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Elliot R. Wolfson dedicates his book, Open Secret: Postmessianic Messianism and the Mystical Revision of Menaḥem Mendel Schneerson, to Chabadnik rock 'n roll musician, Bob Dylan.
The book's epigraph is two quotes one from Shneur Zalman of Liadi and the other from Bob Marley.
(p. 1) The Introduction of the book begins with another quote, this one from the Gnostic Gospel of Philip.
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From #PepeEscobar, @telegram, 3 June 2022.

One of the ongoing debates in OilWorld: How much spare capacity remains in the system to produce oil at additional levels, globally, in case of emergency?

Answer: it’s running out & there ain’t no more!

#PeakOil is back! ⛽️ ✈️ 🚗
Let us not forget the words of the late, great Matthew Simmons (paraphrasing): “Once Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 has peaked, then the world has effectively peaked.”

Ergo, there’s no spare capacity to offset banned / boycotted Ru oil. Ergo, global oil mkt = sellers mkt now.

The above piece via Pepe Escobar states that there is now declining spare capacity in #KSA 🇸🇦 due to declining investment in #oil extraction tech.

It’s actually the other way around: there’s now declining investment b/c there’s no new profitable 🇸🇦 oil to be had. #PeakOil
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Therapist Tip for your #mentalhealth: How to spot a #narcissist We are in a #narcisstic #psychopathic and #sociopathic epidemic. Look for these 🚩🚩1. Mirroring your interests 🚩 2. Love Bombing you at first. Feels like bliss 🚩3. Early obsession. Go too fast in any relationship
Fall in love with you in first week(s). 🚩4. Feels too good to be true 🚩5. They are idealising you & you can do no wrong. You are perfect for them. This is the 'honeymoon' period 🚩6. Them comes drama out of the blue 🚩 7. They come from a position of "how am I?" #psychology
Wanting others attention 🚩They do not care about how you are or how your day was. Do they ever ask you how you are, how was your day, say "that sounds like a tough day for you", show genuine empathy) Watch for 'false' empathy. Does the conversation always go back to them? #narcs
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There is a very good 🧵 at…, unrolled at…, concerning #TransIdeology. You should read it. But something needs to be added.

The claim that when a man feels "I am a woman" he literally IS a woman is flat out #insanity.
The fact that many people believe this shows their is something severely wrong with them, psychologically.

And the fact that this insane claim has conquered the #Progressive movement shows there is something wrong with Progressivism, philosophically.
#Progressives should have reacted to these claims with laughter, believing them to be an elaborate joke. When they realized the ideology was serious, they should have felt stunned surprised that anyone could believe the equivalent of people thinking they were Napoleon.
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@nytopinion @karaswisher 1. #Trump should have been banned permanently from all #SocialMedia a long time ago. Say when he started promoting the #Birtherism malarkey. #SocialMedia & #TechCompanies played a role in the #CapitolRiot & they must own up to it! Their failure to monitor their platforms has…...
@nytopinion @karaswisher 2. allowed the lies and conspiracy theories to spread like wildfire. #SocialMedia needs #Regulation. The laws haven't kept up with the #Tech & they need to be updated. Perhaps if this had been done ages ago, all the crazy stuff that is out there wouldn't have such a large....
@nytopinion @karaswisher 3. audience! #SocialMedia & #TechCompanies must monitor individual accounts so that their services aren't used to bully or to spread misinfo or create terrorists groups here & overseas! Didn’t #SocialMedia play a role in the spreading of ISIS ideology? W/O #Regulation, all the...
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My hairdresser—

“Ham Musalman apni auroton ko ghar se bahar kaam nahin karne dete. Bahar ja kar haath se nikal jaati hai.”

What is the impact of fewer % of women working in a community on household income. This is driven directly by religious belief, not “discrimination.”
This is the problem with “affirmative action” based on religion (which is unique to India).

Religious beliefs are not equal—they can themselves drive differential economic conditions.

Thus affirmative action based on religion rewards regressive belief.

Only in India. #Insanity
India is a religious apartheid state which discriminates between citizens based on religious identity.

Affirmative action based on ethnicity makes some sense, because one cannot change one’s race.

Based on religion it is simply an incentive to convert.…
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