Kakatiya Dynasty Family Tree - Only Sovereign Independent #Telugu Dynasty in the timeline of #Indian #History which ruled over what is present day #Telangana #AndhraPradesh & parts of #Karnataka & #Odisha between 1163 AD-1323 AD
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#Kakatiya #Dynasty was a #Telugu Dynasty and the chieftains of this dynasty were feudatories initially to #Rashtrakutas & later to #WesternChalukyas for about 200 years. They became Sovereign rulers after the decline of Western #Chalukyas.
The seat of the Kakatiya rulers was at #Orugallu which is today known as #Warangal. There have been claims that the Kakatiya’s were a branch of Rashtrakuta #Royal house but some historians regard that the chieftains of this dynasty were just sub-ordinates to the #Rashtrakutas
The earliest known #Kakatiya chief was #NripaVenna, he ruled around the year 800 and he was a feudatory to the #Rashtrakutas. After Venna, Between the years 815 to 895, there came the Rule of Gunda I, II & III who were famously known as the three Rama’s.
Around the year 950’s Gunda IV helped #VengiChalukya Prince Danarnava to ascend the throne and served under him. In 990’s #Gunda IV attempted to carve out his independent kingdom after the murder of Danarnava but he was killed in an attack by #Mudugonda & #Kalyani #Chalukyas
In year 1000 Gunda IV’s son #Betaraju I accepted the lordship of Western #Chalukyas and became a sub-ordinate. It was after this that the Fiefdom of #Anumakonda later known as #Hanumakonda was given to Betaraju I.
Later #Betaraju I, #Prolaraju I, Betaraju II participated in many campaigns of the Western #Chalukyas and rose high in the trust of the Chalukya #Kings. Betaraju II was followed by Durga Raju & later by Prola Raju II.
Until now the chieftains had followed #Jainism but after #Prolaraju II the #dynasty started to follow #Shaivism. They also became great patrons of #Vaishnavism.

Prolaraju was followed by his son #Rudradeva in 1158.
#Rudradeva ruled as a sub-ordinate under the #Chalukyas until 1163 after which he proclaimed his sovereignty and independence from the #Chalukyas. Rudradeva became 1st King of the #Kakatiya Dynasty and he campaigned to #Andhra & annexed many local fiefs into his kingdom.
#Rudradeva did not have any male heirs & hence upon his death he was followed by his brother #Mahadeva who ruled for 3 years between 1196-1199. After Mahadeva passed away in 1199 his son #Ganapatideva became the King.
#GanapatiDeva substantially expanded the kingdom bringing all #Telugu speaking regions under his rule. The Dynasty and the Kingdom rose to its highest point during his rule.

In 1262 #GanapatiDeva died without a male heir, hence his daughter #RudramaDevi succeeded him. She is among the most notable female #monarchs in #IndianHistory. She ruled with absolute authority and recruited men from warrior clans to high military positions.
Her authority was questioned and challenged by junior male branches of the dynasty but she was successful in quelling all rebellions with the help of her subordinates. #RudramaDevi reigned for 27 years, She married a #VengiChalukya Prince but they too had no male heir.
In 1289 #RudramaDevi abdicated in favour of her grandson #Prataprudra. She passed away sometime between 1289 & 1295. The Kingdom already weakened by infightings started to decline in the reign of Prataprudra with the expanding #DelhiSultanate
In the year 1303 there came the 1st attack from #KhiljiDynasty of #DelhiSultanate under the command of #MalikChajju. This attack was successfully repelled by the #Kakatiya forces. In 1309 came 2nd attack from Khilji Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate under the command of #MalikKafur
#Prataprudra was made to accept the suzerainty of the #DelhiSultanate & forced to pay an annual tribute. Prataprudra assisted Delhi Sultanate in their war against the #Pandya’s of #Madurai in 1311. In 1318 Prataprudra failed to pay the annual tribute to Delhi Sultanate.
#Sultan #MubarakShah sent #KhusrauKhan and made the #Kakatiya’s to submit once again. In 1320 came the end of #KhiljiDynasty & rise of #TughlugDynasty. The Kakatiya Dynasty briefly asserted their independence with the change in political prospects at #Delhi.
In 1321 Sultan #GhiyasuddinTughlug sent his son & future Sultan - #MuhammedBinTughlug to lay a siege of #Orugallu. This siege proved to be a failure. Two years later in 1323 Muhammed Bin Tughlug returned & after a five month siege #Prataprudra was made to submit once again.
#Prataprudra was captured & while being transported to Delhi he ended his own life on the banks of river #Narmada. Thus bringing an end to the Dynasty.
Local lords & Chiefs of #Reddies, #Vellama’s, #RecharlaNayakas & #MusunuriNayakas would rule Telugu lands for few decades until they themselves were annexed into Bahmani & Vijayanagara Empires After Bahmani's the Telugu Lands would later be ruled by #QutbShahi's of #Golkonda
My other charts based on #indianhistory include

Bahmani Sultanate of Deccan
#Bahmani #deccan

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