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Belur Chennakeshava Temple, built by Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana, proposed to be listed under UNESCO heritage sites.
Hoysaleswara Temple, Halebidu,Karnataka dedicated to Lord Shiva, built during d rule of Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana.
7th century Virupaksha Temple, Hampi dedicated to Lord Shiva, designated as UNESCO world Heritage site.
Madhukeshwara Temple, Banavasi, Karnataka built in the 9th century dedicated to Lord Shiva..!!
Durga Temple, Aihole, Karnataka is considered a unique and magnificent temple of the Chalukyan period..!!
Ancient Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjanagud, Karnataka is located on d banks of River Kapila, dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Veera Narayana Temple, Belavadi, Chikmagalur, Karnataka was built during the rule of Hoysala Empire..!!
LakshmiNarayana Temple, Hosaholalu, Mandya, K'taka, was built by King Vira Someshwara of Hoysala Empire in 1250..!!
Chennakeshava Temple, Somanathpura, Mysuru, Karnataka, 1268 is one of the finest examples of Hoysala Architecture.!!
7th century Bhutanatha Temple, Badami, Karnataka serve as one of the finest examples of Chalukyan Architecture..!!
Galaganatha Temple, built around 750 AD, Pattadakal, Karnataka dedicated to Bhagwan Shiv.
UNESCO world Heritage site
Shiva Temple, Murudeshwar, K'taka lies on d coast of Arabian sea with world's 2nd largst Shiva statue
Ancient Hidimbeshwara Temple, Chitradurga, Karnataka, associated with an incident of Mahabharat..!! #Incredible
Ancient Shanteshwara Temple, Tilvalli, near Haveri, Karnataka, was built in 9th century by Chalukyas..!!
Dodda Basappa Temple, Dambala, Gadag, Karnataka, was built during Kalyani Chalukya period dedicated to Bhagwan Shiv.
Hill top Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple, Melukote, Karnataka dates back to 1853, dedicated to Bhagwan YogaNarasimha.
Shweta Varahaswamy Temple, entrance of Mysore Palace, built in the architectural style followed by the Hoysalas..!!
Mukteshwara Temple, on the banks of Tungabhadra River, Haveri, Karnataka is a fine example of Chalukya Architecture.
Tarakeshwara Temple, Hangal, Karnataka is an Architectural Splendor, built by Kadambas & later altered by Chalukyas.
Ancient Chandrakala Parameshwari Temple, Gulbarga, Karnataka was built 1200 yrs back by Chalukyas..!!
Bhoo Varaha Narasimha Temple, Halasi, Belgaum, Karnataka is one of the best examples of Kadamba Architecture..!!
Siddeshwara Temple, Haveri, Karnataka, is an ornate example of 12th century Western Chalukyan Art..!!
11th century, Nageshwar Temple, Bankapur, Karnataka, despite much pillage from Bahamanis, has retained its beauty.
8th century Sharada Peetha, Sringeri, Karnataka, established by Adi Shankara on the banks of the Tunga River..!!
Chaturmukha Jain Temple, Karkala, Karnataka built in 1432 during Jain king Vir Pandyadeva reign, has 108 pillars.
10th century Kamal Jain Temple, Belgavi, K'taka got its name as the temple is in the form of Lotus with 72petals.
Amruteshwara Temple, Chikmagalur, K'taka, built in 1196 by Amruteshwara Dandanayaka(commander) during Hoysala reign.
13th century Lakshmi Narasimha Temple (ASI), Bhadravati, Karnataka built by Hoysalas using 2tier decorative plan..!!
Mahadeva Temple (ASI), Itagi, K'taka was built in 1112 is an example of Dravida Articulation with Nagara Structure.
Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, (ASI), Nuggehalli, K'taka, built in the Karnata Dravida Style in 1246 during Hoysala reign
Ishwara Temple, Arasikere, K'taka built in 1220. Its architecture is one among the surviving Hoysala Monuments.
Keshava Temple (ASI), Aralaguppe, Karnataka, was built in 1250 during the rule of Hoysala King Vira Someshwara.
9th century Kalleshwara Temple, Tumkur, KA, a fine example of WesternGanga Art with Chalukya & Nolamba Architecture.
Keshava Temple (ASI), Marle, Karnataka, built in 1130 during the reign of Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana..!!
Someshwara Temple, Haranahalli, Karnataka, was built in 1235 by Hoysala King Vira Narasimha.
Brahmeshwara Temple, Kikkeri, Karnataka was built in 1171 during the reign of Hoysala King Vira Narasimha..!!
Bucheshwara Temple, Korvangala, Hassan, Karnataka was built in 1173 by Hoysalas.
The Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Ancient Panchakuta Jain Temple, Mandya,Karnataka, one of the finest examples of Western Ganga Dravidian Architecture
HazaraRama Temple-15th century
Pattabhirama Temple-1530
Built by Vijayanagara kings in Dravida style
Chennakeshava Temple (ASI), Hullekere, Karnataka, built in 1163 by Hoysala King Vira Narasimha..!!
Shankareshwara Temple (ASI), Turuvekere, Karnataka was built in 1260 during the rule of Hoysala King Vira Narasimha.
Chennigaraya Temple (ASI), Turuvekere, K'taka, dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu, was built in 1263 during Hoysala reign.
Lakshmi Narasimha Temple (ASI), Vignasante, K'taka was built in 1286 during the rule of Hoysala King Narasimha III.
Aghoreshwara Temple of Hoysala-Kadamba Arc, Ikkeri, K'taka has retained its beauty despite mch pillage by Adil Shah.
TirumalaSagara, KA
Designed by Ramanujacharya
Constructed by Hoysala King
Invaded; named as Moti Sagar by Adilshahis
Naganatheshwara Temple, Begur, Karnataka, one of the finest examples of Western Ganga Art with Chola Architecture.!!
12c Mallikarjuna Temple of Hoysalas, Basaralu, K'taka is adorned with inscriptions from Ramayana, Mahabharata etc.
Amruteshwara Temple, Annigeri, K'taka built of black soapstone in 1050 is the finest Kalyani Chalukya Architecture.
Ancient Rameshwara Temple (ASI) Keladi, KA, built by Nayakas using a combination of Kadamba,Hoysala & Dravida Styles
Kedareshwara Temple (ASI) Balligavi, KA is the Triple tower Temple built in Western Chalukya & Hoysala Architecture.
Tripurantaka Temple, Balligavi, KA built in 1070 by Western Chalukyas is now in dilapidated state, needs Restoration
Western Chalukyan Beautiful Mantapa with Shivalingam & Nandi is now in ruins, near Balligavi lake, Karnataka..!!
Manikeshwara Temple with a massive Stepwell, Lakkundi, Karnataka is an ancient temple dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva..!!
Kaitabeshwara Temple, kubatur, Karnataka was built in a unique combination of Hoysala & Chalukyan Architecture..!!
Lakshmi Devi Temple (ASI), Doddagaddavalli, Karnataka was built by Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana in 1114 C.E.
11c Brahma Jinalaya, Lakkundi, built by Queen Danachintamani is d highest testimony of Temple architecture in K'taka
11c Galageshwara Temple, Haveri, KA built by Chalukyas, very famous for its architecture & its presiding deity Shiva
Nanneshwara Temple, Lakkundi, Karnataka built by Chalukyas in Dravida Architecture dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva..!!
9c Bhoga Nadishwara Temple(ASI), Chikkaballapura, KA built by King Nolambadiraja of Nolamba Dynasty in Dravida style
12c Kamala Narayana Temple, Kittur,Karnataka built by Kadamba Queen Kamaladevi with rich antiquity in Kadamba Style.
Very rare Twin towered Mallikarjuna Temple, Gadag, Karnataka is in dilapidated state with its inscriptions defaced.
6c Mahakuta group of Temples, Bagalkot, Karnataka built by Chalukyas in Dravida & Nagara style dedicated to Shiva.
Came across an incomplete Bilveshwara Temple, Hangal, KARNATAKA left abandoned with no Shikhara & Mantapa.
Panchalingeshwara Temple (ASI) Hooli, Karnataka, has retained it's beauty despite plundered & looted by Bahmanis..!!
Lad Khan Temple is named after a person Lad Khan who turned this 5c Shiva Temple built by Chalukyas into his residence in Aihole, Karnataka.
7c Hucchimalli Temple (ASI) Aihole, KA, built in Chalukyan Architecture which shows an evolution in d Temple plan with its Rekhanagara Tower
Ancient Achyutaraya Temple, Hampi, KA, built by Salakaraju Tirumaladeva, an officer of King Achyutaraya, dedicated to Bhagwan Venkateshwara.
9c Chakragudi Temple beside a beautiful Pushkarani, Aihole, Karnataka dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva with its Shikhara built in Nagara style.
History of Karinjeshwara Temple near Mangaluru,KA dates bck to 800 yrs ago. Hill top Shiva Temple offers a panoramic view of Western ghats.
15c Vijaya vittala Temple & Stone Chariot is the most extravagant architectural showpiece of Hampi, Karnataka dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu.
Shishileshwara Temple of Shiva, Shishila KA, believed 2cure skin diseases after worshipping Shiva & feeding sacred fishes in Matsya theerta.
Kere Basadi, a Jain temple located in d middle of a lotus pond is the most beautiful Jain temple with 850yrs of history in varanga, K'taka.
Ancient Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Rangasthala, KA situated @ d north of skandagiri hills, is an architectural marvel built in Dravidian style
Yantroddharaka Anjaneya Temple, Chakratirta, Hampi installed by Sri Vyasatirtha is the only Temple of Hanuman in meditating posture.
14c Vaidyanatheswara Temple, Talakadu, KARNATAKA, one of the sacred Panchalinga temples built by Chola kings in Dravidian style.
Ancient Yoga Madhava Temple, Settikere, Tumkur, Karnataka, dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu, was built in 1261 in Hoysala Architecture.
7c Papanatha Temple, Pattadakal, world heritage site, Karnataka dedicated to mukteshwara built in Vesara style by Chalukyas

Bettada(hill) Bhairaveshvara Temple, Sakleshpur, KA situated @ high altitude in d western ghats of Sakleshpur, dedicated to bhagwan Shiva.
13c Yoga Narasimha Temple (ASI), Baggavalli, Tarikere, Karnataka, was built by Hoysalas dedicated to Bhagwan Yoga Narasimha.
Ancient Someshwara temple, Mangaluru, KA, located in the north end of Someshwara beach is believed to be built by Queen Abbakka of Ullala.
@davidfrawleyved @DrShobha @IndianInterest @KiranKS @Aryavart_Bhumi @Puru_Tweet @prasant_p @VeerArjey @Kar_Sevak Ancient hill top Durga Devi Temple, kunjarugiri, Udupi. The sacred & magnificent 4 armed Durga idol was installed by Bhagwan Parshuram.
10c Ramalingeshwara Temple complex(ASI) Kolar, KA, is an ornate Nolamba dynasty construction later renovated by cholas.
Sahasralinga (1000 lingas), in the midst of Shalmala river, Sirsi, KA were carved on the orders of the king Sadashivaraya. During shivaratri when the water level in the river is lower, it reveals the shiv lingas. Unfortunately many have been destroyed due to lack of restoration.
Akkana Basadi (ASI), Shravanabelagola, KA, a Jain Temple built in 1181 AD using soapstone during the rule of Hoysala King Veera Ballala. The main diety of the temple is twenty-third Jain Tirthankar Parshwanath.
Shantinatha Temple, Shikari Pura, Shivamogga, KA was built by Jakkiyabbe, a Jain Queen of Nagarkhand region & a w/o famous ruler Nagarjuna Nadagonda. This place was once a major Jain pilgrimage, now the main diety is absent but the mutilated sculpture was found at this place.
Ancient Koladevi Temple, Mulbagal, KA is believed to be the only temple dedicated to Garuda as the main diety. Garuda idol was sculpted during Vijayanagar period. It is believed that childless couple beget children, relieves skin diseases, Sarpa dosha by visiting this temple.
Ancient Lakshmi VaradarajaSwamy temple, Tekal (Tekanchi) Kolar, KA. The temple is built in Chola style. The main diety here fulfill the wishes of devotees & hence the name 'Varadaraja'. The 4ft idol in the sanctum is believed to be consecrated by Bhrigu maharshi
13c Lakshmi Narasimha Temple (ASI) Javagal (20km from Halebidu), Karnataka is an another exquisite example of Hoysala architecture. The Temple was built in 1250 AD by the Hoysala King Vira Someshwara. The main diety of the Temple is Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.
Veerabhadra Temple, Chikmagalur, Karnataka supposed to be built in Vijayanagara period. Kalhatti falls cascades from Chandra drona hill 400 ft above in front of the temple. It is believed that Maharshi Agastya had stayed here for long time.
8c Virupaksha temple, Pattadakal also known as Lokeshwara Temple was built by Queen Lokamahadevi to commemorate the victory of her husband over the Pallavas. It's also believed that Kailasanath temple, Ellora was built based on the model of this temple.
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