', no matter what, even in face of overwhelming evidence pointing to contrary 🚩 The need to always be right is prevalent in #autism 🚩They are never wrong 🚩 It is never their fault 🚩It is always your fault 🚩you are always blamed 🚩#BlackWhite
They are the eternal victim 🚩 They have a lack of accountability 🚩 They don't own their sh*t 🚩 They cannot say they are sorry & they messed up 🚩They refuse to take part of the blame 🚩The 'attention' is for themselves only & they will not share that with you 🚩#blame
It is their movie & you are just an actor 🚩if they are not happy for your success, celebrate your success (they are jealous & envious of you) 🚩 they don't want to see you 'succeed'. If they are not supportive 🚩If they can't compliment you 🚩Look for these signs #toxic #wakeup
Your achievements & success 'threaten' them 🚩You don't need this. You need people who support your achievements, not tear you down 🚩 They want you to "shut up". Choking means "shut up" 🚩This is seen in physical strangulation #crime #truecrime #forensics #snakesinsuits
Society, governments MSM, social media, people, groups, cults, the woke cult are 'gaslighting' you every single day. You were born into a gaslighting world/reality/planet, telling you what is reality via your television (tells lies to your vision) & that you are 'crazy' #insanity
No, they are crazy. Society is insane & psychopathic. The sooner you wake up from the #matrix the healthier you will become. Do NOT be silenced 🚩blackmailed 🚩coerced 🚩forced🚩 controlled by people, an ideology or narrative 🚩manipulated 🚩 controlled 🚩 deceived or lied to 🚩
I hope this thread helps you stay away from dangerous individuals, groups, cults. activists, ideologies & parts of society that are harmful, toxic, a danger to you &/or your family. Stand strong in your #truth #SafetyFirst #boundaries #mentalhealth #toxic #psychology #danger❤️

• • •

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May 20
👇🏻 A great example of the manipulation of language to gain access to children. #dragqueen #storytelling #children #safeguarding #SafetyFirst
What is a "rich experience"? I do believe they are 'story telling'. What does "interactive" mean? An 'understanding of different communities' is used to manipulate, as is 'can reduce inequality'. A healthy positive start in life for children is one withOUT sexualization
Note how they use language & words to make the audience believe that teaching them about drag, etc. gives children a 'positive start' in life. This is manipulation. Exposing children to drag is going to 'reduce inequality' or normalise drag? #linguistics #questions #manipulation
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May 19
Therapist Tip 👉🏻The Power of 'NO': the word "no" is a 'boundary'. It is a word that establishes or defines the space between you & someone else. It demands respect & is supposed to be learnt learnt through childhood development. It is a universal cue that people use #boundaries
to let others know that you are not OK about something. Boundaries are designed to keep you safe &/or establish ground rules for the relationship. One of the earliest indicators of #RedFlags in toxic people/relationships is a lack of Respect/empathy for the word "no" #SafetyFirst
This lack of respect is an 'indicator' that someone has a character/personality problem &/or flaw. If a person in your life refuses to listen or respect your "no", you may need help because you now have a 'relational' problem
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Apr 29
23 things that will make #Narcissists LOSE. THEIR. MINDS. 🧵 1. Require them to be responsible for their actions. 2. Require them to be accountable 3. Require them to be cooperative rather than competitive 4. Require they respect your boundaries 5.Require transparency #boundaries
And no secrets 6. Deny them instant gratification due to their impulsivity 7. Call them out on their inappropriate behavior 8. Trigger their insecurity 10. Don’t bother explaining yourself or arguing with them. There is no point #dontgointotheirjungle #toxic #rages #triggers
11. They thrive on conflict & winning. Do not engage. 12. Do not expect reasonable well intentioned respectful arguments 13. Telling them they need therapy 14. Don’t allow them to manipulate you. Call them out. 16. Require the relationship to be a 2-way street #narcissisticabuse
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Apr 15
Therapist day: a 10 year old girl in Australia was put on puberty blockers. She is now 15 and on crutches. Not sure I like my job anymore 😳😳😳 #trans #gender #children #medicaltyranny
Obviously I can’t say much about this case, except that it’s true and it’s due to the puberty blockers 😬😬😬
Also to the therapist nazis, it’s none of your business
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Feb 17
The #narcissist cannot exist without their #narcissisticagents (flying monkeys), who do their work for them, participating in #narcissisticabuse by proxy. There is alot of information out there on narcissists, but little on their ‘agents’. What type of person becomes an agent?
People who resonate with a #narcissists victimhood or grievance, are highly Suggestible, easily manipulated, socially naive, lack #boundaries have blind trust in the narcissist, need a leader or to be led, are easily deceived and used. All narcissists use their audience
& people as a means of #control Their agents are not ‘human’ to them. They are viewed an ‘objects’ for their own agenda. They gossip, deceive & lie to their Agents. They may bring them on board for their ‘cause’. If an agent accepts, they are agreeing to underlying rules #Control
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Feb 17
I feel a need to apologize on behalf of #psychology
The organisations & #psychologists have burned their profession down. Many still champion this dying spiralling wokeism, in spite of contrary evidence, for their own selfish need for relevance. This damage is likely irreparable
This toxic wokeism has infected all #Psychology Organizations. The Australian #Psychological @AustPsych Society’s ex president Bob Montgomery is a convicted sex offender in jail & the APS couldn’t even genuinely apologize 👉🏻…
Then we have the Australian Psychological Society’s one way affirmation medicalisation approach of transgendering children/teens and denial of social contagion as one factor in the 4000% increase & the silencing/harassment of psychologists who disagree 👉🏻…
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