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#Inscription at Eastern Entrance of Quwwat ul Izlam Masjid (in #Qutub_Minar complex) mentions:

"...Materials from 27 idol temples, each of which cost twice thousand into thousand Diliwals, have been used in Masjid. May God send mercy on him, who prays for rest of the builder." ImageImage
This is the full Translation of the #Inscription which is talked-about in the above tweet. ImageImage
This is the exact spot of inscription talked-about in above tweets i.e under the the arch of the Eastern Entrance of Quwwat-ul-Mosque in Qutub Minar Complex. ImageImage
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I posted this way back on my Instagram account but thought it would be of interest here: an #Arabic #inscription on Sé Velha de Coimbra (Old Cathedral of #Coimbra, #Portugal). (Photo of inscription taken by me). 1/7
It reads كتبت وقد ابقيته لشكايتي ستفنا يدي يوما ويبقا كبر ('I wrote this as a permanent record of my suffering; my hand will perish one day, but greatness will remain'). This inscription and others from Portugal were published by A.R. Nykl (…). 2/7
This poetic lament is common to #scribal traditions in #manuscripts. Typically, the scribe reflects on the fleeting nature of this life and the enduring nature of the written word (cf. Verba volant, scripta manent!). Here are some examples (info in captions): 3/7 Syrian Catholic Archdiocese of Baghdad 57, p. 329 (https://wLeiden, Or. 584, fol. 2b (ī-script ms. from Nigeria (collection & shelfmark un
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स्तुति of सरस्वती & गणेश in one of the Jain #Temple

• Place = देलवाडा near Mt. Abu (#Rajasthan)
• Patronage = King वीर धवल of #Gujarat (13th c. CE)

1st line of #Inscription (1267 विक्रम. सं.) has सरस्वती स्तुति while 2nd has गणेश स्तुति

Reproduced text of the both in Pic 3
Let us see what both the स्तुति of this #Inscription says :

1) सरस्वती स्तुति

ॐ वन्दे सरस्वतीं देवीं याति या कविमानसम् ।
नीयमाना निजेनेव यानमानसवासिना ।।

सरस्वती देवी को वन्दन, जो कवियों के मानस में मानसरोवर के हंसरूपी यान से भ्रमण करती है ।

Simple yet beautiful
2) गणेश स्तुति

यः शान्तिमानप्यरुणः प्रकोपे
शान्तोऽपि दीप्तः स्मरनिग्रहाय ।
निमीलिताक्षोऽपि समग्रदर्शी
स वः शिवायास्तु शिवातनुजः ।।

शांत होते हुए भी कुपित होने पर रक्तवर्णी और बुद्धि से दीप्त, नेत्र निमील (बन्द) होते हुए भी सर्वदर्शी ऐसे पार्वतीपुत्र हमारा कल्याण करे ।
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The Britishers were aware of the fact that temples were/are an insepareble part of ( sanatan dharma) followed by hindu culture.
This was because,temples were not only a place to pray but an institution,community,meditation centre, shelters, old age homes,animal aid etc.
Archaeological reports of epigraphy of south indian Temple as well as temple #inscription proved and supported this argument.
Temples always gained
and grabbed the attention of devotees,hence they donated gold,money as well as lands to them,most of devotees donations
goes directly into the wellfare sectors of the society.
such as feeding houses,travellers,(vidhya-dhana)food and education.
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Starting a thread on #कामसूत्रम् (1/n)

I will dismantle vile propaganda to denounce this wonderful text as a sex manual

Before I start, read this article by me to understand कामसूत्र as a शास्त्र…

Hindi version -…
Lack of basic information leads to false propaganda (see the tweet in the image)

कामसूत्र is not written by Richard Burton. Authorship is with वात्स्यायन (~300 BCE) - a well known fact

Person who doesn't know such basic info has made a video to denounce this text !!
In fact, title of Burton's translation work in 1883 was - Kamasutra of Vatsyayana

Burton himself has acknowledged that this is not his work but is of वात्स्यायन and Burton has just translated it

So, saying "Burton written Kamasutra" is an agenda driven white lie.
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